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  1. Dear friends, I am just writing a small update, about 1 month later. I've continued both types of swinging, and of course my own personal experimentation with lovemaking. The swinging with the cloth tied around both the scrotum and penis really helps give you endurance in bed. PLUS, I've found it actually helps a lot with increasing the girth of your penis. Enough that a girlfriend commented extensively "Oh my God.. It's so thick! It's so long! It's so big! What happened?!". It had only been about 4 days since the last time we were together. In those 4 days I was eating herbs, doing qigong, meditating and of course the swinging. Furthermore, if you engage in qigong and meditation for a long time, you can open up your qi-vision, allowing you to feel and even see the qi. This is highly beneficial during lovemaking!!! You can see the qi in her organs and meridians, her aura, as well as where she has blockages. By kissing, licking and mindfully touching these places, and re-opening her qi to flow, you can bring her to orgasm. Each orgasm is different for her: it can happen at the jing, qi or shen level. Or all of them together. Each brings a different kind of healing, to either body, energy or mind. Licking and swallowing the orgasmic juices released during her orgasm, and keeping them under your tongue for a while, eventually swallowing them to your dan tien, can be as strong as eating very potent and tonifying herbs.
  2. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    @freeform Very well said, that's very true. There's something in us and in the universe that's in perpetual motion. Forever shifting, changing and evolving. Letting go of attachment can help us tune in to this, and "surf" on this wave of constant change. The other part of us and the universe is a "constant", immovable, unborn, uncreated, eternal and unchanging. Some spiritual systems are sometimes "fixated" on only one of these. However, they're both there. Finally, there's the "observer", "experiencer", "knower" or "witness" to these two states. The moving state allows us to harmonize with the universe and its everchanging nature, and aligns us with it. The static state allows us to always have a "sanctuary" of rest, where we can find peace, no matter what's taking place on the outside. Finally, the witnessing state allows us to "exit" both states, and free ourselves of both being and non-being. Indeed, these three are what's sought after and praised in every single religion and spiritual tradition.
  3. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    @Wilhelm Yes, very true. The body, qi and shen are connected. By affecting one of them, we affect all. @Cleansox Indeed, all of the layers are connected. @Freeform I completely agree. This is indeed the great power of qigong and chinese medicine. You might be one with God, being good to everything and everyone, never hurting any living being. However, if you're weak and sick all the time... That's not fun either By taking care of our body and energy through qigong and herbs, we make sure our "instrument" is optimal. Our body indeed is God-given, by taking care of it, we're actually serving the Universe. If we're strong, healthy and energetic, we can do our duty to self, Family and Society. And because of our surplus energy, we can even help a bit extra, when/if necessary. If we're weak, sickly and tired all the time, we go down. Then we become a burden on both Family and Society, others have to take care of us. So, actually NOT taking sufficient time for self-care and cultivation is egotistical, whereas taking good care of ourselves is altruistic. Plus, a strong body with strong energy makes it easier to enjoy life
  4. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    Hi Freeform, Yes, I agree. It takes time to create a problem, hence it also takes time to solve that problem. What I mean is that you should feel something pretty soon, when you implement a change. If you're used to only sleeping 3 hours per night, but your true need is 9 hours, the very first few days you switch to a better routine, you will feel noticeably more rested. Hence, feeling better so soon is a sign, a sign that actually giving your body the rest it needs is good for you. This will motivate you to continue. Yes, it's also true that much of Daoist ideology is focused very much on the body and energetic level. I agree with this as well. It's easier and less complicated to produce solutions and give advice on these levels, and they DO help. If someone who has emotional traumas from their childhood, but also eats only junk, sleeps 4 hours per night, never exercises, are very very obese etc, simply helping them change their physical body and their energy will affect their life positively. No doubt about it. However, it won't heal the root cause - their emotional childhood trauma. So, I completely agree with you. Fix the body and energy first, that advice is universally helpful for everyone on this Earth. It's the easiest level to change. It's much easier to exercise, eat healthy, look after your sleep etc, than resolving emotional traumas. But we shouldn't say that body and energy can heal everything. We're multifaceted beings, we should be practical at each level. Most people (even high level qigong and meditation masters) also have childhood and psychological issues. We all do, it's normal and natural. If we completely neglect our psychology, and instead just do qigong whenever we feel bad, yes, we will get strong and healthy on the physical and energetic layer, but we shouldn't shy away from dealing with our psychological issues as well.
