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  1. That could be said of any structured path at all
  2. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Is that spelled Y-A-H-W-E-H?
  3. "When the student is ready, the master appears"

    It's everywhere. It's in the things you want, it's in the things you don't want. It's in our ego, which will bring itself down. It's in the mysterious smile of a stranger that you may lust after. We're always seeking it, even when we don't know it. It's in the lows in life, it's in the highs of life. The lows of life have given me the most. The lows have reduced my ego to a pulp, and when my ego gets up again, it is reduced to a pulp once more. It dwells in arrogance, it dwells in humility. It lives in spiritual arrogance. It certainly dwells in addiction. And when we don't learn, we manifest the same lesson over and over again until the mask is finally pulled off the problem and it's seen for what it really is. Until then, we have to repeatedly duplicate the lesson until we finally get it. It's in the empty nature of money and financial security. It's lessons are in nature, man is patterned after nature. It's in longstanding character defects that continue to work against us. It's in selfishness, it's in unselfishness. It lives in fear, it lives in courage. But most of all, it lives in loving your brother as yourself. Ah, yes. Light on the Path, by Mabel Collins. It doesn't get any more profound than that. A lesson in opposites, extremes, enigmas, and dichotomies. And the central theme of Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism.
  4. I suppose it's getting close when it's called the I Am consciousness. Still doesn't mean we can describe it, but rather it's something we turn into. I think the closest we can come to describing it is to live it. It is the light on the path.
  5. If nobody saw us stumble, I don't think we stumbled at all....
  6. Yes, but could he catch his underwear on the first try?
  7. Bums I am missing

    Missing @Brian! He hasn't posted in a year. His sense of humor is greatly missed!
  8. Too dual. We all need to be there.
  9. I want to go and wear a beret and draw nekkid people on the left bank.
  10. For some reason this reminds me of quantum physics. I know only as much as The Tao of Physics taught me. Speaking of the lack of restriction, this reminds me that the 'wave' phenomenon of the 'particle or wave' dichotemy - the wave isn't a wave of energy, as one might think. It's a wave of probability. This would explain the unrestrictive nature of self-awareness - the vast sensation one feels in the belly or the heart when it's in a place of consciousness and balance. It feels absolutely unrestrained, unbounded by anything. It's the thing that doesn't age or doesn't move. It doesn't care where in the world you are, it is always Home, here now. It is more Home than anything else I've ever felt. I have no qualms about traveling anymore. I just went to Iceland and now I want to go to Paris. But it doesn't care where I am; it is so very reliable. Yes, Mark, I think that says it perfectly, "the lack of restriction on the location of self-awareness". It rings a big brass gong for me
  11. simplify

  12. I don't think householders are precluded from this state of being. You don't have to physically move to a cave to be beyond the cares of the world. It's a state of beingness that includes all things right here, right now. It's the non-dual way of seeing things that we've been going on about for 80 pages. One possible door for entry is to think about money. What is money? What does it represent? It's nothing more than stuck energy. Takes energy to make it, takes energy to spend it - but while it's there in your wallet, it's stuck. It seems to be so counterintuitive, to look at money this way. I realize we need it for existence. But when it's treated more like the fluid thing that it is, it comes and goes with a flow that is undeniable, once initiated. It takes a leap of faith to be generous when we are needy and lack much money - but this is the very time to get it cycling. When you're bux up is also a good time to get it cycling. It's a method that works for me, just one way to get out of the grasp of the physical appearances. Another way is to look for your part in every single thing that happens to you, not shifting blame for anything, asking yourself why you manifested this condition? What is your exact part in this? This takes some ego diminishment, which is a good thing, if we are totally honest with ourselves. The less the ego interferes with our daily activities, the more we can live in a monastery of our own making, right where we stand.
  13. Speaking on a layman's level, one who doesn't know about jnana, vijnana, citta, or manas, it appears to me that these are the product of the same thing. Removal of excessive ego. This very activity seems to produce the very thing that you are talking about. Mind-substance as Apech describes would be the active part of the mind that manifests ideas and form? The medium in which thoughts appear sounds right, and it wouldn't be the same thing as self, although perhaps connected. 'Self', as I see it, is a result of our conditioning, our make-up, our emotions, our memories, our dreams. But it dwells in the place where ego is dominant. The more that the egoic self is disregarded, the finer and more subtle mind becomes. As I see the Buddha mind, it is that mind that has discarded ego, and as such has infinite range of sight, and an infinite range of motion. There is no structure impeding the understanding, it is merely the choice of the subject to revert to the openness and 'let it happen', much like the moon door in Game of Thrones. It actually feels like that, an willful opening of an aperture that allows Seeing. All things are possible because ego doesn't impede the beingness. One doesn't get angry or sad, because there is no clinging to memory or conditioning. It is available at the drop of a hat. One can stay there all the time, if the mindfulness is acquired, the mental discipline needed to do so. There is distraction. There is always distraction. But there is also a pulling back from distraction, a skill at which one gets better and better the more it's practiced. The choice is there to be entrenched in the feelings and reaction because of conditioning, or to step out of feelings because the big picture is focused upon instead. If someone doesn't take the steps to diminish ego and conditioning, it will forever be a push/pull of emotions, no choice but to be tossed around like a stick in the ocean.