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  1. I have one thing to say regarding your criticism of me. Everyone else here including you, holds their teachers in high esteem, but when I mentioned Namkai Norbu this morning you pile on as if I am not allowed to speak a word about him. I have seen intense defense of gurus and teachers here and the mods say nothing. Yet I am singled out for some unknown reason! BTW, one member this morning called me an "old man." Was he moderated for that discriminatory/derogatory remark?
  2. I will leave here for awhile if that makes you happy. You have never come across like this to anyone here that I know of and why you are singling me out, I have no idea. I have already apologized.
  3. Me a xenophobe? You are misunderstanding me. I had the impression that different rules seem to apply to non English speakers, that is all. My apologies if I offended anyone which was not my intention. The internet has no national boundaries so anyone can be here and discuss. All I ask is that quotes be given credit. After all, anyone can say anything online. There are rules for quoting and should apply here. Remember when I was the sole person on the firing line speaking out against bigotry in all forms here. Very few here including the mods supported me at that time. I guess I am too much of a spiritual realist here for most to deal with.
  4. Not prevents, but reduces the spread of infection. Also lessens the severity of the infection. My apologies for offending him, but if the vaccination rate were upwards of 80-90%, then we wouldn't have these discussions.
  5. I had the impression CT is not an English speaker and may have the idea that one can quote out of context without giving credit. I only asked for the title of the book and page number. I am supposed to just trust that the quote in question is entirely accurate? I never said that I was the authority on Norbu. You are making assumptions. "Hrrumph, you are a foreigner, are you even legal?!’" What is that supposed to mean?
  6. I had the impression that your native language is not English. If you are then, my mistake.
  7. What about others that you spread Covid to when you are infected? If they die, is that love or compassion?
  8. I am being civil by requesting a book title and page number and yet you fly off the handle at me! Most here usually respect the author by giving proper credit.
  9. How does one know if you are taking license and revising the quote? Obviously you are not an English speaker? Or know the rules. Which book is this from? I have every one of his books. To avoid plagiarism here are the rules. https://www.webroot.com/us/en/resources/tips-articles/how-do-you-appropriately-cite-sources-and-avoid-plagiarism
  10. It is proper to give credit to the author of any quote by correctly including the book title and page number where the quote comes from.
  11. You stating that "suffering can be optional." I was asking you to defend your belief system.
  12. In what way is suffering optional? Please explain in detail how you go about it.
  13. Very few if any overcome millions of years of evolutionary hard wiring. Put any so called realized person in a war zone and see what happens. I guarantee basic instincts prevail in the need to survive. Talk is cheap, especially on the internet.
  14. That is very cruel! 40-50 million died during WWII and all the suffering was self inflicted? History is replete with human suffering and Dark Ages thinking is no excuse for condemnation of others!
  15. Evolution. Both innate and conditioned responses. The human species has always been violent with very few exceptions and no belief system or religion will cure the problem!