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  1. What brought you to your current path?

    Crazy set of coincidences. 1. Xianxia stuff 2. Desire to escape from my then plight (qi stagnation in head, resulting in constant exploding pains in the whole of head region including the face, college entrance exams were in my face and I hadn't prepared one bit because of my webnovel addiction, and so on. It seemed hell back then. Almost wanted to try getting hit by a train do that I could be at peace in another world) 3. A sudden awakening 4. Creation, a Dao bums member 5. Damo Mitchell, Sadhguru
  2. Moving Dan Tian shortens life?

    Moving manipuraka has genuine disastrous consequences. However, the manipuraka chakra is not the LDT. The Taoist term for this chakra is the Wheel of Upright Path.
  3. "Self" in Taoism

    What exactly is meant by "status of their self"?
  4. Sam Harris and Rupert Spira

    Well said.
  5. Head Energy

    The same thing happened with me. It would be for the best if you can get an expert to look at this. Other than that, one thing you can do is absolutely abandon any sort of meditation/ stillness/ energy work and live a full materialistic life for some time so that you don't build too much of karma with the head region. Cuz once the mind gets fully anchored in the head because of the energy movement inside it, it's difficult to let go and simply allow the energy to do their thing. You often want to control it or force it to dampen, which ends up not working the way you want and will bring you lots of frustration. Other than that, there isn't a fast working method that you can perform by yourself. Btw can you describe what you're experiencing? Is it headaches with ringing sound?
  6. I read the whole thing yesterday, and it was as fun read. The world building and setting the scene is done well in earlier parts of the book. However, I feel like @dwai failed to extract and exploit this potential well. The mahasiddha army seemed way too overpowered and the legendary asuras and danavas with their powerful black magic and millennia-ahead tech were suddenly as easy to convince as an innocent villager. There had to be something about Asuras and Danavas which stopped the sages and saints of the earlier yugas from converting them and preventing the countless Devasura Wars. Moreover, I don't think that even the most elite of kshatriyas could outdo the mighty Asuras with the kind of ease these half-year trainees could. Ranting here cuz I don't have an account on Goodreads.
  7. What is lust

    Here's what I observed. The Yin and Yang aspect of the human mind that drive almost all of the human activity on the planet are the instinctual self-preservation and the desire to expand infinitely respectively. Each one of them expresses themselves in multitudinous ways, including but not limited to : getting attached to ego/the concept of comfort zones/feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, etc. (Yin) and the need to keep getting more, be it land/money/power (Yang). Lust, imo is a somewhere in the middle. A huge part of instinctual self preservation is associated with the feeling of craving sex, and for most mortals (can't find a better term, so I use mortals and cultivators to seperate them), the whole feeling from desire to the process itself and then to the release is one of the only ways they can act upon their desire to expand. The experience of two bodies almost melting into one kinda partly fulfills the subtle desire of experiencing all things as one. Agreed. That'd be a disaster. Lust is a natural effect of the aforementioned aspects of the mind and in itself is a cause for something very, very necessary for existence of the world.
  8. What is lust

    That's what you think as an individual human being. On an existential stage, evolution does not think so. Sex is not necessary for survival, but in the long run, lust is something more important than the feeling of hunger imo.
  9. What is lust

    The natural physiological (and psychological) desire to extend the species and its ability to hide behind the thoughts and inducing a huge inertia. This is my experience as a late adolescent with all sorts of hormones acting up.
  10. Merit

    Indra is the lord of sense organs (Indriyas) and his net is the web of sense pleasures which keep a sentient being bound for innumerable lifetimes. In Hinduism, they say merits can give laymen a chance to experience the presence of saints and sages. People who walked the path of self cultivation generally had lots of merits from their past lives. Other than that, the yogis were told to not to bother about merits after they had started the path. They performed yajnas for the betterment of the world without considering the merits because most of them were great devotees of either self established, or real god/goddesses/devas. Thus, they didn't require the wholesome states from merits. I've heard a saying that goes, "Merits are like handcuffs made of gold. They certainly make you feel good but i their essence is no different from the iron handcuffs called sins."
  11. Chanting

    I've seen a lot of realized masters emphasize the way of chanting Mantras. In this except, Nan Huai-Jin says
  12. Who am I? Where is my mind? How to fly?
  13. Favorite sacred texts

    The Mandukya Upanishad (points to the Self directly), TTC (points to many truths, esoteric secrets and nature of reality well) and Zhuang Zi (points to truths indirectly, allowing my own inference to develop in the line of Zhuang Zi's thought), and all of the Buddhist sutras (it's really fun to get immersed in the beauty of Lord Buddha's way of explaining things)
  14. Living in the Now, vs. Dementia

    As I said, I almost quit spirituality once because of distractions so I'm far for being able to control the monkey. That being said, I almost completely forgot about what I was supposed to do when I woke up. I'd usually splash some water over my face, and then consider whether it's time to review the uni's lectures, or maybe listen to some music, etc. When I woke up yesterday, the mind was suddenly blank, not knowing what to do or how to respond to my mother who woke me up. The perpetual karma kept me going and it quickly struck me that I was back in the state that I constantly experienced back when I was meditating and doing self enquiry like crazy. Is it disturbing? When it happens, yes. Does this disturbance keep troubling me? No. Anyone would be disturbed if they feel as if the old "them" has suddenly died and there is something new replacing them that has inherited their memories. But in a while, I got used to it and came to terms with it. I can still feel the vibrations starting within my head when I intend to think things forcefully and I intuitively know that I will be able to recall things quite well, but I don't really try. This dementia-kinda spell seems like a pause between the heavily materialistic life I'd been living until now and the spiritually active life I'll start with once again. So I guess it's probably fine... probably.