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  1. What is spirituality

    ….you're channeling again, Everything
  2. Are enlightened people impotent?

    This is actually a pretty good question when looked at from this perspective, when one looks at enlightenment as lacking in desire, and the realization that all is present in this moment, and the self realization that you are the creative force in the universe. the other side of the coin, does that mean that the pregnant idea which caused the big bang was less than enlightened? Not sure we'll ever be able to get our brains around this.
  3. A New Image of Human Life

    That, to me, is the real Practice. To remain in a state of presence, of consciousness. Of remaining aware of the essence behind the personality. To still the mind, but be in a state of alert awareness. This comes and goes throughout the day when mindfulness can be remembered. A spotty matter of degrees at this point.
  4. Are enlightened people impotent?

    What's the basis for the question?
  5. What is spirituality

    If the planets weren't rotating and giving us daylight and darkness, there wouldn't be any sense of time at all
  6. What is spirituality

    Or, more simply, self realization?
  7. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Careful with those, LOL. Both my husband and I found that things started happening to us that were happening to Carlos - and at the same time that we were reading them.
  8. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I've got a whole metaphysical library, but I'd never gotten around to reading Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind. I'm currently reading The Essential Ernest Holmes (collected writings). An astounding, meaty book which is particularly appropriate for those who are healers. Talks about the use of love in healing, how to get yourself into the right mind space. The metaphysics are suitable for anyone who has transcended any path. I can attest to the use of love in healings. I had a friend who had a nephew who had quadriplegia. I had her stare at a picture of him until she felt love in her heart, and at that moment turn on a light switch (which was a metaphor for the electricity going out to his limbs). It worked. It's all in the mindset of the person doing the healing, according to Mr. Holmes. Wonderful book.
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I went to the post office to get some stamps. The guy at the counter asked me what kind. I said 'Anything but the flag'. He smiled and said 'you wouldn't believe how often I hear that'.
  10. Hi CT! And this is why making negative judgments to affirm our own superiority is to be avoided. It reinforces the ego and makes the false sense of self even stronger.
  11. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    If a person buys into the idea that we're all one, what's the purpose of judging? We're merely pointing the finger at ourselves. To not judge is a Practice, for the rest of our physical lives. It's as though we're all tentacles of an octopus, not realizing we're connected at the top. We only see fault in others because we have the same to some degree. Not only does the judger have a limited idea of the judged from that point on, he has a limited view of himself. A prison of sorts for both. A Practice, indeed, replaced by compassion rather than judgment.
  12. What is spirituality

    Yes, this physical 'reality' we perceive has been created from the past. And more than just our past, the pain body of our ancestors, as Eckhart Tolle would put it. There is a little voice, either from my childhood or from ancestral past, that whispers to me "you are not worthy". More specifically, it will say "Why should you have this good fortune? Think of all the people in the world who are living with nothing". It is a built-in hovering guilt of unknown etiology. My reason will try to counteract it by saying something like 'in a previous existence, you too had nothing'. But this little voice is deeply ingrained. I find so much truth in your words, Everything. That was profound, brilliant, and written by one who truly knows the depth of their soul and understands the connectiveness and who and what we really are. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this beautiful response. Love you
  13. What is spirituality

    Zerostao - that might be the most exquisite composition and decomposition of the alignment of particles ever. Thanks so much for posting it. I got several things out of that: - The Title of the production - "Escape Velocity". What is velocity if not the joinder of time and space? This production seemed to focus on the is-ness, although it took 12 minutes to view it in the passage of time. But I can't help but think the producers intended it to be in the Now, but limited by our illusory perception of time. - when a person came into alignment of the dancing dots, it reminded me of the development of an embryo. How the only thing that separates whether a cell is going to be a hair cell, or a stomach cell, or a bone cell, it's merely a question of the intelligence of alignment. Otherwise, the substance for all cells is the same but for alignment. - it included the development of consciousness, and of questioning, and of how the dots develop the ability to be cohesive in their desire to express the form it has become. - the floating face that appeared periodically reminded me of the One Mind, the Dao, which was always observing. And which we all have in the background of our psyches, the same One Mind. - the disassembly of molecules and cessation of movement in the body upon death, the original dots returning to their chaos prior to form. - The obvious questioning of the woman at the end, probably wondering 'Who am I?' - The best part of all - when the voice at the end said it was going to another observation point. Who knows if we're sharing space with other entities that aren't within the range of our sensory perception. Buddha-lands, as recounted in the Sutras? What an excellent production!
  14. What is spirituality

    Now that's the question. But we have this darn thing inside that seems unsatisfied and keeps looking for an answer. Otherwise we wouldn't be on this website. Everything - you've really given this some thought, haven't you? I'll need to read that one several times. That's quite a brain you've got there!
  15. What is spirituality

    The I AM state is the awareness that "I AM God". I AM the Intelligence. I AM the cosmic consciousness. It's anything but the ego state, to my understanding. The ego state is what gives us the illusion of separation. The I AM state is the inner awareness that all is One.