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  1. Do you believe in telepathy?

    It does exist. More than anything it is like picking up on someone else's reception. You tend to think peoples thoughts before they say them, things like that. When you know with detail it tends to weird them out. I would sometimes in the past finish peoples sentences and they'd ask how I knew what they were going to say. I actually would never realize what I'd be doing till they said something.
  2. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Your negative subtleties are exactly what people are having enough of. You can portray yourself a way, and it really doesn't help when you say things like this, or "Jims training is causing his sickness" without any basis other than the fact you know nothing of his past. You make it impossible for anyone who isn't naive to feel sympathetic to what you say, it explains why there are so many doubters. First say you teach the only official mo pai, then peace and no problems with Jim, yet you draw another line by insulting Jims name. Now you want everyone to overlook your passive aggressiveness.
  3. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    I don't disregard what Micah teaches as improper. TCM is a fine medicinal system that has been worked for thousands of years. Level one and 2 are correct. The origins of what he says though I believe to be thoroughly false. I also believe the sickness occurrence is purely on the individual. I know late 2a that have never gotten any dramatic sickness and rarely ever if ever get sick at all. This is a testament to the fact that when people get sick they would often like to claim phenomena. I do believe there are cases where you can get sick, but I don't believe its as often as a occurrence as people like to tell. Just look at this forum. You have plenty of people who have never done Mo Pai or any inner alchemy. Yet they speak on and on about how strokes and cancer are a huge risk. Again my problem isn't that the core of the levels he teaches aren't correct. Its the fact that Micahs teacher doesnt exist, and he is feeding people with a front so they follow him.
  4. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Micah, I do love the fact you are talking about just how negative Jim has been to Lin. While every time you disrespect him and don't correct yourself when speaking about Jim, and then finish with your little sales pitch. I think its safe to say you will probably publish the rest of Jim's letters to "you" because we sure know you can profit from them. The fact his Jim knew what you did about Mo Pai. What he didn't was your info on TCM nd inner alchemy, we can easily connect the dots after reading any of your books. I am sure a few may fall for your act, as it is the high road. However you publishing the further letters will just prove once again you're a salesmen and anything is on the table. Keep talking peace and slander a man who has been sick and unable to address you, while you talk nice to him over emails.
  5. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    I myself have you seen you say at one point you've never met Lin, and he only replies in a couple sentences to your e-mails. Then on another occasion you've said you've known him for a very long time, and paid for his dinner on multiple occasions. I've never asked you about how similar you sound to Lin because I knew you would reply with exactly what you said here. I know you often have a convenient answer for these questions. What I find interesting is your character. You mention Jim's students bad talking Lin, and you considerably. While always being very modest in conversations with Jim. While on the side you bad mouth Jim, and with a touch of marketing no less. The marketing is as stated. "Come learn from my alias, because with me you won't die due to leaving out a very small but important instruction." I of course gave you the benefit of the doubt, and didn't go on for a paragraph like you do, about how Jim messed up and how much more reliable your alias is. I think we can understand you have a family to support. Although, your character shows very manipulative properties.
  6. Not that I'm paranoid or anything but uh.......

    No offence but this place is like the bodybuilding misc version of Cultivation. I do enjoy a handful of people here though.
  7. Not that I'm paranoid or anything but uh.......

    I live 20 minutes away and my brother knew victoria soto in highschool. I strongly doubt it is "made up".
  8. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    I am disappointed with what Naziri has posted. After reading good things from him, and him saying he respected Jim, you'd figure he would lay off such negative talk and undertones about him. One second he says he respects him, then he says "Frankly, i know of a lot of people who have hit major plateaus with training with Jim, some of them encountered insurmountable health obstacles and qi blockages." Can you name any with insurmountable health obstacles worth mentioning? Also if you knew enough about Jim, you'd know exactly why he had gotten sick, instead you use it as a subtle excuse to plug your Shifu who when ever is mentioned, is always coupled with seclusion. "Why do these kids think that Shifu or even John would heal Jim, when John didn't heal him last time he ambushed John at his house" their words, not mine" This just makes me question where you get your information.
  9. Sleep is recovery time, if you're not already very healthy I wouldn't do it. Losing sleep is also terrible for your memory, as is sleeping during the day.
  10. Living proof that qigong works!

    Good post, good luck. Brightens my day to hear stories like yours.
  11. Can physical exercise also clear liver stagnation?
  12. I'm going to 'Chat' room now

    Yeah should work. Shouldn't take all that long, i'll be in chat again lol
  13. I'm going to 'Chat' room now

    I'm in there. If you have chrome, a "run this time" should pop up at the top. Hit it. Or download java
  14. John Chang video

    I Find it interesting to mention that he also keeps his palm in the fire for a good while. or atleast close enough to get burned very harshly.
  15. Taoist Bed Chamber Arts?

    good luck friend. Experience over books would be my route, especially with this subject. Or keep looking for a teacher.