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  1. Adverse effects seem to be more anecdotal. My sister got the Moderna vaccine, and now feels it has made her skin very dry/giving her wrinkles. I told her it could be because she’s close to 50, doesn’t drink enough water and works 12-14 hrs a day in back to back meetings over video calls…not stepping out to even walk for 15-20 mins…the jury is still out on this one…
  2. What a coincidence! So is mine, works in the biotech industry, and I take treatment advice from her. She told me that she’s leaning on the side of Covid-19 being biological warfare.
  3. It might not be public, but there WILL be fallout. There needs to be course correction, or next time it will be worse.
  4. Give them enough political and economic incentive and they certainly will. So, as it stands now, the fact that this was an engineered virus is not being dismissed anymore. The involvement of the WIV in “gain of function” research (bioengineering viruses) is also not being dismissed either. So then, is there a strong possibility that this bioengineered virus, with its ground zero being wuhan, points strongly to WIV being contributory towards it?
  5. Why do the top virologists have to be only from wuhan? That this was a manufactured virus was first disclosed by Indian virologists from the Indian Institute of Technology in early 2020. At that time, due to political reasons, It was dismissed in MSM as “highly speculative/rumor-mongering and so on…” (or something to that order). https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Caixin/Scientists-slam-Indian-study-that-fueled-coronavirus-rumors This is the original paper — https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.30.927871v1 PLA has been gaming bio-warfare using some form of Corona virus since 2015. https://www.newindianexpress.com/world/2021/may/10/chinese-scientists-discussed-weaponising-coronavirus-in-2015-media-report-2300620.html None of this is really implausible. It is a good idea to both get vaccinated, and find out the truth about this pandemic’s origin.
  6. We each have to decide per our own comfort level. I am usually wary of vaccinations beyond the bare minimum required (of which the list keeps growing with the years). But I decided to bite the bullet with the Covid vaccine as I believe the potential benefits outweigh possible risks. Also no one knows the long term effect of the vaccine, but I am pretty sure I got Covid last January after my trip to LA and the Bay Area in 2019 December (lots of tourists from MLC). Timing too was suspicious — we returned on 30th December and I was sick about 14 days later. My wife fell sick first — was down for a couple of weeks. I fell sick next, while she recovered. First week was with a dry cough, mild fever and severe body ache. I tried to force through what I felt was just the flu. Second week was worse with what felt like someone had tied a corset around my diaphragm— even a deep breath felt like I was lifting 300 lbs with my diaphragm and chest. I went to the urgent care, and the doctor said — it’s plueritis, but prescribed a round of antibiotics. It didn’t feel like any flu I’d had before — recovery took another 2 weeks. And then was deep exhaustion, which was exacerbated by work pressure which had me working 16-hrs at the computer almost everyday, for several months. I had intermittent diarrhea for months, with such a high degree of memory loss and brain fog that I felt I was developing Alzheimers or something. The taiji and meditation kept me going through all of that. Still didn’t think it was Covid. It was never diagnosed, because doctors didn’t know that Covid was already in the US by December 2019, and certainly not in Illinois in January 2020 (so still speculative for me). Back then I didn’t realize that some of these were also long term Covid effects (hence my intuition tells me I had Covid). I ended up quitting my job last October out of sheer exhaustion (mental and physical). Finally when I got the Covid vaccine this year is when many of my symptoms just mysteriously disappeared. The intermittent diarrhea is gone. My mental function has become normal (knock on wood) — started a new job, etc. None of this is scientific of course — just my own experience.
  7. Same here — including the entire family. Lost a family member and friends to Covid, so know the importance of the vaccine.
