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  1. Basic questions

  2. Fraudulent teacher?

  3. Basic questions

    http://en.daoinfo.org/wiki/Names_of_the_Three_Fasts https://www.goldenelixir.com/publications/eot_jiao.html now you do)
  4. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Its not the time. Its the man-hours available. There could not be enough man-hours in ancient egypt to both maintain the normal livelihood of the nation and to dedicate enough man-power to the project, during any reasonable duration of time.
  5. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    With the clouds the harvest snow has came, now is the three coldest decades, It’s the time when the mountains are snowed over and closed. I am so sad and depressed all alone in the mountains silent, All day long not a sound of human speech. Under tattered robes in two layers, I huddle in cold sitting alone, all night long so miserable with no end. Still no way to sleep, the sharp wind pierces the cracks in the door. In the morning it is time go beg in the village some food, by the spring on the narrow path I spy jade leaves forming berries right in the ice. Blowing on my icy hands to get warm I am despising myself, This my body of filthy bones and mundane flesh all is bad. Day and night all the time harries me with the hunger and cold, makes me long for transcendence of life-death from the morning to night. It is only my will I rely on, to push open the door to the ‘heart-moon of thousands kalpas past’.
  6. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    No. But it used to be a great place to make fun of the angry neidaneers. But now the angry ones are gone, only a couple of the good natured ones remain, and its just not the same. (sigh)
  7. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Why what?
  8. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    No can do, sorry. Its a secret.
  9. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Well folks you are all right and all wrong at the same time. LYM does have a very physical practice except its not what you think. And his main practice was non-physical one and its not what you think either. Which is all good, because you would not like nor the former neither the latter. Peace out!
  10. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    whats dat?
  11. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    LYM is known for his zingers
  12. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    No secret method - no chance
  13. Water above Fire

  14. Water above Fire

    sharing is caring, you know