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  1. Considering the majority of the lineages are thriving in areas other than China...that'd be a most wise assessment
  2. My suggestion would be to go with Damo...but Adam is also excellent (he has a slightly different way of working). PM me if you want a discussion on the matter..happy to chat with you Otherwise it will be the same rhetoric from those with no experience of either of the teachers you mentioned (a non useful one) The result being that you wont actually get any of the information you're looking for
  3. I might have bit of further, but broad interesting information on this topic for I know you are interested in culture/religion Drop me a PM...I cant post it here for certain reasons
  4. Ancient Masters

  5. Ancient Masters

    Cant help myself with the GIFs haha @GreatAutumnis ruthless
  6. Ancient Masters

    Lurking? Or gathering behind the scenes ?
  7. Ancient Masters

    You certainly know how to make an entrance @GreatAutumn Zero Chill
  8. Ancient Masters

    So basically, fuel to make things work properly?
  9. Ancient Masters

    You forgot the rest of the ingredients... On 3... 1,2,3
  10. Ancient Masters

    Well yes it is a red flag...but to me its more of a red flag related to what I mentioned earlier in the thread. The physical (foundational) methods of western traditions have been lost for a long time. Any person I know who has demonstrated any measure of ability whatsoever had to cross train in a different discipline, or else had prior training before doing it... Either way that was always what I seen. And anyone thinking there was no physical methods in western traditions is deluded...the bloody things are carved into hieroglyphics That does not mean there aren't people out there who cannot or do not have these methods....It just means they are they exception to the rule. There could very well be someone on here who knows
  11. Ancient Masters

    Wow 2nd post on the forum and.... This one wastes little time
  12. Ancient Masters

    Would you trust a pre-recorded demonstration of an "ability" as legitimate proof of said ability? Serious question
  13. The Gods and Magic

    You mean the current believers who were told to think it was monotheistic? Like those before them, and those before them...etc etc etc When you trace it back to its origin, it is factually correct to state that it is as @Nungali pointed out You can find all the redactions, edits, changes, cover ups and so forth historically documented...That is one benefit we have that the generations before us didnt have, freedom of information rather than the compartmentalisation of it Moreover look a bit closer...You'll soon find Christianity is a Solar religion, whilst Judaism and Islam are Lunar ones
  14. Energy rises and sinks according to the phase of the moon cycle There is a reason people are often referred to as going crazy during the full moon...its also the origin of the word "lunatic"