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  1. Let's Talk About Enlightenment(s)

    Buddhist and Taoist
  2. You and Wu in Chapter One

    apparently you do not understand my posts (its ok most people dont). but i will try again Lao-zi says: beyond our material universe there is an invisible dimension. he calls it Xuan, the dark. This Dark has two layers to it: desire and no desire, name and no name. The internal copulation between these two layers created the material universe as in the Big Bang above. so diff named things were galaxies stars solar systems. Then life was engendered. so diff named things were plants and animals. OK?
  3. You and Wu in Chapter One

    like this
  4. Let's Talk About Enlightenment(s)

    thats a toughie but always glad to help https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us/dictionary/english/human-heart human heart dies, heavenly heart lives. thats a traditional description of enlightenment or awakening. its feeling is two fold: A) you feel that despite staying apparently the same, the material world around your has become empty/unreal while your mind becomes unaffected by it. B ) you feel your soul or whatever, your psyche, your heart, become the ultimate eternal reality. thats it. All of western philosophy is insane, let alone that guy
  5. You and Wu in Chapter One

    good guess. yes they are
  6. You and Wu in Chapter One

    not only. them two basically mean the same thing
  7. You and Wu in Chapter One

    各异。 gotta compare to this line 洞同天地,浑沌为朴,未造而成物,谓之太一。同出于一,所为各异 Huainanzi
  8. You and Wu in Chapter One

    translators do not realize that this compound was used abnormally, in place of another ,normal one, which was normally used in this context in the contemporary lit. but they do not know the normal one. thats why they dont understand what the chapter says.
  9. You and Wu in Chapter One

    i was trying to save myself some typing. but all right i will type it up. cant say no to Cobie 道可道,非常道。dao which can be spoken is not an eternal dao 名可名,非常名。a name which can be named is not an eternal name 无名天地之始;the Heaven-Earth begin in the Nameless 有名万物之母。the Namefull is the mother of all things 故常无欲,以观其妙;the eternal desirelessness is the marvel 常有欲,以观其徼。 the eternal desirefullness is the fringe 此两者,同出而异名,these two together produce all differently named things 同谓之玄。 together these two are called the Dark 玄之又玄,which is the double Dark 衆妙之门。the gate to the multi-marvelous
  10. You and Wu in Chapter One

    sure. In fact Legge got it almost right. Note that he does not refer 異名 (different names) to 'these two' he refers different names to development. And the development of the two aspects of dao is all the things which develop out of dao, each of them getting a different name.
  11. You and Wu in Chapter One

  12. You and Wu in Chapter One

    thats a good guess, closer to the truth than the usual understanding. but still not quite it. what nobody understands in this chapter is that 異名 (different names), does not refer to 'these two' at all. Instead, 異名 (different names) refers to 万物 (all things).
  13. Let's Talk About Enlightenment(s)

    Would you, or others, please elaborate on this? of course i would. there is only one enlightenment. enlightenment means the human heart dies to the mortal world while the heavenly heart awakens to eternal life
  14. Legit.

    i know right? peeps always get at me like 'dude, you do not understand! its like apples and oranges' and i go come on, man,.. tomato tahmato... whats in a name man? seriously though yes the pics do look like modern qigong why then i am saying that these exercises are not at all like modern qigong? because like magical, man...the spirit...i think you get my drift
  15. Legit.

    glad you asked! The OP is a beginner so the both are fine really what were they before qigong was concocted in the commi china?