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  1. How does penance or tapas give power?

    I will try to explain acc. To my knowledge,the semen has two tattvas fire and water therefore the sexual energy has two tendencies it can either flow downward or upward When doing tapas the fire element increases and it ascends many times apsaras were sent so that the sexual energy of the practiioner move down which will prevent them from gaining power
  2. iron crotch instructional video

    i didn't understand what do you mean by that?
  3. can anyone provide me any download link of "master tu's iron crotch dvd" i paid 200 USD,to a person who says he learnt the genital weightlifting from master tu but he conned me as well as blocked me on facebook ,also i earn mere 300 USD/month if anyone can email me the download link of tu's iron crotch video on a goodwill then i will be grateful to him whole my life Kindly pm me
  4. new member

    hello senior members, i am new to this forum,i am practicing genital weightlifting with just 1kg weight as i am newbie if anyone can guide me who practices genital weightlifting than i will be happy