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  1. Continuation

    If he would have stated that he tested highest among all Mo Pai students that would not be a problem. However, his deference to Western elitism is a problem.
  2. Continuation

    Can you for one minute step out of your narrow minded view and understand the bold statement above? What it implies and how bigoted that statement is? Furthermore, classifying cultures by race is not based in science!
  3. Continuation

    Sounds like an ultra secret exclusive club! Can’t answer because you can’t? Sworn to absolute secrecy? Must be a large price tag to join your little cult!
  4. Continuation

    Yep! The Mo Pai meme filter only works one way. Most unfortunate!
  5. Continuation

    Don't take my word for it!
  6. Continuation

    @MildMouse23 Your little adventures into Mo Pai are nothing compared to a direct experience with the life force that permeates the universe in which there are alien forces in the cosmos that would make anyone's blood curdle. I doubt you are ready for any serious practice!
  7. Continuation

    He also has some twisted Western elitist mindset!
  8. Continuation

    You seem to be in need of attention or otherwise you would not be incessantly posting ad infinitum.
  9. Continuation

    Which neigong system? Is that too much to ask? BTW, your narrative reminds me of someone that posted here a number of years ago and was either banned or left.
  10. Continuation

    Whom are you referring to?
  11. Continuation

    Why the elitist view that a Westerner is more advanced than many Asian students? What test? Administered by whom? Your post is based on hearsay and has no basis here!
  12. Continuation

    I don't think MildMouse 23 has read the fine print. (Reactionary trash will be escorted to the curb). The MoPai types run on ad infinitum as seen in the past here.
  13. Climate Change

    Greta Thunberg's speech on AGW before the EU Parliament. Bright, articulate and to the point!
  14. Climate Change

    Hurricane Dorian a category 5 storm fits in with the current AGW models. Extremes are the new climate norm!
  15. Climate Change