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Found 2 results

  1. There are a lot of men out there, who can't attract women. They can't get sex. Some of them are even adult virgins. Now while it is understandable that being in such a condition will cause extreme mental pain and drive men into extreme emotional distress, and in addition to that they will be viewed as deficient and socially unintelligent by others, the amount of rationalizations they engage in to explain their predicament can be just....hilarious. These rationalizations are usually in the form of extreme negativity towards women, or rationalizing that they are just ugly men and looks are everything. They obsess about their jawlines, their height, their noses, and of course, having a small chin is the ultimate indication of inferior beta male genes according to them. They also go on and on about how western culture is completely biased against and hell for ugly men. While I feel bad for the amount of intense stress these men are certainly under due to their situation, I know their rationalizations are ridiculously untrue. Looks don't mean shiat. I know from seeing in real life, a good looking guy with a beta personality has no chance, where if that same guys shows the personality of an alpha male he is in, and vice versa. P in V'gee. DTF. Down to Fuck. Looks mean nothing, and it is very unhealthy for men to worry about their looks. Looks mean nothing. I couldn't stop laughing, throughout these entire videos. omg these guys.... This one is really good, laughter is very healthy, and it has been a long time since I laughed for 40 minutes straight
  2. It seems to me that spirituality forums, and especially this place, have a consistent record of attracting guys who basically, for whatever reason, can't attract women. I'm not sure why this is. They always get strong reactions from other posters, and often create a commotion. Some people call them sexist, blame them for their own problems, women rarely can grasp the concept of involuntary celibacy, etc. They don't bother me, and if anything I tend to sympathize. I understand that if someone is in their 20s and is a virgin, they are socially far behind most other males, and are considered weird by society. This in turn makes them even more hopeless. The Documentary Shy Boys: IRL More-