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Found 50 results

  1. Dear all, For those studying magic and the internal martial arts you may find this study interesting. I wonder as well, what has been your experience using these techniques to developing the necessary qualities on the astral, mental and physical planes?
  2. Has anyone one of these DVDs and is willing to trade? I have The Terry Dunn Short Form DVD and a nice collection of Qigong DVDs that I'm willing to part with. PM me for more info. CMC Form by Ben Lo Mr. Benjamin Lo CMC 37 Form Postures Tutorial Demonstrator: Hsu, Yee-Chung & Students Publisher: Tong Hai Tai-Chi Chuan Center CMC Form by William Phillips Cheng Man-Ch'ing's Yang Style Short Form Demontrated and taught by Sifu William C. Phillips, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing. CMC Form by Tricia Yu
  3. Brain Study and Tai Chi Conclusion Tai Chi Chuan (TCC). Although cross-sectional study cannot rule out the pre-existing difference in brain structures, our findings may suggest the difference in cortical thickness for TCC practitioners might be associated with TCC practice. The underlying neurological mechanism for long-term TCC practice might have similar pattern to cortical morphology associated with meditation and aerobic exercise. Exploration on uses of TCC as one modality of behavioral intervention to maintain and enhance the human brain structure and function is an exciting avenue of research with the potential for a considerable public health yield. At the same time, this result indicates that it is imperative to conduct longitudinal studies aiming to disclose the real causal relationship between the change of brain structures and TCC practice.
  4. Interested Reader

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Eastern versions of what I might venture is the same energy as my life-long interest in shaman practices from the SW America regions. I am also a citizen scientist, and have been following the "discovery" of gravity using chirp wave measuring technology. These same waves have been detected in a number of chi related practices, breathing exercises, and may prove to be a good measure for future study. I experienced some very strange things as a child, and found some Native American references that seemed to describe similar experiences, which is why I spent so much time going down that pathway. Now I see and read that it is also seen in Irish folklore, and in Nei Kung, Tai Chi, etc. So, here I am, eager to exchange information and learn. At 56 years of age, I doubt very much if I will reach any goals, but the science can be passed on more clearly and practiced more easily with just a little bit of technology. Hope to be reading your posts and participating in conversation soon, Jessup
  5. I will intdoduce my shelf to all of you again after being absence long time from the martial arts and nei kung forums... I was taught the system of five animals and hard chi kung in the period 1992-2000 by Antonios Iatrakis in Heraklion Crete and I reached a teacher level (In 1997 I was given a black belt and the first Dan). This system is genealogy of Shu Pui Cheung, based in Philadelphia's China Town. The kung fu of this kind includes movements in combination with breath, such as the tiger associated with the bones, the crane associated with the nervous system, the leopard associated with power and speed, the snake associated with controlling the chi-prana (animal power) and finally the dragon, who combines all four previous animals into one and symbolizes spirit-perfection. On the journey of my internal search until 2008 I was taught, I received influences and guidance from several teachers, some of which are: Kostas Vrettos (wu taiji form and sword) Panayiotis Kontaxakis (chi kung of the sun, chi kung of the spine, iron shirt and opening the microcosmic track.) Master Don Ankut (Korean based in New York, from whom I taught iron shirt chi kung twenty-four animals and tai chi chi kung, dan tien chi kung) Wang ting jun (Xing Shen Zhuan) In the last ten years, I have practiced beside master Kenneth Bone (the only personal student of BO MA, a high-grade Buddhist monk and teacher at Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai), from whom I fully taught the following: 1. Chen taiji chuan 3 frames (new, old, small). The main feature of chen tai chi is the switching of slow and fast spiral movement as well as the explosions at the end of the movements, of course, if we choose it. Some of the benefits of the proper tai chi execution to health are the following: Due to the very slow and constant speed of movement (we can only choose slow motion, if our goal is health) the body muscles are stimulated at the cellular level while the heart pushes the blood even to the smaller capillaries. This makes tai chi an excellent cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, the muscular and neuronal control capacity is gradually increased at a more sophisticated level. During the exercise of tai chi, the soles of the feet as well as a part of our intent, our mind are rooted in the soil with consistency in addition to the external stability to gain emotional balance. In addition, during the execution of the form, alignments of some parts of the body are made, while others are symmetrically arranged in relation to specific axes and points. This makes the contribution of tai chi to the prevention and treatment of orthopedic problems decisive. Because of the spiral movements combined with the intent, chi is driven to the joints and from there to the bone marrow where the blood is produced. This helps to strengthen the bones, to clean the bone marrow and thus to better oxygenate and revitalize the body. It is, therefore, an excellent anti-aging exercise. The constant intention of pulling from the earth and the top of the head from the sky dilates, strengthens the spine and exalts the spirit. Finally, all our moves should be guided by our intention, with the consequence of pushing the chi to the various parts of the body.This is meditation in movement, which strengthens our macrocosmic orbit. White crane (white crane from the lineage of master wee kee jin perfrected in my opinion by the great buddhist monk BO MA). The feature of this system is the combination of breathing exercises, tendon nei kung and bone- chi vibrations. Wild goose if the execution is done by the secret method, it is one of the most effective energy practices that combines stretching exercises and light vibrations to open energy meridians as well as detoxify the body. It includes two forms for opening the microcosmic and macroscopic track, respectively. Each "move" of this form can be used individually as a separate exercise, aiming at specific benefits. Swimming Dragon.. Form with the main aim of exercising the kidneys and opening the third eye. Mara qigong This form deals entirely with the spine and with the opening of all acupuncture points left and right. It looks very much like yoga on the move with the palms of the hands united. Mo pai the proper one not the ritual and demonic one LOST KUNG FU SUSTEM iam also train a system of a series of 12 spiraling forms very old and very very rare !!!! when I asked my sifu to tell me the name of this system, told me that he did not knew the name and that his teacher never mentioned from where come from. I believe that these forms are arcetypes for pakua, taichi xing yi system
  6. What is a real fight? Is it for defense? Is it to kill? Is it against a MMA practitioner? Someone knowledgeable and experienced or someone not? Who wants to kill? Do I know if he or she wants to kill? What is the situation? Are they many or is it just me? Is it being healthy a real fight? Is it being happy a real fight? What is a real fight? Do I fight biting the neck? Or scratching the eyes? Do I fight with rules? Why would I fight with rules? Am I conditioned to use rules? Where does a real fight start? Does it start with the psyche and words? With the behavioral language and my own emotions? What is a real fight? Must it be a physical confrontation? Do I need physical confrontation? Does a real winner ever let that happen? If it does happen have I lost? If it does happen how do I act? Not fight, but act. What is a real fight, if not everything I do in my life? But I prefer not to say what is a real fight. Instead, I ask the questions and act upon the mystery. A real fight is a real act.
  7. Wu 108 Long Form

