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  1. Yes, I've had the first meeting. I took the initiative and got everyone's phone number (only 4 of us in the meeting), and I've been keeping in touch every other day. One man in particular was really crying hard during the first session. I called him yesterday and he cried on the phone, but when he hung up he was laughing about something we were talking about. It seems to help me the most to be of help to them. I think this will be a very worthwhile part of the recovery. Thanks, cold.
  2. I really like the morning meditation, Lerner. The small choices are at the crux of everything, it seems. There are so many things I can do differently to start a new life for myself, and to this point the depression has kept me from doing them. Hearing her talk about that was a real good reminder for me; there are many small choices I can make which will cause me to isolate less.
  3. I'm guessing even some form of so-called devil worship, if followed all the way, could lead to self-realization.
  4. Sagebrush, if you made that comment about the psychological drama knowing that I just lost my husband of 35 years, you should be banned from the forum. If you made it because you are drunk or high, don't post unless you're sober.
  5. No way it's a kestrel. These little guys are in a loose flock, on the ground, and aren't solo hunters.
  6. A plethora of good is in your nature, you silly thing.
  7. Humility. I just did the beautiful evening meditation. It dovetailed so nicely with my recovery program from alcohol, as it talked of releasing resentments and fears, which is something that I try to do nightly anyway. But as a meditation with the lovely music and gentle sounds of the waves, it was twice as relaxing. I realized from listening to this meditation that the only resentment I am carrying around is a political one, and how silly is that? That is something that I am totally powerless over, so why worry? I need to cut that loose and try to look at it more as entertainment...
  8. I'm guessing a Palm Warbler and it migrates to Florida in the winter. I've been looking online, and they do walk and hop on the ground foraging for insects. I noticed this morning that they do pump their tails; they aren't in breeding plumage, as they are rather drab, but do have a little gold under the tail. The only thing that bothers me is that I don't think they're a 5" bird, they look to me to be about an inch smaller, but I could easily be wrong. The behavior is the most identifying trait, as I see it. Although the warbler generally has a nice song, these little guys chip back and forth - and one of the identification sites refers to that as their 'alarm chip' which would make sense because I'm always walking the dogs when I see them. I wouldn't go with wren, although really similar, because they don't have the cocked position of the tail. Edit: I just bounced around the wrens. This is really a close call. But the wrens, even the ground foragers, don't seem to have the 'chip' back and forth as the warbler does. Also, no eyestripe that I can see (although I'm not wearing my glasses when I walk, so I suppose there could be a feint one.)
  9. Yes, this was my growing-up music. I always wondered what they were smoking when they recorded this. The Regents originally recorded this in the early 60's - much tighter, and nobody was tripping over their tongues.
  10. LOL. I was pretty astounded when I heard your Minion song. My name is actually Barbara Ann.
  11. Definitely not a finch - too small, and doesn't have the thick bill. This is maybe a 3 1/2" bird. They're easy to miss. When I first noticed them, I thought the breeze was kicking up a few leaves around me. Upon second glance, they were little birdies. When you're walking, they flit ahead of you by a few yards - almost like you're herding them. Funny little guys. And yes, ants was my thought too - ants and small insects on the ground.
  12. Excellent post IMO, dwai. How wonderful it is that all traditions seem to cross paths with this very metaphysical thought. Eckhardt Tolle would call it the Big Me and the Little Me. I am currently reading the Siva Sutras and it refers to Shiva as that which Knows but cannot be Known. Some would call it the Essence, and it all comes back to us. Us as the perceiver, us as the creator, the universe being a manifestation of us. It's as though there are two 'I Am's'. The I Am which contains our conditioning and who has a name like Barbara or Steve or Bob, which contains our life memories. And then there is the I Am which is our manifesting essence, the thing we all share because we are it. Maybe, more accurately, it is the 'We Are'. We seem to be the universe wanting to experience itself.
  13. LimA - I have a thread going in a different section regarding all of this. 'Grief: Mourning the loss of a spouse'. Yes, I do believe my intent is to get through the grief and remember him fondly with love. That is the goal. Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate them.
  14. I'll bet your psychic self is picking up on me holding a little Native American rag doll to my heart every night when I go to bed. It makes me cry for a few minutes because he used to have it on his bed. I clutch it to me when I sleep. Odd creatures, us humanoids.
  15. Marbles? I don't have my bird book with me. Who are the tiny little brown peeps here in Florida that flit from place to place on the ground in a small, loose flock? They have a gold rump under the tail, their beaks don't appear to be those of a seed-eater - too delicate, more like a flycatcher - but they're going after something on the ground, even the pavement. Maybe crawling insects? By the way, do you even own a snow shovel?