  5. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    Hey Charlesjorden, If something new you introduce into your life is very suitable for you, you should feel a positive benefit that very same day. At the very minimum, at least within the first 7 days. If you don't feel the effect (even minimally positive) within 7 days, it's not certain whether that thing will really work for you in the long run. But remember, we have several layers: 1) physical 2) energetic 3) emotional 4) mental 5) spiritual So, if what you describe as "a very dark place" is actually something occurring on the emotional and mental level, measures taken at the physical and energetic will help somehwat, HOWEVER, it will not solve the actual problem. All the measures suggested so far are at the physical and energetic levels (sleep, exercise, herbs, diet etc). What brought you to weed in the first place? Think about that. Problems at the emotional and mental level, need emotional and mental solutions.
  6. Question about breath retention

    Holding the breath is one of the secrets of qigong alchemy. It's very easy and very simple, yet just like you've noticed, it wakes up the qi. By combining posture, breathing (including holding the breath) and visualisation, you involve all of your being in whatever qigong you're doing. The breathing is especially related to the qi. Qi being a central element of qigong (it's right there in the name!), breathing exercises and holding the breath is extremely important.
  7. transmuting sexual energy/Dantian

    The very best, most effective, and also the easiest and fastest way of transmuting sexual energy I've ever experienced is the "Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga" by Vethathiri Maharishi. It takes only a few minutes in the morning and evening. I've tried physical yoga postures, breathing exercises, qigong forms, qigong meditation, chakra meditation, dan tien meditation, mantras, I've tried everything out there to transmute sexual energy. Most of the things I tried worked to a certain degree, some very little, others quite a lot. But all of them took a lot of time and effort compared to their results. Compare this to Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga, which is highly effective, the easiest of all that I've tried, and takes only a few minutes. It wins the comparison hands down. Everyone is different, experiment and see what works for you. Personally, Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga by Vethathiri Maharishi was the game changer for me. I can highly recommend checking it out
  8. Homosexuality in the tao

    The best explanation of sexuality and spirituality at different evolutionary stages I've ever come across is from the Danish Mystic Martinus. I found a great description on it here:
  9. Hey Ryan, I know exactly how you feel! Spending years and years, hours upon hours of trying different things, yet never getting anywhere. My experience was exactly the same, many many years of going to courses, reading books, meeting different teachers, meditating and practicing on my own yet not feeling anything nor getting anywhere. Only with these 3 teachers did I actually start to feel qi: 1) Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong 2) Zhongxian Wu, 3) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY for short), by Vethathiri Maharishi (my teacher is Balachandran Ganesan and his wife Jayanthi) Depending on which country you live in, and of course what you personally vibe with, these three brought me results. Tangible results. The very first day when I was initiated into SKY, I felt a tangible pulse of energy in my brow chakra. When I meditated on it later that evening, my mind became peaceful, my body became warm and I started sweating. After coming out of the meditation, I was extremely refreshed and energized. The next morning when I meditated, it was exactly the same, yet much more powerful. It's been the same incredible experience at every single initiation. So, if you're into meditation, SKY is the best I've ever tried. It's been 3 years now, I've had 4 initiations, and it keeps getting better. I meditate daily. If you're more into qigong and moving exercises, I was at a weekend course with Master Wu (Zhongxian Wu). The first two days I didn't feel much, other than pain in my old injuries and other negative things. However, on the third day, I suddenly felt powerful vibrations in my hands, feet and face. After that day, whenever I practiced the qigong we had learnt, after about 10-20 minutes, I would actually start feeling the qi moving around in my body with the different movements. This trend has continued positively for the past 2 years, where I've practiced qigong every single day. WIth Chunyi Lin, I have bought and done up to his "level 3" (I believe he has from level 0 to 5). With Spring Forest Qigong it was the same for all the guided practices and meditations. I would feel the qi vibrating when doing the exercises. You could check these 3 systems out on youtube, and of course their respective web pages. See if you vibe with any of them, if you're attracted to it, and if their ideas make sense to you. If yes, you could look into giving it a go with one or more of them. If you do, just make a promise to yourself to stick to the daily practice for at least 49 days before you decide whether it's for you or not. Just to make sure you give the energy enough time to work. Usually you should feel a positive results within the first 7 days. If after 49 days, you don't feel anything, go ahead and try something different, and see if that works for you. I wish you all the best!
