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  1. Yes we are. I just noted that ZZ rallies against the monarchy but does not offer any alternative.
  2. Men like Zeng (Shen), Shi (Qiu), Yang (Zhu), Mo (Di), Shi Kuang (the musician), the artist Khui, and Li Zhu, all display their qualities outwardly, and set the world in a blaze (of admiration) and confound it - a method which is of no use!/ Legge/
  3. The passage posits that the artificial values enable the kings, whom it calls the giant thieves. Which is well and good. The weakness of the passage lies in glossing over the fact of nations actually needing kings. Kings are the leaders without which a society can not exist, the alternative being the hobbesian war of all against all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellum_omnium_contra_omnes
  4. what?
  5. Hmm, you did notice that i just quoted Liu, nothing else? This is 佛性 buddha nature is it not? Is it the same thing Exorcist talks about (in the same breath with qi-balls hehe)? Thanks but I know Liu chapter and verse, dont you worry Walker). I have read all of his 1000 page legacy, (including even his ophthalmology manual). and translated probably half of it.
  6. Exactly. Like this 'empty mind' buzzword. By that Exorcist obviously meant something from the very beginning of cultivation, while Walker explained that it is the very end result of long and arduous practice - achieving the buddha-nature. Totally different, with a very tenuous connection between the two.)
  7. Not quite) Here Liu means not just of any old xing but 佛性非同异,千灯共一光。佛性非同异,千灯共一光。Buddha's nature. (Buddhatā). Which is of course very different from what was bandied about in this topic.
  8. Thank you but you still not answering the question, which is probably my fault.) I will ask again. What is an empty mind? Entirely possible. But then what use is talking about it?
  9. Those who keep talking about the 'empty mind' but never say what it is exactly)
  10. Of course I won't. Alternatively, it is you who is seeing things that are not there. ) At any event, this discussion i not about me seeing anything. I kindly asked to provide a definition, instead of copying and pasting and being done with it, you are being evasive. Which is fine. As to Liu - he does not give any definitions for EH. In fact, he refutes it.) Which was my first point. 无心不是着空无,如有着空入假途。
  11. Come to think of it, it is comical when ppl pontificate in soundbites they can't explain. When asked to, first it's an angry outburst, then crickets.
  12. It means "to produce". " Using nothing to contain produce something, is like using a vessel because of its emptiness "
  13. Oh, I am sorry. Foolish of me not to know it. Spare a link for a poor old beggar, will ya mister?
  14. Because it is not a hurdle, its a dead-end trap. One prominent sign of a trap is that it has no definition. Q. What exactly is an empty mind? A. Err...umm...well, its a mind that's empty, ok? Sure, why not.)
  15. Yes, that's how it is in the received Christianity dogma, but in the original Christianity the holy spirit was the originator of father and son. Hence the refutation of the 2 lower layers is ok but not that of the Source.