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  1. In my opinion the only thing that arises inside of emptiness is the dharma. With dharma independent origination is necessary and the dharma is heard. It is the only sound of awakening. To be alert is required to hear it the first time and it is the only thing independent of all other sounds. If it is read than one has found it on his/her own. Outside of the hometown dream there is a door. Between your thoughts is emptiness. Within emptiness is one thing that is permanent and that is the dharma. It is independent of all thought and is heard. It is a sound so bright. If read than the removal of dharma from dependent origination is difficult to procure due to others connections. If heard than one has found a source of dharma. Not all buddhas dharma's are the same but all originate independently. Meditation sharpens your senses but outside of where you were born lay a multitude of lairs. These places contain all sorts of things with no means to procure them. They are never taken by a buddha for these are the poisons, the dredges and the lack of order. To still one's mind within emptiness and as emptiness requires a massive amount of effort and this comes after listening to one's own thoughts. A pratyekabuddha has no friends for the things they say are never dharmic. To meet one would to be like meeting a ghost of ones own past and not understand why that being has left you for the future. Listening is a dangerous art and leaves no room for peers. The quieter one's own mind becomes the more difficult it is to see goodness in any human. They drift so far from here and presence that it would seem they have gone away into the future but their words and their actions become dependent origination and the pratyekabuddha is alone. Looking for their own past they go to him and seeing him suffering more from an increasingly still mind they think he is suffering alone. He bears his own thoughts and theirs as well. There is no peace for him. Nirvana is a field. And a field is presence. To be alone permanently would be heaven to that person. My own thoughts are something like to turn the dharma wheel once would be something like the hero's journey. But to meet others and hear them talk about it would leave you looking for someone with fire. IF they have no manhood of fire and think the elixer is with the gods or some non-sense then strange enough to flow through the story leaves one outcast even though symbolic symmetry leads to beauty. The end of the story is just the rising of the sun. So many people can't even stay up alone. Sometimes I think people don't even look up at it.
  2. evolving towards the non-evolutionary

    if people find out awakening is possible and women start cheating the entire communities that are involved need to put the woman down. When a woman finds out a man has multiple female partners they end up competing to be better and when a man finds out a woman has multiple partners it literally puts his life at risk. This is my thought for the day I really need to delete my account.. A man can never know if a woman isnt cheating
  3. evolving towards the non-evolutionary

    if the soul is evolving within the matrix of brahman what is giving brahman cohesion as joeblast put it? IF the ocean is that vast how does one contain it if not in tune with literal weather seasons and then theres really only room for like 3 - 7 brahmin on the entire planet. I dont see how a culture could contain something that vast and then have more than one religion on the planet. IF there's nothing else left to do I don't see how anyone could give form to a brahman anywhere without 1000^2 miles of territory. this doesn't really work within confines of society and no one is actually comfortable admitting that space isn't limited but form is. Nobody that big actually fits into a social constraint and all analysis is just a weapon. It's not really funny being brahman and alone. A society that accepts harems is the only fit and then there's the jealousy. I don't know why but the class of untouchables should never have been removed. People that spend their whole lives building there breath get labeled insane for literally not speaking at certain moments. a brahman without money belongs in japan.. I dont know poetry but this website needs to let me delete my account it's weirding me out how many people think the blue is free. I don't actually get why people think they get to live in my home. It's not funny that the internet has made princesses into prostitutes and eradicated territory... word
  4. coding

    thanks guys checking it out
  5. coding

    Hey DaoBums, I'm looking to learn how to code on the computer. Does anyone know online resources for such a thing? I'm trying to find the right books and teachings for the architecture. Thank you. theNERD
  6. Dark Night of the Soul

    just not gonna read anything but the first part. Are you stuck there? Why did you start this thread. a lot of people around me are very secretive in public and say absolutely nothing with game. No concept of here. No concept of anywhere. No perception. Are you in this dark place spotless. I mean seriously people have been here for 6 years and cant get through this shit. Watch a movie, depression is not natural. Movies are almost all symbolic of the hero's journey.. Joseph Campbell.. you have to do this stuff alone. no one gets you through this stuff and all teachers literally only talk about vibes and sound creation. they never produce originality, something like instructions regurgitated they never even read. at a certain point all darkness is a reflection of how much you remember and you can lose this is you have no creativity left. i mean memories. this isnt a game no one can save what is inside of you, it doesnt come back if you cant compress and comparmentalize. Mnemonics for non greeks.. not A mind house.. everyone lives in a different house. there isn't enough originality in one blueprint for anyone but an individuation path of not forgetting and only remembering .. get something outside yourself entirely people are imploding and you'll never be able to explode again
  7. the Diamond Sutra

    yo dude people stole my moon.. Literally. I own that shit. I also am the sun.
  8. Was the Buddha a Genius?

    yo so.. whattup statten ^^^ That place is kinda trash.. Method man lives there though you smoke with that dude
  9. yo dawg, you on researchgate.net
  10. The world is an illusion....wtf does that mean ?

    its not actually true, go walk through more walls
  11. Greetings friends!

    Hey Jake buto!
  12. Bums I am missing

    HOLY youre signature is god. i mean the image. thank you for everything.
  13. Bums I am missing

    That's samsara yo, little note here, if desire is the wheel of samsara and mara chomps endlessly. How does a man or king stay within humanity following the intent of desire "deci belle" without a single kiss from a woman in a year. how do you return to humanity without losing your humanity to others if no woman will kiss you. and sexless. ? theNERD
  14. Bums I am missing

    yoo nice fucking sin system. if dao curhns endlessly where is the dragon. if you cultivate amrita without a woman what do you do with hate? theNERD
  15. Bums I am missing

    Yo C T who is the blue buddha