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Found 48 results

  1. Has anyone heard of a Russell Barr teaching Wu long form style Tai Chi in the Olympia, Wa area? Lineage? Philosophy? Good works, etc.
  2. Why live a Virtuous life?

    Hello, if anybody can assist in my understanding of why someone would want to live a life by virtues vs a non-virtuous life? Sure it would benefit those around you, though why bare the suffering of living that life? What I am saying, if 'one' is suffering leading a non-virtuous life and essentially living a life by doctrine to virtues is a form of suffering anyway is there a logical reason for choosing that as a path? thank you
  3. Ni hao, Dao Bum, my story is a simple one but one I have never attempted to form into words. I was always into the martial arts, this proved a soft entrance to the Eastern spiritual traditions and forms of internal cultivation. Through meditation, qigong, tai chi and study within Mandarin, I found myself constantly staring into the eyes of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. I picked up a book from Barnes & Nobles that was a five book volume of the Chinese classics, which had a book from each school of thought. Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" (Dao De Jing), was the one that rang so clearly to me despite it's mysterious and often purposely confusing style of writing. It's a format that allowed me to find what I needed throughout various points in my life, the Tao Te Ching was a book of sage advice. However my thirst for more Taoist knowledge had only just begun. I began to read more and more, with each book, a new outlook on life and how to find my inner nature and become like the "uncarved block" (p'u). I delved deep into my studies; finding myself during the Spring and Autumn period history and writing's about Taoist philosophy and as far as modern Taoist sorcery, alchemy, divination, immortality, etc. They each provided an inkling into the mind of the Taoist throughout the many years. With peaceful hermit's like Lao Tzu, to radical extremist like the Yellow Turban Rebellion founder Jiang Jiao, Emperor's fearful of death that set out mass maritime expedition's in search of both an Island of Blest (where the "enlightened man or chen jen resided") and a mushroom of immorality. I've read the stories of the 8- Immortals and how they acted as saint like figures within Chinese History, I've read adaptations of the Taoist thought into modern life and living. Learned how the "Three Teachings" intermingled and their ideologies borrowed from one another. I am here strictly to exchange information and learn information about Taoism and the Three Teachings. Xie xie, zaijian, Lousy Lao Tzu
  4. Tao Convert

    Hi Y'all, My name is Amy, and I have been studying the Tao for about 3 months. I was drifting aimlessly since leaving Christianity 4 years ago. I did a lot of YouTube with Chakras, Meditating, Astral Planes, etc. One day (as I was playing Star Wars, SWTOR), I decided to look more into Taoism. I have known for some time that "The Force" was based on Tao. I read it all the way through in one sitting the first time. I am currently comparing 2 different translations as I read through again. I live in a very conservative town that it is in a very conservative state. It is probably 3 hours to the nearest town that might have a Tao temple. So, I started looking for an online community - and here I am. Thanks!
  5. Find the Fire?

    "Find that fire inside you." The popular modern term to incite motivation and enthusiasm in an individual. To find one's fire is to seek one's goals with determination and straightforwardness that cowers to no obstacle. A mighty forest born of ages long past cannot withstand a spark that ignites a fire, how could one's obstacles or enemies possibly contend? Ah, but however strong and everlasting the fire inside may burn, the inevitable reality comes to pass. Fire may only exist as long as there is fuel to sustain it. The "fire inside" one's motivation, the drive factor, is impossible to attain without fuel. The fuel for one's fire can be described in many ways, and thought of in different forms. Let us begin to forgo the illusions and be more straightforward. Fire is fueled by the ego. Fueled by the self. Whatever myriad form it may take is irrelevant, because determination, hate, sorrow, humiliation, shame, anger, and other forms of ego motivated emotions will always supply a finite amount of fuel for one's fire. An individual feels a response, then a burst of flame. But a raging fire will always settle into kindling. For those who seek motivation, fuel, who often delve with fire, I offer my favorite chapter of the Tao Te Ching: Chapter 15 The ancient masters were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive. The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable. Because it is unfathomable, All we can do is describe their appearance. Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream. Alert, like men aware of danger. Courteous, like visiting guests. Yielding, like ice about to melt. Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood. Hollow, like caves. Opaque, like muddy pools. Who can wait quietly while the mud settles? Who can remain still until the moment of action? Observers of the Tao do not seek fulfilment. Not seeking fulfillment, they are not swayed by desire for change. This may not be my preferred translation, however it does help convey a truth. The fire inside is but an illusion. The ego is not the way, and one's inner self knows this reality. But let us ask, what can stop the water from falling? Is there a possibility for one man to cease a waterfall? Can a river's rapid course be diverted by the rocks that reside in its bed? Water has no emotion, as it yields to all things. A Taoist favorite among imagery, nevertheless, it is for a reason. If you are an individual in need of motivation, then observe water. Yield and go with the flow of events. When the times comes for you to crash like the massive waves of the ocean in a storm, then you will do so effortlessly. When morning comes and the water is calm and undisturbed, you will return as nature intended. There is no emotion, only the Tao.
  6. New and Looking for Teacher in MD

