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Found 72 results

  1. Tai4ji2 and Qigong

    I'm learning Taichi (Taiji).
  2. How do you personally meditate?

    Like, what do you do or what do you focus on? How does it feel? What is your experience with it? Also I would like to know what you personally do doing Tai Chi, etc. and how/where do you move the "energies" within your meridians?
  3. I heard this from someone but I don't know anything else about this. Sometimes I lack energy or am sick and want or need something to lean on to meditate. If it's true, does it have to do with how the energy/qi interacts with the thing/wall we're leaning on and is this an issue only in deep or advanced meditation, or simply at any stage? Also, any sources on this if possible? I appreciate any help on this. 🙏
  4. i glue a straw on my body so you can see the movement.when i do number3 body then hands (my hands are like robot hands i dont move them,body is moving them)i get more tired like it"s was wondering does it makes any diffrence or it is all in my head.
  5. Hi all, My question is, what is so different about taijiquan and qigong, such that I struggle to do even 3 minutes of Spring Forest Qigong or zhan zhuang (or even Flying Phoenix Chi Kung), but I can do 5-10min of the tai chi? Not only that, but tai chi is the only practice that has actually given me a sort of buzz. It seems to me the active opening and closing movements, along with feet movements, are helpful, but I lack knowledge of the inner workings to understand this. The form of taijiquan I'm doing is Bruce Frantzis wu style. As a follow up question, given that my body/mind seems to have an affinity for tai chi, should I focus less (if at all) on qigong and practice tai chi almost exclusively? Or does this mean I need to endure it and keep practicing qigong? My goals are health and "spiritual progress." Recently I've been struggling with health, in particular movement, and some (diagnosed) zen sickness. I can only manage one 20-30min walk per day for example. Although I'm making lots of progress, one thing that eludes me is a consistent practice right now. In that past, before my zen sickness, I was able to do anapanasati or open-awareness type meditations for an hour or two everyday, in addition to being very phyiscally active. My background is almost two decades of inconsistent (self-taught) buddhist meditation and (self-taught) hatha yoga. Thank you in advance.
  6. I found an interesting Tai Chi video series from WLE. There are 9 videos (DVDs): Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Part One) Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Part Two) Yang Tai Chi Chuan Applications Tai Yu Grand Ultimate Sword Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Part One) Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Part Two) Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Applications Sun Style Tai Chi Sword Tai Chi Broadsword Anybody can put a review of the videos? Thanks.
  7. Hello from Barrow in Furness

    Hello my name is Ste. I have recently discovered Taoism and the beautiful Lee Style Tai Chi. I hooe to learn alot from you guys.
  8. Why I Joined This Forum

