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  1. Does Qi cultivation supercharge human traits?

    Cultivation is a pursuit of reduction, and thus your personal traits would be attenuated, rather than emphasized. Another way to look at it is that if you were a bottle and your traits were water, then cultivation makes the bottle bigger. Naturally, your personal tendencies that you perceive would seem more insignificant, and they would no longer affect you as strongly as before.
  2. Haiku Chain

    Hold that prostration Apply lube, insert gently Wowza! Enlightened!
  3. Practically speaking, I think it refers taking a more receptive approach to life. Respond to the events that unfold in your life with an open mind as opposed to being narrow minded and trying to force your personal narrative. In short: Chill out.
  4. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    I'd like a personal practice journal, thanks.
  5. Genuine sprititual development is not dangerous. It's only dangerous when people practice garbage and mistake it for spritual growth.
  6. What if the student is too advanced for the teacher?
  7. I had to deal with a raccoon in my back yard. I bet no one can top that.
  8. Did Lao Tsu Fail?

    If the gatekeeper never asked him to write the TTC (if we are to believe that story), then he would've just been on his merry way and minding his own business. I'm sure he knew that most people wouldn't be able to apply his advice properly, and that his criticisms on society will no longer be applicable either as society changes with time. I think he was just sincerely trying his best to write spiritual advice for living, for whoever happens to read it, with no thought to whether it will be successful or not.
  9. Did Lao Tsu Fail?

    Lao Tzu's spiritual message is still alive and being appreciated, by those who are able to.
  10. simplify

  11. What is Love?

  12. Six Thoughts About the Way

    Hi, I think the successful way of cultivating such a method in which one deals with their own ego is to self reflect and recognize subtle views and behaviors, so that one can truly have the opportunity to see past and rise above themselves through change. The change process itself involves not feeding those recognized behavior patterns and perspectives, in order to empty ones cup and have a clear and broader view on life. Practicing virtue is a way to facilitate that. I think that when this is practiced to a high degree, where one's awareness is no longer swayed or biased towards anything, one can reach the so called emptiness. As for the ego thats always talked about, i like to think that its just the lower self, which are the thoughts and mind that are formed as a result of having a physical body. And instead of reducing it, the better term would be integrating it with your higher self, which is your soul. Self reflection is hard though, many people (me) would rather move mountains than even consider the fact that they might be wrong.
  13. Chatbox for the site

    Still patiently awaiting for this to be implemented
  14. Haiku Chain

    The pyramids align My lego plane flies downward Primordial chaos?
  15. Some spiritual flash poetry - Post your own

    The edge of space Should set the pace So make your haste Or the dirt you'll taste Some want might To endlessly fight Thats full of shite I say with spite Some need orders And turn into fodder Poor poor I say They've lost their way No need to be silly Live life a bit simply Don't tire youself out Needlessly mucking about Just empty your head And lie on your bed Then maybe you'll see That you can be quite free