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  1. H.R. 420

    damn. Thanks @joeblast , I appreciate the knowledge that has been dropped. I was basically just posting some wishful thinking to be honest.. for friends obviously. Going with what you said about unlawlful 'illegalization' and the government putting it's hands in the states pot's is there any chance in the near future of a reduction in federal government? Are there any pointers towards a lessening of regulations and a much more hands off approach or are we headed to a more supreme mommy daddy state? Is the U.S. falling? Are we imploding or am I sheltered, in terms of maturity and how people handle themselves
  2. H.R. 420

    thanks for the input @Nintendao, I totally agree
  3. H.R. 420

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/10/bill-numbered-h-r-420-would-regulate-pot-like-alcohol/2542870002/ USA Today https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/420 .GOV Does anyone here know if this is going to pass? Asking for my rhastifarian friends. It seems like the Oregon Senator or someone like that got a bill into congress to legalize cannibus nationally. Does anyone here have interests in the bill?
  4. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    thanks @thelerner I can't really seem to figure out how to get the return button to work.
  5. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    ok mom, meditation is not a game. I know a lot of people that started and did not make it back. I've even lost friends to the tide and these people did not really ever have a grasp on the way these things were done without me. IDK how to explain this but it would be something like a metaphor where everyone can "meditate" in the presence of a meditation group but they never bring the work home with them and do their homework. They did not make it back to reality or to attainment. So I have a serious issue with you saying my generic voice in this thread is some sort of furious heroic external work. This is just me voicing my opinion generically. I have a naturally booming voice and last time I checked my voice is not heard in this community but I'm glad to see a big buddhist name like C T actually commented on this thread and also I'm pretty certain this isn't a library. The noble path makes plenty of noise the sound is just non-vibrational. I'm gonna pretend you meditate and are not in some sort of respect network because the beginning of this thread is something like buddhist pride & narcissism and narcissism and respect almost always go hand in hand. I can't speak for you but having a self and respecting yourself are not the same thing. Also two people agreeing they both exist in a respectful relationship does not mean they have one. Meditation in emptiness breaks down your self to the rawest potential and if you dont humbly take it in both hands and run to a safe meditation cushion to see what you're worth you're not really aware this is doing your homework in a Sangha.
  6. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    Hey rideforever, I think I said that it was internal, the watcher watching itself, I also said that isn't real life. Staying in that state I said was close to a womb like state. You can't involve yourself in society from that position and cant have any referential points as to if you are on path from here. We are in the buddhist sub-forum so this is definitely about the 8-fold path. Not some sort of internal journey here the Dharma is ancient and its tongue is cold. This stuff is not for the feint of heart. To even look within one time can ruin a young man's life without proof there is man-hood deeper down the way. I don't want to make this a sexist thing but If the end result of meditation for a long period of time is a crippled back and inability to labor in the name of religion or god there isn't a point. To attain higher levels of mindfulness leads to a broken down conception of reality that looks like a discrete motion picture. The individual moves faster through the surrounding scene that the scene does. This isn't a slowing down of perception with relation to nature its a increased frame rate which should lead to advanced athleticism. People shouldn't be looking for siddhi or magick or something like that. They should see people on path with advanced athleticism and heroic hand-eye coordination. This isn't a path for the tired but all monks I see on the web are either near emaciated or fat. The supposed happiest man on the planet is a buddhist and I just see another fat person, not to be distasteful, with not much grace just slowed down by things that arent stream-lined. To build a vessel of the dharma is the plan to cross all suffering, sitting is not the answer. Continuous study is the answer. To never stop studying mathematics, psychology and things that are comparable is the closest thing we can get to an answer to history and some sort of fluid dynamics of personality. Psychology requires answers to the mind that are mathematical not founded on observation or pseudo-psychology. We need a direct mind-to-interface program to run on a computer to properly organize the population of the world into different levels of spatial intelligence. If the person has no potential and just runs a blank screen we have an issue here of classes of people that are below mindfulness with no capacity to go up in terms of strength of mindfulness and actually bring mindful followers down by some sort of mathematical weight. We need a weight of the mind system here and we need another Buddha in this day and time
  7. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    after entering stream time is of the essence, and literally requires 24/7 care and is the highest of branches. I Think the biggest issue is entering stream without any of your own potential which I don't think is actually possible there would be some sort of neck chip. It's not possible to have internal rhythm without the stillness unless there's some possible way to crash streams, which would appear to be nearly impossible unless buddha had someone becoming him so long they literally tried to fill his sandals or shoes while he was literally wearing them.. It's only possible to have one person in the subjective stream at a time and when it begins it is seen at a strange angle, sort of looking off to the side. A non-symmetrical entry. Symmetrical stream entry is basically the end of earth and all people are known.. it means that stream entry is the beginning of the bodhi-sattva path because it has to cross streams with literally all people on the planet. Most people and I mean most are perfect for wall sitting and not much else. Movement samadhi is the path of mastering and is the only option to reserving the right to wake up whenever one desires. Once awake if all beings have lost their potential then one would be on path alone and all symbolism would be dead. If one could pay attention to the same object for maybe 45 minutes or an hour in the still object-observer state and ride the rhythm as it is born one would probably end up in a jhanic state. I dont know how much pleasure would be felt because the potential required to enter stream in the first place is a large amount of repressed sexual energy and is inherently intense. Also if one did it on something like a blue kasina or a red kasina I think youre entering a world where the colors have some sort of inherent self-referential feeling so cross referencing experience here would only be exemplified through something like an augmented reality machine where someone else could literally see your attention placed on a monitor or something like that. Most people would be shocked how calm and kind with yourself you have to be to get to 15 minutes of absolute attention.
