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  1. Feeling when bringing awareness to dantian

    Well, I really apreciate that you gave me the exact quotes, since it would have taken me ages. Although, how am I supposed to "turn inwards my eyes"? Ima guess you're not physically doing it I have the second book, although I never got to reading it fully. I don't know if what I'm doing is "listening", but I often have sensations when keeping my awareness there (although, again, they're probably distractions) I'm normally meditating with crossed legs, although I sometimes try kind of a "weak" version of half lotus, which I feel that it really helps with the breathing... Now that I think about it, I sometimes feel kind of an imbalance, which I should work on. Anyhow, I really appreciate that you all took your time to write those answers. I think I have enough information for now. Thanks
  2. Feeling when bringing awareness to dantian

    Considering the fact that I don't want to use the dantian in martial arts, I personally don't think filling it is an advanced technique. Sure, maybe methods of qi circulation might be good for a beginner, but still.
  3. Feeling when bringing awareness to dantian

    I see. So in the end should I just let the sensations happen, but without holding onto them?
  4. Now, I know similar questions have been asked, but I didn't find a specific answer for this one. I try to meditate by becoming aware of my dantian, but I don't know if what I'm feeling is the correct sensation. I heard a bunch of times that the body can create false sensations that would most likely deviate a practitioner from their goal, so I want to be careful. As for what I feel, I guess it's similar to some kind of pressure inside my abdomen (although it's possible it has to do with the digestive activity). Can anyone guide me and give me some tips so that I'm actually doing progress in filling my dantian?
  5. Tingling in hands

    Alright, so for a long time i had this thing where my hands would easly start tingling when simply concentrating on them. When I did zhan zhuang, I started feeling that tingling even stronger. I'm on my computer for a good portion of the day, so my guess is that, so that i can type faster, I started concentrating more and more on my hands, which led to the qi being more intense in those zones. While I'm happy that I started to see some effects already, I'm kinda worried. In the rest of the body I can barely feel anything. I want my qi to flow smoothly everywhere through my body before I start cultivating my LTD, and this is kinda stopping me. So in the end, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I can feel it so much in my hands?
  6. Source of qi

    I am asking specifically about the qi which is used in qigong and neigong: what is its source? Is it generated in the body? Is it in the air? If so, does it come from the sun or is it produced by plants, when they release oxygen?
  7. From other posts, I saw that a basic method of gathering qi in the dantian is to do abdominal breathing while concentratig on it. While it might work, I want to know if there is a mudra or a hand position so that I can increase awareness in the dantian. (I also know about full lotus, but since i dont have much flexibility, I want to get the best results.)
  8. Decrease pain while doing Zhan Zhuang

    The music part kinda helped. Unfortunately, the cushions part doesnt really work that much, but I guess my inactivity made me weak. I just hope my body will be able to get better at it, since I cant really concentrate on relaxing. Anyhow, how long did it take to others to get used to the pose?
  9. Hi everybody! I recently started practicing Zhan Zhuan from the book "The way of energy". I really enjoy it, but when I do the exercise "Holding the balloon", my arms start to feel really heavy and I have to stop every minute because of the pain. I know that it should go away after a while of practicing, but until then, can somebody give me some exercises to do in my spare time so I can be more confortable when doing the pose?
  10. About Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

    While in the end I get that it is yang qi, there are many terms I dont understand. I guess, while it may be a good book, I at least need some background in internal alchemy to understand it better. So...any book that is good for a starter like me in this subject?
  11. About Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

    I started to understand the book better, but I have a question for someone who read it: what is the "inner fire" that continously appears in it? At the glossary it appears to be talking about some processes for the transmutation, but from what i saw until now, it is a force/energy in the body. Any ideas?
  12. About Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

    yeah...good idea I really want to try and understand it, but in the end I may ask for other books about this subject
  13. I'm about to get this book and I really want other's opinion about the information inside. How truthfull is it. Does it correspond with other books about similar teachings?
  14. Where is qi stored?

    Yes, I know, stupid question, but I want to clarify some things. Normally its the lower dantien, but I stumbled upon some articles about the three treasures (jing, qi and shen). There, I read that they are stored in the lower, middle and respectively upper dantien. Can somebody explain this? (I'm pretty new to those elements som yeah...)
  15. Hi there!

    Hi! I'm just a random guy passing by. While I have seen many discussions about chinese culture and similar stuff, i decided to join this forum. While I know it's not a great idea, I got some interest in nei kung and mo pai. Even so, I still like to see the science between this culture.