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  1. SoTG lineage

    thanks, I appreciate your analysis and posting. I am the sort who wants to know why. As I responded to another poster, I felt like STG started as someone who could be funny and empathetic (although still problematic), and then got darker and further off the rails. Could be parasitic egregores and pacts, could be organic (I wondered if “died” was something like seizures and brain trauma could cause disinhibition and delusions). I suppose I’ll never really know.
  2. SoTG lineage

    Yes! @Shadow_self it changed a lot. first he got rid of stillness. August of last year it really went off the rails and he got rid of personal cultivation altogether and it turned into a model where he was a savior. Initially, I thought his forum was fresh and fun, I liked the fitness aspect. It appealed to my ADD brain. It seemed basically honorable with some shadow exploration. I suppose I didn’t leave sooner because I was paranoid about egregores and my mundane life was going fine so I kept it in the periphery even though it got progressively sketchy. I didn’t really get creeped on but am quite a bit older.
  3. SoTG lineage

    Intention of the thread is not to ask for help or resources, but simply to inform others. We rescued ourselves and will be fine. ZYD posted his extensive resume and I do appreciate his validation that there’s much better material out there for those interested in an East/West synthesis practice, nothing unique or worthy in STG system unless you’re into smoke and mirrors.
  4. SoTG lineage

    @Nahfets in fairness, I did look at your profile and your intro post has the same vibe, you’re funny! serious material and timing off here though. much thanks to ZYD for terrific resources and insights!
  5. SoTG lineage

  6. SoTG lineage

    I can attest also. I was on STG’s forum for some time and it went off the rails as documented above. I highly doubt he is dead although I believe his health is deteriorating and that he has no spiritual abilities. He ought to be ashamed to show his face for deceiving people who trusted him as a teacher and especially for preying on young women!
  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    🙏 There was a time I might have tried to ‘splain everything right on that thread.
  8. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Just ironic for myself only, I find the prevalent white knight mentality super annoying and definitely part of why I no longer post. I’m sure you understand women’s issues much better than I though.
  9. Gun Control and Shootings Flint, MI still doesn’t have adequate drinking water, but they sure can get ready to pile on restrictions in a hurry.
  10. Daoist Winter practices

    Veering off topic, but- cool things to outside subzero temperatures? Soap bubbles, boil a pan of water and throw it up in the air, made these rainbow icicles with my son one of those days when too cold for school to be in session.
  11. Counting our Blessings

    They do sound good; grateful for an excuse to get some brandy.
  12. Fit Bums

    Good, I found you a link with more on hip-knee kinematics including some exercises that can be done at home.
  13. Fit Bums

    Do your feet turn out when you stand or walk? Most people’s do because we sit too much and that outward rotation strains the hinge (knee joint) until it wears and breaks down like a warped screen door- oiling it with supplements doesn’t fix the structural strain. Strengthen hip abductors, gently stretch tight lateral rotators, and work on keeping feet straight should help knees, especially straighten outer edge of your feet when getting up from a chair.
  14. Counting our Blessings

    For a lazy evening to bake, watch the snow fly, and watch White Christmas.