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  1. The Energy Cultivator's Handbook

    I would not say lazy as much as some people have jobs,families etc that takes up all their day. Not everyone has 6 hours each day to spend on something I dont think we are all retired and get pensions.
  2. Animal chi cultivation

    No I I belive u have to have a certain level of cognition to practice chi cultivation and such animals do not. It is said that some beast have but I would not label them as such animals that u speak of.
  3. Random Thought

    It was a random thought at night after watching a movie not that deep
  4. Random Thought

    U know the more I think about it Taoist are like jedi. Like really similar they just don't hold a big flaming stick everywhere and fight guys in white armor. I was watching Star Wars and was like this seems kind of similar then it hit me.
  5. ...

  6. Taoist Yoga

    Ah I see thank you for clarifying
  7. Taoist Yoga

    Can u expand on this, because I was reading up on it here and it seems to be bunched together as one path slightly branched off at most still linked to the golden flower?
  8. Taoist Yoga

    I was referring to leading on to the path of immortality not really in the physical sense like celestial immortal and such I know physical immortality would be more of throwing yourself into a robot and hoping you don't rust.
  9. Taoist Yoga

    I have heard that it follows the path of the golden flower so. Also, it said longevity and immortality but has this ever been proven or even spreaderd.
  10. Ancient Masters

  11. Taoist Yoga

    Hello once again recently I have been reading Taoist Yoga_ Alchemy and immortality, I was wondering on peoples idea of the book and the practices It held I saw that there isnt much on taoist yoga on here so I thought we could discuss it? Maybe?
  12. Ancient Masters

    @Pak_Satrio I plan to once I get my check and finish stabilizing my life so I can focus on it 110 percent and make the most of it.
  13. Ancient Masters

    What do u mean by detach? As in from self, people, emotions, can u expand on this?
  14. Ancient Masters

    Is this what they refer to as going backwards to a baby? It's mentioned a lot in all of the books I read but not in much detail.
  15. Ancient Masters

    The end well not end goal of course is immortality and to gain as much knowledge that I can obtain spiritual or physical.