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  1. One for the Daoist.
  2. Life is suffering.

    How spirituality protects your brain from despair "... But it's worth noting, of all the forms of spiritual life, the one that most correlates with the thick, strong cortex, if you will, the fortification of the awakened brain, is altruism: love of neighbor. If you really feel stuck, if you feel trapped in despair or depression, stand up, walk out the door, and bring something of beauty, of love to your neighbor. Bring them a meal. Shovel their driveway. Step out of your comfort zone just enough to do something a little bit nice for someone. And as you do, you'll see that long ago you paved the highways into your natural seat of transcendent awareness. There is a way back to God, your higher power, the Universe- and it was paved long ago. If you own it and take it back, you will have jump started your awakened brain. ..."
  3. “Like a Vibration Cascading through the Body”: Energy-Like Somatic Experiences Reported by Western Buddhist Meditators Abstract There are numerous historical and textual references to energy-like somatic experiences (ELSEs) from religious traditions, and even a few psychological studies that have documented related phenomena. However, ELSEs remain an understudied effect of meditation in contemporary research. Based upon narratives from a large qualitative sample of Buddhist meditators in the West reporting meditation-related challenges, this paper offers a unique glimpse into how ELSEs play out in the lives of contemporary meditation practitioners and meditation experts. Departing from studies presuming a “kundalini awakening” framework, this paper presents a broader scope for understanding ELSEs by describing the metaphors practitioners used when speaking about them; the trajectories and impacts of ELSEs, including the factors that were reported as influencing their nature or trajectory; the various ways in which they were interpreted and appraised by practitioners, teachers, and specialists, such as doctors and therapists; and how practitioners responded to them or managed them with particular remedies. Deciding how to interpret and manage ELSEs entailed recruiting frameworks from within and/or beyond the meditator’s specific Buddhist lineage.
  4. Life is suffering.

    Hello, I am really bad at sophisticated/deep thinking, could you please elaborate on how is "suffering ... optional", especially illness related suffering? Lots of thanks! > Life is life. Death is life. Dying is living... and suffering... is entirely optional.
  5. Compassion From one reader comment: "..."...Do you know the story - now spread across the internet - of the 7th grade teacher who changed the lives of her students by one simple positive act? A seemingly small - no, almost insignificant - gesture? I had wondered for awhile if it was another internet myth but no, it was quite real. It took place over 50 years ago, but it still touches many hearts. One rainy afternoon, the students in class seemed distracted, so the teacher asked them to set aside their books, take out a piece of paper, and write one nice thing about each of the other 24 students. She collected the papers and over the weekend, put together each thing the students said. On Monday morning, she passed out a sheet to each student with the kind statements about them written by the other 24 students. They were all shocked; they ALL had felt that for the most part, they were rather insignificant in the eyes of the others. Quite some years later, the students met up again at a memorial for one of them who had died in Vietnam. At one point in the service, the deceased soldier's mother came over to the teacher and handed a tattered piece of paper that had been found in the dead soldier's wallet. It was that paper the teacher had put together years before. Slowly, other students came up to her, took out THEIR papers, which they had saved all those years, so much had this one simple gesture meant to them..."
  6. Looking for ways to alleviate anxiety

    Hello, Do you have suggestions for mantra or any method to reduce persistent health related anxiety? Thank you for your thought.
  7. "Higher" vs "Lower" lifeforms.

    I’ve been watching this one legged song bird really struggling hunting worms to feed her 3-4 babies. I am thinking of buying a box of live meal worms to help her (yes there are lots more human that need help and I am already doing as much as my resources allow). But I am mindful of creating (this is selfishness, isn't it) bad karma of trading many worms to 3-4 small birds. Though I pray daily, my understanding of various religions is surface level at best. But isn’t there something about “life value” of higher v.s lower life forms? On the other hand, worms that I might supply will take place of worms that might be hunted by the mother bird. But still something doesn’t feel right. Thanks for your thought.
  8. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    My apology for this very late thank you for all the suggestions.
  9. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    After a couple of years of meditation/introspection I thought I made a bit of progress on pride/ego. But a few recent next to nothing incidents proved I was wrong, perhaps even regressed. So any tips on training to reduce pride/ego would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Om Mani Padme Hum and it's profound benefits

    Effect of rosary prayer and yoga mantras on autonomic cardiovascular rhythms: comparative study “… Recitation of the rosary, and also of yoga mantras {om mani padme om), slowed respiration to almost exactly 6/min, and enhanced heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity… … Both the Ave Maria and the yoga mantra had similar effects, slowing respiration to around 6/min and thus having a marked effect on synchronisation and also increased variability in all cardiovascular rhythms (table). This was seen not only in the respiratory signals but also in the RR interval, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and in the transcranial blood flow signal…”
  11. Could someone provide a bit more explanation to the below passage, "...nose doesn't exist ... what's hurting..."? Thanks! “ In the first story, the Zen master asked the novice monk: “Tell me about your understanding of the Heart sutra.” The novice monk joined his palms and replied: “I have understood that the five skandhas are empty. There are no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body or mind; there are no forms, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, or objects of mind; the six consciousnesses do not exist, the eighteen realms of phenomena do not exist, the twelve links of dependent arising do not exist, and even wisdom and attainment do not exist.” “Do you believe what it says?” “Yes, I truly believe what it says.” “Come closer to me,” the Zen master instructed the novice monk. When the novice monk drew near, the Zen master immediately used his thumb and index finger to pinch and twist the novice’s nose. In great agony, the novice cried out “Teacher! You’re hurting me!” The Zen master looked at the novice. “Just now you said that the nose doesn’t exist. But if the nose doesn’t exist then what’s hurting?” “ It is from the below link:
  12. inner voice, thought, monolog,

    I'm not sure where to post this. During meditation, how does one recognize these: inner voice, a thought, internal monologue, and inner voice that is not oneself ? Thanks.
  13. What to say when one kills an ant?

    Through out the days I have to kill a bunch of ants crawling around the kitchen counter. I don’t know if an ant has soul, I hate doing this regardless. I would let them be, but they would take over the house and I can’t risk contamination. It seems hypocrite to ask this, but what can I say to “ease” (for lack of better word) their passing. I recall reading a story in incarnation research where a child remembered being a snake in his previous life. Part of himself was in the snake and part of himself followed the snake around. He said life was tough being a snake. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
  14. Looking for mantra to ease anxiety/worry

    What to do when anxiety is due to a serious health issue of oneself or love ones? Thanks.
  15. Looking for mantra to ease anxiety/worry

    Hello, Does anyone happen to have mantra/prayer to ease anxiety/worry? Thanks!