    Hello Bums, I've been coming to this forum on and off for several years. I've had an interest in Taoism for about 5 years and have been reading the Tao Te Ching each morning for about that long. I also read about Buddhism and practice meditation. I've never had a teacher. Someone said I might have some luck finding one if I post about it here. Best wishes to everyone on the path. forest-turtle
  7. sex and spirituality

    I am a new member on this forum.Sex has always been a confusing matter to me.Sometimes it makes me feel ecstatic and sometimes it makes me feel low.So, i decided to find answers to my questions regarding sex and how it influences my attitude towards life. During my search i came to know about left hand path of tantra which talks about achieving the highest goal of life by using some techniques and methods.These methods also involve sex as a important part to reach the highest goal of life that is kundalini awakening. However the path of tantra is very hard and not easy to follow. I think following tantric practises without a guru can cause much harm to the body and also it is very diffficult to find true and authentic gurus under whom these practises can be followed. I would really love to share the knowledge on this forum and meet people who also want to reveal the secrets of life and sex. I also read mantak chia book- the multi orgasmic man. i found that both tantra and tao talk about conserving the same thing and moving it upwards. In tantra it is called bindu and in tao it is called chi.Moving this energy gives tremendous power to a human being. I would really love to meet the people interested in both tantra and tao and i want to become more aware about these topics. However, i also believe that only one path should be used to reach a certain goal and that path must be choosen with utmost care and responsibility. Hope i will get to know which path should i choose in life using valuable advices of people on this forum.
  8. Is my metaphor correct?

    To become enlightment means viewing the world without any extreme opposites. Thinking about that a metaphor was created in my mind: Life is like a spinning disk. You are on the disk and the Universe is around you. You move closer to the center when you are giving up extreme opposites. The more far away are you from the center, the more delusion filled and distorted your view on the Universe becomes. Only in the middle can you view reality as it is. (But how you know where is the center? )
  9. Peace Be With You

