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  1. This just promts me to someone who went through cancer a decade ago, that we are all at risk of cancer just because of all the crap in our global biosphere now. And mine was diagnosed as environmental, not genetic. So whether you have it or not, Its so important to be on a cancer fighting diet, detox and to exercise regularly. And pray/meditate. Don't allow negative energy to stagnate.
  2. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    The last thing she says is the funniest.
  3. How to be on topic?

    Hahahahahaha! 🤣
  4. How to be on topic?

    Lolol WHO likes Alan Watts? 🤣 I do..
  5. How to be on topic?

    I'm loving this thread just how it is. Lol...truly! We are not clones, and imo people should be allowed to be who they are unless they are intentionally hurting others. I enjoy reading the process of understanding on here and you're not just entertainment, I'm learning. Some people are just way out there and that can turn some peeps on, or off. Looking down on someone...I'm not getting that vibe from Everythings replies...and in other forums/topics... is very nice to people in posts. But that point is still well made...and taken. Idk...I don't frustrate easily, but when I do...kaboom! haha
  6. How to be on topic?

    It's my observation or preference in reading that sometimes the answer to the topic in question is more valuable than the topic. That's my experience on this forum anyway. Thanks to all.
  7. How to be on topic?