  10. Interested in Neigong and ALchemy

    Hey XianGong, NeiGong and Alchemy described in the shortest possible way: 1) Make your physical body strong and healthy (through sleep, diet, lifestyle and exercise) 2) Make your life energy strong (through the above measures, AS WELL as breathing exercises and qigong exercises) 3) Make your mind pure, peaceful and harmonious (through the above, AS WELL as meditation). 4) Through continued practice of the above, you can realize the Truth These three steps are traditionally called 1) jing to qi (from the physical body to the energetic body) 2) qi to shen (from the energetic body, to the psychological body) 3) shen to xu/Dao (from the psychological body (the mind) to the realization of the True Nature of Reality). Practically, the qigong teacher will teach you like this: 1) The physical form, the movements and bodily alignments (this is the jing or physical part) 2) The breathing, how to combine breathing with the movements correctly, including holding your breath (this is the qi or energetic part) 3) The visualisations, what to visualise for each movement and breath (this is the mind or shen part). When body, energy and mind combines into ONE, this opens the possibility for realizing firstly your own true nature, then the true nature of Reality. You go beyond your own indvidual mind, and merge with the Universe. Let me finish on a very controversial note: there is only one measure of a person's true spiritual development. It's not their supernatural powers, having exceptionally strong qi, being able to heal, read minds, control spirits or see auras. Everyone can achieve this technically and artificially through certain techniques. Nope. It's actually their love and compassion for all living beings. 1) Never commit actions which can hurt yourself or others, physically or mentally, now or in the future 2) Be a blessing to all living beings, help relieve the suffering of others when you can Living in accord with the above two, simple rules is the ultimate superpower, the ultimate feat, the ultimate level of spiritual development and enlightenment. ALL of cultivation has only one point: giving us control of firstly our bodies, then our qi, and lastly our minds. When these are under our control, we can live in harmony with ourselves, our families, our communities, countries and finally the whole world. In other words, cultivation gives us the power to follow the two above rules in everyday life.
  11. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    Hi CharlesJorden, Thanks for sharing your story. Living an unhealthy lifestyle in general depletes our jing faster than normal. I have actually heard that smoking weed converts jing into shen. This is why people binge eat after smoking, because their bodies know they need to replenish their jing. It's similar to having to eat high calorie snacks after sex, masturbation and ejaculation. The body naturally wants to replenish its jing. So! Actually, simply living life depletes our jing. Hence, it's normal, natural and unavoidable. However! The only problem is if we deplete it too fast. This can lead to problems. The best cure is very simple, albeit not necessarily easy. Look after your sleep (sleep sufficiently each night). Look after your diet (eat healthy foods, avoid unhealthy stuff). Look after your stress levels (through sleep, food, correct planning, and of course meditation and relaxation, we can manage our stress better). Finally, after all of these things are perfect (or close to perfect), qigong and herbs will also help. There are specific qigong exercises for strengthening our Kidney system and our jing, and there are also specific herbs for this purpose.
