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  1. @Papayapple thanks for your comment! Yes, people get lovemaking super advanced very quickly. Let me give some very short pointers for lovemaking, sexual qigong and sexual meditation respectively. The shortest possible explanation of lovemaking I can give is: 1) the man should become more "yin" (loving and soft, spending more time on foreplay, kissing, caressing and focusing on her pleasure and satisfaction) 2) the woman should become more "yang" (active, enthusiastic, involved, she should completely let go and surrender physically, emotionally and mentally, and lose herself in the playfulness, love and affection of a free and overt sexuality) 3) mastering the physical techniques of foreplay, kissing, hugging and caressing is the first thing. Then the different positions, their variations and how to smoothly switch between them is the second thing. Ending the session lovingly is the third thing (by hugging, holding each other and sweet talking each other). 4) The psychological aspect is the most neglected; the man should stimulate the woman with sweet and dirty talk all throughout. Talking is what most people don't do naturally, but it's the easiest to stimulate each other. The shortest possible explanation of sexual qigong I can give is: 1) Through muscle contractions, breath holding and swinging (with the weight swinged increased over time), your sexual strength increases 2) With increased strength the man gets a bigger and stronger erection and can last much longer 3) With increased strength the woman gets wet and aroused faster and easier, and her orgasms are easier to achieve, and become more powerful and healing The shortest possible explanation of sexual meditation I can give is: 1) Both should be at a very high level of development in physical training and control, breath holding and control, and lastly they should be very, very good in meditation. Otherwise true sexual meditation is quite difficult. This is because in order to meditate sexually, the man should be able to attain an erection by "entering the emptiness" state in meditation. Just like a man wakes up with an erection. This is because we go into the emptiness in deep sleep. When you can achieve this state in meditation, and have sexual qigong strength, you'll also get an erection during meditation. You should then be able to have the woman insert the erect penis into herself, WITHOUT coming out of your state of deep meditation. As you can understand, this is a very high level. I am good in meditation and sexual qigong, but I still cannot do this after 7 years of daily meditation, 5 years of sexual qigong and lovemaking, and 4 years of regular qigong. I tried to make it short, concise and precise, but the last one got a bit lengthy Feel free to ask any other questions or make any other comments, share your thoughts about this very interesting subject
  2. Karma of prostitution

    I just searched for "Martinus and sex", and I found a very interesting post on Quora: According to this, prostitutes must fall under the "B - category" of people. Which type do you think they are? I think the people visiting prostitutes could be both B, C and E people.
  3. Karma of prostitution

    I've consulted my most preferred "saint" on the science of karma, the Danish mystic Martinus. He lived from 1890-1981. In the 60s, during the sexual revolution and culmination of hippie-sex culture, someone actually asked him at a Q&A in Sweden. It was in 1968 in Varnhem Sweden. Here is the original transcript, I'll put an English translation below: "SPG: Er prostitution godt for seksuelt hungrende mennesker? SVAR af MARTINUS: ”Ja, det er det sikkert… [stor latter]” ”Ja, jeg ville nu ikke gøre det… [fortsat stor latter]” ”Nej, men øh.. prostitution… jaaa.. kan man sige.. øhh” ”Hvis denne prostitution, hvis den, øh, ikke berører andre mennesker end de to personer selv, øh, hvis den ikke skaber sorg og lidelser hos andre mennesker osv, så, og det ikke er gift, det ikke er et menneske der bryder troskab osv, så kan jeg jo ikke se at, øh, andet end de må selv om det” ”At de tager penge for det, det må de jo så selv bestemme [latter]” ”Hvis ikke prostitutionen var, så mange, mange, ja mange, normale… hvad kan man sige.. pæne kvinder ikke kunne eksistere, så ville der være voldtægter, en hel masse, jaa, jeg mener det er en meget stor sikkerhedsventil alt sådan noget, med prostitutionen.” ”Og det er jo sikkert en nødvendighed for tiden, det må være nødvendigt, men det er jo ikke noget jeg kan anbefale man skal give sig til at være [latter]” Here is the English translation: "Question: Mr Martinus, is prostitution good for the people who crave sex?" "Answer: Yes, most probably... [everyone erupts into enormeous laughter]" "Well, yes, I myself wouldn't do it" [everyone continues laughing]" "If this prostitution, if it doesn't touch the lives of others than to two people actually doing it... If it doesn't create hurt and suffering among other people.. E.g. if one is married or in committed relationship... As long as people are not breaking vows, promises or cheating on a spouse or partner... I can't say anything else, than it's simply a matter between these two people" "And if they decide to charge money.. Well, that's up for them to