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Found 33 results

  1. Legs Feeling Carbonated

    Today while doing Flying Phoenix QG my legs felt like they were carbonated, if that makes sense? Like there were bubbles in them up to the knee, which I've never felt before. Once my roommate came out and I lost my focus it stopped, but I'm hoping that was progress. This was the practice I was doing:
  2. Hi, I’m 42, male Norwegian. Been doing yoga for a few years. Had a burnout this summer after some stressfull periods, and started searching for «how to relax and control my energy». On most days I have high levels of stress on my Garmin watch, ie. i have low HRV-levels, ie. its difficult for me to relax, i fatigue after activity, and i easily get infections/sick. I sleep well though, but being able to relax more easily during the day would be a major increase in quality of life. (Had acupuncture, and diagnose was something like «excessive Liver insuficcient Kidney») Came upon qigong, and followed Shi Heng Yi and his Ba Duan Jin and Xi Sui Jin videos for a while. Wanted to understand more what it was and found out about Nei Gong, and saw Yap Boh Heong and his «Roadmap to Nei Gong»-video on «The Martial Man» YT-account. Did some research and really connected with Damo Mitchells way. Am reading his book now, A comprehensive guide to daoist nei gong, and on week 5 of his Nei gong academy. I enjoy this, and so far the Anchoring og the breath seems like something i should be doing a lot of for a while, to get out of my head and relax and conserve my energy. 1. I feel connected to my breath, been doing some meditation, pranayama, wim hof, etc before. But I enjoy this attention vs intention practice. I’ve had far too much intention before, so just observing seems like a relief. Been doing this in 5-45min bursts throughout the day for a few weeks now. How long to start seeing a real impact on my HRV/stress/relaxation? 2. As I can’t try out all the systems out there, I’d like to know if anyone can sort of sum up the qualities of Damos system, and maybe compare it to others? Like the one just released by Yap Boh Heong on This system of his is said to be constructed to be learned faster and more effective than others, as it was made for the elderly Shaolin monks. Learn in 3 years what normally takes 10. (I really like this guys mild personality) Or the one by Jiang Yu Shan on (As a newbie, his pedagogical skills seems a bit more challenging to me...) 3. Also, I had cancer, in 1992, had chemo and heavy radiation to lower back, I’m on crutches due to nerve damage in the hips/legs, and i’ve had some surgery in my abdomen, so a lot of internal scar tissue in sacrum/belly-area. Will this affect my internal work, especially with the Dan Tian, and the flow of qi? I’m working on standing in wuji without crutches, but it might be years before I can do any moving standing qigong. I guess i’ll try doing every standing practice sitting instead? A major lack of quality compared to standing? Better to do only practice intended for sitting? ok, this was a lot. Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Hello

    Hello, I have been practicing Qi gong and tai Chi for serveral years now. I would love to join your community and learn manny great things from you all. =)
  4. Hi. A decade and a half ago I first heard about “John Chang” aka The Magus of Java. I know that many people in the forum are aware of him, and since I recently got to Ubud, Bali, I am wondering if anyone knows of a local school similar to the one he had in Java, that involves Nei Gong or Tenaga Dalam. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a respectable Manku/Balinese priest who’s willing to share knowledge about the Balinese esoteric tradition? I’m aware that there are many who offer to teach a kumbaya version of it to New Age tourists, I’m hoping to get a chance of meeting someone honest who knows theirs tradition. Thanks in advance for your time, Vuk
  5. Ba Duan Jin

    Is anyone familiar with . . . 1. The Pivot of the Way (Dao Shi, c. 1150) which, according to Wikipedia, describes an archaic form of this qigong and 2. The Ten Compilations on Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen shi-shu, c. 1300) features illustrations of all eight movements any information or leads appreciated thank you
  6. Why I Joined This Forum

