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  1. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    thats true. "we are all already enlightened" hehe. we gotta go easy on them because having no destiny for real work, they still admire the result. their feelings are worthy of respect. unfortunately nobody of the discussants can explain how exactly de or any other virtue bears on neidan. because they have no clue how exactly neidan works.
  2. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    my understanding is that of Daodejing 道生之,德畜之 meaning De is the same as Dao, just down the road. There is nothing else to it and De has nothing to do with neidan. Of course the dao de seminar sellers spew a bunch of garbage about de but they do that just to sell seminars.
  3. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    you are exactly right. i do have my texts and my achievements so of course i know better than whoever has nothing. but that was not my point. my point was that this is meaningless
  4. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    yes i am telling you thats what i want, what i really really want seems like a loaded heart not an empty one;)
  5. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    the same as buddhism no they dont. unless you saw those with your own eyes. at least they are honest . because neigong is a marketing label with no concrete meaning heaven is not "this world". and xian does mean immortal 仙 仙 xiān immortal 《释名》:“老而不死曰仙。 its a good question with no easy answer for the most huh? does this mean anything concretely?
  6. trans Broughton he is not the one to talk;)
  7. Very unpopular opinions

    yes https://drkatsurasuzuki.com/western-philosophy-vs-eastern-philosophy/ yes i do it may or may not, i just dont care if it does;) this whole world is illusory let alone a stupid house because i investigated it on my personal experience and found correct if you say so;) Now for a concrete example: i was bullied in school. if i would still carry that chip on my shoulder wishing for the bullies to be punished by some karma then i would have that karma. but i forgotten all about it and them long time ago. i dont care about it and them. my karma is gone. others may say that it is not. but somehow i know better than them;)
  8. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    i would love to know what are the exact criteria for excellency (in a nutshell)? some time ago a guy asked me for it in a PM, i just gifted it to him it exists for those who tell me what they want, what they really, really want;) it is much simpler than that. first thing i tell my students that there is no such thing as Jing;) that is correct;)
  9. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    oh good;) i have translated all of these works years ago;)
  10. Very unpopular opinions

    of course. the westerners are so materialist that they are loath to even look up the definition. They make karma material like a house or some such thing which is totally opposite to the real eastern concept:
  11. Very unpopular opinions

    there is no karma apart from thoughts in my head;) etymology is not a definition. a concrete example is. i am suggesting that you guys think in fuzzy generalities incapable of concrete examples to wit
  12. Very unpopular opinions

    when we are done building, the process of building no longer exists because it stops. the house is a different matter altogether because the process of laying a brick is different from the brick laying in place. Karma is an eastern concept thats why no westerner can quite grasp it. mostly because they reason in western ideas of results and sins. Those have nothing to do with karma, only the human thought does. no, its a western one, because you did not define it;) Ya'll prolly mighty anxious to finally enlighten youseself what real (meaning eastern) karma is. Here youse go: 放下屠刀,立地成佛 fàng xià tú dāo , lì dì chéng fó lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot
  13. Very unpopular opinions

    you see, there is a magic word: "because", i find using it makes everything clear i find dictionaries uncommonly helpful as well
  14. Very unpopular opinions

    it is. once there is no intention no more - the slate disappears.