decide! [everyone laughs]" "If there was no prostitution, with all our beloved, devoted and innocent women... I'm afraid there would be massive rape.. I actually think prostitution is a big safety valve for the society": "I guess it's probable a necessary evil in this day and age, it must be a kind of necessity in our societiy.." "However, it's not something I would recommend! [everyone laughs]" Martinus was an elderly gentleman of about 70 years at this point. Hence the great laughter. Everyone found it suprising that a respectable elderly man, who taught spirituality, could be so humorous about such a serious topic. Also to be said, is that in that period in Denmark (the 60s), there was no woman trafficking like there is today (with women from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia being trafficked and taken advantage of by pimps and criminals under threat of violence). Therefore the prostitutes were of a different kind, not being beaten, sold, threatened, used or controlled using violence. They chose it of their own free will, as an easy way to make money. Personally, these are my own thoughts: 1) Why does a woman become a prostitute? If she is caught, threatened and forced into making money for someone else, she has herself in a previous lifetime used and forced others. This could be slavery, or simply people living in primitive societies with maids or servants working under very bad conditions. If she chooses it of her own free will, it's simply because she feels it's an easy way to make money. 2) The karma a prostitute gets for selling sexual services Her desire for sex will over time morph. If done for many decades, this could cause her to have an unusually high sex drive in the next life time. Further, it could make her become to speculative and manipulating about making money, using contacts etc in either this or the next life. However, if she gives out pleasure and satisfaction physically, she is karmically bound to receive that. However, with money being charged, that equalizes it somewhat. 3) The karma for visiting a prostitute The person visiting the prostitute, is using the prostitute's somewhat disadvantaged situation (she needs to sell her body for money), in order to satisfy his own physical desire. If there was no money involved, she would not of her free will have sex with him. Therefore, the karma must be, that the person visiting prostitutes will in the future encounter a similar situation. He/she will be in a disadvantaged situation, where someone else will use this disadvantaged situation, to extract something they want from them, even though they would never give this thing of their own free will.
  4. Karma of prostitution

    I would like to ask people about their ideas; what is the karma for prostitution? 1) What caused the prostitute to become a prostitute? 2) What karma does the prostitute get from selling sexual services? 3) What karma does the people who buy sexual services from a prostitute get?
  5. Hi Jaba, thanks for your appreciation Regarding your questions and commentaries: 1) Websites This is James McNeil's website: You can buy his book about lovemaking, as well as two dvds here: Tommy Iversen has written a book about lovemaking, but it hasn't been translated into English yet, unfortunately. 2) Time needed for sexual qigong and kung fu If you learn traditionally, you will need to practice many hours a day. However, in my opinion, this is not necessary. I personally do my own sexual qigong practice in about 10-15 minutes, 1-2 times per week. This is enough to 1) do the static holds for time (while holding the breath and contracting the genital muscles), 2) do the massage exercises and 3) do the swinging. Sexual kung fu and lovemaking... Well, most of us have sex every week anyway. So, practice as much or as little as you want 3) Holding your breath and horniness That indeed sounds like a very powerful practice! Yes, when you do sexual qigong you get more sexual energy. Just like a teenager, you feel increased horniness. This is a sign of health. If you have a partner, you can practice as much as you want. Othwerwise, you can use meditation, mantras and breathing exercises to "take off the pressure" if it becomes to much. Circulating the energy only makes you stronger and healthier. 4) Sexual energy, spiritual abilities, sexual qigong and shen gong I was told by my teacher that the physical lovemaking is only about 10% of the true practice of sexual kung fu. It's only the foundation. At later stages, one works more with the qi, and finally with the shen. He told me you do a practice to leave the physical body. The two bodies will be laying there, full of jing and qi. Your spirits will be hovering over them. Then you use the enormeous amount of qi from the lovemaking to heal each other. When both are finally strong and healthy in body and energy, one can travel with one's spirit, and go to specific places to learn higher practices. I haven't had this experience, he just told me about it. 5) "Levels" of sex and orgasm, jing, qi, shen This happens automatically, especially if both cultivates. The jing or body level simply means the body becomes relaxed, harmonious and satisfied. Maybe some tight muscles relaxes, tension in the nervous system is released etc. This is the "mechanical" or