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  1. I am not expressing dissent against Aurobindo in any way.
  2. I think this is apropos to this discussion and if one includes this in sky gazing/longde practice then...... To think that if one only silences the mind with some effort then that belief system misses this discussion. Read Sri Aurobindo if that is your path.
  3. Please post relevant to the OP request to discuss the rainbow body phenomenon. Texts, experience or teachings!
  4. Rainbow body. I am just postulating ideas for discussion. Everyone must be taking a Sunday afternoon siesta.
  5. I would say you are trolling and not adding to the discussion at hand!
  6. http://the-eye.eu/public/Books/Buddhism/4. Tibetan Buddhism/Chogyal Namkhai Norbu - Longde Teachings (1997).pdf
  7. Ecstasy may be a way to best describe this phenomenon? Are states of ecstasy as introduced by teachers a gateway to rainbow body experience?
  8. By what criteria are you basing your absolute assumption on?
  9. When I stated “close to a dissolution” that is not a precise way of describing this process.
  10. I don’t discuss this much since a few here have responded with derision in the past. While on retreat above Death Valley on the Panamint Range I experienced close to a dissolution of my physical body. It seemed to start while sky gazing in which the light had a profound effect. What exactly occurred is difficult to elaborate in which any advanced language would not be adequate. Sky gazing must be practiced in a very specific way which is taught in the Longde or space series of instructions.
  11. This phenomenon is beyond any intentional practice or kriya.
  12. It was either Einstein or David Bohm that postulated that matter is compressed/condensed light. Nothing esoteric about that.
  13. A good friend of mine witnessed a phenomenon while working as a computer scientist in Iran where followers of a Sufi sect would walk into the light when a certain evolutionary stage was reached. To be precise, vanish into the light or in light. He has since passed on so I am unable to ask him again. I am almost certain that Dzogchen and Sufism have the same root.
  14. I think they are using the term resurrected? The author of the book is not a Jesuit so I don’t recall if he is associated with the Jesuit group. Jesuits are known for intelligent scholarship and will be important to learn what their findings are.
  15. I have that book and I found there are a number of Jesuits that are researching the Rainbow Body in their own tradition.