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  1. https://statesymbolsusa.org/symbol-official-item/missouri/state-nickname/show-me-state
  2. May be similar, but found already. Also, there is no such thing as rainbow body.
  3. Yes, very. Also very, very angry. Your liver is shot, u better start working on it soon.
  4. no)
  5. FIFY Yes it does, but Ling is not a verb. "神spirit 自on its own becomes 靈numinous" Interestingly, both answers are affirmative
  6. Certified Organ Harvesting

    Yes, it is about the money but even more so, it is about the global power. The globalist strategy is two prong: 1 to beat down china 2 to ride the Muslim demographic expansion. The coordinated organ harvesting hoax fits nicely with the innocent oppressed Muslim canard. This psy-op is timed to shore up the trade war with china with its never-ending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Minutes_Hate
  7. Neiye - Section 8 - The Core of the Heart

    everybody got this backwards being fooled by the sentence order. "i govern my heart by governing my senses"
  8. Certified Organ Harvesting

    Its mind boggling that an adult educated western person can take this drivel at face value unbelievable. there must be good money in this type of psy-ops tho
  9. Neiye - Section 6 - The Inner Grasp

    i was confused about that phrase but then found out that 谓云 means 'to say or to call". so its likely it just means 'it is called qi'
  10. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    He was right about the tone but did not understand what does this line mean. This is not about the human actor shouting or intoning, but rather about this qi having no sound but having a tone: by the latter it can be known. It is confirmed in the 2nd para., where Dao is characterized as 'in my heart it is... having nor shape nor sound 不见其形,不闻其声'. Then the text ups the ante by '被道之情,恶音与声 that dao has nor tones nor sound, cultivating heart 修心静音 to the silent tone,道乃可得 dao can be obtained'. Otherwise the relationship between the heart, sounds and tones as well as their usefulness is explained as also not the familiar intro particle 凡
  11. Neiye - Section 8 - The Core of the Heart

    All translators are beating around the bush, at times coming close but without quite capturing the meaning: "There is just one phrase that explains Dao entirely: pacifying the heart". There is a paralell paragraph in ZZ which explains the meaning of this one, using the same codewords "one word" and "calming the heart":
  12. Neiye - Section 5 - The One

    Not much. The educated elite, the authors, all were if not refuting, but at least bypassing the authority of the spirits as being secondary, replacing it with such primeval forces as jing, qi, dao, de. This reference to spirits inhabiting or acting through the body of a superior person is a rare and muted one. As to the rest of the ancient chinese culture spirit practices are common and well documented starting from Shang http://www.lysistrataproject.org/Wu-FemaleShamansofAncientChina_MaxDashu.pdf