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  1. Dao De Jing and Zhang Botuan Translations

    Hey guys. Thats easy, plenty of reading on the net http://www.taiji-bg.com/articles/taijiquan/t38.htm https://taichinotebook.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/in-tai-chi-you-have-to-go-down-to-go-up/ http://www.iari.ru/dtconnect.html http://www.chinafrominside.com/ma/xyxy/daitech1.html http://daixinyi.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/dun-hou-shi-squatting-monkey.html?view=classic This one is trickier. You see, cultivation is like a career, it is a means to an end. What are your goals? Yes, thats the next step. It depends on your end goal. https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/08/end-goals-vs-means-goals/
  2. Einstein and zhuangzi

    ,时无止= 'seasons of the year do not stop' which is quite different from our linear time.
  3. What role does faith play in the taoist perspective?

    today is the day
  4. The I Ching and Lao & Chuang

    The I-ching as the currently extant text, and the concept of hexagrams, are not mentioned by the either of the sages and was not probably even significant or known at all to them,. However, both of them touched on the topic of divination. For Lao-zi, divination is far inferior to the intuitive knowledge of the sage-king; while ZZ ridicules it thusly: Zhongni said, 'The spirit-like tortoise could show itself in a dream to the ruler Yuan, and yet it could not avoid the net of Yu Qie. Its wisdom could respond on seventy-two perforations without failing in a single divination, and yet it could not avoid the agony of having its bowels all scooped out. We see from this that wisdom is not without its perils, and spirit-like intelligence does not reach to everything. A man may have the greatest wisdom, but there are a myriad men scheming against him. Fishes do not fear the net, though they fear the pelican. Put away your small wisdom, and your great wisdom will be bright; discard your skilfulness, and you will become naturally skilful. A child when it is born needs no great master, and yet it becomes able to speak, living (as it does) among those who are able to speak.' https://ctext.org/zhuangzi/ens?searchu=divine
  5. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    Wuxing is mentioned just one time in ZZ 'I should like to hear about the three swords,' said the king; and Zhuangzi went on, 'There is the sword of the Son of Heaven; the sword of a feudal prince; and the sword of a common man.' 'What about the sword of the Son of Heaven?' 'This sword has Yan-qi and Shi-cheng for its point; Qi and (Mount) Dai for its edge; Jin and Wei for its back; Zhou and Song for its hilt; Han and Wei for its sheath. It is embraced by the wild tribes all around; it is wrapped up in the four seasons; it is bound round by the Sea of Bo; and its girdle is the enduring hills. It is regulated by the five elements; its wielding is by means of Punish ments and Kindness; its unsheathing is like that of the Yin and Yang; it is held fast in the spring and summer; it is put in action in the autumn and winter. When it is thrust forward, there is nothing in front of it; when lifted up, there is nothing above it; when laid down, there is nothing below it; when wheeled round, there is nothing left on any side of it; above, it cleaves the floating clouds; and below, it penetrates to every division of the earth. Let this sword be once used, and the princes are all reformed, and the whole kingdom submits. This is the sword of the Son of Heaven.' and not once in DDJ proper. It occurs 2 times in Heshangong DDJ as an equivalent of 4 seasons. In general, 5 elements are not prominent in proto-daoist texts, with possible exception of medical literature, where they have but a marginal significance. They are important in confucianism.
  6. Dao De Jing and Zhang Botuan Translations

    One gets guidance from a real teacher. Here is a FAQ on teachers and teaching.
  7. Mair 17:4

    the question is: was it A well regulated Militia?
  8. Dao De Jing and Zhang Botuan Translations

    Both books are incomprehensible without a proper guidance, but, when read as poetry they can be a source of inspiration. In practical terms, DDJ is marginally useful for inner alchemy due to its general idea of quietism. Zhang's Wuzhenpian, on the other hand, while being a seminal work on inner alchemy - is not useful at all. Without a guidance its just a confusing heap of flowery verses. Since you lack guidance and yet are intent on reading it, the best place to start is Pregadio's intro to it http://www.goldenelixir.com/jindan/neidan_and_wzp_1.html The text itself will remain incomprehensible, but at least the intro provides a clearer outlay of it. Zhang's afterword:
  9. ית אש בר , בראשית

    Needs a new category, like "The Rabbi Hole" or 'Fire in the hole", just saying...
  10. 1. Not "mud", cemented floor in the original. 2. The fight story is likely made up.
  11. Smite MARA!

    what about the night?
  12. The Tao of disappointment

    Like ancestor Lu who met Zhong-li at 40, and have heard the ultimate Dao at 50; like ancestor Zhang, who only at 60 has abandoned his family, went on to visit the Taoists, and at 70 got to receive secrets from Huo-long. So, looking at them, be only afraid that you disagree to orient your heart towards Dao, do not fear that years are old! In our school we have a saying: Don’t worry that your years are not young, only worry that your heart is not sincere for Dao. http://www.taoiststudy.com/taoist_alchemy/huang-yuanji-meditation-practice
  13. The Tao of disappointment

    obviously to wrong ones
  14. Lao tse and the Socratic Method

    Socrates almost got executed fighting an internecine war, married a shrew in his mid-age and eventually got himself executed in his golden years. Apparently his method did not do him much good.