    Does anyone know of a good Teacher of Wu 108 Long Form in the Everett, Washington area?
  8. Has anyone heard of a Russell Barr teaching Wu long form style Tai Chi in the Olympia, Wa area? Lineage? Philosophy? Good works, etc.
  9. I had the privilege of meeting a great teacher in 1974 that was largely unknown. His name was Dave Harris out of Seattle, Washington. I was very young. Because of extensive boxing, wrestling, submission wrestling, Aikido, Karate (starting when I was 11 years old) I found many of the so called blackbelts in town to be mediocre. This made me a little full of myself. Then I met Dave Harris. His art was Tai Chi but, he liked to call it chop suey. My first sparring session at his home on 67th st. was a real eye opener as to what a true combat Tai Chi fighter at a very high level can do. I was totally helpless with this guy. Yet, he did it with amazing control, gentleness, kindness and openness. His wife, Gerry, came home during this and told us not to mess the place up. I told her not to worry, Dave had everything under control. He charged very little, he was more interested in your character and dedication. He did not self promote. He had studied under some of the great masters: Tchoung, Tohei, Raymond Chung, Pang, Woodcock, and Zhang Jie. Dave was very humble. All he wanted to do was teach anyone who was truly interested. (He also was a highly dedicated art teacher at North Seattle C.C.). Jesse Glover (of Bruce Lee fame) met Dave Harris when Jesse Glover was well known for his unique style of Sticking Hands. Afterwards, Jesse called Sifu Harris The Greatest Master no one has heard of. That is kind of the way Dave wanted it. The point I am getting to is: With all of these big name advertised masters all around, I would like to read about the tremendous teachers that have influenced your lives (in any discipline, martial or non-martial) and yet are largely unknown. A memorial of sorts. I am waxing nostalgic, please humor me:)
  10. What is Jing (essence) from a Taijiquan perspective? If Chi (energy) is "internal movement", then what is Jing (essence)? How can Jing (essence) be cultivated from a Taijiquan perspective and by using the Taijiquan principles? This thread is about Jing (essence), not about Jin (power).
  11. Hello from NYC

    Hello, I've been practicing Tai Chi, etc. for many years, I just discovered this forum. I teach Tai Chi as a self defense discipline, with the focus on leading with the dantien and proper breathing. Nobody seems to teach this traditional method any more, just "go like this and look pretty in the park".
  12. Bliss

    At the end of my Sodarshan Chakra Kriya I started my Standing Meditation with the Microcosmic orbit. I immediately went into a state of Bliss that was many times more enjoyable than anything I have ever experienced before. It made all other sensations of sex, recreation, etc pale in comparison. I completed 14 minutes of standing and one 6 minute set of Tai Chi. A total of 20 minutes but, it seemed like 2. My Tai Chi was effortless. At the end of the Tai Chi set it just went away. I have noticed my meditations are better since then (three months ago) but, I have not experienced that state again Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? What are anyone's thoughts on this?
  13. All these teachers wanting you to become healthier, more powerful, or magical; what sage of the Dao has ever taught that? If you enjoy Tai chi, that is fine, but it is no different than playing the flute or washing the dishes in regard to the Dao. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
  14. The Tao Applied

