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  1. I want to become powerful

    Another example of crazy power. Cobra handling? Pet king cobra? There are many paths to the dark side and some are just nuts!
  2. I want to become powerful

    @I will become immortal 😠 It is a matter of historical record that Allied Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower made the decision to send 18 year old soldiers to their deaths on June 6th 1944. Young green recruits were highly motivated to destroy the Third Reich and kill Hitler, but had no combat experience. Whereas, battle hardened front line troops would have resisted storming the beaches of Normandy knowing their odds of survival were low. Besides, battle hardened front line troops are extremely valuable for winning a war. Why would I write about a historical event as a response to the OP wanting power? General Eisenhower was given power over all Allied Forces which put a heavy weight of power and responsibility on his shoulders. With any type of power comes greater responsibility to others, and is not to be taken lightly! In his case it was the power over life and death. Take Jadespear's advice to heart!
  3. I want to become powerful

    Actually no. There are many that join this site looking for exotic teachings such as MoPai including all the fake promises made by followers of MoPai and others that have advertised here. This site for some odd reason attracts those that have an incessant need to play with fire. When an amateur practitioner gets burned it is expected that some on this site may provide salvation and wound healing of sorts. It is very easy to light the flame, but it can get out of control rather quickly.
  4. I want to become powerful

    Palpatine know everything about being more and more powerful.
  5. That is faith based as opposed to being logical. It comes off as trying to convince, or preach to another with your personal faith based belief system.
  6. How do you know that a so called deep reality exists? Prove it outside of quoting ancient writings? Further, applying the use of logic as you did a few posts ago proves what exactly? Science is based in logic and myth is not.
  7. Ramana Maharshi is the goal of all Advaita devotees. He was cared for while he was in deep samadhi with not a care in the world, including having his diapers changed. Completely helpless! We have one friend on that path who sold a thriving business and now lives off of the generosity of others. No self is a disastrous path! She suffers from Zen sickness with an entitled ego to match.
  8. World Cup 2022

    ‘Thanks for bringing this to the attention of others here that will not bother to pay attention to this horrific problem. The UAE has built cities on the backs of slaves from other countries. Included is this travesty is Saudi Arabia with its share of horrific human rights abuses.
  9. Electrostatic Propulsion?

    I looked at the site and it doesn't even plug into a receptacle. Maybe that is an extra add on. Here is the best part. Romance corner?
  10. Museum of Atlantis

    For certain!
  11. Museum of Atlantis

    I have seen a few of those in the Alien movies.
  12. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    I know of a few persons in Colorado and here in Santa Fe that tried to create the elixir of immortality with gold and other exotic substances. Miserable failures!!!
  13. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    I'm intrigued. I just want the New Age 5 minute version. The OP mention being a fruitarian, but who is the real OP here? Is this fruit bat behind this thread?
  14. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    You must be referring to the highest most profound initiation? How much will that cost me? Is there an expedited version?
  15. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Describe the powers that be? Romans still control most of the world? These guys? Haven’t seen any around my town.