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  1. Spring Forest Qigong - A Question on how it works

    A lot of traditional teachers specifically tell you these are not to be used...they engage the mind too much...I dont know if that applies to healing or medical qigong...I actually have no idea..thats why i asked
  2. What Exactly Is Chi?

    My working definition of Qi is " Transformative information potential" a bit abstract, I know...but I cannot think of anything that gets closer to it
  3. Ive spent quite some time on this website looking and lurking before I joined and generally the advice to study with Damo Mitchell seems to be the echoing majority One thing I also noticed however, is that Chunyi Lin's name has come up very often....So I did a good bit of digging about him, his methods and peoples testimony One thing I dont understand....everyone claims the effects are immediate and healing is profound.....yet he uses things like visualisations and whanot that contradict what a lot of people say about traditional work...Yet here there are reports of this man healing everything from minor ailments to cancer....and not a few..a lot Can someone reconcile this for me?? I dont understand how something can be claimed to be this strong, yet contradict classical principles... Please note im genuinely asking, im not trying to say this doesnt work, or that doesnt...Just that im confused and would like some more experienced individuals to clarify For healing and health is this the option one should pursue? (PS enjoying the site, great reading on here!)
  4. Greetings

    Thank you I dont know a whole lot about Max...I did a lot of digging and spoke to many people about him...and my gut feeling is that he has some good practices but not as much structure? Ive seen the other stuff he teaches like red phoenix and red dragon explained ...yet still have no idea what it is actually meant to be achieving... My understanding is that the Kunlun posture basically works to purge out energetic and mental blockages (spontaneous qigong) Red Phoenix is to set the UDT in motion...the corresponding 2 and 3 then step it down Red dragon works with the middle field And he gives some kind of transmission related to the RP work.....some form of Qi perhaps? The one breath being central to all techniques That was my understanding of it...theres also reports of all sorts of weird stuff....everything from spirits to children springing up pulling Kunlun postures in the twilight hours....sounds fascinating and all...but I cant help but wonder what it is linked to? Correct me by all wouldnt surpise me if it wasnt accurate? I have the old Kunlun Book...not the blue one..the one that came out earlier...seems to be very like Jenny Lambs work..I cannot comment on the new one As for the IIH line....that really confuses me....It seems to have a great reputation amongst people...yet it is packed with things like visualisations that make it feel like it wouldnt be fruitful?. I have heard about Rawn Clarke and Mark Rasmus as the two authorities on the topic...yet I have no idea about Rawn, or his achievments...but Ive heard good things about Mark....who seems to have some skill in other arts too Thank you Yes nor I..There are a few people here in the UK that claim it is legitimate...and travel...but I take that with a pinch of salt...many people think many things are legitimate......and ive wasted my time on things in the past wont be going there again unless i know it is legitimate....and taoist yoga is too much of an encrypted code to I have kind of just threw it in there on the off chance that someone might know something I am really impressed by Damo Mitchell....I am most likely a paycheck away from starting his IA academy...he seems genuine and not out to trick anyone. As for Wang Liping and Nathan...I have Nathans is certainly interesting, though not as comprehensive as Damos...I also felt there was a lack of all the physical work Damo spoke about....I interpreted from the book that Nathan had done a lot of other stuff before he met WLP?....and that perhaps that would be interesting to pursure like Nathan...after a few years of physical conditioning Like I mentioned, ive little interest in the pursuit of "power"....and would view it as a byproduct rather than a goal..It is answers about the nature and structure of mind and reality, and what underpins it I am after....and the after death state.....whatever form that takes im game as long as im not led down a false road or given only pieces of the puzzle.
  5. Greetings

    Hello I came here after lurking for a long time..I was inspired by the posts of @freeform to join as he seemed like a very knowledgable person I have little to no practical experience in the Internal breathing is dropped into my lower abdomen never deviates to the chest...It was a habit I got into a few years ago and it stuck...I also breathe comfortably at around 2.5-3 breaths per minute without any training...just something I developed while messing with the latter I want to begin studying I feel the time is ripe....I have a lot of books on the topics on IMA and some occult stuff (Bardon etc)..Ive been looking at the following teachers Damo Mitchell: The IA Academy Mark Rasmus: Elastic Force Chi Gong and Initiation into Hermetics Max Christensen: Kunlun ( I believe he does workshops too, which have some potent methods) Qianfeng Daoism ( The Taoist Yoga lineage) I also know the former three are available online...the latter involves a trip to Beijing My understanding is that Damo labels anything with visualisation as counterproductive...but I also know that MR and MC have stuff that has visualisation....then ive read that MR teaches stuff like proper YJJ principles and that he's quite adept at inner door stuff ( I dont plan nor want to learn how to light things on fire, or attach copper to my perenium )...I just know that if you arent being taught the proper're probably spinning your wheels) My goal is to pierce the veil, and experience reality beyong this material world in a non imaginary way....basically I am seeking experience of reality beyond this physical plane.....After that who knows.......Im not someone who thinks he'll become an immortal over the course of a few I've set a more realistic goal With that being said...Id appreciate commentary on the above schools (as detailed as possible please...the more the better) and thank you for having me....its my pleasure to be here