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  1. Breath Retention and "Shock" Effect

    Inhale:retention:exhale:retention ratio is important too. What is it that OP follows?
  2. The Power of Chi movie

    oh I wasn’t referring to myself. My teacher on the other hand…entirely another level. I know many of them. The good ones are never raucously vocal like many there are like I said, language. Transfer of force through the fascia is also not the entire story. Not magical at all — only phenomena that need a higher degree of sensitivity to get.
  3. The Power of Chi movie

    I didn’t find the video objectionable at all. I do know experientially what this chi stuff is, so I am not a skeptic. I was a long time ago, but not now. I think many practitioners complain about this stuff because they’ve spent a lot of time and effort and not been able to enter “the gate” beyond the physical level. So they think all there is, is the physical level. My experience with my teachers is that the secret is not a secret at all. We make it more complex than it needs to be, in our obsession with science. I’ve heard pretty famous western teachers say, “it’s all physics” and then in the same breath say, “put your mind on the opponent’s root and displace them”. If it is all physics, what role does the mind play there beyond being an observer? When someone experiences the “adhere” jin, it is nothing short of magical, until the principles are shown. There needs to be a fair degree of sensitivity in a practitioner to be able to feel the field.
  4. Breath Retention and "Shock" Effect

    Then you should revisit what you do, along the lines of what @Trunk pointed out. Breath retention should be done in a sequential manner, after learning how to control the epiglottis to regulate speed of inhale and exhale, etc.
  5. The Power of Chi movie

    I think it is unwise to dismiss something purely because of personal biases or knowledge limitations. Set aside chi for a moment; there’s more to fascial web connection and manipulation than biomechanics can explain. There is the role of the mind as well, in terms of the effect when it is focused on or away from a particular point during a hand-trapping type of interaction (which is what push hands is).
  6. The Power of Chi movie

    People see “motive”, I see language. Also, all respect to Rob Poynton, I don’t see in him what I see in more advanced practitioners. Systema seems like Russian tai chi really, with some ground grappling thrown into the mix. What is “woo”? Anything people can’t understand and looks supernatural.
  7. Breath Retention and "Shock" Effect

    Do you mean you get knocked out or you are in a state of absorption?
  8. Mantra Yoga

    The long Om is not a mantra practice in itself - there is much more going on under the surface. It is the method provided in the Mandukya Upanishad and with the associated instruction and understanding, it will help in realization.
  9. I’m not referring to Sri Aurobindo’s light body. I was referring to all our friends here who want to develop a light body.
  10. If that works for you, more power to you. Let us exchange notes after you succeed in your practice. No use for me. For others there might be. For those bums who are interested, let us chat after their light body is perfected.
  11. I realize this line of discourse is distressful for many here. FWIW, For all the friends who have been hurt by nondual assertions, please don’t take what some of us saying as a criticism or rejection of your personal practices. Please continue to do what works for you. But at least give what is being pointed to a serious thinking through. If @Bindi wants to develop her central channel, it will become easier with nondual recognition. All practices will become more natural, and progress towards becoming effortless. If someone wants to develop a light body, it’ll help them too. So it is for all other spiritual practices. No one is diminishing the suffering caused by/faced by humanity. And I am certain all good people do the best they can to help (whether they are dualists or nondualists).
  12. Things and nondual? 🤔 🤦🏾‍♂️
  13. In duality all we have are questions, not many convincing answers. In nonduality there are only answers, but no questions at all.
  14. I did answer it in response to Apech's cross-eyed post
  15. It wasn't a trick question. Does anyone need proof other than the act of seeing? Similarly with consciousness. Only thing is, it is mixed up with the mind and experiences for most of us. The acts of thinking, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling (subtle body falls under this category) are all that are needed to recognize consciousness.