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  1. Space and time don't really matter when we realize the Oneness underlying all manifestation. We can share presence with each other, uplift those who are stuck in more worldly realms if necessary -- sometimes just to give them a taste of what this Oneness can bring. Some of those who have experienced the shared presence with an illuminated person might stay that way for a long time. Some others might get scared...don't be afraid. Just open your heart and your mind. It is your own Self that is shining forth through those that you think are "others". When it first happened to me, my mind was going, "No way...this can't really be happening...am I dreaming?!?" And then it became a natural way to be...realization triggered realization...
  2. Māndukya Upanishad

    This one upanishad is adequate for spiritual awakening. May you awaken right now It’s very ‘cool’ to want exotic and mystical experiences. I’ve had many. But these are still experiences. When you realize who you truly are, reality stands revealed as it is — we can find the infinite and self-luminous One (Tadekam) in and shining forth through the infinite phenomena that make up the universe itself.
  3. Differences are a result of karma and constitution that manifests in different names and forms. One might choose to remain in a mountain cave, another amidst the hustle and bustle of a city. The veracity of one’s realization is first manifest in the life of the body-mind unit. The thought “I am in bondage” and the thought “I am liberated”, the one who knows them both to be just appearances in the mind, is the One who is ever free. It’s true that this kind of “riddle-talk” can drive the materialist crazy. 🤪 And trigger waves of beatitude in some others. And yet, the One who understands is present in all — the materialist, the alchemist, the idealist. 😇
  4. I have author copies I can send if you give me your postal address.
  5. 🙏🏾 My regards to you and your mother. I’m glad you both are enjoying the book. 😍
  6. *bump* don’t forget — my giveaway starts today,
  7. The “dirty” or “clean” has as much to do with intention as it does with what we’ve been feeding the mind. If the intention is sincere and pure, half the battle is won. Success is only a matter of time and effort. If the intention is insincere and with the sole objective of putting someone or someone’s tradition down, the end result is that of a dirty pot.
  8. The Swami gives an interesting example of how different people approach knowledge/a teacher. An upside down pot — this pot is closed effective, and you can’t fill it with water. A full pot — it is already full, no matter what you put in it, will flow out a leaky pot — whatever you put into it, leaks out. a dirty pot - the inside of the pot is dirty, even the purest water you put into it will become dirty. an empty pot - this is a clean, empty, non-leaky pot which is set up in the right direction — so it can receive the water. Our minds are like one of these many types of pots. If you want to learn something, be an empty pot. It is easy to criticize a teacher or a tradition when you don’t agree with it. But in order to properly critique it, you have to understand what and why it teaches something in a certain way. I find anonymous internet handles sniping at genuine teachers and traditions to be worthy of contempt, because there is nothing more cowardly than that. Such people, to be taken seriously, should put their money where their mouth is, not hide behind internet handles - share their credentials, lineage and first prove their caliber. Otherwise they don’t deserve anymore attention or response than a summary dismissal.
  9. Oh I’m comfortable sharing my experience - he is a loving, Kind, gentle and brilliant exemplar of the Truth. What else does one require? The order he belongs to does selfless service wherever they go. He used to train novice monks of that order - Hence he has the same spirit of selfless service. Can you imagine how boring and monotonous it must be for a teacher to travel constantly, teaching the same subject over and over again? Yet, I’ve never once seen him be tired or exasperated — I’ve seen him in person many times. Always with loving kindness, a sweet sense of humor and the kind of clarity that makes you go “wow!” each time you hear his words (no matter in person or on a video or a podcast). Remember, these are profound spiritual truths, and they have the power of absolute reality behind them — the medium is irrelevant. Only, the clarity of the mind listening to the teaching matters. The truth he teaches won’t give one psychic powers, or the ability to bend the laws of nature. He only points to the true nature of each and every individual who thinks they are separate beings in a materialistic universe. And that true nature is The pure nondual consciousness, which manifests as the universe and its members. Like waves of an ocean are made of water. Knowing this, takes one beyond craving and avoiding — Which is the root of suffering. By transcending what we call rāga-dvésha (like-dislike/craving-avoiding), we can transcend suffering. What is more liberating than that? This teaching is something that will attract the Individual when the time is right. For some it might take a few more roundabouts
  10. thanks buddy. I know you, and like & respect you, so I’m responding in detail below. I’ve attended retreats and lectures in person with him — he is the real deal — — an enlightened being. His approach is that of Jnana yoga, which relies heavily on logic and intellect to take one to the precipice of the unknowable. Then the truth is grasped directly, suddenly. we have to keep at it — Advaita way is direct, but we have to put in effort, until it is not needed. What is the effort in the Advaita way? Listening to the teaching (like these YouTube Talks, If one can’t find a teacher in person), contemplating on them, and meditating on the pointers provided. Sort of like how one would meditate on a zen koan. However, Advaita Vedanta is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, caveat emptor. It takes a specific type of purification of the mind to understand it. It took me about 15 years of practice (taijiquan, Daoist meditation, yoga) before my mind cleared by the grace of my master. Once the mind cleared, the pointers of Advaita started to not only become clear, but also manifest spontaneously. I’ve written a bit about this in my ppf here, as well as in my novel. I do like to share it here, because some folks here already get it, some are on the right path and some others are seeking. Also it has been my direct experience and realization - both via taichi and yogic and Vedantic meditation. Those who can understand it, or are on this path will be benefited by it. Those who don’t, can do whatever works for them. If someone asked me with humility, I can guide them too. now when it comes to the issue at hand — Usually when someone reacts so violently (as Gas Master did here), it means they have felt threatened at some subconscious level by it. The ego doesn’t like the truth — it makes it feel vulnerable and so it lashes out. Usually, under normal circumstances , If someone doesn’t like what he has to say, they should just start their own thread and explain why, if it means so much to them. Unfortunately all I saw is a belligerent bully trying to shout/drown another voice (maybe of a different opinion). That clearly is the handiwork of the ego. I don’t need to defend the Swami here — he is a renunciant — a monk who has given up his personal history at very young age, to become a voice for the truth. He won’t give two hoots about what someone hiding behind an internet alias thinks about him. He might feel sad for that person, but to each their own Karma. Of all the Vedantic teachers I’ve encountered (and I’ve seen many), Swami Sarvapriyananda is in my humble opinion, the best there is in the world today. But this takes a little “cup emptying” to realize. wrt Realization of the “truth” - only taiji or some internal martial art is seldom the answer. Neither is only doing yogic asanas and breathing etc. Even meditation is insufficient for most. Without the right pointers at the right time, one will remain blinded by the veil of maya. I hope that answers your question.
  11. How to succeed in spiritual life

    Just ignore the trolls.
  12. Here is how to end the tyranny of the mind.
  13. A wonderful discussion by Swami Sarvapriyananda on the topic of why many people don’t get/realize the nondual teachings easily. And what should one do if direct nondual pointers don’t work for you.
  14. That’s fascinating - a geomancy gadget. Do you have more info on this (knowing you, you surely do )and would like to share?
  15. Go on...tell us all how awesome you are. That is all this has been leading up to, hasn't it? Son, there's nothing you can do or show me that I've not seen before.