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  1. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    woah awesome Im gonna read it
  2. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    No idea. Probably some sort of self defense? People don't like being told their pleasure or arousal in social situations might not be dependent on themselves?
  3. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    Not really, I just seem to read his posts with a more congruent story line than most peoples posts on this website. It's always "this one time" and then followed by a conclusion drawn from that experience. Much more coherence despite its oddity.. Other people here sound hyper intelligent as well it just doesn't ever seem to actually come from a literal experience. People on this website just seem to divine the divine and we get the dao bums. Drew just seems to be the only one that consistently gets dog piled and its been like almost 10 years of it. I get a huge kick out of it.
  4. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    damn you guys pounced all over this dude
  5. secret of Excluded Zone Water - negentropy battery in the body

    Also.. Idk if I have said this before but I have done the whole celibacy thing for 2 years from 21 to 23 and I know how shitty the world gets. When you start feeling people pulling the center of gravity down and out it gets exceptionally weird to be in social situations where you see the interactions in symbolic terms that frequently seem perverted and sexual while you yourself are outside of the situation but physically in the scene. either way this is something like 4% of my thoughts on your posts here you're the man.
  6. secret of Excluded Zone Water - negentropy battery in the body

    Ok So to Drew. There is only one thing I have understood from reading your posts for almost 10 years now. It is weird to actually read someone for that long but I am ever entertained by your perceptions of interpersonal dynamics. You clearly have a system here and it never seems to change. One thing I do not understand is your system doesn't seem to have a high enough energy output for me to think you are dead serious about attaining immortality. Some of the highest energy people I remember are two men I met in college. One was the third dan aikido master who flew/drove in to go to a class of mine and the other was a commander in the military. The room at the aikido workshop was hot as a sauna and fully of yang energy. The class was never like that and the only new factor was the Third Dan. His breath was HUGE. He had a pretty large gut and clearly liked to eat. In Balance and Harmony translated by Thomas Cleary it says a big belly isnt dao amongst a hundred other wonderful stories about taosim but that's beside the point. Have you read it? I really don't get why your system is so sensitive with saying you only need a meal here or there and you seem to regulate your eating with regards to your system, like you feel diminished here or there and then you eat. I think you could do better with a higher level output as your goal in your system. Like filling the tank up before it gets empty it just doesn't sound like you have the right intention here. Either way I love your writing and you're one of the only cultivators on here that seems to get this shit doesn't change you its something that is only an enhancement to your self not a new one. So here goes. With regards to jing I see it as when the body actually begins breathing automatically after taking over the breathing process with yoga. Your money finally starts paying dividends and there's nothing left to do but sit back and let the LDT expand and contract automatically. You're finally a baby again! I have a question here, as far as I am concerned Qi is actually emotion generated from returning to the state of a baby and if it's not please correct me. -Jing causes the tingles but Qi is technically something like literally love. I am trying to find a better definition for the primal nature of internal martial arts but basically afterwards emotions are inside of your chest instead of on the outside of your body. I don't know how to explain this without including the main question I have for you: If you build up enough qi is it a permanent thing in the universe? Let's say you feel your qi as some sort of emotion other than love like tranquility. It has rhythm to it, it has quietude, it has reliability. If you actually make a higher emotion consciously through a process akin to alchemy is that emotion a passing thing like buddhist meditation would say it is? Is it something that just passes or is it actually more akin to an object that can be lost and has to be held on to. I lost my jing to some women and I really never got it back until I realized I had lost it. I was busy. It's kind of disgusting breathing with people you are not actually seeing consciously and only talking to on the phone or something like that. I am at a loss for words for how many people it seems I am breathing with and really didn't want to think my jing or qi was something I could actually misplace like an old phone instead of just some passing state that was to be enjoyed in the moment and recognized as the breath in a more sublime state. Have you ever checked to see if your qi is actually something that isn't actually impermanent and is something one of your pervs might hold on to or something some random chick in a mcdonalds is holding on to because you breathed alchemical breath into them whether on accident or on purpose? If it's not something that is a transient state I am kind of worried how much time I wasted using insight mediation on higher states of being if these are things I can access as long as some sociopath isn't holding on to them in order to hide in society. I see alchemy as an enhancement and growth state of a real human not a past time but if growth is actually gaining more things then jing and qi might actually be non dissipating subtle material pieces of breath gained and are things to be held on to. The last thing I need is my neighbor breathing with me in meditation because they have a piece of my subtle-material breath and I didn't know breath could be cultivated to a non-impermanent state. It also causes a weird phenomena where your subtle-material breath wouldn't just be a state but a memory and how do you prevent the people you experienced the state with from living in those memories. IDK But I literally hate perv's and can not figure out how to get people living in your supposed rape-culture to leave me the f*ck out of it. Sealing the eight openings is useless if people are consciously or unconsciously breathing with your body. Idk how not to feel like the center of some network if the network is living. I need to know if subtle-material breath is a thing or a state. Because I am not giving up my right to breathe that easy if it's not a passing state but a literal thing out there in space. Also I really love your insight into energy transmissions through eyesight and stuff like that. Much charm
  7. Tibetan Wheel of Life