    Hello All! By way of introduction, l will introduce myself by saying that I am a student of vital force energy, a long time practitioner of a Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu, a practitioner of meditation through practice of Tibetan Bon and Chinese Qi Gong. For the past 21 years, I shared my life with my partner who was an accomplished martial artist and someone who had a thirst for knowledge. My partner recently passed away leaving behind a vast library of materials. I have gone through these materials and kept what was relevant to me, but now am tasked with finding new homes for the rest of his collection of books, training DVDs and VHS tapes. He was for a brief time, a distance student of Christopher Lee Matsuo, and I am selling his collection of Dragon Gate training videos at half price or less, depending on how many DVDs you wish to purchase. These DVDs were originally bought for $108 USD each, I am offering them for sale at $54 USD each. I also have PDF lists of books for sale arranged by broad categories of books on: Qi Gong, Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Chin Na, Bacqua, Kung Fu) and Japanese Martial Arts (Nimpo, Ninjitsu, Karate, Japanese Swordmanship, etc.) and also books on Taoism, Zen and other martial philosophies. There are also training DVDs and VHS tapes on Grappling, Dim Mak, Kuji Kiri and more. There is also an extensive list of Training DVDs featuring various Chinese masters. Suggested prices for books are $10 for 1, $19 for 2, $24 for 3, plus actual postage. I am also open to reasonable offers. Payment can be made via Paypal, or in Canada via E-Transfer or Square. If you are interested in viewing any of these lists, please contact me via email at [email protected] and I will send you a copy of whichever list(s) you wish to see. The information contained in these materials needs to be shared with those who will value the information, not stored in a box in someone's basement! Thank you!
  7. First question and hello!

    Hey everyone! I've been by this forum many times for qi gong queries, meditation, tantra etc. I've had my own road with all three and now I'm looking for some qi gong guidance. My family has a plethora of TCM therapists, Reiki specialists, massotherspist, acupuncturists. I have chosen the professional musician route but after years of meditation and dabbling in tuina I want to seriously study medical qi gong. It's the form of healing that makes the most sense for me. I'd rather study outside my family in the beginning so I'm looking for an online teacher ( I know in person is best but it's the only possibility) I have come across many schools and two have stuck out. Forest rock qi gong & master Faxiang Hu from qigong research society. Does anyone have any experience with these 'schools'? Both have aspects that interest me and I'm edging to getting training from an Eastern Master with a lineage and not a western / possibly watered-down approach. Master Hu seems like the real deal but there are no testimonials from students, only loads of patients who he has treated ( arguably better actually..) Thanks!
  8. Not that I am interested in 6-pack abs or anything. I do engage in strength training alongside my qi gong daily training. I am wondering if I should train my core or ab muscles? I practice longevity breathing from Bruce Frantzis' book and the basic idea in it (and also generally) is that you want to have a soft belly by which the breath is able to cause expansion of the abdomen in along all sides and this expansion and contraction motion acts as a pump massaging our organs 24/7. If I practice strength training in the abs, I suspect I will end up creating tension and stiffness/hardness against the massaging motion of my belly. If my belly can't expand anymore during my breathing, likely my breathing is ineffective. What are your thoughts?
  9. Hello a new book is out called "Taoist Shen Gong Qi Gong for Meditation" available now. It covers a Daoist I jin Jing and six standing posts from the Yang Tai Chi system as well as other Daoist topics. It is a translation from Zhang Dun Xie's book that is out of print and very difficult to find. The I jin Jing is different from the "Buddhist" versions in practice today. The six standing post are not seen hardly at all on any social media. (I have found a little on a Chinese site). They move from posture to posture and are also used for Dian Xue or Dim Mak. If anyone gets it I would like to hear comments about the two sets in it. Has anyone practiced or seen them before?
  10. Just wanted to start a thread here specifically devoted to Zhineng Qi Gong. I discovered this system in the spring of this year and have been practicing regularly since May. There are a few threads on here that mention it but no one thread devoted to it, so I thought I would start it up. Cheers! D
  11. Sifu Dan ferrera

    Hey I am curious. Does anyone know how old Dan Ferrera is. Does anyone still keep in touch with him. I think he probably still looks like he is in his 40s.
  12. Greetings

    Hi there - I signed up to post a response about Jeff Primack. Also I practice Qi Gong (Lee Holden), so it looks like an interesting site.
  13. Many Paths One Destination