  8. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    C T said some wonderful things about recognizing the difference between wonder and movement. Duality seems to be a blue print for reality and the reason it seems like a false self is because the more accurate it becomes the closer to reality the mind is describing nature and all things outside the body and this leads to strange dharma that is nevertheless still empirical. Foundationaly @rideforever if the subject becomes the object which is being observed you have something like @drew_hempels klein bottle example and you don't really have an external reality.. This isn't really lame its just not real life. It's like a trick the mind can do and you come close to hurting yourself because the subject isnt an object to be penetrated its the observer. You're not really here to penetrate yourself at all, this is some sort of embryonic state which might be nice for sleep, assuming you just watch and dont penetrate the object... and rest... but it's not gonna cut it when it comes to becoming one with an external self. This is why the subject becoming the subject is actually self-absorption which I do think is looked down upon. It's not something to be tampered with and definitely nothing you're supposed to break down at all. You're almost referencing poking your own eye with some sort of slow motion mindfulness.. definitely not eye surgery but not something your supposed to do hard at all. Just like am i wearing a contact this morning, yes/no?.. When you become a three dimensional work piece, or mind object, it has to be your self in all light.. Basically your string of memories your entire life.. I assume it would look something like a dragon. Longevity's symbol. And definitely not look like others life story because there's only one MC in each space and time.. I don't know how long you have to pay attention to an object outside of yourself to do samadhi but it's supposedly 15 minutes of single pointed penetrative attention that doesnt waver the object and this isn't really a game how much effort that requires and thats right about when the mind stills. As long as your not doing that subjective of subjective experiential thing. A groundwork is required and they call that the foundation. This require's so much mental preparation its not funny to call it something like ritual. But locked on external object is kind of like being an animal in the dark your attention is just following the object.. hunting.. This is post Arising and passing of mental phenomena.. Things just have movement and that's why this way doesn't lead to dead tree-zen it leads to a healthy glowing tree with so much life from the light sun and water it just keeps growing. But the attention does have to hunt something outside of itself until they both still and then you have rhythm in mind because life just keeps moving it just doesnt die. Don't repress rhythm but it spawns when the object and consciousness both find stability in mind space. Which is emptiness. Before emptiness the two healthy things attention/consciousness and objects have exact specifications of detail.. thats the real. that's non-duality.. afterwards the objects and attention know each other and things are warped until you follow something down the stream of rhythm and you have stream entry. like skiing down a mountain while seated but the land is the ripples of rhythm called live-time in mental stillness
  9. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    So. Once upon a time I believed in no-self. The center of my teachings led me to a paper called Malignant-Self Love by Sam Vaknin. I may have found the paper on this website. Either way the idea that culminated in my head was a polished mirror shield that protects esoteric buddhism from the exoteric lay people and all those who can not understand symbolism. Polishing the mirror was still the heart. Not killing it. By still the emotions one can see clearly with increasing levels of perception of awareness. The emotions create turbulence and literally causing a semi-hallucinogenic trip. It is far too subtle to be called hallucinatory but could be related to some sort of micro-dose of a drug. Polishing the mirror was seeing emptiness as a mirror which is difficult to describe because it actually reveals an individuals true self. That is if you can find emptiness, then still it, and then actually gaze into your own heart and see yourself for what you really are. If you could do these things there is a good chance that your reflection is most likely a beautiful thing because these three tasks require a massive amount of effort towards virtue in the first place. I saw myself as anger. It was my true self. My literal face could be seen in emptiness as an exact 3-D reflection only red/orange. I had been my true self for years but emptiness is dangerous because it breaks down all mental conceptions even the self, the longer you spend in it. It is too sultry of an emotion but is also actually measurable as space. As you spend time in it the idea of no-self easily can be taken as the truth because all things fall apart inside of emptiness even your self. It is a dangerous thing because of how warm and peaceful and comforting emptiness is until the size of the emotion becomes bigger than a presence of about 10 yards. Holding ones self together inside of emptiness is damn near impossible. But stilled this thing is actually a mirror. Pride comes from mastering a task. 10,000 hours is not a game. This is the general time-piece given to mastering a task with full focus in most eastern philosophy. Balancing straight up I had mastered the skill of skiing. I was a pro. I lost my pride of balance a few months after the entrance to a master realm of skiing when I decided to be proud for the first time. I was proud of mastering one thing, 10,000 hours skiing was literally my whole life. Mastering in my opinion also includes doing the activity or professional skill in your head as well. Exact visualization, like dreaming doing the thing. I lost my pride when I did a drug with "friends" on the day of pride and I can not explain how far I fell. I would like to start a thread discussing advanced buddhist meditation and the movement samadhi. Basically having single pointed attention while moving. Whether from the center of gravity or using hand-eye coordination.
  10. In my opinion the only thing that arises inside of emptiness is the dharma. With dharma independent origination is necessary and the dharma is heard. It is the only sound of awakening. To be alert is required to hear it the first time and it is the only thing independent of all other sounds. If it is read than one has found it on his/her own. Outside of the hometown dream there is a door. Between your thoughts is emptiness. Within emptiness is one thing that is permanent and that is the dharma. It is independent of all thought and is heard. It is a sound so bright. If read than the removal of dharma from dependent origination is difficult to procure due to others connections. If heard than one has found a source of dharma. Not all buddhas dharma's are the same but all originate independently. Meditation sharpens your senses but outside of where you were born lay a multitude of lairs. These places contain all sorts of things with no means to procure them. They are never taken by a buddha for these are the poisons, the dredges and the lack of order. To still one's mind within emptiness and as emptiness requires a massive amount of effort and this comes after listening to one's own thoughts. A pratyekabuddha has no friends for the things they say are never dharmic. To meet one would to be like meeting a ghost of ones own past and not understand why that being has left you for the future. Listening is a dangerous art and leaves no room for peers. The quieter one's own mind becomes the more difficult it is to see goodness in any human. They drift so far from here and presence that it would seem they have gone away into the future but their words and their actions become dependent origination and the pratyekabuddha is alone. Looking for their own past they go to him and seeing him suffering more from an increasingly still mind they think he is suffering alone. He bears his own thoughts and theirs as well. There is no peace for him. Nirvana is a field. And a field is presence. To be alone permanently would be heaven to that person. My own thoughts are something like to turn the dharma wheel once would be something like the hero's journey. But to meet others and hear them talk about it would leave you looking for someone with fire. IF they have no manhood of fire and think the elixer is with the gods or some non-sense then strange enough to flow through the story leaves one outcast even though symbolic symmetry leads to beauty. The end of the story is just the rising of the sun. So many people can't even stay up alone. Sometimes I think people don't even look up at it.
  11. evolving towards the non-evolutionary

