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  1. Nope. Can't think of any. But I do remember that Castaneda had to sew the eyes shut on a lizard, as a rite of passage.
  2. Any chance it's the U.S president? After all, the creature is motivated by a cheeseburger.
  3. This is the most marvelous post I've ever read on this forum. What makes this even better for me is the book I'm currently reading. The Day After Roswell, as recommended by my Bujinkan ninja buddie. Nungali - I'm so damn old I actually remember that episode when it first came out.
  4. So I'm not sure I'm reading this right. Is the alien dangling the desire for enlightenment in front of a holy person with a third eye? And why would the holy person dangle a dollar bill in front of the bearded man with the beanie? Does that mean the robed holy person is a charlatan? He looks greedy. And is there any chance the cart being towed with the bearded man possibly be a metaphor for Israel? Being towed by America? Actually, it gets pretty accurate here - the American looks gluttonous, ambitioned by a mere cheeseburger and riding a geezer scooter..
  5. That's the beauty of this place. I'll bet if you asked anyone who's been on this forum for years if they've grown because of the Bums. I would bet every single one of them would say 'yes'. It seems to be part of the process - we're all here because we want to achieve maximum growth on our paths, and finding like-minded individuals to talk to in everyday life can be a challenge. We talk to each other here, soul to soul - and every single one of us has had run-ins with others on the forum. But using the discomfort to actually grow and try to lessen the ego is what it's all about, IMO. We just keep getting better the more our ego is diminished. And we diminish it through each other. What an incredible forum this is, and how lucky we are to have found it. We all want to be enlightened Buddhas, at least metaphorically. We wouldn't be here if that weren't the case. But what separates this forum from some others is the amount of love and affection we have grown to have for each other, even if we've never physically met. We know each other in a very deep way. Your mind, your openness, and your knowledge are wonderful, 2ndChance. It is apparent that you are going to be a very strong presence on this forum, and you'll just be getting better and better as time goes on. We all seem to develop a different type of humility because of our interactions with each other - the buttons of ego within us seem to get filed down, and some would say that the most precious of mindsets is the one where we really 'know nothing' and keep our minds in a state of childlike openness, without opinion, without judgment. Please know that you are loved here, and a great addition.
  6. Qualities of the Taoist (Ch 16, DDJ, Yutang) "When the highest type of men hear the Tao (truth) They practice it diligently. When the mediocre type hear the Tao, They seem to be aware and yet unaware of it. When the lowest type hear the Tao, They break into loud laughter, If it were not laughed at, it would not be Tao. Therefore there is the established saying: "Who understands Tao seems dull of comprehension; Who is advanced in Tao seems to slip backwards; Who moves on the even Tao (Path) seems to go up and down". Superior virtue appears like a hollow (valley); Sheer white appears like tarnished; Great character appears like insufficient; Solid character appears like infirm; Pure worth appear like contaminated. Great space has no corner; Great talent takes long to mature; Great music is faintly heard; Great Form has no contour; And Tao is hidden without a name. It is this Tao that is adept at lending (its power) and bringing fulfilment.
  7. The definition of metaphysics, as defined in Wikipedia or Websters, is pretty much how I see metaphysics - the study of the essence of things, of the nature of matter, the unseen forces of nature that cause phenomena as we see it. As our physical sensory abilities are limited, I've wondered if there may not be other beings on this same plane who possess a different set of sensory organs - hearing in a different frequency, seeing in a different perception of light. For example, bats flying at night 'see' in a neon green (or at least that was the conclusion of scientists who studied the vision of bats). If true, bats inhabit a totally different world than we do, in their estimation. Metaphysics is an awfully broad umbrella. I have a lady friend in Pennsylvania who throws Metaphysical Fairs every few months. Vendors will show up and sell their crystals and their oils, palms will be read, reiki will be done. Magic rocks with their healing properties will be sold. This form of metaphysics, in my opinion, is not true metaphysics, at least not as I see it. I agree with the OP that there is great benefit of studying all forms of religion and philosophy - and what I've found, in my experience, is that they all end up going to the same place. The same 'metaphysical' place, which turns out to be the nature of matter, realizing that what we see as matter may be nothing more than 'thought'. This, to me, is the higher form of metaphysics. I don't know about gnomes and faeries and such things. I'd be real interested to hear of any interactions you've had with them, 2nd Chance. I've been at this for about 40 years and never run into one of the little fellows. But my left brain often gets in my way because it is highly conditioned (legal work and law enforcement), so I'm not blessed with a terribly imaginative brain. Like....I can't 'visualize' anything at all.
  8. Is it a particle or is it a wave of probability? Oops. It's both.
  9. I'm having a little trouble understanding the basis for your post. It feels like something that is trying to emerge from the mist. I can almost make out the shape, but not quite yet. I feel you're on to something probably very profound, but it might be at that special 'place' where words can't describe it. I too think about stuff like this all the time. So much of us is filled with space, not matter. And what makes this any realer than a dream which is also projected onto our basic consciousness? I just don't know if there's an answer that we have access to. We are nothing but our conditioning - until we get to the place where we realize that, and at that point we can start thinking and behaving in alternate ways. When I walk the dogs, I have gotten into the habit of trying not to label anything - to realize that the air we breathe is also a type of matter, only not visible to us. I try to look at everything as all connected with no differentiation. Once, about 35 years ago, I was driving across the desert - which is a bit of a mind deadening thing to do anyways. Almost hypnotizing. But suddenly I saw all these concentric lines attaching everything to everything else - surrounding the trees, the houses, the clouds, the people, the cars - everything. It was all the same thing, acting in concert. And for an instant, I was given a glimpse of how it all worked. I remember saying to myself "Aah! So that's how it works!" I truly saw it. And then, the next moment, it was all forgotten. It slipped away - it's still in there somewhere, and I suspect that I get access to it only when needed.
  10. LOL. I thought everybody had it. Maybe they do and can't hear it. But I was at my brothers last week and I was talking to him and his wife. I said 'you know that emphatic little voice that tells you something off-the-wall, like 'Go give that homeless guy $20?' My brother and sister in law just shook their heads, said 'No', and were rolling their eyes for the rest of the evening. You'd think that by this age I would have learned to keep my mouth shut...
  11. And then there's the Voice. Not an actual voice, but an off-the-wall thought that tells you to do something totally unexpected, but it comes in real strong. Like a real strong intuitive instruction. Disregard that one at your own peril. It always seems to make an appearance when one gets oneself out of the way.
  12. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    ZenPig, you said that this morning you had a discussion with a real person. I'm assuming he fancied himself a teacher of sorts because he had a type of awakening? What got you to thinking about this?
  13. I prefer going to a party with a bit of cannabis rather than going to a party where people are putting water in their ears. Am I missing something?
  14. Just seeking my path

    Some would say you always have existed and always will.
  15. Not sure words can describe Awareness, but I look at it as being aware that we're the ones who are the blackboards on which we write our lives in chalk. I think from a certain perspective, it's the witness state; both witnessing our physical selves from a higher perch, and realizing that we're an essential part of the one life. And I just noticed last night that cannabis brings on an instant witness state, lol. It's like you separate in two without trying. (It was some really good shit...)