  12. Hi Jaba, I'll answer in four parts: 1) about teachers, 2) about exercises, 3) about qi and blood, 4) my own "greatest hits" 1) Concerning teachers, I personally know of only 2 who I know for sure have actually learnt traditional sexual kung fu in China and are legit: a ) Tommy Iversen, who lives in Scandinavia, Europe b ) James McNeil, who lives in the US 2) About exercises; there are three primary muscles trained, the anal muscles in the back, the pc/perineum muscles in the middle, and the penis and testicle muscles in the front. Pumping the anal muscle is usually the easiest for beginners. Getting this strong and under control helps a lot, because the prostate gets squeezed with each anal contraction. This helps in emptying it of fluid during sexual activity, hence delaying ejaculation. Frequent activation also increases blood flow in the area, which is very beneficial. When extremely strong, one strong anal contraction can make you go from 100% erection, at 99% close to ejaculation, to 80% erection with an urge to ejaculate at 50%. Very powerful at prolonging lovemaking when mastered. Squeezing the pc/perineum muscle is usually harder for beginners. The easiest way to learn to activate it is firstly by stopping the flow of urine. The secret is that you should stop the urination completely, and keep squeezing the muscle until even the urge to pee stops. Only then should you resume urinating. Do this 2-3 times. This is mind/muscle training, which helps in blocking ejaculation during lovemaking. Firstly, squeezing hard blocks the ejaculation, secondly, keeping a hard squeeze until even the urge to ejaculate stops. Thus ridding you of the urge. Just don't do the exercise every day at every urination, it will annoy your bladder. Do it a couple of times per week. Squeezing the penis and testicle muscles is of moderate difficulty in the beginning. Simply think about "sucking up your testicles". You can visually see this, either by looking down or by looking in a mirror. This will allow you to visually verify that you're actually working the correct muscles. This is very helpful, as you can see your testicles getting sucked up, and staying sucked up as long as you hold the contraction. You can over time learn to contract each muscle section voluntarily: the back, the middle and the front. Then you should proceed to do the contractions for time, while holding your breath as well. This should be done in different positions; lying, sitting, standing (different postures) and finally while walking. The goal is to build up to 2-4 minutes (or longer, of course). 3) about qi and blood Qi is the "commander" of blood, guiding and leading it. Blood is the "mother" of qi, giving birth to it, nourishing it and holding it. If you have strong qi, you'll have strong and healthy blood circulation. Because the qi guides the blood well. If you get more blood, you'll also have more qi, as the blood gives birth to more qi. Blood without qi will leave you with poor blood circulation, qi without blood will over time die out. When you hold your breath while doing qigong exercises, the qi wakes up. If you hold your breath many times, you'll notice you get warm and start sweating. This is because of increased qi circulation, guiding the blood to circulate more, this then heats up your system. This is actually a big part of the "alchemy" part of qigong, the fire or heat in your system opens your body and qi blockages. It "burns" them, and then starts refining your system. So, that's why sweating is a good sign of the qigong alchemical process taking place. You should ideally work up to a sweat during your qigong practice every single day. This keeps the alchemical process going, refining, opening, strengthening and purifying your whole system more and more. Holding your breath often, over time makes your body produce more blood. This in turn produces more qi. That's why a big secret in qigong is holding your breath. 4) My own greatest hits Holding your breath while doing the different genital exercise muscle contractions is a major secret for sexual qigong, just like simply holding your breath is a great secret in normal qigong. The secret to the genital exercises is the breath and the blood. During the swinging with the weight around both penis and scrotum, you generate the swing with your hips, by rocking them, then breathe in and squeeze all your genital muscles while swinging the weight forward (pumping your genitals full of blood, which then can't leave the organs due to the cloth), and the exhale and relax your muscles on the back swing. Doing this for up to 100 repetitions pumps your genital organs full of blood. When done several times per week, while increasing either weight or repetitions (but not more than 100), will increase blood and qi in your genital organs. This makes them bigger and stronger (over time), and has a spill-over effect to especially your kidney system, but also the liver, and to a lesser extent the heart, and even lesser extent spleen, and very little effect on the lungs. During the swinging with the weight tied just under the penis head, you don't rock your hips. ALL of the swinging motion comes ONLY from the genital muscle contractions. You breathe in and squeeze, this starts the motion, the you breathe out and relax, and the motion continues. This creates the "swinging motion", hence making it a more "true" genital muscle strength workout. This is why it was always my favorite exercise. It can be troublesome to actually feel and squeeze the genital muscles. However, with the penis swing there is no doubt. You can only get the motion going by activating the correct muscles. Furthermore, by increasing the load over time, you get progressive overload. Compare this to simply to squeezing and letting go with regular kegels: you can increase endurance somewhat, but never true max strength. Furthermore, you penis head will be pumped full of blood, enlarging it, and the body/shaft of the penis gets stretched, as well as pumped with blood. The penis swing is definitively my personal sexual qigong favorite. Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have there are many, many more interesting things; e.g. the effect on the 3 dan tien, how swinging affects the 7 chakras, which meridians are activated, how can surplus sex energy and sperm be transformed, sexual and partner meditation, and much more! PS: if you're simply looking for being better at satisfying your girl, search for the book "Sex God Method" by Daniel Rose. It uses something called the DEVI model. This was my personal game changer. All the qigong and lovemaking gave me techniques as well as increased strength, but the DEVI model mindset is still my foundation for satisfying girls.
