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  1. happy to oblige. lets ask baidu. https://baike.baidu.com/item/山塌金斗王/15437588 值得人深思的还不仅如此,历史上出现过很多类似的故事,例如在南宋时期还出现过一则丘处机救人的故事,佛教中也有“红眼石狮”的传说,其情节都非常类似,最后都只有相信的人得救了。 very many such stories in circulation throughout the history. Since Song times* this story was associated with Qiu, there is a similar 'red eyed stone lion' legend in Buddhism. Is this historical? there is no such thing as history. it is all legend. Were the innumerable Chinese who with hope and admiration transmitted and listened to this legend for a 1000 years kind and kaixin? yes, just not in the role-playing way. *T宋 南宋 Nán sòng the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279)
  2. there is no rush, please take your time, i highly appreciate what are you doing. by the way what taoist school you belong to now, and for how long did you practice altogether? hey you do have a third eye! i hope i smell good. I translated 磻溪集 from cover to cover 5-7 years ago. thanks for an excuse to brag about that! Oh i see you did learn something new about Qiu's open heart! Very good! so you suggest somebody made that story up? somebody just jumps up and goes 'hey let me make up a story about how Qiu cursed a bunch of people and let them be buried alive under a mudslide'? who when and why would make up a ghastly story like this? 为学日益,为道日损。
  3. seems you could use a 3rd eye;) (hey 大哥 please do not take offence ok? i enjoy our chatting)
  4. Ahahahaah;) so you do not know that story. Well may be you should look it up. When you do you will understand why i am laughing. he was not? are you sure? like cheeky-cheeky sure?
  5. Ever my dictionary says " 开心 開心 kāi xīn to feel happy; to rejoice; to have a great time; to make fun of sb" Did Wang teach to have a great time and to make fun of somebody? Thats a taoism after my own heart! wait is this how the chinese language works? you can switch any two characters around and still get the same meaning? thats nice. you see 慈悲 慈悲 cí bēi mercy in our context has a totally different meaning from the mundane milquetoast kindness. Here what it means really: 42 谁知大雨下了一夜,天亮后才放晴。众人走出庙门,见山下已是一片汪洋。再向西望,个个吓得目瞪口呆:王家大院的后山发生了山崩,半个山体将王家埋没了!至今华县百姓仍流传着:半截山下压着“金斗王”的故事。 https://www.qiuchuji.org/?type=comic May be you can explain for friends who can't read Chinese characters how merciful and compassionate was Ancestor Qiu in this instance. I bet he opened his heart real good. of course. but i did not skip it. i translated it in full. i think it is actually his;) aww, why so serious? just like you suggested i was just practicing my 开心 ( kāi xīn to feel happy; to rejoice; to have a great time; to make fun of sb) My kaixin is stronger than your kaixin!
  6. i dont know if you realised it but you mentioned Awaken 3 times to me, long after I stopped talking about her. (just saying) To answer your question: no, not sorrowful. sorrow is a choice which i do not make. As to the 3 saints you mentioned to me, their goal was not to 'open their hearts' or to be 'transformed' or to be 'kind' or some other mundanity. Because mundanity is useless, it does not save from suffering. Their goal was to create dan, the elixir. I have the same goal thats why i am joyful not sorrowful. Since you addressed your thoughts on Wang to me I can only say that you can understand Wang only if you have the same goal as Wang. 上德不德,you know.
  7. no, because it is just a play for a public consumption, i am interested in the original linage materials yes all of his works some of it, he does not speak to me as much as Ma and Qiu do
  8. https://www.persee.fr/doc/befeo_0336-1519_1981_num_69_1_3361 pages 159-160
  9. i am a professional, not a role-player. so i do my own research.
  10. this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Chongyang he founded 90% of the real taoism. which has nothing to do with the western role playing. he did it by abusing his students 24/7. tellingly you would not find a single mention of it in the wiki. it his hilarious that the western role players pretend to be his followers while decrying 'anger and hatred'. hard to say it is hypocrisy or ignorance. heck probably most of the 'taoists' never even heard his name.
  11. i will tell you in a bit. lets wait and see if the taoist police with all their teachers knows haha eh just sarcastic, sorry man
  12. yes thats exactly what happens. as they say 'Google knows best'
  13. the rumor has it there was one teacher who heaped abuse on his students so angry and hateful he was. he beat them insulted them demeaned them humiliated them to no end. he was a bad bad teacher. if only the history would preserve his name or if he founded some petty taoist sect or something, then we would know his name. uggh what a horrible teacher he was anyway, i am almost clutching my pearls! or i vaguely remember another one. student standing in snow for days, cutting of his hand. so much anger and hatred! i bet he is deservedly forgotten. and if not lets get together and cancel him! because where is the kindness right?
  14. Fajin is a result of a VERY long physical training, there is nothing miraculous about it. Faqi does not exist. The receiver of qi does not feels the qi of the qi emitter. "Faqi" is only felt by people with unstable psyches, impressionable and superstitious by nature. When they are in an exciting environment such a temple or a dojo or a presence of a guru, their weak minds become imbalanced and hence overwhelmed by the otherwise ordinary sensory input. In order to cope, their subconscious transforms the superfluous sensory input into a separate stream of a feeling which is perceived as qi.
  15. you seem kinda thoughtful so i will explain to you what siddhi are and how they are different from miracles. miracles are defined as OBJECTIVE (provable to others) deviations from the laws of nature. yet miracles OBJECTIVELY do not exist. thats why nobody experienced one and never will. when people tell about them witnessing a miracle what actually happens is: A it is not a miracle B its a false memory C its a happy coincidence D it is a lie siddhis are positive SUBJECTIVE experiences. they are not OBJECTIVE, they exist only for the the experiencer. they are not provable to others. Any stories of OBJECTIVE sidhis are miracles (see above). Do you see the diff now? Awaken claims to have an unusual subjective experience. Thats all there is to it and there is nothing wrong with that. Trust is a wrong term here. I know she is correct on the beginning stages of the practice. I disagree with her on the latter ones yet respect her as the only advanced practicer here, and an all around great lady. Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo.— A man who will criticize you openly carries no connivance.