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  1. Kundalini Yoga

    Something strange and wonderful happened to me the other night. I became spontaneously K-active maybe 20 years ago. It was an overwhelming experience involving the sound of a train or a hurricane right inside my bedroom. My third eye developed after that, I turned into a seer. But that doesn't mean much. Two nights ago, I had an old radio station on - songs from the 40's and 50's. I was eating a bowl of ice cream at the time, and "Chantau d' Amore" (ra-ta-ta-ta-ta!) came on. I started dancing around the house with my bowl to that beautiful melody, so nostalgic. I started to experience a build-up of joy within my spinal column, radiating out as feelings of love and joy like I've never experienced before. It was sheer joy. The joy that eminates from one who has done the inner work, removing dark and unwanted dynamics. The joy eminating from someone who has had one focus in life for years and years: to be an enlightened one. It was sheer Oneness with the creative force of the universe. The I Am. Thank you, Self.
  2. Interesting thought. In other words, is virtuous conduct alone all that's needed for enlightenment? This is only my take on it. I barely made it out of high school, so FWIW: If meritorious conduct is as a result of having a life well lived, and is a natural outflow of the entity's conditioning, then I believe that by the time that fine individual gets to the place of Full Realization, his conduct and his nature will have merged. So in a case like this, I think the answer would be yes. But if someone starts with a rotten core and forces meritorious conduct for the purpose of enlightenment, no. The ego of this entity will be too thick to penetrate, or it will fall in on itself of its own weight. The path to the Realization is inward. The enlightened one becomes as transparent as glass because they have dealt to the best of their ability with their inner dynamics that have caused unenlightened behavior. Through a glass darkly. It is not until they know who they really are that enlightenment dawns. Once that has happened, it then becomes a question of dealing with the ramifications from day to day the rest of your life. You know that everyone you see is really you. You will truly understand that.
  3. And this came out this morning: What Is Consciousness? The basic definition of consciousness intentionally leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It’s “the normal mental condition of the waking state of humans, characterized by the experience of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, awareness of the external world, and often in humans (but not necessarily in other animals) self-awareness,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology. Scientists simply don’t have one unified theory of what consciousness is. We also don’t know where it comes from, or what it’s made of. However, one loophole of this knowledge gap is that we can’t exhaustively say other organisms, and even inanimate objects, don’t have consciousness. Humans relate to animals and can imagine, say, dogs and cats have some amount of consciousness because we see their facial expressions and how they appear to make decisions. But just because we don’t “relate to” rocks, the ocean, or the night sky, that isn’t the same as proving those things don’t have consciousness. This is where a philosophical stance called panpsychism comes into play, writes All About Space’s David Crookes:
  4. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Excellent post IMO, AjayO. The practicing patience thing is invaluable. I've had some success in diminishing the ego that gets in my way. I had to do it to stay sober. The way I go about it, is that every time I feel upset about something, or angry at someone, etc - I realize that that's my ego that's been jostled. I've done this for so long now that it's automatic. I look for the thing inside me that it's rubbing up against. Fear of failure? Fear of another person? Fear of lack? It's always a fear, and oftentimes there is a memory that accompanies it. If the childhood memory can be seen and understood, then the awareness of that tendency will diminish the ego bit by bit. Awareness alone will do it, if you are ernest about diminishing ego. The reason ego needs to be diminished is because it colors all of our thoughts, our attitudes. To achieve the kind of clarity that most folks on this forum are seeking, this must first be dealt with. It's part of the necessary elimination process.
  5. The whole concept of form is amazing to me. Matter is the same regardless of what shape it's in - and without some sort of awareness as to its shape, how do all those molecules stay together? As The Intelligence is either all or it's nothing, it seems right to me that all matter has the capacity to keep its form because of an inherent intelligence that remembers. For a while, at least, and subject to physical influences. What if the idea of a table was the very thing that attracted all the actors to make it? What if there were a pretty little invisible table that tried real hard to manifest itself into existence, and finally did it because the idea attracted someone to make it? I mean, you could really turn this whole thing inside out...
  6. Great metaphor. An ice cube choosing to remain an ice cube. Didn't Guan Yin do this? Quite a push-pull between Newtonian physics and the organizing principle of Mind. If the ice cube remained in the cubic form by choice - assuming the ice cube has enough awareness to remain square - this sets up a physical/metaphysical conflict. The ice cube would think it was all over when he loses his shape. But nothing has changed! Just the shape. Ice Cubes 'R Us
  7. It is a Mason correlation. If you read Morals and Dogma (Pike), which enumerates all the qualities one needs for each degree (and the qualities one needs to lose), the 32nd degree is the last written chapter in the book. That's as far as words can take you. The 32nd degree is the last rung on the ladder before the I Am consciousness is realized. That's the 33rd.
  8. I think it's never easy to go through yourself to find the real thing. But that's how the real thing is found. More reading doesn't get it. If we start from where we are now, it's possible to ride in to yourself with everyday things. If traffic makes you impatient, take the time to realize why it makes you uncomfortable. If you get into an argument with someone, as soon as possible examine yourself and see what button he's pushing, something from your young life that still sways your behavior. And the behavior is usually more developed because it's taken hold for years - the trick is to find the button and turn the memory around. However you can, turn it around. Making apologies for bad behavior is just about the best thing you can do to lessen the ego. Trying to go back and fix tendencies will pay off. But the trick is in being honest with ourselves. Welcome those times that you find yourself in an argument, because this will provide a big clue as to which dynamic needs tweaking. Developing humility is something that happens naturally when you're able to own your mistakes, see them for what they are, see why you did it, etc. Making amends. It hurts, dammit. But it works every time. Once you've gotten to the place of self-realization by removal of all the contortions inside, the light shines. Being in awareness of who you really are is its own reward. You know that all time and space is yours.
  9. Hey Goodlookin, What u got Cookin?

    I'll bet your local carniceria could come up with one, given a few days...
  10. East is East and West is West

    Hi Yueya, I re-read my comment that you linked, and I don't see anything disparaging about it. I was wondering if Jung was an enlightened one. I don't see that as disparaging. and yes, I am familiar with Jung's input to Mr. Wilson and the development of AA. So sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way.
  11. East is East and West is West

    Just like the ending of Wizard of Oz.