    Shalom Aleichem I am a Disciple of the Nasarean Path of the Essene Way I am joining this forum to connect with Taoists and learn more about their ancient practices. Nasareans have always sought to learn Truth wherever it may be found. That means we seek the Truth that is inherent in all Spiritual Paths, and that includes Taoism. The spiritual tradition that i follow and represent is re-emerging from centuries of persecution and suppression, thus very few have even heard of the existence of our Religion or Scriptures. Our scriptures explain that our priests and priestesses have been traveling the world for aeons, teaching and healing people of various lands, often unannounced. Our teachings have thus influenced many cultures for the uplift of All Humanity and All Life including Mother Earth herself. This means that although our scriptures are almost completely unknown to the world, fragments of our teachings can be found to exist within the teachings of the various religions that we have influenced throughout history. Of those cultures that were influenced by our teachings, Taoism is one of them. This makes sense to me, because Nasareans practice and teach the Essene WAY. And so when we acknowledge that The Tao means The Way, I can see the beginning of a thread that leads to the Truth that there are Essene (Healing) teachings inherent in the Tao. And I have found this to be true in my research. Before i ever found the Nasarean Path I had been interested primarily in Taoism and Yoga, amongst other religions. I always recognized the profundity of both of these two paths. And so when I began researching the Essenes, before i found the re-emerging Nasarean remnant, i held the Essenes to be of high standing alongside Taoists and Yogis. I considered myself a Taoist Essene Yogi!!! Now that I have been initiated into the Nasarean Mysteries i would consider myself a Nasarean Yogi of the Essene Tao. I also find truth relating to the Nasarean Path among the traditions of Celtic Druidry, Hermetic Alchemy, Zoroastrianism, aspects of Shamanism amongst Indigeonous cultures, Rastafarianism, and a whole bunch of others. Anyway thanks for your patience in reading all the way through my first post to introduce myself to everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know "where i'm coming from", and offer my reverence to Taoism itself from the perspective of someone who ultimately gives allegiance to a different religion. And that religion is one of Peace and Love for the Uplift and Healing of All. Love in All Ways, Always in Love... Amen, Jehudi
  10. Acupressure and acupuncture are two therapies based in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. They both believe that symptoms and diseases in the body are caused by an imbalance or blockage of energy flow in the body. These techniques aim to restore the flow of energy to improve health and well being. In Mantak Chia's book Awakening The Healing Energy Through The Tao he gives us a great insight on how to open or awaken are Chi through acupressure. I have been performing this mediation to help awaken the lower tan tien and may I say this is a great technique if you are having no luck opening the lower cauldron. Please read the book for full description. Here is brief description taken from his book: Use a Finger to help Concentrate When you concentrate on the navel focus one and a half inches below the skin. In the beginning, apply pressure on the point with your index finger for one to five minutes, then return your hands to your lap with the right palm over the left. Concentrate on the sensation created by your finger, pressing again when the point becomes indistinct. Once more, do not concentrate on breathing. Merely relax your eyes, tongue, and throat, and the mind will become still Once the mind is calm the power will accumulate. At first it is not easy to draw power to the energy center because your vital regenerative faculties have been abused for years. Your health cannot be restored overnight. The more you practice the stronger you will get, and you will be more able to endure heat produced by the higher voltage of chi. If you have been concentrating on the navel for a long time but do not feel any energy, change your focus to the Ming-Men, the point opposite the navel on the spine. This helps the energy to rise up to the head and descend down the front of the body to the feet. However, if you do not feel anything in the navel but have definite signs of improved health, you are on the right track. Remember, the experience of chi is different for everybody. Some people experience warmth or bubbling sensations, others feel as though their navel area is expanding, and some people can increase their chi circulation without creating vivid sensations. No matter what your experience is, try to be as sensitive and aware of your body as possible. Adventure into your body, it is a vast land laden with riches.
  11. Hello from Boston