    Hello Everyone, I am Sifu Eric Randolph I'm so overjoyed to be here. I am a Master of TaijiQuan, I've studied over 33 years the mystic and practical traditions of qigong, martial arts and meditation. I've studied Yangstyle Taijiquan for combat over 27yrs now. My specialty is helping others to obtain the practical high level proficiency needed to use taijiqian in any way shape or form they need it to manifest within their lifestyles. Being an avid and very strict practitioner of one style of internal martial arts has given me a very eclectic and versatile way of looking at every technique within my given style and I really hope to share everything Ive learned with everyone. love and peace Sifu
  15. Hi, I'm Sifu Eric Randolph

    Hi, I'm Sifu Eric Randolph, I have been studying Tai Chi and internal styles for over 27 years. I teach university level and all over the world. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I love learning about and teaching Taijiquan. I am an innovative teacher, and have a very specific focus in Taijiquan, and would love to share it with others. My student, who is registered in this forum as "Earl Grey" inspired me to sign up here, and so here we are now, ready to join in on the fun! I will be creating a group forum for my students to participate in and see the syllabus of some advanced techniques that I am currently teaching, for those who are interested. Here is a link to my site: Love and peace! *Note to mods: This is Earl Grey posting on behalf of Sifu Eric. He was having some computer problems navigating the new board, so he asked me to post this for him until he figures out how to navigate the new system.
  16. taijiquan question

    Hello fellow daobums, I was hoping for some taijiquan advice. I have the opportunity to study the 37-form taijiquan of Cheng Man Ching with an instructor in the Milwaukee area. I have no previous taijiquan experience, so my main question is, would this be a good intro form to learn? There are a few other advantages to this instructor, namely that I can study 3 times a week; the school is affiliated with Adam Mizner, and there is the opportunity to learn push hands. Any thoughts? thanks
  17. Hello from Boston

    Hello everyone! I live in Boston. I'm interested in Taoist alchemy, qigong, tai chi, and other eastern esoteric teachings. I will be glad to met here people who are strongly interested in these topics and practice it)
  18. Tai chi friends

    Hello good people of the dao I'm in love with tai chi but lack the discipline to practice everyday. I'm living one of the toughest years of my life so, it's being difficult to find the focus for daily practice. For me it is the coolest, most beautiful, most mindful meditation I've ever found. Unfortunately can't afford tai chi classes right now and end up practicing other forms of exercise and meditation which don't require as much mental focus like hatha yoga. Having "tai chi friends" could help me get more motivated. Anyone interested feel free to contact me. Thank you.
  19. Posted this vid in the off-topic section but there's more traffic here. Good documentary.
  20. Hello from Scotland

    Hi, I just joined the forum in order to get contact information of a member, I read one of snowmonki's posts, and noted he was in the UK, and wanted to find out more about him/her. I'm a long time Zen student who taught Tai Chi up till about fifteen years ago, when various circumstances - mainly physical - conspired against continuing it. I am now quite old. I am also interested in Chan, and also in Taoism. But my main study is Zen. I've been at this so long, that I see it as part of my identity I guess. Some three years ago my Kundalini awakened on a Chan retreat, and I've been dealing with the aftermath of that since then. It is a very difficult subject to get any useful help on, and I eventually started on Mahamudra studies in order to get access to experience from that path. The Tibetans are very broad in their views and very helpful.But I've just recently got my Vajrasattva initiation, and the Six Yogas of Naropa part of the study is still some years away, so I am still in limbo. I found that my Zen teacher doesn't value this direction, which is disappointing, particularly as this Zen school, like most of them, think the world of Hakuin, who in fact rated its usefulness highly. However, there does appear to be a prejudice in some spiritual traditions against the physical/emotional/energetic aspects of K. I can understand that K awakening may causes issues for students and in groups, but if it is unsought, then the path should be broad enough to include them, if it is a valid way. I think. The problems can lead to benefits too perhaps, though it might take time. I've recently been reading Nan Huai Chin, and it is disappointing that his particular branch of teaching doesn't appear to have made it to the UK. He says, that while this energetic/physical path is a left hand path, a side door, "a side door is still a door. One cannot ignore or deny this completely." I realize their are more modern approaches, like KAP, and teachers like Chrism. But somehow they are not for me. Traditional Yoga - as it is practiced in this country - doesn't interest me either. I wish I could find a teacher like Huai Chin.
  21. I have the Tai Chi Mastery Program. Is anybody interested to lend me his Hsing-I Mastery Program for a temporary exchange? For few months?
  22. I like very much what teach Bruce Kumar Frantzis ( I have some his books and old videos. Also last year I bought the Tai Chi Mastery Program. It is excellent!!! In this year I plan to buy his Hsing-I Mastery Program. Also seems his Bagua Mastery Program and his Old Yang Tai Chi Training Circle are very good. Any experience?
  23. 99.99% of the time the best translation of प्राणायाम is "don't waste your breath..." There are (of course) other possibilities...