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  1. This is absolutely fantastic. If I get another life I would like to do this.
  2. What We Think We Know

    I'll bet there was a good dose of wei wu wei in there too.
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Hardest thing in the world to dust. submerge in water, no problem
  4. A Heart Blown Open

    A group trip? I'm in. When you mention that about LSD, it reminds me that Bill Wilson (founder of AA) started experimenting with it in his 24th year of sobriety from alcohol, along with his friends Aldous Huxley and Gerald Heard. Wilson was convinced that LSD would help 'open the heart' of people wanting to get sober but unable to relate to the second step (Came to believe that a power greater than himself could restore him to sanity). He participated in LSD trials going on at a veteran's hospital as well.
  5. What We Think We Know

    He seemed to be a product of his own unique path, and it doesn't surprise me that you say that. I used to live up in Ojai, CA - where the Krotona Theosophical Library is. Beautiful green grounds under huge oak trees. I was too young at the time, but Krishnamurti would give Sunday talks under the oaks and many people would show up. I've gotten a lot from him through his books. He doesn't seem to be straight Theosophist (didn't he have a difference with them at some point?) and there seems to be Yogi philosophy and Buddhism in there all at the same time. Highly unusual guy. But how in the world would I know? I read a Rajneesh book back in the 70's and thought he was great too.
  6. What We Think We Know

    Another wonderful thing he said when someone asked him how he stayed in consciousness - he replied that 'he didn't mind anything that happened.' That's serious acceptance of what is.
  7. Haiku Chain

    wash that apple, son... give it to the shoemaker he's got a good sole
  8. Haiku Chain

    (still thinking. will return when solved)
  9. Haiku Chain

    \ of impermanence he mumbled after I asked what he was thinking
  10. What We Think We Know

    I think this is crucial. It's about love and kindness. Nothing feels better than being kind to someone who is being unkind to you. It just feels....right. That's the essence of unconditional love - loving someone for what they are, not what we think they should be. This is a wonderful daily discipline to keep in mind. So much out there to transcend.
  11. Haiku Chain

    I need to let go! this merry-go-round is sick; there is no brass ring
  12. Haiku Chain

    birthing a turncoat.. Mrs. Arnold succeeded after several tries
  13. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I believe this too. I don't see that as poor at all.
  14. Haiku Chain

    weaving a mind-tale is certainly much better than watching the news