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  1. Would you elaborate as to how one reads it? Musical or tonal must mean in a specific way?
  2. Laissez Le Climate Change Just Fizzle

    Joe made the claim a few years back that the earth can sustain 50 billion people. With 7 billion plus now there is starvation, drought and crop failures.
  3. Laissez Le Climate Change Just Fizzle

    There is another active climate change thread and this should be joined with that one.
  4. Aurobindo Anyone?

    Being hung up on absolutes or the so called isness of reality leads nowhere, but into another wall. Is time an arrow from the past to the future? Or, is time fluid? If time is fluid, then what about spacetime? Perhaps matter is fluid and more about space?
  5. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I don't get your points at all. Never said what you are construing and my point is that monotheism is an earth centered belief which still to this day holds sway over many which was and still is entirely wrong! The Tao is not about the earth alone, but the entire cosmos/multiverse, not just some speck of dust we call planet earth.
  6. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I think you missed my point! Belief systems that are underpinned by anthropocentric views are caught up in the pre-Copernicus era. During the formation of city states during the Axial Age, monotheism was invented as a means of political social control so as to maintain order among the populous which were replete with diverse pagan belief systems. I think most so called Taoists are still caught in the pre-Copernicus earth centered belief system. Or, as Robert Anton Wilson famously stated; belief systems are BS.
  7. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    The human species with their insignificant anthropocentric point of view is on full display here. Lonely planet earth orbits in the backwater of the Milky Way galaxy and is hardly significant. Anyone seen the new image of the black hole some 55 million light years away?
  8. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I will make my comments brief as possible as to what I have observed regarding TDB. There are a number of persons here that have a form of Zen sickness also known as meditation sickness which can occur at any stage in the course of a practitioners experience. This applies to beginners as well as advanced students with no exception! Philip Kapleau's books as well as other writers have described this phenomenon in any number of books which are not limited to the Zen tradition. The wall one faces in the zendo are no different than the walled off constructed self we all face everyday.
  9. In terms of music can you cite examples? East Indian (sitar, tablas) shakuhachi, or other instruments?
  10. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Sometimes it is not easy given the bigotry (all forms of) that goes unchecked on this site. There are some that believe that bigotry should be given an equal voice. I vehemently disagree!
  11. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Thanks! I have all of Monroe's hemi-sync waves 1-6 and many more. Also have the entire library of Jose Silva's work which of late has been very useful!
  12. Polyvagal theory and tao

    In terms of sound frequencies, in what way does Robert Monroe’s hemi-sync be a source of sound? I recently read where Tom Campbell a physicist developed the hemi-sync frequencies.
  13. Polyvagal theory and tao

    Would you explain how to flex the middle ear muscle and I think you have mentioned doing the same thing to the pineal gland.
  14. What is the evidence that the pineal gland calcifies? If so, is this a phenomenon across the board or in just a few?
  15. War vs Office Job

    In what way does the above in bold have anything to do with the carnage of war and in this case, Omaha Beach?