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  1. https://originaldao.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1305
  2. Neiye - Section 12 - The Charisma of the Completed Heart

    the people regard a true man as a parent to them
  3. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    not their. yours.
  4. Neiye - Section 10 - Physical Perfection

    the grammar does not support that may be. i am not sure
  5. Neiye - Section 10 - Physical Perfection

    exactly. they are synonyms. what is meant here is 鑒 於 大 清 They SEE the great purity,視 於 大 明 They see the great clarity. with the objects of their vision being the spiritual realms the "Great Purity" and "Great Clarity"
  6. Neiye - Section 9 - The Flood-like Essence

    should be 183 乃能窮天地,THEY ARE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND all of Heaven and Earth,184 被四 海。THEY VIRTUE IS Covering the four seas. (or SITTING AT HOME SEEING FOUR SEAS 坐于室而见四海) originally two well attested formulas in contemporary lit
  7. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    good, we are in full agreement then) all good questions, lets take them up in a more suitable topic unless they are rhetorical i live in hope. )
  8. Neiye - Section 10 - Physical Perfection

    A reasonably adequate translation with no gross errors except this part
  9. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    i respectfully disagree but me being just myself what do i know) i respectfully disagree but studying those for just 20 years what do i know) http://www.scholarsage.com/tag/ping-heng-gong/ we took our positions six feet away from a tree and made smooth up and down chi kung movements in order to contact the trees energy field. After going up and down only twice my shoulders were already protesting and out of some kind of desperation, I asked the tree to please support me. The moment I had pronounced that little inward prayer the pain was gone and my arms moved up and down effortlessly. Along the process the tree energetically took hold of me slowly but surely. Well, I’m only 5 feet something compared to that 50 feet tree. The energetics are somehow similar to a fountain: the moment you drop something small into it the upward force will drag it along. If you look at the structure of a tree it basically has a fountain structure, not only upward but also downward. And once you’ve become energetically one with a tree, I agree) care to dispel it?
  10. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    ahh the famous brit humour How do you know? Thank you for asking Freeform I know for following reasons: 1. The foundational Taoist texts refer to ingesting external qi as 'madness', while on the subject of trees it is specifically said 'the plants and trees wither and rot, they can not even save themselves, how can they help you?" 2. Nowhere in Longmen or Quanzhen literature any practice with any external objects is so much as hinted at (except to refute it). 3. Tree practice is advocated by famous modern teachers. "famous modern teachers"=fake 4. My own experience. But since Longmen and trees came up, here is an endearing cartoon of Longmen's founder Qiu practicing under a numinous tree beating up the lumberjacks to protect the tree seeing the tree spirit in a vision unable to save the tree, he stops his student from maiming the lumberjacks celebrating and mourning the tree in a poem http://www.qiuchuji.org/?type=comic
  11. Neiye - Section 9 - The Flood-like Essence

    this is obviously a misplaced or a garbled insertion. At any event translators just rendered it literally not even trying to comprehend the meaning Otherwise everybody got it more or less correct. Would be hard to mess up a passage this clear
  12. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    no, not clear at all, including clear to you. If it was clear to you, your answer would be specific. But thanks for replying. My comment on the OP: 1. Working with external objects is a sure sign of a false method (fake Longmen in this case) 2. Weird stuff going on with you let alone done to you is a sure sign of a deviation 3. Trees dont do anything. If you think they do you are deluding yourself.
  13. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    hmm, what thing exactly?
  14. Serge Augier Online School

  15. https://statesymbolsusa.org/symbol-official-item/missouri/state-nickname/show-me-state