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  1. Dear Dao Bums, Here's my experience with the Simplified Kundalini Yoga by Vethathiri Maharishi. I'll describe my experience in 4 parts: 1) Overview of the system 2) My personal experience 3) Summary 4) Conclusion Overview of the system: Simplified Kundalini Yoga is the creation of Vethathiri Maharishi. It includes the following: a) transfer of energy from the master through touch, through the eyes and through the mind to open the chakras of the students (sparsa diksha, chakshu diksha and manodiksha) b ) meditation (on the chakras as they're opened progressively, the stars and planets, the 5 elements, the senses and finally the universal energy field and the universal absolute space) c) tratak or gazing meditation (on a ghee lit earthen clay lamp and later on a mirror) d) simplified physical yoga postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) e) transmutation of the sexual vital fluid through simplified kaya kalpa yoga (breathing and postures) f) introspection and refinement of character (analysis of thoughts, moralization of desires, neutralization of anger, eradication of worries, self-realization, sex and spirituality, and finally how to achieve harmony in the family, workplace and in all relationships) My personal experiences This is the best spiritual system I've ever tried. I've tried everything under the sun: mantra meditation, pranayama, tibetan and buddhist tsa-lung and meditation, dream and sleep yoga, physical yoga exercises, sexual qigong, qigong meditation, standing meditation, sufi mantras and meditation, rituals (praying, fasting, giving food and charity), pilgrimages to holy places, vedanta, jnana/gyana yoga, psychological self development, sexual transmutation, semen retention, daoist lovemaking, gazing on the sun, moon and stars and much much more. However, SKY still rules supreme as to the simplicity, power, effectiveness and practicality in all aspects. From the very first day, from my initiation into the system (where your lifeforce is transferred from the root/muladhara chakra to the brow/agya chakra) my life was never the same. That very first evening when I meditated after returning home from the initation, I had the deepest meditation of my life. My mind became still and peaceful, no thoughts or emotions, just pure and deep peace. After the meditation I was extremely energized and full of power. Furthermore, my sleep became the best it's ever been (and I've had life long issues with sleep). Every single initiation (brow chakra, root chakra, crown chakra, the universal energy state, lamp gazing) keeps surprising me as to its power. It just works. It's easy and simple, yet profoundly powerful. Summary SKY has been the best I've ever tried, and it keeps improving with every initiation. Furthermore, it's a complete system. It has everything you need: physical, breathing, psychological and energetic exercises, improvement of character, meditation and transmutation of the sexual vital fluid. Conclusion If you're into meditation, definitively check SKY out. It has changed my life. When I went to the first initiation, several seasoned meditators who've been meditating deeply and going on retreat yearly for the past 20+ years were also surprised at its power. They thought it sounded too easy... Yet it worked SO! Check it out Be blessed