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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Tripura Rahasya : The Mystery beyond the Trinity
  2. Power centers/vortices

    Towards the end of 2020, Sadhguru had travelled across several energy centers in the USA. The daily vlogs uploaded during that time had some details. Those videos have been removed and replaced by a shorter version.
  3. Qigong without internal organs?

    Thank you @Taomeow
  4. Can qigong be practiced by someone whose internal organ, e.g., gall bladder, or spleen, has been removed?
  5. The End Of Sushumna

    The concentration is on the full length of inhalation and exhalation and not the physical structure of the nose. The first few meditations of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra deal with the details of the breath (the first being anapana)
  6. The End Of Sushumna

    or perhaps? Anapana instruction: MIni_Anapana_english_10_minute_GourpSitting.mp3
  7. Order is freedom

    Order reminds me of a teacher who was deeply into home organization following the principles of Marie Kondo. The more everything was set to order. the more the mind became constrained and unaccepting of the outside world (maybe not all cases).
  8. Is there a special significance for nine/ ten days? Navarathri seems to be the female counterpart, similar with nine days of fasting ending on the tenth day. The process seems to start with Ganesh Chaturthi, (opening of the root chakra perhaps?) leading to the nine days of fasting and ending with Diwali or something similar. Is someone's enlightenment day associated with these set of events and dates in Indian history?
  9. Heart and breath stopping

    Experiments on Swami Rama by the Menninger foundation (Links to a PDF)
  10. How does one recognize a decent TCM practitioner?

    Indian acupuncturists who usually have a diploma or certification don't seem to have a comprehensive understanding of the system. Would prefer a TCM doctor instead. The TCM acupuncturist I have gone to, fixes the issues of most of his patients with 2 or 3 sessions.
  11. Do animals know 無為; wúwéi
  12. Maybe something like gibberish meditation might help release pent up stuff Osho's dynamic meditation also is a easy way to release stored patterns, maybe start with 5 mins for each stage.
  13. Herbs & Stuff helping alleviating inner sickness?

    It is best to consult a doc for a better diagnosis wrt your inability to eat. (Recent experience of a family member) Perhaps lemonade with a pinch of salt might help with nausea.
  14. Ping Shuai Qigong

  15. Have read that Babaji was trained under three Tamil Siddhars, who were masters of alchemy, linguistics, mantra, yoga etc. which might be the reason for the Daoist similarities. The Kriya techniques through Sri Yogiraj lineage were perhaps designed for this particular period of time for a particular set of practitioners.