body part of lovemaking. It's also related to saliva and sperm, as these are related to our jing. The qi level is also the emotional level. Some people cry during orgasms or right after. This is xie qi or bad qi that has been stuck in the 5 organs. Due to the qi orgasm, it gets released. Depending on the emotions, you can know which organs in the body got healed. Some get angry during sex, but relax after the orgasm. This is mostly related to the Liver (just an example). The shen level is the mind level. Psychological issues or past traumas can also get released, clearing your mind, making your mind peaceful and content. Letting go of the past, releasing it from your mind. 6) Women and spirituality Yes, it's true. In most traditional cultures, women are discouraged from spirituality. Women can also cultivate
  6. Dear friends, A new update. I just realized I've written exclusively about sexual qigong and lovemaking from the male point of view... Let me add some for the women Firstly I'll add my perspective as a man, my experience with a lover, as she went through the sexual qigong (swinging) and lovemaking training. Secondly I will add some commentaries and perspectives I've heard from women themselves. Thirdly I'll write a bit about how women's training in sexual qigong and lovemaking is done 1) My experiences (as a man) with a woman as she went through sexual qigong and lovemaking training - her vagina got tighter, better, warmer and felt "more alive" - she got aroused and wet MUCH faster and easier - she become all around much more sexual - her whole energy and aura got more sexual, feminine and attractive - she got orgasms MUCH faster and easier, more powerful orgasms, and just in general MORE orgasms - lastly, through training she learnt more "skills" and just got technically better, e.g. riding, sucking, licking, kissing etc 2) Women's own commentaries about learning sexual qigong and lovemaking - genuinely surprised at how MUCH sex and lovemaking has to offer - positively suprised how much frequent and pleasurable lovemaking can improve health, mood and general joy of life - more confident and energetic - more satisfied and content - impressed at what the vagina can actually do - blown away by how spiritual and full of love "sex" (lovemaking) can become, opening new dimensions of being and surrender, opening the body, heart and mind, and eventually merging into the divine and dissolving into the Universe/God 3) How is sexual qigong and lovemaking done for women? For women, the basics are the same: - learn to contract firstly the anal muscles, then the vaginal opening, then the middle and finally the "end" of the vaginal canal. - this is all done for time, while holding your breath, in different postures (lying, sitting, standing, and finally in movement) - there are two exercises for women: 1) swinging (an egg is inserted into the vagina with a weight tied to it. The weight is increased over time. This develops strength), 2) eggs (a single egg is inserted into the vagina. Using the vaginal muscles, your firstly learn how to suck it all the way up, then how to push it all the way out, then how to move it side to side. This develops incredibly mobility and control of every single section of the vaginal canal; the front, the middle, the back, and each of the sides). - there are also massage exercises for the ovaries and breasts, as these are also very important. These are also done while holding your breath. - the lovemaking is much easier, as a man is very easy to satisfy. She learns how to suck and play with her mouth and hands, how to contract the vaginal muscles in different ways in different positions, and of course technical skills/practice like riding, sweet and dirty talking etc. - the psychological and emotional part of the lovemaking is actually just as important for a woman to master, in satisfying her man. This is done through talking. The physical is just skills and practice, yet the emotional and psychological is just as important. Complimenting the male ego is a huge turn on (sweet talk), furthermore being submissive also turns men on, and finally being overtly sexual and enthusiastic about lovemaking is very important. Many men are used to the women being resistant, moody, un-available and non-involved in the sexual act. So, simply by being happy, overtly sexual and enthusiastic about "getting it on" will seperate you from all the other women he's ever been with. 4) Rounding off this post The most important rule for all sexual activity is, that sex/lovemaking should never hurt oneself or others, physically or mentally, now or in the future. If this rule is followed, sex can become a great source of Divine energy, joy, love, bliss, pleasure, health and harmony. Women can also put the saliva, sexual fluids and sperm of the man under her tongue, let it dissolve there, and finally swallow it to the dan tien. This strengthens her jing. Lastly, during her menstruation, she should not do any of the sexual qigong. Instead she should meditate and hold her breath in her middle dan tien, strengthening her qi. As qi is the commander of blood, this will help mitigate any negative consequences of her menstruation (moodiness, nausea, cramps, pains, lower back pain, head ache, neck stiffness, excessive bleeding etc).