  8. Dark chocolate question?

    According to Ayurveda dark chocolate increases pitta (fire). Increased pitta can cause bleeding. https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/blog-the-banyan-insight/details/signs-symptoms-of-pitta-imbalance/
  9. This is of relevance to this discussion —
  10. Not everyone needs to be a sadguru. Such “individuals” appear once in many generations and provide inspiration for millions of jivas to become Self-realized. There’s that famous parable of the lion cub who was raised in a herd of sheep. Even after he was fully grown, he bleated, ate grass and cowered at the roar of other lions and hid with the other sheep. One day a lion attacked the herd and only this sheep-lion was left behind. The lion asked the sheep-lion, “why are you bleating and cowering?” Sheep-lion replied, “but you are a lion and I’m a sheep. We are afraid of you as you eat us.” Lion told him, “are you sure you are a sheep?” sheep-lion said, “of course. I’ve been a sheep since I can remember.” lion took him to a pond, and told him to look in the water. In the reflection the sheep-lion of course saw two fully grown lions. In an instant he realized he had always been a lion, and never a sheep. He roared at the top of his lungs and his delusion of having been a sheep evaporated Yes. Once the ice cube is in the ocean, does it have a choice but to melt?
  11. It is not as hard as it seems. People have a tendency to over-complicate things There is no such thing as "incomplete jnani" -- a jnani is one who knows, directly, without any doubt, their true nature. You think the Rishis from whose mouths we got the Vedas were Sanyasis? Almost all of them, were "householders". The Brihadāranyaka Upanishad was a conversation between Rishi Yajnavalkya and his wife Maitreyi (if memory serves me right, he had two wives -- Maitreyi and Katyayani Gargi. The traditional way was to fulfill all four stages of the varnashrama dharma with a few exceptions. Though it must be said, the context of the Brihadarnyaka Upanishad is right before Yajnavalkya becomes a sanyasi.
  12. Ramana maharshi used to say, “true sanyasa is simply in dropping of attachment and clinging”… There are two kinds of sanyasa - * vividhisha sanyasa * vidvata sanyasa the first is that of the seeker - who might renounce their personal identity and dedicate themselves to seeking the second is that of the jnani, who, by being stable in their true nature, naturally stops the clinging and aversion business.
  13. Since this seems to be a generic question, I'll share what I know on this subject -- we do the Temple-style Taichi/Dao Gong set quite slowly (not the dance, which can be done slow or fast depending on what we're looking to practice). A typical workout can go from 45 mins to an hour plus. Why is it done slowly? It is because we want to maintain the taiji state while doing these forms -- there are many factors involved in terms of physical alignments, maintaining the correct state of mind, slow and soft breathing, and so on. The slowness integrates our intention with the qi, allows us to better observe what is happening inside and outside (and regulate the form/movement/mind to adjust if deviations are observed). The moving form is interspersed with standing in posture (for example, if you're doing an upward and downward form, we often (in advanced stages) freeze the frame, so to speak -- and continue the energetic flow using the mind intent, even though the body itself is not in motion). Or there might be other reasons too...for example, one type of practice we do is to perform the single forms physically and using the intention simultaneously perform the movement in exactly the opposite direction. So if you are moving your body forward in say an arrow-and-bow stance, you would also trigger the feeling of reverse movement at the same time. Because there is so much detail to consider, the movement will slow down dramatically. This way of practice builds "friction" and the energy field expands and thickens from the interaction of "yin and yang".
  14. Neidan plan

    Main thing about standing is to learn the correct alignments and learning to suspend from the martial crown. Once you learn how to suspend the crown, and get into correct alignment, just breathe and release the muscles in the upper chest downward. The weight should not crash down on your joints (hips, knees, ankles), the weight should go to the ground — correct alignment will ensure that. suspend the crown Tuck the chin slightly so your eyes end up looking a bit below the horizon line. tuck your tailbone as if you’re sitting on a barstool or a large beach ball bend your knees slightly so they are not locked lean your upper body slightly forward at the hips, just enough so that that you’re not falling forward keep your toes straight and parallel to each other release the muscles in your upper chest (like your pectoral muscles are sliding off the chest down towards your belly) Relax and breath softly, gently into your lower abdomen Be patient — like you have nothing else to do, no checking time, etc. just wait and observe. rest your finger tips lightly on your upper thighs, shoulders down, elbows and slightly out to the sides and sinking downward