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  1. Question on the dantians

    Where do all phenomena come from?
  2. Question on the dantians

    where does post-natal Qi come from?
  3. Question on the dantians

    I’ve read some references to development of the Hara (lower Dantien) in zen Buddhist literature. There is a very good book on zen by Roshi Philip Kapleau (Dawn of Zen it the West) where he refers to the hara. https://books.google.com/books?id=dhDQAgAAQBAJ&pg=PT121&lpg=PT121&dq=roshi+philip+kapleau+hara+development&source=bl&ots=sJ4pn1wRtJ&sig=ACfU3U3pI5APJPbY-5Lq1n-oasn9BaChEQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjFzrG7nb7qAhVCU80KHZUdC1IQ6AEwA3oECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=roshi philip kapleau hara development&f=true
  4. Question on the dantians

    I’m not sure I understand what you meant. For example, what is a “substance of yinshen”? My question was around whether there really are two (as in one of the bodily vs another of Dao), or is one (bodily) a manifestation of that of the other (that of the Dao)?
  5. Question on the dantians

    When I say method, I mean tradition/lineage. think I answered this already above What is “Low virtue”? I don’t consider “de” to be virtue in the sense of “ethics”. De is a ‘copy’ of the dao in each and every one of us. It is hidden by the modifications of our mind. Different people might be in different phases of the continuum based on how scattered and/or polluted their minds are. The ‘method’ when done diligently and sincerely will bear fruit. Mainly requirements are patience, perseverance and consistency. P.S. My Sifu says to us all the time (paraphrasing here) — “you need to have 100% faith and confidence in your own abilities and the system. If you have even .1% doubts, you are self-sabotaging”.
  6. Question on the dantians

    It is not a linear process. And it varies with the individual based on their karmic influences. As far as I understand it, the process is simple and direct. Laying the foundations will concentrate and purify the qi. Qi and mind are interdependent. Concentrate one, and the other will concentrate. Purify one and the other will purify. In the internal alchemical traditions (imho), the path is to work with the (body and) energy (qi); to purify and concentrate it. But the actual goal is to purify and concentrate the mind. When the mind is sufficiently clear and purified, a direct apperception of our true nature is possible. It requires external knowledge (likely in the form of a teacher), but once this knowledge is assimilated, result is realization of our true nature. An interesting outcome of this process, comes from the realization that all phenomena are manifestation of the true nature alone. This opens up the universal nature of energy to the ‘individual’. A skeptical person might say, “yeah that’s all fine and reasonably simple in the domain of intellectual knowing, but is it that easy to realize it?” That is dependent on our karma (and to the religious minded, on the grace of G_d). The “Truth” is simple and direct. The methods are complex. Often people get lost in the weeds of methods, and miss the fact that methods are fingers pointing to the proverbial moon. Just one method is sufficient (any out of the many), there is no need to amass 1000s.
  7. Question on the dantians

    I find this kind of reductionism amusing. And starry-eyed fan-people gobble this up with great gusto...and the outcome is anyone’s guess. For example, ‘Hinduism’ is not looking to ‘dissolve Dantien’ — while young damo might have meant something specific with it, on the face of it, it sounds childish. In fact there are Hindu yogic/tantric traditions which match the neidan stuff in great detail and then some.
  8. Question on the dantians

    Are there really “two” elixirs though?
  9. Question on the dantians

    I wouldn’t use the word “bias”, more like “preference”. Why? Because the dualistic model is useful to a point. Beyond which it becomes a hurdle and a prison. The ‘ultimate truth’ is quite liberating (that’s why it’s called liberation or freedom). For example, what need does water have for ice or steam? Whatever happens will happen. Water remains unaffected and water through and through whether in solid, liquid or gaseous state. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s no value in this kind of stuff. I’m saying that the value is relative. It might not be applicable to many here, but in the spirit of sharing freely, I’m sharing the “big picture” (what I consider as such) view.
  10. Question on the dantians

    Not in it’s core. Both are forms of water Haha what’s funny is, I was going to use that same analogy to explain why I don’t consider any of these “things” (Jing/Qi/shen/light) to be ultimately different. They are all modifications of awareness (pure consciousness).
  11. Question on the dantians

    And light is different from consciousness?
  12. Question on the dantians

    If so, then what is it made up of?
  13. Question on the dantians

    I don’t see any difference between the “pill” and Jing/Qi/shen either. In fact, I am of the opinion that going the “pill” way is an exercise which builds complexity upon complexity. But maybe that complexity is needed by some people. Not everyone does. In fact it goes back to the long running debate around “effort” vs “no-effort” too.
  14. Question on the dantians

    I don’t consider jing/qi/shen to be inherently different ‘things’