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  1. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Oh! I saw a particular timetable posted for the lessons and assumed there was a commitment to doing the lessons within that time. Well, that settles the thing for me, thank you.
  2. downward energy flow

    The point with them is that if you get the alignments correct and do the movements as relaxed as possible, the downward flow starts to happen on it's own. The two problems I encountered were: 1. Trying to "do" outer dissolving with the conceptual mind will not sink the qi, but will actually raise it. 2. Confusing relaxation with limpness and confusing sinking via letting go with pushing energy downward. I didn't make the first error very long because I was warned against it, but I very much made the second error (both parts) and it completely prevented any progress. Only when I learned the joint and fascia work taught in his other sets did I realize how big of a mistake I had been making, at the same time I found Damo Mitchell's material which confirmed this.
  3. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Thanks. It's not prohibitively expensive, sure, just requires a fair bit of saving up on my budget. Most all my expendable money goes to cultivation related things anyway, it's just a matter of selecting wisely what to invest in. A week of training in person with Adam Mizner, for instance, would be comparably priced, hard to say which would be more beneficial for me. Since you call this Shuigong alchemical, the question arises for me is does the issue of yin shen vs. yang shen arise? Often one hears alchemical lineages discouraging astral projection type practices as an obstacle to yang shen cultivation. @Earl Grey, would been interested to hear anything you have to say on this as well.
  4. downward energy flow

    Ah, that's movement 3. If movement 1 works well for you and you didn't have any problem with 2, consider re-incorperating 2. That said, given you issues, Energy Gates or Heaven and Earth would be my pick from Frantzis' entry level sets. Energy Gates is where the downard flow is specifically emphasized, Heaven and Earth trains the joints and fascia without which the methods of Energy Gates might not work well (in my experience, others have been fine starting with EG). Not sure which to recommend in your case, but EG has a book while H&E is online only so more expensive.
  5. downward energy flow

    I learned them from DVDs back when he sold DVDs . There are demos by his senior instructors on youtube to use for reference if you have the books, and also he has very thorough online courses for the three sets I mentioned but they are pricey. The old D&T DVD is available as an online course for less money than the 10 week D&T course. I have had occasional overload issues with the last 2 movements of D&T, do you remember which movement caused you problems?
  6. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Oh, I see he has deleted his Vimeo courses. I hadn't finished working through that content yet.
  7. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Could you say more about what makes it "the most complete" training you have found? The shuigong I have encountered in the past was an adjunct practice, not a complete system in itself. Sifu Dolic only teaches 1 on 1 and his hourly rate is rather pricey, correct?
  8. downward energy flow

    Actually, sinking qi to the lower dan tian if not all the way to below the feet is foundational for a lot of Chinese internal (martial, medical, spiritual) arts, but many schools don't explain the internal principles of working with the body and qi and instead use visualization (which sends energy up to the head). Frantzis' method is one way of training to sink the qi by training internal work, and probably the most widely known and widely diffused one in the West. I can't comment on his meditation methods and I think the fire and water method stuff is an oversimplification and often comes across as rhetoric. But I have gotten a lot out of it the actual internal work in his entry level sets Energy Gates, Dragon and Tiger, and Heaven and Earth qigong. Energy Gates trains moving with correct alignment and relaxation, D&T trains working with external energy field, and H&E trains opening and closing the joints and bending and stretching the fascia. Personally, I couldn't get the outer dissolving process, the characteristic method of his system to train the downward flow and release blockages, working without training these other components of his system first.
  9. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    Post a link here when it is up if you'd be so kind.
  10. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    If you weren't aware, Damo also has really high quality video instruction on the basics for astonishingly little money:
  11. Nature of God is also Sunyata?

    Yes, and this was a bone of contention between Buddhists and Hindu's in ancient India.
  12. Xing and Ming cultivation

    dwai, to clarify you position in this, it seems like there are no stages in what you are referring to. You either get that "You are that" or you don't. Are there stages or a progression in this? Even getting in for an interval and shifting out of it vs. a permanent shift? And, bracketing transformation of the physical body, what of emotions when you get it? Some Vedantic teachers I have heard emphasize that desire and anger will completely disappear when you get it, others say it will still arise but you there won't be any identification with it and hence no suffering. This would seem to have relevance to the question of bodily transformation, since arising of emotion is very much rooted in the physical body. Something that seemed relevant to bring up is the example of the Buddhist Pali Canon, which has particularly simple and clear yet comprehensive models of the enlightenment process. In the first stage of enlightenment, roughly speaking, your sense of separate self drops out completely, and this guarantees you complete enlightenment after some number of lifetimes, but if you don't get further this number will be more than one, because anger and desire, which are causes for physical rebirth, still arise in your experience. At the third stage, anger and desire drop out completely, and you will be reborn only one more time, in a celestial pure abode to work out any remaining attachment to subtle individuated existence. The fourth stage, then, is total liberation. freeform, you mention xing and ming each proceeding in stages and building on each other. Some ming cultivation stages are well known such as certain channels opening, building the lower dan tian, etc, and others you mention are secret in your tradition. What about xing? Could you speak, even in broad terms, about what kind of stages are involved here?
  13. Purpose of QiGong

    In the interest of defining terms, is what you call accomplishing the goal of qigong the same as what Damo Mitchell calls "building the qigong body"? And this is the end of the process of muscle-tendon changing? If so, where does marrow-brain washing fit into your system? Does that fall under the rubric of what you call neidan? And when you say open your channels, does that mean just the acquired meridians, or congenital also, in particular, what about the central channel?
  14. Truth Of Casual Sex

    Echoing liminal_luke, I want to caution all those who rush to be sex positive and say casual sex is good because repression is bad, particularly older folks who grew up in a more repressed time, that "how" and "with whom" are important points to address with young people. Modern hookup culture is deeply unconscious, and young people need tools to navigate it, not just "go have fun". The most conscious person I have ever known, both generally and in matters of sexuality especially, once told me "In my experience, there is no such thing as casual sex." This is an highly insightful post, thank you. I will be meditating on this.
  15. Some more advice needed on practice

    Hi all, thanks for the extraordinary conversation happening here. Just a small note that might be helpful to some: Being trained in physics, I had the same adverse reaction to the idea that the center of gravity moves between the solar plexus and lower abdomen with slight movement of the kwa. But at the same time I certainly didn't think that Damo was saying anything capriciously. The only conclusion is that he is not talking about the center of gravity in the technical sense used in physics, but some other kind of center. Consider that mass density, from which the center of gravity is calculated, is a scalar quantity, but what Damo is talking about is a kind of equilibrium or fulcrum of the elastic tissues of the body, and elasticity is actually a tensor quantity. So they wouldn't be the same kind of center at all.