    Hello All! By way of introduction, l will introduce myself by saying that I am a student of vital force energy, a long time practitioner of a Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu, a practitioner of meditation through practice of Tibetan Bon and Chinese Qi Gong. For the past 21 years, I shared my life with my partner who was an accomplished martial artist and someone who had a thirst for knowledge. My partner recently passed away leaving behind a vast library of materials. I have gone through these materials and kept what was relevant to me, but now am tasked with finding new homes for the rest of his collection of books, training DVDs and VHS tapes. He was for a brief time, a distance student of Christopher Lee Matsuo, and I am selling his collection of Dragon Gate training videos at half price or less, depending on how many DVDs you wish to purchase. These DVDs were originally bought for $108 USD each, I am offering them for sale at $54 USD each. I also have PDF lists of books for sale arranged by broad categories of books on: Qi Gong, Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Chin Na, Bacqua, Kung Fu) and Japanese Martial Arts (Nimpo, Ninjitsu, Karate, Japanese Swordmanship, etc.) and also books on Taoism, Zen and other martial philosophies. There are also training DVDs and VHS tapes on Grappling, Dim Mak, Kuji Kiri and more. There is also an extensive list of Training DVDs featuring various Chinese masters. Suggested prices for books are $10 for 1, $19 for 2, $24 for 3, plus actual postage. I am also open to reasonable offers. Payment can be made via Paypal, or in Canada via E-Transfer or Square. If you are interested in viewing any of these lists, please contact me via email at [email protected] and I will send you a copy of whichever list(s) you wish to see. The information contained in these materials needs to be shared with those who will value the information, not stored in a box in someone's basement! Thank you!
  9. Dear friends, I've been lurking around for some time here and wondered if you can help me with this question: I learned the basic Tai Chi Yang Style 24 form in 2017 with a local Chinese teacher. Studied for a year more or less and I've been practicing regularly for 30-40 minutes each day now. I've been curious of Zhang Zhuang and learned the form as well, and started to practice 2-3 weeks ago for 5 minutes so far. I usually do ZZ after doing Tai Chi and haven't noticed any ill effects. Recently I read about Fragrant Qigong and it resonated a lot, specially as a way to treat certain health ailments I'm having (sleep quality, digestive issues and muscular tension) that haven't improved noticeably with my Tai Chi practice. So I was wondering if it is advisable to combine the three of them (Tai Chi, ZZ and FQ) or not. I'm aware that you should not mix powerful QG practices because they can cause more problems than good. But having into account that ZZ is viewed as a "neutral" practice in terms of Qi generation and movement and Tai Chi is more oriented towards achieving flexibility, centering and balance, could FQ complement my routine? The plan is to practice for one hour in total every day, or a bit more if time allows. Your comments and thoughts are most welcome. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello a new book is out called "Taoist Shen Gong Qi Gong for Meditation" available now. It covers a Daoist I jin Jing and six standing posts from the Yang Tai Chi system as well as other Daoist topics. It is a translation from Zhang Dun Xie's book that is out of print and very difficult to find. The I jin Jing is different from the "Buddhist" versions in practice today. The six standing post are not seen hardly at all on any social media. (I have found a little on a Chinese site). They move from posture to posture and are also used for Dian Xue or Dim Mak. If anyone gets it I would like to hear comments about the two sets in it. Has anyone practiced or seen them before?
  11. Sifu Dan ferrera

    Hey I am curious. Does anyone know how old Dan Ferrera is. Does anyone still keep in touch with him. I think he probably still looks like he is in his 40s.
  12. Al perhacs

    Has anyone heard of Al perhacs I heard his training gives bad side effects. It's interesting. Because it talks about nerve fibre building. And living forever. And mind abilities.
  13. Don't Do Knee Circles

    This makes sense to me. She says that the knee is a hinged joint and is only made to go back and forth. Making the knee go any other direction is, "what we do to the opponent." I've watched several of Sifu Loretta Wollering's videos. I'm thinking of signing up for her online Tai chi course for $7 per month. Has anyone had any experience with her teaching?
  14. Don't Do Knee Circles

    This makes sense to me. I've watched several of Sifu Loretta Wollering's videos. I'm thinking of signing up for her online Tai chi course for $7 per month. Has anyone had any experience with her teaching?
  15. Hoi

    Just signed up again. (had to)! After about 20 years of practicing traditional forms of Tai Chi. I've started doing the 24-Form Yang Style. The idea is to start teaching again. I followed a link to the forum and read some interesting posts. So, Thanks Faz
  16. Altough I'm working a long night shift tonight and need to sleep during the day I'll manage to find some time to practice a bit. How about you?
  17. The Magus of Seattle

