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Found 3 results

  1. I found an interesting Tai Chi video series from WLE. There are 9 videos (DVDs): Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Part One) Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Part Two) Yang Tai Chi Chuan Applications Tai Yu Grand Ultimate Sword Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Part One) Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Part Two) Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Applications Sun Style Tai Chi Sword Tai Chi Broadsword Anybody can put a review of the videos? Thanks.
  2. Hoi

    Just signed up again. (had to)! After about 20 years of practicing traditional forms of Tai Chi. I've started doing the 24-Form Yang Style. The idea is to start teaching again. I followed a link to the forum and read some interesting posts. So, Thanks Faz
  3. So, as the lore goes - Yang Lu Chan studied with the Chen family in Chen Village and then went to Beijing to teach there (his village near Beijing). He also taught his three sons. As time progressed, his elder son Yang Ban-hou became very famous and eventually draw the attention of the Ching royal family. He was asked to become the instructor for royal family and imperial guard. Since he didn't want the secrets to be taught to the manchus, he created the long form (108) and taught that. This provided health benefits but didn't teach the martial secrets. Does anyone have any alternate version of the story? Or material from the Yang Family that denies this? (please provide specific material towards that end if possible). Thanks in advance.