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  1. LOL. Then, surely the ultimate truth is Nothing.
  2. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    and I'll bet that's the very last time you put a personal question out to the Bums. So many ideas from so many wiseacres, myself included.
  3. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Have you read the Dao de Jing? Lao Tzu uses the same wisdom as Sun Tzu in the Art of War, but it translates better to everyday life. The work is a short one, but deep with wisdom. There are many different translations; all wonderful, but contingent on the spiritual development of the translator. If you've not read or studied it, I would recommend Stephen Mitchell's translation for a first reading. This (or any translation, really) will show you the mind of the Sage, which is a good template to keep in mind as we go throughout the day. The Dao Bums is full of people who have followed different paths, but found ourselves in a place where all paths seem to meet. And the Dao de Jing is the commonality between many of us. What an incredible work. Let the thaw begin. It's most likely a huge blockage for you.
  4. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Figure out what first kicked off the initial fear, long ago. This fear is a duplication.
  5. Are you a Shaman

    The older I get, the more I think that the best *help* is to just be a torch bearer. If our services are required, it always comes to us anyway. Why look for trouble?
  6. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    No doubt that's where it started. And the thing to remember when going back through childhood is that your dad was brought up exactly the same way by his father, and his father the same way. It's the gift that just keeps on giving. Once we make the shift from blame to understanding, this removes a big road block. Do give some thought to the relationships you've had in your life and see if they didn't all end pretty much the same way. When I was real young, maybe 8, I remember walking home from school and suddenly stopping on the sidewalk. An awareness hit me (incorrect awareness, by the way). I couldn't believe that I was that 'bad'. I had been walloped the night before. But those beatings did confirm to me over and over that I was somehow 'bad' in some way. And the boys I was always attracted to were Bad Boys. That's all I thought I deserved. This is how I would set up the inevitable, each and every time.
  7. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    This sounds like a very good start and could be very effective. Try to find the situation(s) in your very young life that first caused the walking on eggs situation. Did you have to walk on eggs around your dad, mom, anyone in the home?
  8. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Another thing. If we're in a relationship where we find ourselves having to walk on eggs periodically around the other person, this very feeling is the same one that keeps wanting to repeat itself. It's a familiar feeling, it's 'Home' in a default sense. That's the very dynamic that needs to be addressed; this is done by several means. Forgiveness of the person who inflicted pain on you as a child is one way, and usually is the most potent. It's like untangling a chain of gold jewelry, but it needs to be done to effect the change.
  9. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Escott, if you want some help with this, please PM me. It's simple but not easy.
  10. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Hi Yonkon, so sorry to hear about your struggles. I tend to think in metaphysical terms, and in actuality we 'manifest' everything going on around us. The Intelligence lives within us and in all of life, taking shape as it sees fit. If you're anything like me, and it sounds like you are, you have a tendency to manifest unhealthy relationships around you. You will continue to do so ad infinitum, unless you change your own inner dynamics. There is a reason that you are repeating a particular feeling inside you with each relationship; a feeling that you experienced as a small child. It's up to you to find that memory and use it to heal yourself. All of us humans do this; we all suffer from negative imprints when we were kids, some worse than others. But the feeling is the thing that gets habitually cycled and duplicated. As in one bad co-dependant relationship after another. As someone said above, it's a habit that has been replaying inside you for a long time. At the very bottom of all this is the need to live in a relationship where we are a victim of some sort. We choose people who are unlikely to heal because they're addicted to their own re-creation of a negative childhood memory. It's so symbiotic. It's like the right bolt finds the right nut. They actually don't really want to get better, and we actually don't want them to get better. At a subconscious level, of course. That's where the powerful stuff lurks. And we're called the Enablers. We enable them to stay sick because our attention is always focused on them, their every need is met, we tell white lies for them, and god knows the hours we spend encouraging them, yada yada. You what what I mean. I know you do. Please feel free to PM me if you want more specific information. I had to go through years of changing my reactions to an alcoholic husband, and I was able to do it through the Alanon program. It sounds like you are accustomed to introspection so the concept should be very easy for you to grasp. I'd be glad to help if you want to try and sort this out for yourself.
  11. The thing that is always remarkable to me is how one begins on a conscious path to awareness, and at first it seems that there is so much to learn, to read. And then one realizes that wisdom is not found by adding to one's mental storehouse, rather it's subtracting those things from ourselves which get in the way of clarity - our conditioning. Which leads us to the realization that our prior mental structure was just that....a mental construct. How very simple it all turns out to be. Too simple to make any sense at all. Seems like it took so much 'work' to get to this point, and yet it lays out in front of us so easily....merely put one foot in front of the other and live life. But with a different perspective; one where we don't buy into the drama because we understand the 'unreality' of it; and yet it is the very stage upon which we play our part. What a strange setup this all is. The Catch-22 of life.
  12. Just as the Dao that can be spoken is not the true Dao.
  13. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    I think it might be an error to label anything as good or bad. Where all paths meet is in the is-ness of the Now. We may all be the very same being, seemingly separate skin bags. And I'm in the camp that the reason our perception of things is seemingly coming at a more rapid pace, is because of our communications systems being instantaneous now. And acts of kindness don't make the news. Sometimes it is helpful to view an entire series of events by taking Time out of the equation. As per the Hadron collider, atoms split not only in the present, but into the past too. probably in the future as well, with no means to measure it yet. The Intelligence, the Dao, is an impersonal entity that dwells in the Now. It has no preference for beggars or kings. It doesn't care whether someone dies as an old person or an infant. We are merely ceremonial straw dogs, as per the DDJ. My favorite alter-ego mindset when looking at this ridiculous parade of events that never stops, is that of being an old cowboy sitting on the fence and flicking a filterless butt into the road. But he's just watching the parade, not bothering anybody. And he doesn't much care where that parade is going, it's just so damn much fun to watch. I think The Intelligence is taking this life, this world, this thing out for a spin. So we're the sensory appendages through which this force gets to experience the degree to which it has evolved, whether seemingly good or seemingly bad. It Is. I Am. You are. We Are. And it's probably glad that it no longer has to experience only through a rock or a tree.
  14. What temple of memory? So glad you're here, CT!
  15. Family Narcissism and Emotional Wounds

    That was actually kind of beautiful, Mr. E. Thing. It's a funny thing about awareness. You know it's there, just sitting there for the asking. But you haven't really put the thoughts in a linear fashion to truly describe your concept. And then comes 'the teacher' and he puts that particular combination of words together in just the right way to draw out the essence of what you already know to be true. Thank you, Mr. E. Thing. Today you are my teacher.