    The book has been well edited and polished, and has been republished on Amazon. The Magus of Seattle Note: This is a new title, the original version is still available under the original title: A Lineage of Dragons The Magus of Seattle - The hidden Taoist Immortal who was Bruce Lee's uncle and kung fu teacher, and a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal. A true story of Masters and Students of the Mystical Life Force Martial Arts and beyond This is about the powerful qigong master and Taoist immortal who was Bruce Lee’s uncle, mentor, and main kung fu teacher. A true account of the hidden Taoist spiritual practices, it describes the nei kung he used to become one of the most powerful, and the amazing things experienced by the author. This book describes the Taoist spiritual path of the warrior wizard, a rare and powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual cultivation system. It describes some of the other amazing students of this master, some of who are reincarnations of dragons from the spirit realm. Contents 1 - The Andes Mountains 2 - The Art of Flying 3 - The Bruce Lee connection 4 - “We are Dragons” 5 - Early Adulthood 6 - Sai Baba 7 - Meeting the Master 8 - Practicing the Path of Power 9 - Enlightenment Experience 10 - My teaching 11 - The Star Wars Connection 12 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard 13 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal 14 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung 15 - Masters of the Way
  18. Thanx for accepting me at this forum! Hello my name is Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands aka Holland. I saw this forum and wanted to become a member immediately. Many things that are on here have my interest. As said i live in the Netherlands and i work as an engineer. I love Salsa dancing, food and Asian cultures. Also i love daoism and i am.working on many aspects of daoism. With that i am a martial arts teacher in Apeldoorn city the Netherlands. My spiritual journey has many aspects with elements from.Buddhism, Daoism and others. My martial arts background: kyokushin karate, kickboxing, mma and Chinese martial arts such as How Chuen Monkey Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan with Qi Qong which i learned from shifu Fred Decramer. How Chuen is a standing tall Monkey art based on the Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti. A very effective system of selfdefense and protection. Now i teach martial arts at my school de Bron van Geluk meaning: The Scource of Happiness. Tai Chi Chuan aka Taijiquan and Qi Qong have my main focus now those arts have so much effect on me that i will always practise them and do competitions on a high international level. I will read on this forum and post every now and then within some topics. ----- Thanxxx ------ Sincerely Yours Douwe Geluk
  19. I have a 13 year old son who is considered Level 1 Autistic. His primary deficit seems to be a non-verbal learning disorder. I also have a 4 year old son who is (in my opinion) very coordinated. On a few occasions I have tried to teach my older son some meditation techniques to help him calm down when he has meltdowns. He has received occupational therapy in the past but his therapist thinks she's taken him as far as she can take him. A few times he participated in a yoga class with other children like him. He really liked it, but they don't do it anymore because of some changes that were made with insurance classification. A few days ago my older son said, "Dad, can we do some meditation tonight?" This time I tried to teach him how to lift a chi ball over his head then let it explode and rain energy down over him. He really liked it and said he could feel the energy. But, at first he was all over the place. I had to get a soccer ball to put in his hands at first to get him to make his palms face inward. This got me thinking, is there anything to teach tai chi to kids? I did find a few things. One was Dr. Paul Lam's 'Tai Chi 4 Kidz'. I'm still a novice but the excerpt on Youtube just looked like he was doing the Yang short form with kids behind him. Then I found Cari Shurman's 'Tai Chi For Kids'. I think this looks good. I was wondering what The Bums thought of it? Here are some links: Here she demonstrates some of the movements: Here is an overview video. It looks like more qigong than tai chi. For instance I saw Drawing The Bow from Ba Duan Jin. I think this would be good for both of my kids (maybe even the grown-ups in my family).
  20. Hello

    Hello. Im new to this forum. Im interested in Tai Chi and Taoism plus meditation and spirituality. Looking forward to learning and sharing. Thank you.
  21. Many Paths One Destination

    Hey guys New here, been meditating on and off for about 10 years. Done a lot of many different experiments, once I took a pill and started breath meditation and realised breath was the one and only way to connect back to the source, and even remember our true nature. Then I came down and forget how exactly I was breathing (lol) Other times I've seen things, almost astral projected, used chi to move Styrofoam (bio electricity / chi w.e.) I even almost hypnotized females with my sexual energy before if not actually did do that. Now I want to do all of this naturally without drugs or anything. I think I'm naturally gifted at chi manipulation , made plenty of chi balls (sober) lol but seriously I want to have all these amazing experiences naturally. I've researched advanced stuff like nei gong, micro cosmic orbit, qi gong, reiki, Indian Vedic stuff , but now I've just become someone whose "knowledgeable" (<jokingly) and not the artist. Even right now I can manipulate my chi at will but I have no concrete aim / plan / regimine in mind. Please help me out guys. I need a solid foundation to start off with. My goal now is to raise the chi level (maybe I'm saying it wrong) in my body or produce more of it So I can handle more of the extreme energetic practices. Should I start of just doing qi gong , if so what type of qi gong or maybe a different path. I'm open to suggests and or criticism. Thanks guys!
  22. Hello Are there any practicioners of The Temple Style Tai Chi Tao taught by Grand Master Waysun Liao?