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  1. Paintings you like

    "Lemuria Triangle: Rough Sketch"
  2. Canna Bums

  3. Can There Be More Than One
  4. Nice, what's ur Bazi chart sayin'? I sense strong elements
  5. The Earth Is Immortal

    Think "Kunlun" "Mount" "Sinai"
  6. The Earth Is Immortal

    But that's not the Answer keep going, my black cannabis has absorbed a hue of Rose
  7. The Earth Is Immortal

  8. The Earth Is Immortal

    Magic Square
  9. The Earth Is Immortal

    Smooth bro', Im on cloud 9 so can u finish the chain, thanks
  10. What are you listening to?

    Anyone into dubstep? Was poppin'a few years bak inn da UK