    Hey guys, does anyone know if it is Yama whose mouth is on the wheel of samsara or is it Mara? Wikipedia says its Mara or Yama and the being represents impermanence.. What is the consensus on who the beast is? " The figure holding the wheel: impermanence[edit] The wheel is being held by a fearsome figure who represents impermanence.[8] This figure is often interpreted as being Mara, the demon who tried to tempt the Buddha, or as Yama, the lord of death.[26] Regardless of the figure depicted, the inner meaning remains the same–that the entire process of cyclic existence (samsara) is transient; everything within this wheel is constantly changing.[27] Yama has the following attributes: He wears a crown of five skulls that symbolize the impermanence of the five aggregates.[28] (The skulls are also said to symbolize the five poisons.) He has a third eye that symbolizes the wisdom of understanding impermanence.[28] He is sometimes shown adorned with a tiger skin, which symbolizes fearfulness.[28] (The tiger skin is typically seen hanging beneath the wheel.) His four limbs (that are clutching the wheel) symbolize the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness, and death.[29]: " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhavacakra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yama_(Buddhism) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_(demon)
  8. Neijing Tu

    Thank you @Taomeow This is exactly what I was looking for! I read it over and the translation helped me a ton. Idk if you know a ton about the diagram but translation 26 Mysterious pass hidden in fifty regions caught my eye. Do you know what the hidden in 50 regions could reference?? Thanks for the help!
  9. Neijing Tu

    Does anyone have a translation for the writing on the neijing tu? I cant find one on the web.
  10. H.R. 420

    damn. Thanks @joeblast , I appreciate the knowledge that has been dropped. I was basically just posting some wishful thinking to be honest.. for friends obviously. Going with what you said about unlawlful 'illegalization' and the government putting it's hands in the states pot's is there any chance in the near future of a reduction in federal government? Are there any pointers towards a lessening of regulations and a much more hands off approach or are we headed to a more supreme mommy daddy state? Is the U.S. falling? Are we imploding or am I sheltered, in terms of maturity and how people handle themselves
  11. H.R. 420

    thanks for the input @Nintendao, I totally agree
  12. H.R. 420

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/10/bill-numbered-h-r-420-would-regulate-pot-like-alcohol/2542870002/ USA Today https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/420 .GOV Does anyone here know if this is going to pass? Asking for my rhastifarian friends. It seems like the Oregon Senator or someone like that got a bill into congress to legalize cannibus nationally. Does anyone here have interests in the bill?
  13. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    thanks @thelerner I can't really seem to figure out how to get the return button to work.
  14. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    ok mom, meditation is not a game. I know a lot of people that started and did not make it back. I've even lost friends to the tide and these people did not really ever have a grasp on the way these things were done without me. IDK how to explain this but it would be something like a metaphor where everyone can "meditate" in the presence of a meditation group but they never bring the work home with them and do their homework. They did not make it back to reality or to attainment. So I have a serious issue with you saying my generic voice in this thread is some sort of furious heroic external work. This is just me voicing my opinion generically. I have a naturally booming voice and last time I checked my voice is not heard in this community but I'm glad to see a big buddhist name like C T actually commented on this thread and also I'm pretty certain this isn't a library. The noble path makes plenty of noise the sound is just non-vibrational. I'm gonna pretend you meditate and are not in some sort of respect network because the beginning of this thread is something like buddhist pride & narcissism and narcissism and respect almost always go hand in hand. I can't speak for you but having a self and respecting yourself are not the same thing. Also two people agreeing they both exist in a respectful relationship does not mean they have one. Meditation in emptiness breaks down your self to the rawest potential and if you dont humbly take it in both hands and run to a safe meditation cushion to see what you're worth you're not really aware this is doing your homework in a Sangha.
  15. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    Hey rideforever, I think I said that it was internal, the watcher watching itself, I also said that isn't real life. Staying in that state I said was close to a womb like state. You can't involve yourself in society from that position and cant have any referential points as to if you are on path from here. We are in the buddhist sub-forum so this is definitely about the 8-fold path. Not some sort of internal journey here the Dharma is ancient and its tongue is cold. This stuff is not for the feint of heart. To even look within one time can ruin a young man's life without proof there is man-hood deeper down the way. I don't want to make this a sexist thing but If the end result of meditation for a long period of time is a crippled back and inability to labor in the name of religion or god there isn't a point. To attain higher levels of mindfulness leads to a broken down conception of reality that looks like a discrete motion picture. The individual moves faster through the surrounding scene that the scene does. This isn't a slowing down of perception with relation to nature its a increased frame rate which should lead to advanced athleticism. People shouldn't be looking for siddhi or magick or something like that. They should see people on path with advanced athleticism and heroic hand-eye coordination. This isn't a path for the tired but all monks I see on the web are either near emaciated or fat. The supposed happiest man on the planet is a buddhist and I just see another fat person, not to be distasteful, with not much grace just slowed down by things that arent stream-lined. To build a vessel of the dharma is the plan to cross all suffering, sitting is not the answer. Continuous study is the answer. To never stop studying mathematics, psychology and things that are comparable is the closest thing we can get to an answer to history and some sort of fluid dynamics of personality. Psychology requires answers to the mind that are mathematical not founded on observation or pseudo-psychology. We need a direct mind-to-interface program to run on a computer to properly organize the population of the world into different levels of spatial intelligence. If the person has no potential and just runs a blank screen we have an issue here of classes of people that are below mindfulness with no capacity to go up in terms of strength of mindfulness and actually bring mindful followers down by some sort of mathematical weight. We need a weight of the mind system here and we need another Buddha in this day and time