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  1. Unknown symbol

    Looks like a stylized Sanskrit S. But could be a P or M too. https://goo.gl/images/UcJsN1
  2. Transmission exists and I know many who will do so. However they will not do so in YouTube It doesn’t need to be a human being. In fact it never is a human being. The human being is just a conduit. It could be an mountain, it could be a place, a temple, etc. My advice is , don’t go looking for transmissions. When you are ready, the right transmission will find you
  3. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    This doesn't explain much of what one can experience with a high level taiji person imho. It is a good theory up to intermediate level where leverage, and biomechanics, etc are still in play.
  4. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Please show me, if its not too much to ask for. Or at least map these concepts 1:1 with concepts in physics. Remember, that Quantum physics is not acceptable in explaining phenomena that occur the in classical mechanics domain. At least, the scientific community today doesn't accept it afaik. I agree completely. Real understanding comes after direct experience (and then some period of maturation). And it is an unfolding the continues progressively too. So no single "definition" really works, as its nature changes as we go deeper. I've heard people say "It is only physics" and then in the same breath say "You put your intention in the other person's feet/root". In physics there is no role for the intention of the objects being studied Sad but true...
  5. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    And a lot cannot How do you explain "shen"? Or for that matter, even the role of "Yi", even if you somehow convince a scientist that "Qi" is a real thing? Or for that matter, how do you convince a scientist that an energy field exists (around the human body), and that, it can be tapped into for applications ranging from healing to martial? Personally I gave up on "scientific" explanations a long time ago. I just accept the phenomena and associated terminology as they are. Qi is Qi, Shen is Shen, Jin is Jin, Yi is Yi. It IS magical. It IS mystical and once we go beyond what I call the "internal-external" method of moving stuff inside the body, the real taiji comes into play (imho).
  6. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Well said! And covering more stuff is not necessarily good instruction. Important thing to check in IMA (imho) is if there is an energetic transmission from teacher to student. Energetics need to be implanted imprinted, via resonance. Otherwise we're just learning techniques. Techniques don't have power, they only allow the power to express itself. I like Richard Clear's videos too. He comes across as matter-of-fact, humble and confident and shows some good skills.
  7. Hatha yoga is yogic posture work (involves asanas) and pranayama (breath work). Breath work could be as simple as alternate nostril breathing. But typically its best to start after the body has been prepared for the breath work. Any specific ones?
  8. Do you already have a hatha yoga + pranayama practice?
  9. You need to be clear in your mind about what your goal is. If Enlightenment is the goal, then I'd recommend following the yoga path - it is easier and if you don't get caught up in body-enhancement objectives (about looking good), then it is a wonderful pathway to progressively deeper meditation. You don't even need to do advanced alchemy that is associated with tantric practices. In Hindu traditions, there are four paths that can be taken (one or any combination of the four thereof) to lead to liberation (enlightenment). The four paths are -- Karma Yoga - Selfless service Bhakti Yoga - Devotional self-surrender to a deity of choice Raja Yoga - Using combination of yogic postures, breath control and meditation, enter the state of meditative absorption (Samādhi) Jnana Yoga - Using your intellect, cut through the misconceptions of who and what you are, to know in a flash of intuitive realization, your true nature (enlightenment). Depending on your personality and tendencies, one or more may work for you. For e.g., are you action oriented? Then Karma and Raja might be best for you. Are you intellect oriented, then Jnana yoga may be best for you. Does faith and love drive you? Then Bhakti might be the path for you. I'll be happy to discuss this more if you want it
  10. Strongly recommend watching this (Rx as needed)...
  11. yes don't focus on the sensations. Just maintain your awareness there.
  12. For me it started with feeling of pressure/condensing in the lower abdomen region (not physical but a denseness). It wasn't very clear whether it was my mind playing tricks or indeed a real thing. However, when it first became a distinct feeling, it was like a wisp of smoke moving around in the lower abdominal level, right where the lower dantian is supposed to be. But it was not a static feeling or strictly fixed in one region - rather it kept shifting and morphing (like how smoke from an incense might billow in a mild breeze). You will eventually get beyond the sensations.
  13. Ideally there should be practice even during discussion
  14. There is no answer to this. The questions exist in duality but no answer. In nonduality there is no need for questions or answers. Yoga? This knowledge brings about the end of yoga and all seeking