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  1. I was playing with Bard recently and started exploring the correlates between Hindu Yoga/Tantra and Daoist alchemical traditions I"m just presenting this as a way to look at the two traditions. I'm not saying the above is authoritative in any way (just the output of a genAI bot)
  2. Authentic golden body

    Forget all the alchemy hype and work on purifying your mind and gaining clarity. I can't put it any better than @Trunk's advice in the previous post. Pick one practice, and stick with it. It is better to dig one deep well rather than 1000 shallow ones. FWIW, the "Golden Body" is the causal body that is always present. We just have to learn to open up our mind enough to recognize what it is.
  3. Emotions are the path

    Yes agreed on that. But if realization is accidental, internal and external discussions make us more accident prone
  4. Emotions are the path

    It is part of the continuum of "hearing, contemplating and meditating". The discussion can be part of "hearing" or "Learning". The internal contemplation is part of assimilating the knowledge intellectually. Then it needs to be transformed into realization through meditation.
  5. Emotions are the path

    Discussion is necessary for realization. But more internal discussion is needed - aka contemplation. If we get caught up in desire to “win” we will lose
  6. Emotions are the path

    For example, you see a lake shimmering in the distance on a hot summer day. Given only that context and conditions, is it not “true” that you see a shimmering body of water? Until you investigate and realize there was no water at all, it was just a play of hot air and refraction of light, called a mirage. So that is also true. One could say the first was a “relative truth”, and the latter, “an absolute truth”.
  7. Emotions are the path

    Relative is relatively true, absolute is absolutely true
  8. Emotions are the path

    The relative is just the absolute viewed through the lens of ignorance. In Advaita Vedanta, the Material universe is called the body of Brahman. The information embedded in the universe (collective conscious/subconscious) is called the Golden Womb, and the seeds of causality are called "God." The individual is none other than Brahman, only deluded by ignorance into considering itself a limited being in an unlimited universe.
  9. Moderator Note: You had your chance to reconsider and introspect about your behavior. It didn't work. The mod team will take action on this shortly.
  10. Dao Discussion

    There is a basic jiben gong for the hip and waist that will help with it. After some time you will start to feel the flow of qi in the belt meridian.
  11. Filling the Dan Tien

    Conditioning is all things we learn in the course of our life. Is it bad? Not necessarily. The very conditioning we acquire is what makes us capable of survival. But the problem is that there is no knowledge system that is applied to also help us recognize what this conditioning is. Without knowing what is conditioning/acquired nature, we can’t recognize our true nature.
  12. Filling the Dan Tien

    That's a very loaded question. Everyone has original nature, but it doesn't come through in most cases because of the layers of conditioning that obscure it. In my experience, especially around my teacher - especially when he initiated me, layers of conditioning fell away, even though I had been a serious practitioner for 15 years, thirteen of which were in the daoist arts, before meeting him, and had more than enough theoretical knowledge and understanding. But that one touch of his index finger to my forehead resulted in my remaining in a blissed-out state for almost 18 months, and veils of ignorance dropped off. It took me a while to understand or articulate what had happened, but I realized that how I was feeling was his natural state 24x7. Thankfully it has been my natural state for several years now as well, even amidst the most crazy turmoil in my life. Similarly some others I've met, who are not daoists/dao practitioners, but when they speak I can sense the words coming from direct experience rather than intellectual knowledge. Around such people, there is usually an air of clarity and serenity. But the thing to remember is, true nature (as opposed to the conditioned personality) recognizes true nature.
  13. Filling the Dan Tien

    Yup. My teacher is one such person. I've met a few other such people as well.
  14. Filling the Dan Tien

    This is wonderful! In the tradition I belong to, De is considered a full microscopic version of the Dao that is contained within each of us. In my understanding, it is our essential nature/true nature, wrapped in layers of personality/conditioning. So De is not necessarily a set of "virtues" or "actions" or "qualities", but our true nature, which is none other than Dao itself. Being Dao, of course when the layers of conditioning are set aside/recognized for what they are, right action, qualities, and virtues naturally emanate, through the individual.