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  1. Om Mani Padme Hum and it's profound benefits

    Effect of rosary prayer and yoga mantras on autonomic cardiovascular rhythms: comparative study “… Recitation of the rosary, and also of yoga mantras {om mani padme om), slowed respiration to almost exactly 6/min, and enhanced heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity… … Both the Ave Maria and the yoga mantra had similar effects, slowing respiration to around 6/min and thus having a marked effect on synchronisation and also increased variability in all cardiovascular rhythms (table). This was seen not only in the respiratory signals but also in the RR interval, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and in the transcranial blood flow signal…”
  2. Could someone provide a bit more explanation to the below passage, "...nose doesn't exist ... what's hurting..."? Thanks! “ In the first story, the Zen master asked the novice monk: “Tell me about your understanding of the Heart sutra.” The novice monk joined his palms and replied: “I have understood that the five skandhas are empty. There are no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body or mind; there are no forms, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, or objects of mind; the six consciousnesses do not exist, the eighteen realms of phenomena do not exist, the twelve links of dependent arising do not exist, and even wisdom and attainment do not exist.” “Do you believe what it says?” “Yes, I truly believe what it says.” “Come closer to me,” the Zen master instructed the novice monk. When the novice monk drew near, the Zen master immediately used his thumb and index finger to pinch and twist the novice’s nose. In great agony, the novice cried out “Teacher! You’re hurting me!” The Zen master looked at the novice. “Just now you said that the nose doesn’t exist. But if the nose doesn’t exist then what’s hurting?” “ It is from the below link:
  3. inner voice, thought, monolog,

    I'm not sure where to post this. During meditation, how does one recognize these: inner voice, a thought, internal monologue, and inner voice that is not oneself ? Thanks.
  4. What to say when one kills an ant?

    Through out the days I have to kill a bunch of ants crawling around the kitchen counter. I don’t know if an ant has soul, I hate doing this regardless. I would let them be, but they would take over the house and I can’t risk contamination. It seems hypocrite to ask this, but what can I say to “ease” (for lack of better word) their passing. I recall reading a story in incarnation research where a child remembered being a snake in his previous life. Part of himself was in the snake and part of himself followed the snake around. He said life was tough being a snake. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
  5. Looking for mantra to ease anxiety/worry

    What to do when anxiety is due to a serious health issue of oneself or love ones? Thanks.
  6. Looking for mantra to ease anxiety/worry

    Hello, Does anyone happen to have mantra/prayer to ease anxiety/worry? Thanks!
  7. Chundi mantra

    Hello, In the below image which hand position is the correct one, the one on the left most or right most? Are the two pinkies sticking up (left most image) or fold down (right most image)? Also do the tips of the two thumbs touch the other fingers or stay up in the air as in the left most image? Lastly can I use this mudra while praying in general or praying to other Buddhas? Have you ever seen a Christian holding this mudra while praying in a church? Many thanks.
  8. Life difficulties

    Hello, Hope you don’t mind sharing your experience regarding to these: What do you do (mantra, or ???) when “Churchill’s black dog” and/or anxiety bites? Does knowing the existence of other realms or superior beings (God, Buddha, Deities, etc) help handling of this life’s difficulties? Many thanks!
  9. Om Bhrum Soha: What does this mean?

    Hello, Does the phrase "Om Bhrum Soha" function as a multiplier for the mantra that was just recited before it? If yes, what is the multiplication factor? If no, what does this phrase mean? Thank you.
  10. A dinner, a heart ache, and wishful thinking.

    Yes, I have been doing a number of conventional charities type and of course praying for daily. But it seems conventional methods (even on very large scale) don't go very far or lasting, unless a country get very lucky with regime change to a benevolent care for the people regime. Hence my wishful thinking about supernatural mean. Anyway, when I wrote about "no karma", I just didn't want to hear something along the line that they are in that situation because of bad actions in previous life, whether "karma" is real or not, may be lessen the penalty a bit, perhaps 1/2 a meal a day, instead of none. So sorry, I think I am rambling.
  11. A dinner, a heart ache, and wishful thinking.

