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  1. Suggestions for exercise

    Shaolin for the younger self,... not now.
  2. Sleep

    If this may help, maybe you can try this method before going to bed or when you feel sleepless ... Search for "Zip up Donna Eden"
  3. Suggestions for exercise

    Thank you for pointing me to the site of Yan lei. If I did not have a path, Shaolin would have been my choice esp. after seeing/hearing Shi Heng Yi.
  4. Suggestions for exercise

    You are right in a way @Limahong. When doing Baduajin, I felt it was fueling all my other activities. It gave me a lot of mental and physical strength too. Just walking and my other exercises do not feel the same (does not always feel energetic).
  5. Suggestions for exercise

    Rediscovered the joy of walking these couple of months. I have been doing back exercises with core muscle strengthening similar to some of these: Squats and swimming are out for now. Looks like I need to include some kind of weightlifting. Have to check kettlebells. Training with hand weights seems to a good option.
  6. Can anyone suggest gentle exercises for improving overall health? Something not related to energy. Baduanjin has been really good, but am not sure, after reading about mixing different systems and practices.
  7. Chi generator to store chi

    Hi Metadao Found a video of scientist Yury Kronn interesting. You can also check this:
  8. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    Yes, you are right. Maybe enlightenment is a better goal. Do you think not knowing yin yang is going to hinder my progress in any way? In seriousness, I should step away from TDB. I have been more attuned to the words, life/matter/life force/prana than chi.
  9. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

  10. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    After posting, I realised the absurdity of my question. Editing it. Maybe I need more explanation to understand the yin and yang connection.
  11. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    Hello @Taomeow, Though the original question I posted was about metal, can you explain the wuxing system and the relation of the other elements. Would like to know more.
  12. Sri Chakra

    Sri Yantra/Shri Chakra Shri Yantra.pdf
  13. Sri Chakra

    @dwai Your answers have provided very helpful insights. Maybe I am trying to seek an understanding of the path traversed.
  14. Sri Chakra

    Thank you for the suggestion @dwai The book seems to be have more details and reviews than the websites I have been searching. Am not sure how far I'll understand but will give it a read. I was looking for a more Osho-like explanation. Just curious: Is someone's lineage or initiation related to their past life or can the tradition we move into our present life deviate from our past lives? Also, why is it more prevalent in South India, thought that it was practiced throughout - does it come from a specific tradition?