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  1. An opinion or observation of madness

    They just reported that Citizen's United has been behind this. I've wondered that all along! I had a feeling that Citizens United was the beginning of it all, as that's what made it possible for Russia to funnel all the money in to the Trump campaign. To think that Trump is the mastermind here is ridiculous. I'm in agreement, it's obviously being done by another - my guess has always been Putin. But I also feel that Kushner plays a crucial part in all this. Trump is just the clown that distracts from what's happening. Whatever that is. The thing that gets me sometimes is how our press is continually outraged by Trump. Why the surprised outrage with each and every moronic thing he does? Do they expect him to be anything other than what he is? Why do they keep falling for the shiny object, a new one every day? Our country is being stolen from us and half our population isn't even aware of it because they're Fox viewers. We have to figure out a way to re-integrate the two separate realities that now exist. It does no good just to loathe the philosophy; and it certainly does no good to loathe the other party. It really is a problem of two different realities. I have recently started checking in on Fox news to see how something is being reported. I recently spoke to my aunt back in Ohio, and she is TERRIFIED that the radicals in the streets burning the buildings are coming to get her. This is what they're doing. They're maintaining their focus on the protests that get out of hand - and keep puffing it up with scary predictions. So I decided to see what is terrifying her. And I saw it right away. The rest of the world had long since stopped reporting on anything of the dwindling unrest. So every time something huge would happen - Trump firing someone, or some new revelation - I would switch over to see how Fox was covering it. They weren't! Not one time! Once I switched over during some big event, and Fox was showing a segment on the best way to diaper your baby. I've probably checked in a dozen times by now - and I have never seen anything other than the old protest unrest. (It's been a few days since I checked, maybe they're doing something else). Maybe we should make it mandatory that everyone has to watch at least a few minutes of the other party's news station every day. Too simple, no doubt.
  2. simplify

    Que chingazo!
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Her strength and inner clarity can be felt through the pages. She, better than just about anybody I've read, can really put into words to the merger of all paths. Her work takes you right in to the I Am consciousness. There's another magic little book that can do that as well. It's called The Impersonal Life, and it was written by Anonymous. (This was later determined to be a monk named Joseph Benner, but I like to buy according to the author's wishes). It sort of assumes that a seeker has done the inner work - and books like that find people just when they're ready for them. From the very first sentence, it is a journey into the great I Am. And then it just becomes a question of permeation at its own pace.
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  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    I'm with you there. The dynamics are changing - and I am optimistic that the ultimate change will be for the good and much more integrative. It'll probably just be a shit show until then...
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The "going beyond", the "non-activity" are the means for us to attain mental freedom. In truth we have nothing to do, it is a question of "undoing", of clearing the ground of our mind, of making it, as much as possible, clean, void. The Void is, here, for us always a synonym of liberation. (The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects (Alexandra David-Neel) Very last page, very last paragraph.)
  7. simplify

  8. simplify

  9. Homage to the Master PADMASAMBHAVA 

    The dog had no teeth.
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    I'm right here too. Let's party till the wheels come off. When things seem at their most ridiculous worst, it's fun to remember that we are all part and parcel of the whole thing. Praying for Trump would be just the same as praying for a friend or for yourself. I see it as one big ocean with individual waves, believing themselves to be separate from the others. As to the praying thing - who are we praying to anyway? It's us. Mr. Trump's inner glass vial is so corrupted and dirty, that no light escapes at all. He could almost be pitied, if it weren't for the fact that he's harming so many people. A malignant heart, that one.
  11. simplify

  12. An opinion or observation of madness

    Oh dear. Just walking a few steps further down this trail - as of the presser today, he just announced that we are going to be taking Puerto Rico and completely rehabilitate it, and turning the whole island into a medical production economy. If there's anything further down this trail, the next discovery will be that it won't be the military supply chain they use for such things - but an entirely new huge industry, routed through a covert Trump family organization. If there's anything further down this trail.
  13. TDB as an organism

    Can't wait to get to that part! I did get the Secret Oral Teachings - I've just read a few pages. Yes, Steve - like you said before - her words carry such punch. I would think that she was initially underestimated by many in her travels in India and Tibet. That must have been fun to watch. That whole group of metaphysicians who sat in the middle of the mystical hub where all paths meet again. It's the Dao returning to itself. The action of the Dao is reversion (Yutang). (I just had a bowl of hay and I'm pretty sure my sativa-laden brain has this figured out once and for all.). A self-realized metaphysical person will find their way to that hub and are capable of communicating with the metaphysical aspect of any spiritual path. The most important thing is for us to know, as many minutes as we can during the day - who we really are. And that the same Are inside me is the same Are that's inside you. that's why arguments are so silly - like one tentacle of an octopus fighting with the tentacle next to him. And yes, that was gender specific.