  13. Hi thelerner, Thanks for your welcome Yes, there are supplementary exercises to the more "load-bearing" exercises. The deer exercise is one of them. If you'd like to hear more about the gentler, no-risk-involved, exercises for improving sex function, qi and blood flow, as well as boosting your general qi levels, let me know and I'd be happy to describe them
  14. Dear Dao Bums, This is the post I always searched for. A no-nonsense, no bullshit, personal experience and description of sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking. For over 7 years I've been meditating daily. For over 5 years, I've been involved in learning, reading, studying and practicing genital weight lifting, sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking. I'll keep this concise and precise, 4 headers: genital weight lifting, sexual qigong, daoist lovemaking, chinese medicine. 1) Genital Weight Lifting Lifting and swinging weights tied around both scrotum and penis is the primary exercise. Tying a weight just under the head of the penis and swinging it is the second exercise. These two types of swinging, combined with breathing and genital muscle contraction, will enlarge your testicles and penis. You must be VERY careful, and only do this under the supervision of an authorized and trained teacher. If done incorrectly, you'll damage your most prized organs. Even when done correctly, you WILL have slightly longer testicles than before. This can be annoying. So think about it, before you start. Now I'll shortly list my experiences: The positives: The primary swinging exercise, with the weight tied around both testicles and penis, will increase qi and blood circulation. Due to the cloth tied around your organs, the blood you pump into them via muscle contractions will stay there during the exercise. Over time, this will increase the number of capillaries (blood vessels) as well as the size of your blood vessels. This increases qi and blood circulation, as well as enlarging your testicles and penis over time. When your testicles become bigger and stronger, you get MUCH more sexual energy. When your penis increases in size (this takes time), you'll get more confidence. For me personally, the penis swinging exercise was incredible. After just two sessions, I started noticing results. It also enlarges your penis head. Longer, fuller and stronger erections. You can last longer. The negatives: If you do any of these exercises from books or videos, or from a withholding teacher, you can greatly damage yourself. In the typical chinese style of teaching, you'll get only very little theoretical information. You'll be shown what to do, and then only after lenghty testing, observation and consideration, will the teacher give you the small theoretical and practical tricks, which will greatly increase the efficiency of the exercise. You'll get longer, hanging testicles. This can be annoying both cosmetically and functionally (i.e. they hang lower in your pants and are more exposed). The "load" experienced by your sexual organs taxes your system. If you don't have proper recovery and life style, herbs etc, this can drain you energetically. This is in contrast to most kinds of qigong, and more similar to normal bodybuilding/fitness training. Normal qigong increases your energy. Bodybuilding/fitness and genital weight lifting taxes your system and drains you. HOWEVER, with proper recovery you grow stronger after the recovery phase. So, be very mindful of this aspect. Normal qigong will help you recover faster, if you practice while sick, weak or drained. Doing an iron man while you're sick, will tax your system, and make you even weaker and potentially more sick. Genital weight lifting is the same: never practice when sick, or if otherwise weakened or drained. It will drain you further. 2) Sexual Qigong If a man and a woman both practice qigong and meditation, as well as have a healthy lifestyle, they can be of great assistance to each other. Through retaining semen, the man will build his energy stronger and more harmonious with each sex session. For the woman, the more orgasms she has, the more balanced and harmonious she will be. 3) Daoist lovemaking Sexual Qigong and Daoist lovemaking go hand in hand. Sexual qigong is more concerned with building, circulating and harmonizing the qi. Daoist lovemaking is more focused on making the sex act as pleasureable and satisfying as possible. Hence, it is more of an art form. The most important point is foreplay. Through kissing, licking, hugging, touching, biting and gazing, the man starts with the woman's face, arms, back, legs and feet. After only certain signs of arousal are observed (reddening of the neck, her body becomes warm, nippels