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  1. Mair 14:4

    but the history proved that guy wrong
  2. Mair 14:3 (A long one. Sorry.)

    the last paragraph has a parallel from elsewhere 2. Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, http://gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html
  3. Mair 14:2

    what? Hence it is said, "Filial duty as a part of reverence is easy, but filial duty as a part of love is difficult. If it be easy as a part of love, yet it is difficult to forget one's parents. It may be easy for me to forget my parents, but it is difficult to make my parents forget me. If it were easy to make my parents forget me, it is difficult for me to forget all men in the world. If it were easy to forget all men in the world, it is difficult to make them all forget me." /Legge/
  4. Mair 14:1

    Both Mair and Legge made a fine mess out of this straightforward exchange but: Asked: And answered:
  5. Mair 14 Heavenly Revolutions

    Why riddles? Those are sincere questions.
  6. >you and me both) The OP was twofold: books/secrecy-ZZ. I reacted to the former, it being my hobby horse, you guys are pragmatists - to the latter other then you're pro-beer (so am I). >well, there is craft and there is a jack and a beer back ... Do you have any opinions on ZZ? >tons. ZZ is a posture, it is not an exercise per se. the exercise is happening inside. Since most ppl do not know what that is, they get frustrated or hurt themselves and quit. Do you do any standing? > used to do more. Now its 30-40 mins tops, couple of times per week
  7. authors of this books are not real masters and so they don't know what they are writing about (highly probable) >>westerners are not they try to keep a secret in plain sight, so that only the "worthy ones" will understand ... but dude, we have the year 2018 and the internet >>The Internet Is for Cats - TV Tropes tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheInternetIsForCats "A phone this powerful can do almost anything, so now we can fill the internet with even more cats!" 2018 is actually a liability, not an advantage there is no secrets, its all up to u, either u get it or u dont maybe it's a "cultural thing" to not tell everything to westerners (I cannot change my birth place, it was purely out of my control) >>the race does not matter. Either u r cut out for this, or u r not they don't teach the important stuff in books, but you need to buy them a beer and then they will teach you the secret (masters are humans after all!) >>yes, they do. a beer is a start. except u gotta find him first no they are not. if they are just humans, so you r u, then what is there to learn? or maybe they really thought that we would understand ... and so they overestimated our intelligence. >> there is no we. there r those who get it - 1%, and there are those who dont-99%.
  8. Changing Jing to Chi'i

    No bother at all , thank you very much Exorcist. And the Chinese phrase is also not some kind of an authoritative quote, is it?
  9. Changing Jing to Chi'i

    may be because it belongs here https://www.thedaobums.com/forum/429-fuxi/ which part of it is "You don't practice"?
  10. Mair 13:8

    The commercial neidan teachers naively use this parable to prove that learning from books is impossible, hence learning from a live teachers is paramount. Of course the parable proves the exact opposite: learning from a live teacher is impossible, even for a son of his.
  11. [TTC Study] Chapter 53 of the Tao Teh Ching

    ...well cleaned (e.g 除宮 to clean the palace) as opposed to the fields in the next phrase 田甚芜,, which are overgrown with weeds
  12. One-finger skill

    No. With lifelong training it is doable. Pointless, but doable.
  13. I have questions!

    then you will be all right. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dazu_Huike#Cutting_off_his_arm "The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors."
  14. I have questions!

    Here, we want to be clear on what exactly we are talking about. There are 4 aspects of the chinese culture that are often lumped together: 1. there are taoist religious practices, properly defined - they contain no essential avoidance of menses 2. there is folk religion - dragon dances and local temples - menses not allowed, but essentially nobody cares 3. folk customs - Menstruating women are not to wash their clothes and their husband’s clothes together http://indiafacts.org/views-of-menstruation-in-religions-and-cultures-around-the-world/ etc 4. buddhism - they were not scared of menses to the point of practicing gynecology in a temple And thats all there is to it, an individual male taoist does not have to worry about menses.
  15. I have questions!

    Conveniently, in a traditional society, an adult male would not interact at all with women of a child-bearing age, save his own wife. Well, when an imitator competes with an original product, it makes sense for him to claim that the original is fake.