    I came back from dinner last night and happened to watch Anthony Bourdain’s show about Madagascar and Ethiopia. In one part of the show, the train that Bourdain rode on stopped at a food station after a long ride, all the passengers were hungry. As the passengers ate, there were rows of young children longingly looked on. I could see the hunger in their eyes, and could almost feel their hunger even through the TV. Bourdain and his travelers couldn’t stand to eat and started handing pieces out to the children. The children pushed/shoved to get near the food, hands reaching up, mouth-watering, and my heart ached again. I often saw scenes like this and other worse form of suffering through various documentaries of many unfortunate countries. A few tiny donations here and there have been less like a grain of sand on the beach. Even the generosity of people with vast amount of resources like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet aren’t close. Even if current evil/corrupted leaders of these nations somehow no longer in power, the problem remain, as many similar others would take their places, on and on. But then I came upon this web site. I have been reading bit and pieces of this site and elsewhere. I get the impression that there might be people who might have gain some sort of “supernatural” power on their quest for awakening, enlightenment, or some other supernatural goal. Are you out there? If you alone aren’t powerful enough, can you sense the others, and join forces to influence “those leaders” mind to improve their countries and ease suffering of the people? Please don’t mention karma, and yes it’s wishful thinking. How many being can be/will be liberated from suffering one at a time and how many millennia will it take?
  12. Looking for Teacher-Empowerment in Japan

    Hello, If one has opportunity to travel to Japan in the near future for a very short time, would you please suggest some ways to find a teacher or to obtain empowerment (in Buddhism and/or Taoism) in these cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya? Thanks so much!
  13. 3 questions for those in the “know”

    I am too slow (or reading thing too literally) so I'll reread Stosh's post a few more times, but a quick question for Stosh: does "Manifest the ideas" mean continue to practice/pray? Thanks.
  14. 3 questions for those in the “know”

    Thank you all for answering. I wasn't sure if the 2nd reply (Michael) was a joke, though it did cause me to reflect on his answer. YES, absolutely I don't know much (if anything at all) about the theory/practice to connect to the supernatural world and/or enlightenment. The main reason I asked is to have "real" evidence to motivate/convince me to progress in my "practice". A friend who is very experience/knowledgeable in the practice of Taoism and Esoteric Buddhism, put it to me this way (paraphrasing), from the time I started school until I understood calculus, then to get a degree, it took decades (slow learner, ha ha) with diligent studied and practiced. It could possibly take as much or longer to “get” some of this stuff. So well put, but as I reflect on this I realized that with conventional education, there are evidence of progress all around me and readily accessible, relate-able, i.e I knew the kid next to me understood 2+3=5, the one in high school knew trig, and so-on. From my extremely limited exposure (read, infer, and talking with a very few people) these “supernatural” experience/worlds are all in the mind (again not mean to offend anyone). This of course makes learning/practicing difficult. However, perhaps there is hope (in learning for me) after stumbled across (papers, books) reincarnation research at University of Virginia and the book “The Quantum and The Lotus” and recent advance, I am beginning to be able to relate some of this to my limited knowledge of conventional science. Still, I am looking for some “hard” evidence, and especially if these are physical in nature. Somewhere I read (or came to an understanding) that the stronger one’s belief the more one’s wishes/prayers (nothing fancy, just for less suffering in this world) stand a better chance of becoming true. I am hoping someday my practice (daily prayer/mantra to God-Buddha) will be based more than just faith. Thanks again.
  15. Chundi mantra

    Hello, In the below Zhunti mantra, is the phrase "Om Bolin" need to be added at the end of each Zhunti's mantra? I am not sure what is "the end of each reciting cycle" mean, hence the preceding question. Hopefully this is not too dumb a question, section "IV" paragraph "IV" the "image" might show up in one's mind (visualization) and not actually in front of a prayer while his/her eyes open, right? Incidentally I can't even visualize a straight line. Many Thanks.