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  1. When there are no more reactions because the blockages have been removed, this is a good way to judge our own progress. If we're constantly angry, there is much inner work that needs to be done.
  2. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Time is planetary rotation. Memory notices.
  3. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Someone mentioned earlier that enlightenment can't be defined. I agree. It is like a taste that can't be described, it must be eaten. There has been much cogitation on this thread around the subject of enlightenment. The kind of knowledge used on this thread has pretty much all been head knowledge, which isn't enlightenment. That's 'knowing about stuff'. Enlightenment is What You Become. It no longer is a head trip, and it matters not whether you still have remnants of religions inside you. It is obtained by soul searching and getting those things out of the way that have been imprinted since childhood. You walk around with the 'good of all' being on your mind more than it ever way, because you realize that each and every person you see is 'god', is You! And it seems to deepen and deepen, as your connection with the Whole deepens to the point that your whole being becomes infused with it, more day by day. The post-Enlightenment life is a practiced in merging this Whole Love into your life, regardless of whether you're a social worker or a sewer worker. I'd love to hear @Dwai or @SilentThunder describe their post-E life, and how it has changed. Or anyone else with a post-E life. It seems to be that how you wear this thing is a learning process day by day. But it's no longer a book-learning thing. It's more of a 'how to love life' proposition. The odd thing is to walk around with this secret, this magnificent secret, that very few in the world know. Men have been put into rubber rooms for less.
  4. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Thanks you so much, Gerard! I have finally realized that the 'buddhalands' spoken of in the Amakansaka and Lotus Sutras are none other than the individual universes.
  5. Why am I not Enlightened?

    It's also a function of rotation!
  6. Why am I not Enlightened?

    The satisfaction is found in the knowing of who you truly are, and the more continuously you can stay in that consciousness, the more satisfaction everything will bring to you. It is life loving life, that's all.
  7. Why am I not Enlightened?

    I don't think it means this. Any more than we can recall the past with 100% accuracy. If you're speaking of predicting the future, there is no future. It is now. We're watching it unfold now. This is what enlightenment offers. You become infused with a greater essence; it seems that it is infused from elsewhere, but it isn't. It's infused from the god-mind inside you. We become the god-mind, there is the enlightenment. There is no need to refer to websites any longer, your information is directly from the source. The god-mind only needs to be open to the answers to receive them. It does appear that time, our lives, are stretched out like a Slinky. In reality, time and space are the very same thing, and time and space is how our god-mind expresses itself. It's not really stretched out. Both metaphysical reading (metaphysics = the true dynamics that are shared by all viable religions) and having a light understanding of quantum physics, together, will explain the disparity between what appears to be true (slinky time and distant space), and the real Original Intent., The metaphysics are not found within a religious structure.) We ARE time and space.
  8. Why am I not Enlightened?

    There's another way to look at it too. Non-action toward oncoming dynamics is the operative method, but also looking at it through the lens of time is helpful to me. Science has discovered that time is not really linear. It's really all here and now, only our limited brain band width is set up to experience everything sequentially, day after day. If time is not really linear, this means that everything has already happened, but we are experiencing it in sequence. For some reason, knowing that it's already happened, whatever it is, is pretty comforting. It seems to replace anxiety about things in the future. An inevitability of sorts. Does anyone here ever wonder if 'god' and DNA are the very same thing?
  9. Why am I not Enlightened?

