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  1. Newcomer

    Welcome to the forum
  2. Navel chakra and dantian

    Thank you very much. Once qi initialized means small heavenly circuit starting to work?
  3. Navel chakra and dantian

    Thanks you very much
  4. Types of immortals

    Thanks for your help 🙏
  5. Types of immortals

    The book is in Chinese is there English version?
  6. Types of immortals

    Thanks for the book
  7. Types of immortals

    Than what is Wu Wei?
  8. Types of immortals

  9. Types of immortals

    Sure but can you please tell the now what type of meditation
  10. Types of immortals

    What type of meditation you do?
  11. Visualization meditation

    Hi, what are mechanisms for visualization meditation according to taoism? In Hinduism visualization of deities is a popular meditation in Buddhism there is kasina meditation in this they meditate on colored discs. Do Taoist also practice visualization meditation? If yes please share their methods
  12. Navel chakra and dantian

    Thanks for answering. So we need to concentrate on 2 inches below the navel can we do this meditation without teacher? Me and my friend is from India we don't have Qigong masters
  13. Navel chakra and dantian

    For health is it okay to meditate on navel chakra?
  14. Navel chakra and dantian

    Hi, i have a doubt some Qigong masters say dantian is situated in navel chakra but many masters says below the navel which is right. My friend is interested in navel chakra meditation if anyone knows please give instructions.
  15. Types of immortals

    Thanks for the book