    if people find out awakening is possible and women start cheating the entire communities that are involved need to put the woman down. When a woman finds out a man has multiple female partners they end up competing to be better and when a man finds out a woman has multiple partners it literally puts his life at risk. This is my thought for the day I really need to delete my account.. A man can never know if a woman isnt cheating
  12. evolving towards the non-evolutionary

    if the soul is evolving within the matrix of brahman what is giving brahman cohesion as joeblast put it? IF the ocean is that vast how does one contain it if not in tune with literal weather seasons and then theres really only room for like 3 - 7 brahmin on the entire planet. I dont see how a culture could contain something that vast and then have more than one religion on the planet. IF there's nothing else left to do I don't see how anyone could give form to a brahman anywhere without 1000^2 miles of territory. this doesn't really work within confines of society and no one is actually comfortable admitting that space isn't limited but form is. Nobody that big actually fits into a social constraint and all analysis is just a weapon. It's not really funny being brahman and alone. A society that accepts harems is the only fit and then there's the jealousy. I don't know why but the class of untouchables should never have been removed. People that spend their whole lives building there breath get labeled insane for literally not speaking at certain moments. a brahman without money belongs in japan.. I dont know poetry but this website needs to let me delete my account it's weirding me out how many people think the blue is free. I don't actually get why people think they get to live in my home. It's not funny that the internet has made princesses into prostitutes and eradicated territory... word
  13. coding

    thanks guys checking it out
  14. Seems Ironic

    hey guys how do you delete your account on daobums. im tired and too hungry to do this anymore
  15. coding

    Hey DaoBums, I'm looking to learn how to code on the computer. Does anyone know online resources for such a thing? I'm trying to find the right books and teachings for the architecture. Thank you. theNERD