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  1. Being in the present moment?

    I have started practicing walking meditation recently, haven't tried standing meditation yet. Beginning to understand 'what the practice does' from a different perspective. Thank you @steve
  2. Being in the present moment?

    The reason, the awareness aspect was a starting point, is my observation that people around me who have been meditation practitioners for long, have been unable to bring out that quiet into their outer world. Every word, thought and deed if done with more awareness has a very deep effect and I would like to understand that more. This exercise itself maybe meaningless,...but one thing leads to another.
  3. Being in the present moment?

    Can you explain it further?
  4. Being in the present moment?

    Thanks @wstein. "This does not imply you are only affected by things occurring at this moment in time." This makes perfect sense to me now. There is usually no internal turmoil, it's mostly an exciting state of mind with train of thoughts related to the consciousness. Internal quiet needs more practice. Even excitation and ecstasy has to be brought to equilibrium. Will try the alarm method and see how it works, the alarm sound is a deep reminder.
  5. Being in the present moment?

    I am trying to develop an equilibrium mind for the emotions (anger, love, hate, aversion....any kind) and to be more accepting. Due to some back issues, my sitting practice was reduced, ...that's when the thought of putting my awareness into the activities of the day to extend my practice came to be. Know just mindfulness and getting to know new practices through this forum (99.9% of the practices mentioned here are unknown to me). I understand now the need of quieting the mind with the sitting practice. You have shown me the problem....trying to be aware of each and every moment into all my activities suddenly. Need to take it step by step. Thank you so much. If you can suggest anything else to look into, would be able to do that.
  6. Being in the present moment?

    I was taught by a mindfulness teacher for a year and attended Vipassana of the Goenka tradition. Practiced it for sometime before going back to mantra meditation and anapana meditation(doing these currently). Also trying to work on Master Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings.
  7. Being in the present moment?

    For example: when eating, I'm able to just be eating with no thoughts, no concentration....just the act of eating. When I do the dishes, Esp. things related to flowing water, it is very difficult to just be just doing the dishes. It requires a greater concentration to focus on just the act of doing the work. If I'm not focussed on the work, then a lot of thoughts just keep flowing. Some activities are easier,like when exercising or eating am just doing it. I am with the act. No 'I' also...just the act. It just feels am not able to be with the 'present moment' at times.
  8. How do we practice being in the present moment? Like when doing daily activities, how to remain aware... Sometimes when I try to do it intensely it feels more like a meditation. If it is done lightly, the mind is always filled with thoughts. Maybe the meaning of 'being aware in the present moment' is something I misunderstood?
  9. Long hair and feeling connected to nature

    Just adding to the discussion...
  10. How to succeed in spiritual life

    Hello @dwai If you post a video,can you post with the topic/title Even if the video link has changed it might be easier to search with the name.
  11. Long hair and feeling connected to nature

    I was noticing that a few days after a haircut, used to be down with some health issues. Feel that hair holds some energy. My family tries to have theirs done on the days after a new moon and avoid the days after a full moon.
  12. Might understand what you are going through, had named it a state of nothingness. When you are in a state of bliss( i.e. even more than happiness) you will find it going outwards towards others. But if it is the feeling that everything is alright with your life and sense of having nothing to change in is that the ground has become fertile preparing for the seed to germinate. When the conditions are right, it will start growing. This will help you lot in understanding and give the answer to your question - the title is aptly named: "The Art of Living" by Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Just keep practicing whatever u have been doing, something new will open up to give you a new direction.
  13. Where to concentrate in qigong?

    This is what I have been trying to do with everyday life as well. Looks like both need to be hand in hand. I was looking for an alternative to yoga and found ba duan jin. Though it has been simple, there has been so much effect on the body internally. A freeness and melting of blockages...
  14. Where to concentrate in qigong?

    Thanks so much, @Sebastian. Your info, as well as the links I went through, were excellent. Tried doing Ba duan Jin today with less intent and very light focus on the breath and slightly on the much difference. Realized that I had been doing like a focussed practice and that's why heat also was being generated(more in the evening than in the morning). Today's practice did not generate any noticeable heat.
  15. Are the different types of kundalini?

    Just a curious question, if someone had an awakening in their previous birth, how would they be aware of it in the present birth?