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  1. mo pai n kunlun

    I am a Mo-pai student! I have used Kunlun and mo-pai together, Kind of a strange peacefull feeling but that was many month ago. P.S. I don't give out Mo-Pai info so please donot contact me :}
  2. Jim Humble's MMS Chlorine Dioxide

    I use it a few times a week! I get pinkeye alot! it clears it up fast, internal! I have also used it for the flu- killed it in a few hours and also for congestion... I seem to wake up with more energy. But I wouldn't use it daily
  3. hair regrowth

    avodart! buy it online -you can get Dr. reddy's which is the same thing much cheaper. Also take Seleneum Bingo
  5. A thought on Max

    Harry nice post! I have not met Max but from what I have heard and practiced from the book he seems very authentic. Funny thing the other day I was doing Kunlun and decided to lay down and meditate. I saw images and felt such bliss I didn't want to leave that place I was in. Now the power I was seeking (IE:John Changs power) seems very Trivial. at one point I was aware that my heart had stopped and the only thing that was able to pull me out was the thought of my responsibilitys and my family. I'm sure David is a very good man I sometimes am a little to quick to judge
  6. Max's Radio talk on Root Practice!

  7. Max's Radio talk on Root Practice!

    hey wu is there a link to that?
  8. Happy Birthday Yoda and Mantra68!

    Happy B-Day Guys may the force be with you
  9. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Yeah Joeblast, Victor is Badass ! I play bass to
  10. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    You did state you learned from Kostas
  11. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Searching hard enough for who TRUTH? David's Students? Are you a student of David's? Many stories, the B.S. gets thicker by the day