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  1. A New Qigong practitioner

    Do you experiencing fragrance during fragrance Qigong?
  2. A New Qigong practitioner

  3. How does it work?

    Yes definitely but only at high level
  4. How can I stop grinning?

    You connect with God with form or formless?
  5. Heat during meditation

  6. Heat during meditation

    Thanks for sharing intresting information. So good diet is important for chi cultivation?
  7. Heat during meditation

    Thank you very much 🙏. I sleep at 10 wake up at 7
  8. Heat during meditation

    No. Actually it is slightly cool in the evening. But i get heat during meditation. Once i open my eyes within few minutes heat vanish
  9. Heat during meditation

    No. I drink little water. I get heat in the evening
  10. Su nu jing

    Which means i am slightly rude?
  11. Su nu jing

  12. Su nu jing

    Nice. Which Qigong and neidan you are practicing?
  13. Heat during meditation

    I am getting extreme heat during meditation in the evening. I am not getting heat during morning meditation why?
  14. Su nu jing

    Are you practicing Qigong or neidan? I heard only persons practicing neidan have to be careful in the bad weather
  15. How does it work?

    More than Dragon Ball z. Alchemy make you a God ( Tao)