    As I see it, enlightenment only occurs after ego has been tamed. All inner blockages and twists must be straightened out before clarity is found. Ego stands in the way of clarity. We'll always have it, but to tame it is the mission of a lifetime. For those of us who have been on the path for a very long time, I think the human mind is capable of (and destined to) become the god-mind. The Intelligence dwells within our DNA and the DNA of all beings, human, vegetable, whatever. We are born into this world into a path of conditioning. It is only from removing the conditioning that the True can be found. You will know it when you get there, there is nowhere else to go. When I would ask myself, 'Why aren't I enlightened?', ego was asking the question. At some point in my life, not to awfully long ago, the question was no longer there. We kind of ease into it slowly. And then, one day.... It's like when the Palestinian said 'Seek and ye shall find'. I do believe he knew what he was talking about. All I know, in my case, is that I had a potent Christian experience when I was about 12, and the love of 'whatever' has been in my heart since. That experience was the catalyst for the seeking through many different ways of getting to the light. It finally, finally happened. But it didn't happen through the brain alone. The brain will only get you halfway there, the readings, the masters, the rinpoches. I was fortunate enough to have been an alcoholic in my younger years, and the 12 steps of recovery were my ego-smashers. In Freemasonry, ascension through the 31 degrees to hopefully achieve the 32nd is the way it's done. Hiram Abiff awaits you at the 32nd, and your ego is now a matter of choice for you. Transcend or engage, it's up to you.
  10. What an incredible ride this has been. I'm getting up there in years, 77 next month. I've participated in this discussion group for 16 years, since 2008. I've observed a few things, in my time with this wonderful community. Regardless of which side of the planet we're born on, and what our 'local' religion tells us to believe, all of mankind seems to be given a thing inside of them that wants to move upward. Some humans rebel against it because that's their nature and their conditioning. But the demi urge is there, whether Christian, Daoist, Buddhist, all of us. I know, from this, that we are all the same entity. I know this because sadness in me creates a physical response; it makes my eyes cry. Sadness in you creates a physical response. It makes your eyes cry. The warm presence I feel inside, the warm void that is always there (and always okay!) is the same warm void that you feel inside of you. The more we are able to calm the mind, the less of a mess our lives are. Structures are a fabulous pathway, religious structures. It gets us so far. But only so far. The distance between the monk's fingertip and the moon, we're all on our own. It is experiential and can't be transmitted with words. (It actually can be transmitted with words, but it takes the experiential aspect to realize that it's not actually as crazy as it originally sounded) I believe the mistake many make is to believe that their structure is the best and the truest, and decide to become an expert in the ways of the structure, perhaps even make a living at being a structure expert. For a time, this is great for everybody (unless the master has lost his 'beginner's mind' and he's really enjoying the role of master). However, any given student is not able to get further than the master's capability until the student leaves the master and realizes that there is a huge process of self-realization ahead of him. The noble truth sought by the student is not found outside of himself, or within the structure of any religion, or even the words of his master. It's hidden in the last place we would ever think to look. Inside ourselves. If the student can find it there, he has surpassed the master. The only process that seems to cut through to the clarity is self-examination, as in 'the unexamined life is not worth living' (someone famous said it, I think) To see ourselves totally non - judgmentally, but with the eyes of one who is looking for dynamics. Early dynamics at their beginning, in childhood, which creates a particular reaction today. These things get in the way of clarity. So if clarity is sought after, the hatreds, grudges, and all the other reactions that get in the way have to be removed. There are ways.
  11. The Idiots Way

    It seems to me that the mind the rinpoche is describing is the meditative mind free of mental dialogue. This is why meditation is such a crucial component of enlightened thought
  12. The Idiots Way

    Nice thread. I think the most accurate detector of our own clarity is by monitoring our own reactions to things. If we are quick to anger, always having to push anger down, if we are judgmental of anyone or any group of people, the list goes on and on.....the more reactions we have to our surroundings (reactions which are based on our young conditionings) the less clarity we have. The purity and evenness spoken of above is the state in which all things are received without judgment (optimally!) and dealt with, again without the interference of our own prejudices and wrong or cynical thinking.
  13. The Idiots Way

    Wonderful paragraph. As I see it, this is the very foundation of the approach to an enlightened state. It's not talked about nearly enough. Folks love to go onto different pathways, as it says in the DDJ, but the middle way is the one that goes down through the karmic traces, through the conditioning, through everything that gives us a separate personality. We go down inside ourselves, out of necessity to remove inner blemishes that will contort the lens of our own observations. Enlightenment is the state where the inner contortions are gone and all is clarified. It's not a far-reaching knowledge that has been learned from masters and books and the experience of the great ones. It's the inner awareness that we develop; cultivating an uncomplicated awareness is the absolute predecessor. Why am I like this? Why does this make me so mad? How come I always go for the same men? Why am I so lacking of confidence? There are a million questions we ask of ourselves to get down to the real reasons for our behavior today. It's to try and remove every piece of conditioning within yourself that causes you to make judgments, and why the need for making judgments at all. So many facets to look at. And life does it for us. As Castaneda called it, it was 'tracking yourself', which was to walk in impeccability, in awareness, always keeping the Great Warrior with you. From this point on, we can start tracking our behavior, correcting it as we go along. Just partner up with life...
  14. The Idiots Way

    Time isn't linear. It's already happened
  15. Following the inner voice of conscience. This is something that doesn't get talked about enough here, and yet it is the most important component, IMO, of attaining enlightenment. It isn't attained with the mind, it's attained by removal of traits and reflexes that get in the way of clarity. Beautifully said by the Rajini