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  1. There are two pranayama (breathing techniques) to cool the body, sitali and sitkari. Both of them can be done 4 or 5 times in a place with clean air and normal temperatures. As a temporary relief, slaked lime mixed with water can be applied as a paste on top of the left and right big toe 'nails' or nadi shuddhi pranayama to balance the breathing.
  2. Anger

    I think I'm just bad at dealing with circumstances, ..just remaining silent most of the time. Nevertheless it's been a period of learning to be more accepting but much more miles to go. Thank you. It's been too much turbulent to go to that inner space called 'home', but slowly been able to find that sense of peace again.
  3. Anger

    Just trying to be more accepting of things in life. You are right, everything has accumulated to a point where it has gotten too much. I never felt any anger even when I was in an abusive situation a few months back, but things kept adding on and it just bursted. After my initial post the mind has become more calmer and for some reason anger has receded greatly. Thanks for this,... have been thinking about it for a while now. I have made a small to do-list, since I had no idea what I wish to do with my life and trying to bring about that change little at a time. Actually the extreme nature of my emotions seems to have unblocked a lot of things inside, has made me peek out of my shell and given a thrust to unwind from the thought patterns instilled by society.
  4. Anger

    What kind of work should be done during those hours?
  5. Anger

    Lately I have been angry to an extreme extent. Meditation or breathing exercises are just not helping me. Been going through a lot of personal issues and health had been affected. Am not sure if the extreme nature of the anger is due to nerve issues which I developed in my right foot or due to the vaccines I had a few months back or everything just coming together. Any suggestions please? Any detox for the liver?
  6. Came across this discussion. The link provided is for the book "Aghora" with a chapter on intoxicants.
  7. Thanks for the links @Gerard Will check them out.
  8. Any suggestions(books or websites) for learning about the history and traditions of ancient India? Was reading vaguely about Kaula and Trika traditions, would like to read more about the origins of different practices of Hinduism.
  9. Wim Hof hemorrhoids

    You are right. Mula retaining the breath during Ashwini mudra you will be locking in (bandha) the root chakra and physical openings, hence the flow/loss of energy outside decreases.
  10. Wim Hof hemorrhoids

    Tightening of the pelvic muscles in yoga, if you mean the ashwini breath retention, just normal breathing. Breath retention during the tightening and release is used only for certain yogic or kriya practices.
  11. Story and stirring

    Thanks @Nungali for the interesting info on the bio-dynamic preparations. I read through some of the training material and watched a video of creating a vortex bringing order and then chaos. Maybe life is similar to this cycle as well.
  12. Story and stirring

    @Nungali I remember reading a post/story of yours somewhere about a farmer having a higher crop yield than his neighbors (could not find the post again). The others found out that the high-yield farmer used to stir some fertilizer or portion in a clockwise direction singing some lines and then stirring anti-clockwise singing some lines. It may have been just a story but does this have any correlation with stirring food when cooking, in a clockwise direction (to pull in energy)?
  13. Heat in UDT

    If it's "The Book of Secrets : 112 meditations", it's a commentary for the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism).
  14. Indian Palm Leaf / Naadi Astrology

    The experience I heard three decades back was from a family member with a peculiar English name. A few months back, her husband remarked that initially he never believed the predictions but after all these years every one of them turned out to be accurate including the age when the events were supposed to happen. (The reading was based solely on the fingerprints, horoscope was not required, also the exact DOB was unknown). Looks like a lot of fake websites and con men charging hefty prices these days.
  15. Nabhi chakra

    @Nuralshamal might be able to provide details and if there is a difference in getting initiated from different teachers of the same system.