  7. your recommendation list of teachers

    There are three systems and teachers I can recommend: 1) Simplified Kundalini and Kaya Kalpa Yoga by Vethathiri Maharishi 2) Master Zhongxian Wu (Emei Shamanic Qigong, Dai Family Xing Yi, Hidden Immortal Taiji) 3) Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qigong). Let me say a few lines about each, related to your requests: "- dan tien strengthening practices - universal orbit - sexual kungfu - inner smile - third eye - daily practical exercises" Simplified Kundalini and Kaya Kalpa Yoga (SKY and KKY for short) - you open your different chakras in a specific sequence, including the navel chakra) - you circulate energy in your spine - Kaya Kalpa Yoga is specifically devoted to recycling and transmuting the sexual vital fluid - the third eye is gradually opened as the practices advance through the third eye chakra, meditation, recycling the sexual vital fluid and eventually gazing exercises specifically for the eyes and the third eye - there are very easy and simple to do physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation for each day, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening It's extremely easy and simple, yet the most powerful practices I've tried in my entire life. So, if you lean towards meditation, recycling sex energy and improving your character, this has been my personal favorite Master Zhongxian Wu - there is dan tien work in every single practice I've learnt from him - the orbit is opened and worked in several of the forms and meditations he teaches - I've tried to ask him about sexual practices, but he doesn't teach that - there are no specific third eye practices he has taught so far, instead the third eye opens gradually by itself due to the qigong and meditation - daily exercises, including shaking (tribal, shamanic dancing), mantras, physical moves and stretches, visualisation and mudras. For me personally, the EMEI style of qigong he teaches has simply hit home. Especially his "cosmic orbit qigong". It's so easy and simple, can be done both standing and sitting, and each movement has a mantra, mudra and visualisation. It's easy, yet it just works (for me). Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qigong) - the dan tien is worked through the different qigong exercises - he has specific "small universe" meditations with mantras and visualisation - no specific sexual kung fu that I know of - there are specific third eye exercises starting from his level three classes.. They work!! (He has lvl 1-3 available online and with videos, lvl 4 and 5 are only in person) - easy and enjoyable daily exercises, follow along videos, it's easy, yet it just works! See if any of the descriptions or names attract you. If they do, check them out on youtube, see if you vibe with them. If you do, feel free to ask me more questions, or simply just buy their stuff and try it out. For sexual qigong and kung fu, I've written about that specifically here, including my own personal experiences The link is below. All the best in your qigong journey!
  8. Dear friends, I am just writing a small update, about 1 month later. I've continued both types of swinging, and of course my own personal experimentation with lovemaking. The swinging with the cloth tied around both the scrotum and penis really helps give you endurance in bed. PLUS, I've found it actually helps a lot with increasing the girth of your penis. Enough that a girlfriend commented extensively "Oh my God.. It's so thick! It's so long! It's so big! What happened?!". It had only been about 4 days since the last time we were together. In those 4 days I was eating herbs, doing qigong, meditating and of course the swinging. Furthermore, if you engage in qigong and meditation for a long time, you can open up your qi-vision, allowing you to feel and even see the qi. This is highly beneficial during lovemaking!!! You can see the qi in her organs and meridians, her aura, as well as where she has blockages. By kissing, licking and mindfully touching these places, and re-opening her qi to flow, you can bring her to orgasm. Each orgasm is different for her: it can happen at the jing, qi or shen level. Or all of them together. Each brings a different kind of healing, to either body, energy or mind. Licking and swallowing the orgasmic juices released during her orgasm, and keeping them under your tongue for a while, eventually swallowing them to your dan tien, can be as strong as eating very potent and tonifying herbs.
  9. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    @freeform Very well said, that's very true. There's something in us and in the universe that's in perpetual motion. Forever shifting, changing and evolving. Letting go of attachment can help us tune in to this, and "surf" on this wave of constant change. The other part of us and the universe is a "constant", immovable, unborn, uncreated, eternal and unchanging. Some spiritual systems are sometimes "fixated" on only one of these. However, they're both there. Finally, there's the "observer", "experiencer", "knower" or "witness" to these two states. The moving state allows us to harmonize with the universe and its everchanging nature, and aligns us with it. The static state allows us to always have a "sanctuary" of rest, where we can find peace, no matter what's taking place on the outside. Finally, the witnessing state allows us to "exit" both states, and free ourselves of both being and non-being. Indeed, these three are what's sought after and praised in every single religion and spiritual tradition.
