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  1. Legit channels/videos?

    I do not know about the other teachers you posted but I am on Nick Loffree's patreon and I find his practices to be very good. They are better than his YT ones in some ways as they are basically his unlisted youtube videos( you get 6-8 a month for about $5) and you dont get as as distracted by the wonderful scenery ! I have to try that Swimming Dragon form, looks very nice
  2. An Introduction

    Hi everyone Long time lurker and first time poster here Been browsing these forums for a few years made this account a while back but never posted. My background is mainly Tibetan Buddhism , having had teachings in person from the late Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche as well as B Alan Wallace and Khenpo Sodargye . I practice Yoga but recently have been trying to incorporate more Qi Gong into my life. I had the old Matthew Cohen DVD Called "Fire and Water" which was great and led me to read Waysun Liao's book " Nine Nights with the Taoist Master" and recently I have been partaking in Master Liao's Sunday sessions on zoom. ( Hence the username I have chosen) Hope I can find opinions and topics to be of use to my practice here as well as share some of my own for others benefits.