    Hey guys New here, been meditating on and off for about 10 years. Done a lot of many different experiments, once I took a pill and started breath meditation and realised breath was the one and only way to connect back to the source, and even remember our true nature. Then I came down and forget how exactly I was breathing (lol) Other times I've seen things, almost astral projected, used chi to move Styrofoam (bio electricity / chi w.e.) I even almost hypnotized females with my sexual energy before if not actually did do that. Now I want to do all of this naturally without drugs or anything. I think I'm naturally gifted at chi manipulation , made plenty of chi balls (sober) lol but seriously I want to have all these amazing experiences naturally. I've researched advanced stuff like nei gong, micro cosmic orbit, qi gong, reiki, Indian Vedic stuff , but now I've just become someone whose "knowledgeable" (<jokingly) and not the artist. Even right now I can manipulate my chi at will but I have no concrete aim / plan / regimine in mind. Please help me out guys. I need a solid foundation to start off with. My goal now is to raise the chi level (maybe I'm saying it wrong) in my body or produce more of it So I can handle more of the extreme energetic practices. Should I start of just doing qi gong , if so what type of qi gong or maybe a different path. I'm open to suggests and or criticism. Thanks guys!
  14. Hi everybody. The nature of my request is to consult anyone who could help me understand the nature of my experiences and tell me how/where can I develop them/learn more. It will be a bit long but please be patient, it’s necessary. I got initially interested in Taoism when I was 12. I read a book from Alan Watts about Taoism, later I moved onto Lao Ze, Chuang Ze and Lieh Ze and it I immediately started to relate to it, and it just felt natural. Since then I researched many philosophies and occult schools, but Taoism kept being the closest to my core values. I’ve experienced several very significant experiences over years, and this far no one could tell me more about their nature. 1) I dreamt of future events. When they happened some 5 percent of the details were different (there were dogs instead of cats for example) but everything, including the locations that I never visited before were just as in my dreams. 2) I had a vision (meaning it felt physically real) that I was floating upwards through purple clouds and that I was going to die. I said to myself that I am not afraid because I lived according to my values, and then a voice told me: You’ve understood the lesson. Now return to the Earth and complete your mission. when I woke up my body was shivering and being full of electricity. I was lying in my bed but I felt I was in a vertical position. 3) After practicing Baguazhang, meditation and Taiji 6 hours per day for a period of one month, one day as I was walking down the street, I closed my eyes and I could “see” everything, as if I was feeling how cars and people were moving. It was like seeing blue shapes within a dark background. In the same period I went to play basketball once and my mind entered into some sort of trance. Although I was really skinny my strenght was almost super-human, ( I was pushing much heavier guys than me as if they were children)I was performing the most weird and acrobatic movements winning every game. I could score from the most difficult positions effortlessly. During the 3 hours I played I was in a state of bliss, and as I was playing my energy was increasing instead of me getting tired. I don’t know if that was Wu Wei but it felt similar. 4) I had a vision that I was an old Chinese man walking with my wife (also a Chinese lady) through a forest. We got to a point where there was an energy source on the ground and it told me to be the source of all my incarnations. If I listen to its advice, I was told that I can exit the circle or rebirth during this lifetime. 5) I saw a previous life of mine where I was a nobleman in medieval Italy. 6) I had a lucid dream or at least a very vivid one where I was a Taoist priest, flying through the sky and fighting demons who were after me. I hid on a ceiling of a building resembling a gothic catedral. They were right under me in a huge room (I was able to see through the floor somehow), and they gathered a pile of naked unconscious people, for sacrifice purposes. The demons said (speaking about me), “he’s becoming too powerful, we must stop him”. Their intention was to be able to “see” where I am by killing all those people. The sacrifice would allow them to do so. 7) During the same period of meditation and training I’ve mentioned I tried once to focus on everything within my visual field at once, without being focused on one thing. I was being present and alert, ai just felt as if by not focusing on one thing my energies aren’t tied to one goal/task but everything is equally important. Then I entered a state of mind where I could feel that every object around me was almost like physically connected to me, and I started to cry, because I felt an amazing amount of joy by being united with everything. I walked for a few hours around the town, with tears on my face, and then it just slowly went off. I am not interested in developing any powers, but only into reaching that state where I am simply what I am, in contact with my true essence and energies, beyond the limits of the rational mind. Any advice is highly appreciated. I would also like to study some forms of Neijia or Baguazhang, that could help me learn more about myself but I need a good instructor, even in China.
  15. Hey Someone gave me this music to practice Zhan Zhuang, its supposed to help to open the channels I love it and would love to find the exact interprets and album so I can buy it in high res. Can somebody help me??? I found the name of the beginning music : Tai Chi Melody (Tai Ji Yun) · played by the China Film Folk Orchestra. But it's not the same interpretation... Thanks for your help :)) _Big_tree.mp3
  16. I'm new to this forum. I'm interested in learning more about Taoism, but particularly Qi Gong and want to start a basic, simple practice to work my subtle body and actually feel chi, because I'm skeptical. I've read Tao Te Ching and some Zhuang Zi, but that's about it. Most youtube instruction on Qi Gong isn't clear to me about what to focus on. How should I best approach this and navigate the forums? Any resources recommended?
  17. Please give any suggestions you might think of that can add to this scientific study of Energy Cultivation and Chi. Negative ion generator experiment: Below is a schematic for a negative ion generator. A negative ion generator is an electronic device that converts a low voltage battery into a high voltage low current signal. The input power plug will be connected to four 9V batteries in series. The high voltage output creates a purple plasma from ionizing the air. The ground for the output will be connected to earth ground through a metal tack connected to the bottom of a shoe. The output will be connected to a dense nonmetallic object, under a hat at the top of the head. Warning, do not connect the output directly to the skin. A metallic pad connected to the output and directly in contact with the skin will cause electric burns on the skin, scabs and scars. Hypotheses: External projection of Chi is similar to electrostatic on the skin of the body, in that it can attract and repel small pieces of paper, and other small objects like sand. The first time I showed the Energy Cultivators my device moving small pieces of paper, they were able to measure the energy using a three finger pulse diagnosis on my wrist while the device was on. They could tell the energy was only on the skin, and it did not have “life” as their Chi does. That leads me to believe Chi is similar to electrostatic energy, but electrostatic energy changes when it enters the body and travels through the organs, meridian, and channels of the body (Like how water changes to urine after passing through the body). Energy Cultivators can store energy in their body and project it out of their body by increasing their blood pressure, muscle contraction, and tendon contraction. By bringing a stronger negative ion generator to the Energy Cultivators and having another person use the three finger pulse on my wrist while the device is on we will be able to compare electrostatics to Chi. Purpose: By comparing the observable effects of Chi with the known effects of electrostatics, we can compare and contrast how they are similar and how they are different. Ion polarity experiment: A battery powered negative ion generator could be used to measure the polarity