harden, her breathing changes and the vagina is BOTH warm and moist), the foreplay will go to the breasts, and lastly the vagina. The sex act itself employs many different positions and techniques, as well as a lot of talking to stimulate the woman psychologically and emotionally. The second most important point (other than foreplay) is the afterplay. After the sex act is finished, the man should hold, hug, caress and sweet talk the woman and consolidate what they achieved during the lovemaking. Usually the man is more focused on the sex act, whereas the woman truly enjoys both the foreplay and afterplay equally as the sex. The sex is physical, the foreplay and afterplay is emotional. Ejaculation is very healthy and important for the man's health, and extremely arousing for the woman. However, it should be regulated according to his health, age, cultivation and lovemaking frequency. 4) Chinese medicine Each of us have a certain bodily and energetic configuration. When we're healthy, still, some of our organs, meridians or jing/qi/shen will be a little weak or imbalanced. This is something we're born with. Some people will naturally have a weakness in the heart, kidneys etc. It's very, very important to know one's weaknesses in Chinese Medicine when undertaking genital weight lifting. This is so you can supplement your training with herbs. The testicles (as well as the brain and bone marrow) is connected to the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine. So, when you're swinging weights, you're taxing your whole Kidney system. With proper recovery, this will make your whole Kidney system stronger. HOWEVER! If you're a person whose natural weakness is Kidneys, you're in for a world of trouble if you don't supplement Genital Weight Lifting with herbs. This was the case for me personally. I was told that Genital Weight Lifting is the strongest qigong in the world, and everyone will benefit from it and become a superhuman. When I was gradually weakened by it, and asked my teacher for guidance, he couldn't understand it. He told me to practice more and harder, but the more I practiced, the weaker I got. When I finally quit genital weight lifting, after having been severely weakened, it took me 2 years of herbs and a new style of qigong to recover. When I asked my new qigong teacher about how everyone had seemed to become superhuman from the training, but that it completely killed me, he wasn't flabbergasted at all. He simply said "different people need different things". After having finally recovered, I restarted the genital weight lifting 6 months ago. Firstly the penis swing (which was always my personal favorite), and just under a month ago, I added the normal swing (both scrotum and penis). With all of my prior experience, new qigong training and knowledge, as well as herbs, I can now appreciate the sexual function boost this style of training gives. It CAN really help you with health, energy and your sex life, but you need to be very mindful of balancing with herbs, life style, recovery and normal qigong. This is how it works according to qigong theory and chinese medicine: Your physical body is considered the jing layer of your existence. The brain, bone marrow, kidneys and testicles are especially related to your jing. Through increasing your testicle size and strength, you'll strengthen your Kidney system and thereby the foundation for your physical strength and health. Your energetic body has your qi. Just like a teenage boy can grow like crazy in height and increase his muscle mass very quickly due to the power of hormones, similarly, by training your testicles and increasing your hormones, you'll increase your qi levels immensely. By strengthening the Kidney system, you also strengthen your brain. When your physical body is strong, your qi is powerful and your physical brain is healthy, it will be easier for you to meditate better, and work with your shen or spirit. Conclusion: these were the most important points of my experience, as well as what I wish I had known when undertaking genital weight lifting 5 years ago. If I had known then, what I know now, I could have avoided getting too long testicles (by being more conservative with the weight lifted), I could have avoided a 2 year weakness period (by supplementing with the correct herbs as well as more normal qigong and less swinging). This would have helped avoid unecessesary suffering, and instead increased my health, happiness and cultivation further. Therefore I decided to write this post: in order to help others avoid unecesseary suffering, and in order to benefit as many as possible by giving realistic and practical advice about the pros and cons of genital weight lifting. Be blessed!