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  1. MCO doesnt work

    hi (maybe this is a newbie question but it keeps bugging me for some time now) so i sat there for like 8 hours turning the microcomic orbit (the "water-wheel" as hu xuezhi puts it) and didnt get any results :/ i did this 3 times in the last few weeks but sadly it did not get me anywhere.. i mean, turning the MCO ("circulating the light") has to bring at least SOME result (can also be bad results) but i felt nothing. now im somewhat disappointed i stuck to charles luk's version of the MCO, that is, i used the solar plexus point in the front of the body (and ming men point in the back) for bathing and soaking... i wasnt expecting something great to happen. the book says doing the mco will make the genital shrink back into the body but there wasnt the slightest feeling of something like this (like maybe decreased carnal desire) the aforementioned 'hu xuezhi' can be read here: http://www.taoiststudy.com/taoist_alchemy/whole-process-taoist-internal-alchemy on page 124 of 'taoist yoga' theres a picture showing the location of the cardinal points of the microcosmic orbit c. luk is refering to: luk speaks of "moving the energy" along the A-D-G-J and back to A points... that would be: start at A (the perineum, also called hui-yin oder 'hai-di' point) by inhaling air, move it up to D for bathing and then up to G, and then start exhalation and move it down to J (solar plexus) for soaking and then back to A... im trying to stick to his instruction as close as possible to avoid any spurious practice what results (of any kind) do you get when turning the mco? (edit: can you see the image? i do get an error notification)
  2. now that you mention it.. i tend to avoid eye contact. it feels like people do drain my energy or something. am i being paranoid Oo and, how can one avoid calcification of the pineal gland? by licking some bufo toad?
  3. i dont mean to bother you but.. it says 196.. yay
  4. losing it

    im on day 178 and since 2-3 days im waking up in the morning with the flag wavin.. i feel it coming, what can i do to prevent an involuntary nocturnal emission? i turned the mco but it didnt help the situation... please i need your advice^^ edit: omg im gettin tired... O_o
  5. free yourself from all attachment and realize jivanmukta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jivanmukta
  6. Jing Loss

    ever tried 'volume pills'? :> no seriously, they contain several chinese plants/herbs that are also mentioned in "the art of the bedchamber" by douglas wile
  7. sorry for not responding immediately, im having a hard time understanding the 2 websites in your signature - theyre like 700 pages on my ebookreader ill be done in about 2 weeks or somehing^^
  8. Semen Retention troubles cultivating.

    wow thats the highest number of days i ever came across (u didnt have nocturnal emission, did u?^^ ) please share - why did you do it, what did you gain from it and your intention for doing it im interested
  9. how can i sustain retention without revealing my secret identity...? oh well.. so be it..., i'm on day 122, for i am...:
  10. thats a cool pic , its from: "james michael nicholson - the huiming jing (a translation)" page 20 https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/831/items/1.0089774