of Chi. The Energy Cultivator would project Chi out of their hand onto a metal rod. The metal rod is connected to a metal plate. The positive and negative end of the negative ion generator is connected to a movable metal pad near the large plate. The test equipment will be tested with known charged materials like glass and silk. Hypotheses: If Chi is positively charged it will repel the positive plate and attract the negative plate. If Chi is negatively charged it will repel the negative plate and attract the positive plate. If Chi is neutrally charged it will attract both plates. If Chi repels both plates it is a new force. If Chi attracts the first plate and repels the second plate then, after a time, attracts the second plate and repels the first plate then Chi alternates between positive and negative charges. Purpose: The polarity of Chi would give great insight of the properties of Chi. Based on the result of this experiment equipment could be made to simulate the charge of Chi in order to reproduce the effects of Chi. Controlled plant experiment: Number 1 is a negative ion generator ground in the pot, and hanging above the sprouting plant. Number 2 is the control, with the negative ion generator grounded in the pot, and the output hanging over the plant, but with the negative ion device not turned on. Number 3 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output in the dirt of the potted plant. Number 4 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output touching the plant. Hypotheses: A plant will grow faster/larger if exposed to negative ions. This experiment will show how negative ions promote growth of living things. A more accurate experiment could be performed by replacing the plants with a human meditators. Purpose: Energy cultivation in humans is done by meditating outside with dirt below and sky above. Thunderclouds produce an electrostatic charge that living things respond to. Thunderclouds are usually accompanied by rain, so plants prepare to absorb moisture and nutrients during rainy seasons and high charges in the atmosphere. Energy Cultivation in humans absorb energy from nature. With this experiment we can show how living things take in energy from their environment. If 1, 3, or 4 respond better than 2 then, there might be a way to use negative ion generators to decrease the time it takes to store energy in the human body using traditional meditation techniques. Electric acupuncture experiment: Use an electrical device to push energy under the skin and into the meridians associated with energy cultivation. Daily electrical acupuncture would be used to speed up the process of energy cultivation. Yearly to bi-yearly examinations from a professional energy cultivator would be used to prevent injury and confirm progress has been accelerated. Hypotheses: Energy cultivators can share energy by projecting Chi externally from their bodies and injecting it into the meridians of another person through acupuncture points. By using an electrical device and acupuncture needles daily, the user could take less time to store energy in the body than tradition methods. Purpose: If energy cultivation can be sped up with electrical acupuncture that would explain the energy the body is taking in from the environment, and there would be more test subjects for experiments. Sweet water chemical test: Energy cultivators are able to turn normal water sweet by projecting Chi outside their body, as seen in this video: This is a summary of another group that tested the sweet water from master Jiang Feng: “Jiang used his qi to transform ordinary bottled water that we purchased; the seal on the bottles had not been broken or tampered with in any way. These are the results that Professor Heimo Breiteneder a geneticist of the Vienna academy observed after analyzing the qi water and the crystals within, “In comparison to untreated water, the one energized by the master contains a major peak of a small compound (379 Dalton) and two minor peaks of equally small molecular weights (365 and 380 Dalton). The masses were determined by mass spectrometry but the molecules could not be identified by comparison with data stored in that machine, where millions and millions of molecule’s structure are kept! All existing sugars were compared and it is NOT any of them, neither a compound, so we can conclude it is not a sugar molecule. Glucose has 180 Dalton, saccharose has 342 Dalton so forth and so on...We will try to go to Munich where one of the biggest and most accurate of these mass spectrometers is located. Another possibility would be to try to get into a facility with nuclear magnetic resonance and try to convince somebody to work on the sample. In any case, this is quite interesting, using qi to create a certain unknown sweet tasting molecule.”” Below are two charts from a sweet water sample I got from Master Jiang Feng in March 2014. The results show there were no chemicals recognizable on the chemical database. It was as if testing plane water. Later I was told that the Chi added to the water to make it sweet only lasts about a day, then the Chi escapes and the water tastes like normal water. Hypotheses: Chi can be projected outside the body causing the nearby air and water to become sweet for a time. When the Chi is being projected form the body the Chi is on the molecular scale that is why it cannot been seen and why it can pass through the molecules of the plastic bottle. Purpose: If we find a chemical in the water that turns it sweet, and can compare that chemical to something in the environment, we can conclude that the energy cultivation technique takes that element from the environment and is used in energy cultivation. Not only would we better understand Energy Cultivation, but with knowledge of a cause for the effect, we can experiment with adding that chemical to water and see if it causes the same sweet result. If the chemical alone does not make the water sweet maybe heat, or electrolysis is another component to the sweet water infusion. If we understand the process perfectly we will be able to create a machine to duplicate the sweet water process and that would be a new technology that could be sold to companies to replace sugar, and other artificial sweeteners. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) experiment: A TENS unit simulates muscle spasms seen in energy projection to patients. TENS unit is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. The first picture shows a TENS unit. The second picture shows ‘PossesedHands’ nerve stimulation device similar to a TENS unit. The third picture shows an Energy Cultivator on the left projecting Chi into the person on the right and causing their muscles to contract. Hypotheses: A TENS unit causes similar muscle contractions as the electric like energy projected from Energy Cultivators. A TENS unit could be brought to the Energy Cultivators and demonstrated on them for them to feel and judge if it is similar or different to the energy they use. Purpose: By replicating the observed effects of Chi we get closer to better understanding Chi and creating better machines that more closely replicate the effects of Chi. Several multimeters experiment: Use several multimeters connected with one input, a metal rod for the Energy Cultivator to grab, and ground measuring AC voltage, DC voltage, and current could be used to get a physical measurement of the energy projected. Analog versions of the multimeters should be used too, since digital meters might be damaged by the Chi flowing through it while analog meters are more robust. A multimeter was tested on John Chang from the Lawrence Blare documentary and they said they could not get any readings because Chi is not electricity. With the advances in technology and with proper test equipment I believe Chi can be measured. Laser, Mirror, Balloon experiment: Chi has the properties of heat and it can be concentrated to a point to be like a laser. A thermal camera could be used to see the projection of Chi outside the body that the human eye cannot see. An experiment could be built to see if the laser like properties of Chi acts like a light wave or a particle. If Chi acts as a light it will bounce off the mirror and pop the blue balloon, but if Chi acts as a particle it will damage the mirror/pop the red balloon. Hypotheses: I think Chi projected at a mirror will pass through the particles of the mirror and pop the red balloon. Since Chi is exiting the body from the finger it is not likely to be a property of light, although that is the current theory of this observation. Purpose: Observing this Chi phenomena could lead to new energy based medical equipment.
  18. Nei Kung Benefits

