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  1. Hi. Do you know if her still teaches the higher levels ?
  2. Hi. Thank for the info. I does not live in the USA. So, unfortunately, can not get a look in the book. Please tell me more about the system.
  3. Kong jin

    Where can I find more info about the practice? Did someone teaches it in the west?
  4. Jingui Golden Shield QiGong

    How many months did you need to finish the first leve?
  5. Jingui Golden Shield QiGong

    Yes. Here i am! i will try again soon. trying a differente form of sending things! I find the system in 2011 and since then tryied to have instructions on it, but can not afford the need to continuous going to USA to practice. If i can not send the herbs, i will try to go to USA (if the Brazilian economics helps) next year and brought it with me in the returning. What is your felling about the practice, as a long term student?
  6. Jingui Golden Shield QiGong

    I was trying to practice, but brazilian customs does not permited the entrance of the didatjow in the country!
  7. Hi. Me again. Thanks for the info about the kaya kalpa yoga. it is realy very good. Where i can find more about the system (like te initiations and meditations)?
  8. Potent Systems

    Hi. Do you know the moving program of live? The level 2 Emei qigong.
  9. Tai Chi Ruler

  10. Qigong techniques for better, longer, deeper sleep?

    They are very different? Can you explain more about your experience with relaxation form?
  11. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hi. I would like to know the homepage that you find the Feng ziqiang DVD/Vídeo? I am not finding this material. Thanks.
  12. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Hi. Thank you for the info. Any student became available for teaching? Or any school open for students?
  13. Yi Jin Jing

    hi. Where do you learn the system? Thanks
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Hi. What is your primary nei gong teacher and system? Thanks
  15. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    Hi. Any other news from the group? I would like to read more impressions about the system. I am waiting to take the clsses( I'm rooting for the pound sterling price to decrease in relation to the Brazilian Real). Things are not so good in third world countries.......