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  1. Always wanted to tell you how insightful your comments always are, deep but never preachy or pretentious. I’m really currently enjoying your dialogue on the “Jing, Chi, Shen” thread. Thank you brother 🙏

    1. freeform


      That’s very kind of you to say. Thank you.

      I try to live up to the qualities my teachers exude with no effort.

      And I have a long ways to go :) 

  2. Qi Gong and Tibetan Yogas?

    These are all methods that were created by an individual for himself, based on his particular energetic makeup (Original JING or genetic lineage) and tendencies of the Five Elements. The map is not the territory 😉
  3. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    What exactly is Yan Xin’s technique?
  4. Yi Jin Jing

    Gold brother 🙏
  5. Yi Jin Jing

    It’s amazing you teach such priceless treasures for free! You are truly a realized man, you give me hope that all of these teachings aren’t lost in money, books, salesman super power videos and forums. If I lived near you would absolutely take your classes. I hope those around you realize what unbelievable lucky access they have to a true man and his knowledge. Knowing most of humanity it’s doubtful 😀
  6. My brother you are the god of manifest! Keep it up.
  7. Death is nothing to fear when seeking immortality , but the chains that enslave and bind you to the finite are.
  8. Small risk, little gain He who hesitates, waits. 😉
  9. Is semen retention aligned with the Tao

    Absolutely diet and sexual balance are intertwined. Find your ability to control any appetite and you control them all. Nothing to obsess over. Be natural. Listen deeply to your body. Give it sparing what it wants, but always what it needs. Good luck on your path brother.
  10. Loss of interest in reading

    Thank you all for your time and valuable input and comments! Much appreciated.
  11. Loss of interest in reading

    Same. Lost interest in more than reading also news, politics, socia media, etc. Like u said most things seem so vacuous to me right now. I prefer the quiet, drive to work with no radio on, only time I listen to music is lifting weights and running.
  12. Loss of interest in reading

    Perfect thanks bro. Ill let it come back when its time then. 😀
  13. Loss of interest in reading

    The more I cultivate the more I lose interest in reading. The first to go was fiction, which I had been a voracious consumer of since a child. However, now its also non fiction and writings on religion, philosophy, and meditation. Now I have firmly found a path and am no longer searching for a “way” any longer, but wondering if anyone else experienced this phenomenon as well. Being a life long reader it disturbs me a bit, but what can u do?
  14. I’m in the process of learning and these particular lyrics speak very deeply to me.
  15. I posted just this video the other day another forum. Powerful stuff! I’m a huge Tool fan in general as well, are u bro?