    I had surgery on my left knee almost 8 years ago (I'm 24 now) from having a big tear in my meniscus so they just took out more than half of my meniscus so that I could recover faster as I had a very stressful high demand collegiate basketball career at the time & I felt I couldn't afford to sit out for too long . I'm new to Tao & I'm wandering if Nei Kung & Qi Gong can aid in restoring my meniscus cartilage . Also is using Mantak Chia books & DVD's a good option to go to ? Or should I wait until I can afford a teacher ? Thoughts & opinions would be much appreciated . Wholeness & Balance Vibrations yall
  19. Hallo from a Qi Gong novice!

    Hallo there, my name is Jeremy I'm British but live in Germany. I did a course in Qi Gong a year or so ago. I took it up again lately and every single morning I indulge in "Eight Pieces of Brocade" thanks to Dr Yan Jwing Ming's books/site. I follow the sequence the best I can, I love that it is 1500 years old. I can imagine myself doing it at 70. Hope I've come to the right site.
  20. Hi all, Those that have read my posts before may be aware that I began meditating due to chronic anxiety and insomnia. Although overall my condition has improved, I notice it comes back in waves. I am going through a change right now with promising yet risky career prospects on the horizon. With this, and Christmas coming up (my parents and siblings are totally disbanded which is sad and difficult for me as I'm therefore responsible for keeping three different branches happy) I know this will be causing it. The interesting thing is, when I shut my eyes at night, I am not conscious of what is causing my anxiety and insomnia. I can be relaxed, and mindful of my breathing, yet my mind is screaming all sorts of things and being very disruptive. Like I say, all sorts of things...nothing particularly related to something I am consciously worried about. That is the background anyway. I don't expect any answers but the context might help people understand where I'm coming from with the next question: ------ So anyway, I am practicing breathing into the Dan Tien. I find that anything else is too advanced for me and I need to return to basic breathing practice. I have noticed that I am doing this successfully, and can gain peace from my motor-mind. However, I also notice accelerating heart-rate. Again, no idea what is causing it, something completely subconscious. But I will sit, and feel good about being sat in meditation, but slightly weirded out by my heart panicking by itself. Is anybody able to give me an insight into what is going on? Thanks in advance.
  21. Jade Sutra Methods?