    Hello everyone! I live in Boston. I'm interested in Taoist alchemy, qigong, tai chi, and other eastern esoteric teachings. I will be glad to met here people who are strongly interested in these topics and practice it)
  12. Overview I've been thinking lately about how much the porn industry and media impact our life. Just taking a look about the most used websites in different countries, the porn websites holds the top 5 most visited websites. which means that a lot of people use the internet to access porn and sexual contents. The majority of porn users are men and youth according to some statistics. in other words, the porn industry have a very big impact on our daily life and affects the way we feel, we see ourselves, the opposite or same sex and sexualize our social life. Of course, with porn comes masturbation, and it is the addiction of the century, it is the technique used by the mind in order to escape feelings and emotions that arises, ending up with a need to release the dopamine and not deal with these deep issues. Masturbation makes you blind. Most of us, when we were young, we laughed at when we were told that masturbation will get you blind, because we thought that blindness meant to describe the inability to see with our eyes, and it was proved that none of the people who mastubate became blind because of masturbating. but blindness, is not referring to the eyes vision, it is more of consciousness and awareness of our own selves, our own emotions that point us to the deep traumas and issues registered in our subconscious and body. and that masturbation is an escapism due to the dopamine that is pumped in our brain due to orgasm make us avoid dealing with our internal issues. Energy and cultivation According to my observations, i did notice that porn affect a lot emotions in terms of making us objectify other people and enhance separation and decrease the ability to understand the person beyond the physicality. Also, masturbation does render the focus/intent very loose, it can be noticed if someone practices vipassana meditation, (where you scan the body and feel it with your focus) focusing and sensing of the body parts becomes very hard and superficial. Also, in masturbation Jing gets depleted and it is known that it is one of the 3 treasures of Traditional chinese medicine. all of my male friends, watch porn a lot and have developed fetiches and want to get into a relationship to experience all of those positions and fetishes that are extreme and have gained a lot of weird sex beliefs and seems like how the majority of people think and believe. Also, i have noticed that the body by itself doesn't get turned on sexually, a person becomes horny due to thoughts that were activated due to stimulus: porn, media, pictures, imagination or a dream. Also, Porn industry has added a lot of exotic values like "you must lose virginity before a certain age" "you should experience this fetish, that kind of person, size, height...." "jerking off is a must and healthy" "sex is very important" "size matters" .....etc of other values and ideas. What do you think about what is going on in our society and how the people are being programmed into a society that is primarily motivated by sex through the encouragement of mastubation and porn? how is it affecting our love life, spiritual life and our ability to think clearly, focus and make progress in our life.
  13. Hello, I was just reading about jing, qi and shen and there are a lot really, but for now i want to practice and try to cultivate the jing after reading its benefits. I was wondering if anyone knows some good videos on youtube or something that you recommend that teach how to cultivate it or maybe a website? or if it is possible to explain here, if you know any? and If you are advanced in such cultivation, can you tell me about your experience and how your journey was, and what impact did it have on your social, love and sexual life.. and other aspects of your life? Also, I do practice vipassana, is there a link between vipassana and cultivation the jing energy? Thank you.
  14. Hello all, I have not, until now owned a physical copy of the Tao Te Ching. I have audiobooks, and a file on my computer. However, I was visiting a book store and bought a few books (searching for the Ender's Game series books I did not already own). I came across a "economic and earth friendly" version of the Tao Te Ching. It was made from recycled materials, and a very thin compact edition. This was my main reasoning for buying it aside from owning a physical copy. I am not sure how I feel about the James Legge translation. I will absorb as much as I can, noting that these were very early translations from Chinese to English (also researching the back history of Mr. Legge). I want to know what all your opinions of this translation is, and what are the positives, and negatives of his work on it. Thanks everyone!
  15. New To Testicles Breathing

    When practicing testicle breathing should you as well as practice celibacy to improve results? And how long does it take to have a successful session with testicle breathing. When you center your attention around your testicles should I feel like a cold icy feel down there when breathing? And is it the breath going from the testicles to the spine? Any Tips
  16. Tao Te Ching and Wu Wei Audiobook

    Hello everyone, I have no clue if this has been posted here before, and if it has I apologies for the repeat post. However, there is a nice audiobook for free download of the Tao Te Ching (with an extended extra of Wu Wei that I have not gotten to yet). I often find myself listening to this when I have the time. I hope somebody finds use for this. Thanks everyone
  17. the lower dantian?

