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  1. Dr Jwing-Ming Yang

    Thank you for the info.
  2. Swallowing saliva

    I am very happy tonhave the oportunity to make new friends. Hope that i can meet you in california. i will orgnize my calendar and vacations to go to Califonia. Please if you contact the school tell me if the master or someone still theaches nd give class, because i can not have any sucess in cotacting by email, and can nor have sucess to contact by international phone call. sorry for my english it is not very good (learning a bit every day).
  3. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Here in Brazil the pandemic has started it worse fase in this moment!!!
  4. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Yes. I think that i need to see the moment that the pandemic stop. !
  5. Daoist Internal Mastery - new Wang Liping book

    Thank you.
  6. Dr Jwing-Ming Yang

    Hi. The forms from master Zhou are like tai chi? Flowing forms only ordoes he teaches statics postures?
  7. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    I have a dream that someday i can train with master Zhou. My plaining to go this year was lost due to the pandemic. Does the master give online class, like leve stream?
  8. Daoist Internal Mastery - new Wang Liping book

    Hi. Does master Zhou tinh Jue teach sleeping practices.
  9. Swallowing saliva

    HI. Please speak more about the master zhou ting jue practices. I want to study with him, this pandemic has caused me a big trouble to make this dream came true.
  10. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Yes. I will search for Maria Lucia Lee that is the teacher in Brazil. She begin the system in the country!.
  11. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Thank you. Can you speak more about the system? It is difficult to learn? Uses movements ou seated meditations?
  12. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I had the info about Minimum of 3 months. By the way it is the sme time that some use to "lay the fondation". But the founder is already dead and can not give more info about this time requeriment.
  13. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Hi. I have just finished my four mounths continuous practice in the level 1. I will start the second level. The level one help me with the COVID 19 (became asymptomatic) i think. My wife that did not train has weak symptoms from covid.
  14. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    I want to train with him, but did not receive any email answer in the past year.
  15. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Hi. Anybody had class with Master Zhou in recent yers? I tried contact with him by email but did not receive any info. Did he still give class?