    First credit to Trunk for writing a concise outline of the spiritual path called the "Jade Sutra." I have been struck by the simplicity and usefulness of this model. There are three pillars in this outline. As a beginner I would like suggestions/input on the efficacy of what I am doing. I am 52 I don't have time to waste 20 years figuring out what works. 1 st Pilliar "Opening the Channels" I have been trying to use the "Great Sky or Macrocosmic Orbit" after six months to one year of the "Microcosmic Orbit." to open my chi channels. (Reference "Dantian Qigong"-I Dudukchan. I have also been doing in Wuji Gong as in the DVD by Cheng Bingsong twice a day. 2 nd Pilliar "Centering" Meditating by just keeping my attention on the lower dan tian. 3 rd Pillar "Integrating heaven and Earth" Sung breathing while doing Zhan Zhuang. Any pointers would be welcome. Thanks---Dan
  22. I lift competitively in the 165 lb class. I am very tight and I started qi gong and zhan zhuang to become more flexible. By accident I felt some small amount of chi discharge down my spine and through my legs while doing squats. I can't replicate this situation. Would one of you that has enough experience with anything similar (possibly an internal martial artist,) suggest some qi gong to boost and direct chi while lifting? I would be very grateful for any help. Just as the internal martial arts are a spiritual path I feel I could turn powerlifting into an internal path if I went about it properly. Thanks ---Dan
  23. Would appreciate help

    The practice: Mo Pai nei gong. 2 and a half years. A year and a half into level 2. The problem: Horrible itching all over my body. I've experienced a lot of unpleasant chi-related problems, but this one takes the cake. At the moment, I don't have a teacher I can turn to for help, so I consider Tao bums, a forum which I know a lot of serious practitioners to use, the next best thing. Without limiting my meditation, what can I do to reduce the itching? My doctor has tried treating it as a bacterial infection, fungal, and so on, without any results. No medicine seems to be working. If I had the cash to fly out to Indonesia, I could go and see The Man, but I don't. What must I do to stop the pain???
  24. If you were scheduling a retreat, how would you lay it out on a timeline and what would you put in the slots?
  25. my position and my goals

    Hello, friends. I suppose I'm here because I feel like self-improvement is to be found in TCM, Qi Gong, and/or Tai Chi. The only problem is that I'm a complete virgin on all three subjects, with virtually no knowledge of even their basics. I'd appreicate any sort of advice and pointers you guys might have for me, and am totally open to answering any questions. Thanks!