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  1. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    I'm not sure that Mr. Rogers would have said the soapbox thing. But I do think that he would have been honest if he saw a derailment of the threads, and would say it directly to the persons involved. This was just done here by Ilumairen, rather than just going to management. Maybe he would have done it with a little humor. I also think the very kindest way would have been to do it in a PM. But whatever scenario, Honesty is the jewel.
  2. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    LOL, Jim. I was just being a wise-acre. In your earlier post you called them focal chords. And I certainly understand the callous on the finger thing. I used to strum and sing in a lounge. But I won't touch the things now, for the reason you mentioned. No callouses. I agree, it's too much work for a 72 year old with a girlish body. But I can still jam on a keyboard.
  3. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Admittedly, he did possess a modicum of creepiness. But I think you'd really enjoy the movie. Much more to him than meets the eye, apparently.
  4. Yes, bless Jim's heart for bringing Anand along. Jim also had a cute little troll-like quality at times, and he clearly passed it on to his protege.
  5. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Have you tried exercising the vocal chords?
  6. Yes, Anand. Fairly good closure.
  7. Dog pee

    Okay. As I see it, the first third would have been the most fermented but not involving contaminants because this would be the urine that had been hanging around the longest. Kind of like the potatoes at the bottom of the barrel. I obviously have too much time on my hands. Want to dance?
  8. I am so glad you mentioned this! I wrote a eulogy and expression of a goodbye from TDB's and I submitted it to management. I told them that it was just something for them to change, as sometimes it's easier to start if there's a bit of a foundation. I never heard anything more (and I think it was at a period of time when I wasn't signing in much) and just assumed they modified it to their liking and called it in to Jim's friend, who was coordinating all this. But I got a call from Jim's friend (can't remember his name) after the funeral, and he wondered why it was that the Dao Bums hadn't written anything up? He had been waiting to get it - I wish he'd called me earlier. I told him that I was so sorry about the mix-up and I felt terrible about this, and have since the funeral. I am so relieved that Jim specifically said that he didn't want anything written up, as I didn't know that before. I didn't call the guy back to clarify that, nor did I mention this to anybody at TDB's. For what purpose, I thought? So this bit of knowledge now puts me out of my misery, so to speak Thank you, dear Dawei!
  9. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Lin Yutang (DDJ translator and writer of Ancient Oriental Wisdom) talks about crossing the legs (like lotus, but without the odd foot thing) and then laying back onto the bed being the most wondrous thing in the world. It takes a few seconds for the legs to relax, but sooner or later the knees will hit the bed too, if you're at all flexible. I tried it, and I've been doing this every morning for 20 years. It's very invigorating, and it may be slightly painful at first until the muscles stretch. (And I guess there's really no reason to not do the odd foot thing.....)
  10. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    That would be tap, wouldn't it?
  11. Dog pee

    I would think the first third would be the most fermented. I wonder why he shied away from it?
  12. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    I know. The looming often gets misinterpreted because of the baton. But I still do it,. Actually, more correctly, it's 'hovering'. The fairy godmother hovers. She doesn't loom. You noticed the star baton. I'm surprised you didn't notice the cleavage. Spoken as one who has been hit on the head by the business end.
  13. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Does it involve downcast eyes, somehow? I have an Italian friend who uses downcast eyes (at the appropriate time, as when initially meeting someone). She appears shy, which is anything but the truth. But it does sink the hook into a male...
  14. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    And the sun that kept disappearing each night. How scary it must have been. And the different paths in the sky that it would take during the seasons. And I forgot that Dorothy scolded him. Seems a bit anti-climactic.