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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Makes perfect sense. The function of the Dao is reversion. In this case it only took 4,000 years.
  2. This is a must see

    A friend just sent this to me - he's a bit of a master on the string bass, and a Daoist. My friend didn't like this performance much, I think it's brilliant. Whatever, it's certainly worthy of comment. Country Music joins up with Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qigong. A yin-yang cowboy and his crew create a new East West fusion: Singing and guitars to help Part The Wild Horse's Mane. Any opinions?
  3. what is next

    I've recently come to understand this in a useable way. I imagine a whip-like projectile coming out of the top of my head, and I can 'toss' it and connect it with what I want to connect with. I know it sounds ridiculous...but you can actually feel the connection as a warmth and realization that you are one with the other. The first time I tried this was out of necessity, a horse had jumped his corral and was out running through the corn fields. I ran to the top of a hill where he could see me, and my immediate thought was 'if he has any memory at all of being roped, I'm going to tap into it'. That was my set intent. I started whirling an imaginary lasso and threw it at him. He skidded to a halt from a dead run. I then walked him across the highway, stopping traffic, with an invisible rope around his neck and put him back into the corral. This is something I use when I do the occasional healing. I connect with the person before starting the ceremony by the same tactic. It seems to work long distance as well, whether the person knows he's the subject of a healing or not. My brother had melanoma on his arm and now he doesn't. Between doctor visits, it just disappeared.
  4. Watching The Birds

    Apparently there are more varieties of poorwill's. As I was trying to research the bird's call 'poor wills' came up as a possibility (I would have thought it was 'whiporwill' too). I think I have the mystery bird tagged. The long eared owl has many calls - and what I heard was one of them. He was only there for 2 nights, now he seems to be gone. But the behavior was right, too, and we do have them in the desert. Active at dusk, which is when I hear him, and liking to roost in heavily foliaged trees, right next to an open space. He was in a tree on the golf course. Speaking of nice birdies, I fell in love with the Montezuma's oropendolas in Costa Rica. I've been trying to snag a picture for us on the internet, but my computer skills are legendary and I'm unable to figger it out....
  5. Watching The Birds

    Could be a really small lady.
  6. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    I came to this same conclusion some years back, within the confines of my work as a detective. it became increasingly clear to me that if most people went along with it, it was probably not the whole story. This was further clarified when getting sober - I had to come to the conclusion that if my best thinking got me to what I had become, that most of my prior conclusions and thoughts were wrong. They mainly involved cynicism and criticism, an easy trap for a law enforcement officer to fall into.
  7. Watching The Birds

    I can't help but notice the post before this one. My heart just shed a tear. But isn't his last comment on this thread sort of indicative of his life? He was a warrior for so many years. And then he loved his fish and his quiet, normal life. If there are any desert birders here (low desert) there has been a mysterious bird call coming from a deciduous tree, heavily foliaged possible fruit tree. I did see a small brown bird with a tail that had a bit of pumping action - and I'm not even sure that's the bird I'm hearing. (He could be a migrator through Coachella Valley, CA) But this call is so strange and almost has a booming quality to it, so I can't picture that sound coming out of the little brown bird. It's only one sound, a descending slide, using five consecutive notes. But the descent has a very melodious quality to it and if the bird were trying to talk he might be saying COW - a real roundness to the sound. Maybe middle C down to F. I was thinking maybe a poor will of some sort, but I'm not finding the right sound.
  8. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Damn. He's sorta my type. Looks like he used to be a very bad boy.
  9. Yes, particularly if one can grasp the concept of wei wu wei., or Doing by Not-Doing. The order is there already, our ambition gets in there and messes up the order. This very concept alone will change one's thinking entirely, resulting in an increasingly stress-free life. I found that reading multiple translations of the DDJ was crucial for my own understanding. Any translation is only as good as the spiritual level of the person doing the translating. Best to triangulate one's own understanding out of the hearts of many.
  10. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    I definitely agree with this. However, the dualistic style of seeking out my own resentments seemed to accomplish the same thing, the unity and internal alchemical transformation. Being able to finally identify 'what' and 'why' those hardnesses of heart were there allowed me to understand why it was so, enabling me to not only understand, and thereby systematically lose, the unwanted quality - but it created a compassion within me that I never had before, due to understanding of self. Truth is....we're all victims of victims. Lousy upbringing is the gift that just keeps giving.
  11. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Thank you for recommending this movie. I watched it tonight, and I was taken with the wide variety of healers. I think I'll watch it again. I love it when anything merges with quantum physics.
  12. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Is that your helmeted self in the kayak?? What a great rock carving of a monkey(?) Aboriginal? The odd thing is the black shape to the left of it. At first I assumed it was a shadow but it seems too dark, and there doesn't seem to be a tree around that would cast that shape. I also note the manitou at the bottom of that shape where it looks like a young child is brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush.
  13. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    I met a homeless guy without teeth walking through a park. We got to talking. It was like talking with the Buddha. I'll bet he was the mumbling grinning guy.
  14. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    You're being a weisenheimer, aren't you? Surely you don't live in the Antarctic. Where the heck is the cell tower? and have you considered building a porch onto your houseboat?
  15. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    LOL. Damn, you're good.