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  1. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    I just want to say that i see in reddit in forums about hypnosis and similar stuff, one couple that they hypnotized each other, the guy hypnotized the girl to be super horny etc, and the girl hypnotized the guy to not to cum until she wanted after saying some word o sound, they lasted like hours... and because hypnosis is in the subconscious or unconscious mind there is not effort or struggling just relaxation. Also another guy have an ejaculatory orgasm without even touch his 🍆, just with an hypnotic audio. So this confirms that the subconscious mind can control all the functions of the body without requiring external stimulus. It's so powerful and at the same time so dangerous, like technology, depends on who use it. But isn't fantasy just seems like until you know it. Also you can reach unlimited orgasms with prostate stimulation without losing semen, you can go and go and are all body orgasm far more intense than regular ejaculatory orgams and and they last as long as you want them to last. Im just a beginner in this im sure there's much more things you can do Question is not is it possible, question is what effect does it have on your well being and spiritual development. Can't answer that for you, just providing some caution derived from experience.
  2. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    I honestly can't say. Maybe there is some lineage that does this. What I can say is that, whether you ejaculate or not, if you want to sublimate jing for spiritual purposes, you need correct practices and a correct framework. If you are interested, there is info about authentic Daoist alchemy out there, the two teachers I am aware of both teach to lessen sexual activity but don't say to be celibate or practice "retention", and in fact warn against such practices. Of course, having unlimited multiorgasmic sex and deriving nothing but benefit for your spiritual path sounds nice, but it seems that it is a fantasy.
  3. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    The point I wanted to make is that the main thing that makes sex more or less spiritual is the the psychology of it. Same with how draining it is to ejaculate. That's not to say that there isn't a place for learning techniques, for instance working with jing in it's unaroused form is important in Daoist practice, and learning to minimize jing loss from ejaculation and share more pleasure and connection with your partner are, IMO, sensible things to do. However, I must emphasize that the idea of retaining your seed being required to live a healthy lifestyle is itself a psychological complex around sex that effects the energetics of it (negatively), an idea that you seem to have adopted. Ejaculation drains jing, but also thought drains jing, emotion drains jing, intense physical activity drains jing. Yet all these things have benefits too and are part of a balanced life.
  4. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    Hi Romeo, Let me take a stab at this. There is the fairly well known possibility of having to much energy shooting up into your head, but there is a lesser known, more insidious possibility. If you engage in these practices from a place of insecurity, lack, wish for control or power, or base indulgence, whatever energy they to cultivate and circulate will feed these psychological patterns. Long term this can steer a person toward sexual perversity of various types - this is called "poison fire taints the heart". And since you asked about transmutation, as soon as your jing mobilizes to pursue a base desire, it can't be transmuted, leaving it in your system is like leaving muddy, putrid water pooling up in your home. As far as I can tell, learning to relax and breathe during sex to have a more full and satisfying experience is fine (as long as you pay attention to your psychology around it - loving connection vs base indulgence), but sexual activity plus "retention" is really misguided.
  5. Neidan plan

    Hi Anand, Lots of good questions here, reasonable questions for a thoughtful beginner trying to get his bearings to ask. Intellectual knowledge is no substitute for practice, but a questioning and research can help you discern what is a good use of your time vs what isn't. There are similarities between neidan and Kriya, but they are somewhat broad, the actual orientation of the practices is rather different. For instance, they both want to fully open all the energy centers of the body and in particular all the centers in the spine and brain, but how they go about doing this and in what order is quite different. Yes there are sets geared toward "feeling the qi", but to some extent one should distinguish between feeling effects of qi (feelings of warmth and tingles, etc) from feeling qi directly, which is fairly advanced. Medically oriented sets will tend to create more sensations of qi on the surface of the skin, but neidan isn't working with this surface level qi so it doesn't actually consider such surface sensations important to cultivate. So, your idea of "step 1" isn't quite right. And as you say, work with jing is only a prerequisite for neidan, not for medical qigong sets. Opening the channels also has different meanings in neidan vs medical qigong, again, it's the difference between working at the surface or deep inside. Qi can be stored many places in the body, including the ren and du, but there is a sense in which the lower dantian can store the most and is the safest, and forms a foundation for storing it elsewhere. I second forestofemptiness' list, those teachers are knowledgeable, authentic, and available to answer questions of online students. If you are really interested in neidan, really do look into Damo Mitchell's stuff, even if you don't do his program, the material in his books is incredibly high quality, useful to have been exposed to. If you want to start on standing, you might find that it becomes much more efficient if done according to Damo's rather detailed instructions.
  6. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Perhaps the difference can be accounted for by the different practices being taught. Having children do things that will powerfully effect their jing (neigong and neidan) vs more medically oriented systems.
  7. The Embryo of Sagehood

    Interesting, thanks.
  8. My impression is more like anti - heavy weight, anti - weight that would compromise song. For instance semi cooperative partner partner drills apply weight to the structure, in a controlled way. Taiji balls are 5-7 lbs iirc.
  9. Just a guess, perhaps to match the palm shape you would already be using and not introduce unnecessary tension in the hands and forearms? "Easy to hold" in practice means "relies on hand and forearm tension to hold". But weapons training in Taiji is probably doing something similar. Right, that's what I was referring to when I said "The feeling of tingling sensations outside the body is specifically de-emphasized [in the system I'm describing]." It really does seem to be quite a different method. As you note, Rasmus also utilizes the sensations outside the body, despite training in the Huang lineage. Clearly it works, I wonder where it comes from though.
  10. The way Damo Mitchell teaches teach Taiji (see his podcast on the the matter), the first thing to do to develop jin is learn to separate the movement of the soft tissues from the movement of the skeleton, and feel the soft tissues sink toward the floor, pressurizing the feet and creating an elastic tension throughout the body. Adding taiji ball (the physical kind) adds more weight to this structure, creating more pressurization and elastic tension through the body, which strengthens the expression of jin. The feeling of tingling sensations outside the body is specifically de-emphasized. YJM is teaching something different in his books and DVDs, more of a spinal rolling/whipping action.
  11. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    I hope it's OK for me to say this here, since I don't know if it's in any of his books or public lectures, but it's a pretty general thing to say, and you keep asking about it: In my limited understanding, the foundational process of forming and filling the dantian is working with post-heaven qi, while access to pre-heaven qi requires pre-heaven mind, as such comes later. The idea that you can work with yuan qi straight away seems quite suspect to me.
  12. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    I would be curious what an example of a xinggong first teacher would be. Even Wang Liping, who is unquestionably Longmen and teaches mostly still seated practice, says that the jing to qi level of cultivation is minggong (and that qi to shen is a mix of minggong and xinggong, and shen to wu is pure xinggong, as I recall).
  13. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    There are some similarities for sure, building and pressurizing energy below the navel, working up to working with refined essences, the essences from the lower body rising up and the essences from the upper body dripping down. But I would say that even though you can find connections and similarities, when you lay out the complete process of development, it's quite different.
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    No problem at all.
  15. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Bon voyage. I haven't done the mco course material, I'm waiting to get the same material from the weekly academy lessons, sometime in the second year. Plenty to work on from the weekly lessons in year one so far, plus some of the stand alone workshops.