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  1. I've been pondering over the idea of 'what if I suddenly acquired lots of money'. Having read lots of posts here regarding money, I came across an interesting quote elsewhere on the net (see below). Good? Bad? Neutral? Just another form of energy? My questions: If you're on a spiritual path and suddenly acquire multi-millions in cash, what effect would it have on your spiritual developement ? Is there a threshold-of-doom for the amount of cash that one can possess? How accurate is the quote below ? I've seen many people change in personality (for the worse) after acquiring lots of cash and I've never heard of a filthy rich, enlightened one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Money is not something that is morally neutral, a resource to be used in good or bad ways depending solely upon our attitude toward it. Mammon is a power that seeks to dominate us." "Behind money are invisible spiritual powers, powers that are seductive and deceptive, powers that demand an all-embracing devotion." "… behind money are very real spiritual forces that energize it and give it a life of its own. Hence, money is an active agent; it is a law unto itself; and it is capable of inspiriting devotion." "For Christ money is an idolatry we must be converted from in order to be converted to him." "That is why so much of Jesus’ teaching regarding wealth is evangelistic in character. He calls people to turn away from the mammon god in order to worth the one true God." "The call of God is upon us to use money within the confines of a properly disciplined spiritual life and to manage money for the good of all humanity and for the glory of God. And when this is done we are drawn deeper into the divine Center. We stand amazed that God would use our meager efforts to do his work upon the earth. . . Money is a blessing when it is used within the context of the life and power of God." (source: [2]) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------