    Mantak Chia talks about applying pressure to the lower dantian with your finger for one to five minutes and then place right palm over your left palm to mediate. I have found this useful and been using this mediation technique. He points out not to visualize or worry about your breathing but feel with intention, but I also know others talk about visualizing with intent to activate the lower dantian combineded with deep breathing through the nostrils. Do you guys feel that I should visualize at the same time I mediate on the lower dantian and apply breathing as well or stick to what I been doing? I know some talk about visualizing a golden light the size of a golf ball at same time breathing in qi to expand the qi in the lower dantian. Do you think I can add this to mantak chi technique I have been using?
  18. Okay, I need some help here and I would appreciate your guys feedback on this topic. It seems to me every time I try to mediate on the lower dantian below my navel I lose concentration because I feel energy running through my back? I was wondering is this do to my back injury in my upper back because I sometimes feel this energy just by standing still and concentrating. It feels like thousand little electrified ants running in my back is this my chi or is this normal for people with back pain? I usually feel this energy get stronger when I mediate, so is my back trying to heal itself or is this loose chi from my back injury or could this be my spinal fluid? Any ideas?
  19. Hello all: I've been scoping out the forum from afar for a little while here and finally went ahead and joined up....About me: I'm a twenty-something guy from Massachusetts, USA. My searching the last few years has taken me from Buddhism, to ACIM, to explorations in nondenominational meditation, and most recently to Taoism. I love and utilize different aspects from all that I've studied, but I do feel as though I've landed in Taoism more firmly than anything else before. It seems to me to be in such harmony with many notions that I've felt deep down since before I would've even thought to look into different philosophies or religions. From little things like how I've always been interested in open spaces (as a kid imagining cool attractions in big empty parking lots), to my nagging feelings that much truth could often be found in the middle, to my personality being comprised of seeming paradoxes. Learning more about it brings me a lot of inner peace and in short that's why I'm here: to explore further. My only minor hesitation about joining a forum like this is that I sometimes convince myself that the only real way to practice is to sit under the proverbial tree, all alone, thinking by oneself. A mentor of mine used to say, "Never ask for advice" as a way to highlight the power of one's instincts....Perhaps I'm perverting the sentiment. That aside, though, the larger part of me is excited to meet everybody and be turned onto some new stuff. It seems like a very open-minded board made up of all different personal practices. Looking forward to talking with you soon Ell
  20. Have you heard people talk about I Am That and wondered what they were on about? Did you want to buy Qigong Empowerment, but it's just too expensive? Are you waiting for Waking, Dreaming, Being to come out in paperback you just can't justify paying for the hardback? Well, put those thoughts aside. Here's your chance to win! According to Michael Singer: I listened to most of his book, the Surrender Experiment, but it was so terrible I returned it. But the experiment is interesting. It describes fairly well a fundamental principle in all spiritual disciplines. The Bhagavad Gita says that one is entitled to labor, but not to the fruits. The karma yogi works, but dedicates his/her fruits to the cosmos. The idea is that the cosmos knows better than we do. Bodhidharma says that we should accept what happens on the basis of karma. From time to time, I acknowledge surrender, and I practice it every day. But what about on a larger scale? What about maximum surrender? I decided to give Singer's experiment a 100 day test. The basics are: 1. Open yourself up to what is unfolding before you. Pay special attention to the opportunities to help others or for spiritual practice. Say yes when you normally wouldn't. Pay attention to things that come up, or even better, the intentions that arise out of stillness. 2. Don't listen to your thinking mind, especially when it says you can't or that you're not qualified, or that you're scared. Common sense is okay. Moderation is key to some practices, such as yoga and qigong. 3. When making a decision, try to understand that what you want may not come. Allow the result to manifest. Negative results may be burning off off your ego. So far (I cheated and started a month ago), the results have been overwhelmingly positive in my practices. Stress levels are down. Bliss is up. Family harmony is up. I discovered the benefits of facing the cold and taking cold showers. I rediscovered spontaneous qigong. I'm taking a reiki class--- yes, a REIKI CLASS. I can do also do more push-ups. It also occurred to me to offer THIS CHALLENGE. Anyone who wants to take the challenge, post here that you're taking the challenge, then let us know what happens. In about 100 days, I will let the small, still voice pick a poster to win his/her choice of a reasonably priced book ($20-30) from You can join anytime. To be eligible for the book award, you must be able to receive shipping from Amazon worldwide.
  21. Salaam Wa'alaikum