  10. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    @Wilhelm Yes, very true. The body, qi and shen are connected. By affecting one of them, we affect all. @Cleansox Indeed, all of the layers are connected. @Freeform I completely agree. This is indeed the great power of qigong and chinese medicine. You might be one with God, being good to everything and everyone, never hurting any living being. However, if you're weak and sick all the time... That's not fun either By taking care of our body and energy through qigong and herbs, we make sure our "instrument" is optimal. Our body indeed is God-given, by taking care of it, we're actually serving the Universe. If we're strong, healthy and energetic, we can do our duty to self, Family and Society. And because of our surplus energy, we can even help a bit extra, when/if necessary. If we're weak, sickly and tired all the time, we go down. Then we become a burden on both Family and Society, others have to take care of us. So, actually NOT taking sufficient time for self-care and cultivation is egotistical, whereas taking good care of ourselves is altruistic. Plus, a strong body with strong energy makes it easier to enjoy life
  11. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    Hi Freeform, Yes, I agree. It takes time to create a problem, hence it also takes time to solve that problem. What I mean is that you should feel something pretty soon, when you implement a change. If you're used to only sleeping 3 hours per night, but your true need is 9 hours, the very first few days you switch to a better routine, you will feel noticeably more rested. Hence, feeling better so soon is a sign, a sign that actually giving your body the rest it needs is good for you. This will motivate you to continue. Yes, it's also true that much of Daoist ideology is focused very much on the body and energetic level. I agree with this as well. It's easier and less complicated to produce solutions and give advice on these levels, and they DO help. If someone who has emotional traumas from their childhood, but also eats only junk, sleeps 4 hours per night, never exercises, are very very obese etc, simply helping them change their physical body and their energy will affect their life positively. No doubt about it. However, it won't heal the root cause - their emotional childhood trauma. So, I completely agree with you. Fix the body and energy first, that advice is universally helpful for everyone on this Earth. It's the easiest level to change. It's much easier to exercise, eat healthy, look after your sleep etc, than resolving emotional traumas. But we shouldn't say that body and energy can heal everything. We're multifaceted beings, we should be practical at each level. Most people (even high level qigong and meditation masters) also have childhood and psychological issues. We all do, it's normal and natural. If we completely neglect our psychology, and instead just do qigong whenever we feel bad, yes, we will get strong and healthy on the physical and energetic layer, but we shouldn't shy away from dealing with our psychological issues as well.
  12. Jing Deficiency? Thoughts?

    Hey Charlesjorden, If something new you introduce into your life is very suitable for you, you should feel a positive benefit that very same day. At the very minimum, at least within the first 7 days. If you don't feel the effect (even minimally positive) within 7 days, it's not certain whether that thing will really work for you in the long run. But remember, we have several layers: 1) physical 2) energetic 3) emotional 4) mental 5) spiritual So, if what you describe as "a very dark place" is actually something occurring on the emotional and mental level, measures taken at the physical and energetic will help somehwat, HOWEVER, it will not solve the actual problem. All the measures suggested so far are at the physical and energetic levels (sleep, exercise, herbs, diet etc). What brought you to weed in the first place? Think about that. Problems at the emotional and mental level, need emotional and mental solutions.
  13. Question about breath retention

    Holding the breath is one of the secrets of qigong alchemy. It's very easy and very simple, yet just like you've noticed, it wakes up the qi. By combining posture, breathing (including holding the breath) and visualisation, you involve all of your being in whatever qigong you're doing. The breathing is especially related to the qi. Qi being a central element of qigong (it's right there in the name!), breathing exercises and holding the breath is extremely important.
  14. transmuting sexual energy/Dantian

    The very best, most effective, and also the easiest and fastest way of transmuting sexual energy I've ever experienced is the "Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga" by Vethathiri Maharishi. It takes only a few minutes in the morning and evening. I've tried physical yoga postures, breathing exercises, qigong forms, qigong meditation, chakra meditation, dan tien meditation, mantras, I've tried everything out there to transmute sexual energy. Most of the things I tried worked to a certain degree, some very little, others quite a lot. But all of them took a lot of time and effort compared to their results. Compare this to Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga, which is highly effective, the easiest of all that I've tried, and takes only a few minutes. It wins the comparison hands down. Everyone is different, experiment and see what works for you. Personally, Simplified Kaya Kalpa Yoga by Vethathiri Maharishi was the game changer for me. I can highly recommend checking it out
  15. Homosexuality in the tao

    The best explanation of sexuality and spirituality at different evolutionary stages I've ever come across is from the Danish Mystic Martinus. I found a great description on it here: