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  1. Opening the Dragon Gate of the Antarctic

    Funny thing, though. I felt something like 'triumphant' after I got back home. I had been married for 35 years, as you know, in a co-dependent relationship in which we both recovered and ended up with a great life. I haven't lived alone in years. I never go on a trip alone, except meeting up with a Road Scholar group and doing small group travel. But this time I decided to just get on an airplane and go by myself and do something that was a stretch for me, but something that was on my bucket list. I feel like I reclaimed a big part of myself that had been missing for some years. Know what I mean? Yes, the lights appeared from a green glow on the horizon. It was beautiful, the snow was deep, I'm glad for the experience. I also went on a dog sled ride and through their ice museum, which was incredible. Great to be back in the desert, though. And - if anyone is ever tempted to buy those As Seen On TV socks that are supposed to be good to 32 below? Don't believe it.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Dangerously close to not-doing.
  3. Opening the Dragon Gate of the Antarctic

    OMG. I just got back from Fairbanks AK and had to sit in a yurt at 35 below for 4 hours to see the northern lights. I wish I had thought to turn it into a meditation and get through it that way. That's the coldest I've ever been in my life. I was pretty sure my toes were goners, but they came back to life in warm water. That's painful, thawing your feet in warm water. Wish you'd started this thread a week ago
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    That's 139% all cat. Can you get her weight down?
  5. I think this says it all for me too. thanks, ST
  6. I Am, You Are, We Are, They Are

  7. Describe your ideal life..

    Have you run this by your wife?
  8. Describe your ideal life..

    How about kittens and konstant konsciousness?
  9. Describe your ideal life..

    That's quite a question you've posed. The ideal life I might have imagined for myself 30 years ago isn't what I would want at all today. At that time I would have idealized a fancy new car, a huge house at the beach, etc. etc. Today, honestly, a nice quiet life is the greatest thing. It enables me to not aspire to things; that way, the heart is calm. The peace is there. that's all I was really looking for - even when I was looking in the wrong places. Actually, I think we're looking at this whole thing backwards. The question is, are my habits of thinking manifesting a satisfying life? If our life is in shambles, it's because our thinking is in shambles. We can see the resulting manifestation around us every day.
  10. Would a sage find babies cute?

    The only problem is, the rest of us weren't mimes in our past life. Really, that is a fabulous way to get kids to remember things. I had a science teacher in high school teach us the female reproductive parts of a flower by doing a little samba, including wagging finger, to the cadence of "stigma, style, and ova-reeeee!" Sounds like you are great with kids.
  11. Describe your ideal life..

    I agree. Human company can be exhausting. I usually go into a do-nothing mode as soon as I enter a crowded room. Otherwise the anxiety messes with me. And the anxiety stems from heavy imprinting as a youngster that I wasn't good enough. As much as I've tried to remedy this with the I Am consciousness, it sneaks in every chance it gets. The perfect life. I think I might have it. Nothing urgent to do, go to a movie any time I want, check in with the Bums, read my metaphysical books, work jigsaw and crossword puzzles, do my crazy art, and go on a trip to somewhere in the world I haven't been, about every 3 months. I take off for Fairbanks, AK the day after tomorrow; I've put in a requisition for the Northern Lights to appear while I'm there. Hopefully. Otherwise it's a long way to go to a -17 temperature just to stare at a black sky. I think they have dog sled rides too. I'm really looking forward to this! I've lived in some ideal places. The most ideal place is in our minds when we remember who we really are.
  12. Describe your ideal life..

    What I think is that our lives manifest better and better as we tame the beast between our ears.
  13. Would a sage find babies cute?

  14. Is she doing wei-wu-wei?

    The years have borne out that this is a woman to be taken very seriously. She appears to have an intelligence that transcends huge problems and is capable of seeing the dynamics. I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that she was a self-realized one. And I do believe her when she says she is praying for all different people, including those in the administration. I personally just trust her intent and her intelligence, regardless of which side of the aisle she were to sit on. And if she is truly praying for the president, this would go a long way to keeping herself in balance, not letting bitterness take up lodging in her soul. Yes, she is good at getting people to bend to her will. Seems like she's got the perfect job for this point in time. So, it wouldn't surprise me if it were a wu-wei dynamic (or another tradition as known by a different name). The wu-wei dynamic is common to all self-realized ones, regardless of what path they used to scale the heights. I don't know, at all. It's just what I See.
  15. Would a sage find babies cute?

    Nungers - what strikes me is that picture juxtaposed with your signature line, about the serpent coming forth from the earth.....