    Or, in English "Peace be with you." I'm new to these forums, and I'm also very new to this "Tao" thing as well. I'm so new to it that beyond still trying to understand what some of the poems mean in the Tao Te Ching I have no idea what to do or where to go. I have a feeling that is almost a good thing though, as long as I'm mindful of it and the possibilities that could arise. A little background on me: I'm an American woman in her mid 20's. Engaged, marrying next year to a Muslim husband. Big time gamer, geek, nerd (w/e you want to call it these days). Lifelong seeker. Since I could form the word "God" I've probably been seeking some kind of higher calling or purpose. Attended a Christian elementary school that pretty much killed every possible chance of me ever being a Christian. Studied(ing) Islam beginning in my late teens. Began wearing the hijab, dressing modestly, praying, sometimes fasting, etc. I've also worked in nightlife and been a model. I left those lifestyles behind after a few short years because I felt they offered me nothing in the way of progress as a soul, just a lot of materialistic and carnal noise. I studied philosophy in college. (Surprise!) In my very, very, very brief studies of this path I have seen the phrase on a few blogs, "You don't become a Taoist, you just realize you are one.", or something to that effect. I guess that's where I stand on the precipice of. I've come to admit some very harsh truths to myself about what I believe about the nature of God and the nature of, well, nature, and our relationship to it. I guess mainstream society and my Islamic disposition made it easy to push these things down, but I've had enough. I'm tired of tossing and turning in bed and living with mental discomfort about my beliefs. It's stifling. I'm not going to go into explicit detail about every single thing, but I'd be happy to talk more about it if someone wants to know more. Overall, I'm just hear to learn and hear people's opinions. I learned a lot about Islam that way and I felt it worked pretty well for me. Just listening and asking questions and talking with others. After all, this site if "conversations on the way" right? hehe I like it! Anyways, I'm open to any and all recommended reading and other suggestions about supplementing my study of this path. On the surface it resonates with me a lot, on a very basic level just as someone or something that exists. Really, I'd love any basic guidance for a neophyte seeker. I'll close with a verse from the Qur'an that stirred the first inkling of the Tao in me: "And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing." - Qur'an 2:115
  22. Hello! So I love the many stories in Zhuangzi that talk about Robber Chih. Without the book at hand, just my phone, I decided to Google search and read some again. I ended up with, what I think is, Chapter 29. We only have earlier chapters in this forum but I don't think it's neccessary to start a chapter thread as it's more the character I want to talk about. So I will begin in summary and see where we end up, and I guess we can reference chapters if we like Mainly for me, Robber Chih is a wonderful character for his honesty and loyalty to himself. He knows what he is, under no illusion, and is quick to point out the hypocrisy of the "high class". The character also brings me comfort - we live in a world run by the high and mighty saying what is and isn't moral, duping us into fear and chasing noble status. "Criminals" are led to feel guilty for petty crimes (though many don't - I hope to differentiate between what we should feel remorse for a bit later) I am not perfect, by definition of the word, but I am perfect by my understanding of it. Robber Chih has his way...his perfection. I like to tie this in to the Taoist teaching of "returning to your own nature", and also, neuroscience experiments into the "illusion of free will". If we inherit thoughts and our subjective nature due to our genes, upbringing and social environments, it can only be natural to keep within these perameters, otherwise we begin a struggle to do things that we don't really want to do, nor have evolved to do! Discuss
  23. Junior Tao Hello

    Hello, My name is Adam. I am new to forums and decided to start here. Some info on myself. I am 22 years old, I was born in Los Angeles and currently a student with my eyes to the sky. Literature I am reading are "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" and "The Tao of Love, Sex and Longevity" My interests are Sexual Fitness and Mastery, Semen Retention/Transmutation, My Harem, and the Significance of the Woman I appreciate the help on my journey to become a superior Man.
  24. Peace to all

    Hi All, Peace to all of you. I've been training Yiquan and Taoist meditation for more than 10 years now and would like to share experiences and learn from others. Living in the Netherlands near Amsterdam. Peace. Dimitri.
  25. I would just like to start an archive of everyone's favorite sayings and so forth, as well as accompanying discussions and interpretations of them, how the lessons are applied to life, and why they're particularly your favorites. I apologize if there is already such a thread, and this may be merged with it, if so. One of my favorites is this story by Lieh Tzu- On the way to Song, Yang meets a man at the town of Ni. The man has two wives, one is very attractive and the other one is quite plain. But the man favors the not so attractive one. So Yang asks him why. The man answers:"The pretty one knows she is pretty. I don't. The plain one knows she is plain. I don't. A bad person knows he is bad. I don't." Yang says:"I will remember what you just said. The Saint behaves as a Saint, by his own volition." How does everyone see this? I also very much like the painting, The Vinegar Tasters. It perfectly shows how Tao's approach is starkly different to the other school's of thought.