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  1. Wu Wei Dan Dao

    So many years passed, my English is still as awful as the same with years ago.
  2. I don't direct chi into the 3rd eye by mind. The chi will open the 3rd eye by itself. And it will show lights like auroras, stars, moon, sun and sky etc.
  3. Wu Wei Dan Dao

    The Chinese Daoist poems I wrote recently. 光海湧動玄竅開 紅藍綠黃紫黑白 洗盡鉛華亂世濁 還我一碧解心懷 一氣劈開琉璃海 如癡如醉乾坤易 三界誰知日月魂 與我共飲千古密 The sea of light surges to open the secret door. Red blue green yellow purple black and white. Wash away the lead. Give me a sky to release my heart. Split the glass sea in one chi. Go as infatuated as intoxicated Who knows the soul of the sun and moon in the Three fields. RealmsDrink with me the secrets forever. 天地壯闊在我心 陽極化陰藥苗新 黑中有月白無瑕 悟得千古第一因 The world is magnificent in my heart Anodized Anion Medicine Miaoxin Moon in the black, white and flawless The first cause 人生多滋味執念亦正邪虛度轉眼死怎知來生回 What a taste of life Obsession is good and evil Wandering to death How do you know the next life will be back translated by google
  4. The lights I see inside are just like the stars, moon, son, auroras and sky.
  5. Wu Wei Dan Dao

    This is another article I wrote in Chinese and I translate it with Google. The size of the alchemy of inaction Source-QQ Wuwei Dandao-Diary Class Speaker-Dialogue between Blue Stone and Gongyou Arvin @蓝石 I remember you said before that many people don't understand what the small week of the Dan Dao is. In your understanding, what is Xiao Zhoutian? Blue stone @阿文 Do you mean Xiao Zhou Tian different from Ren Du Xiao Zhou Tian? Arvin @蓝石 It should be. At that time, you said it was common to see qi walking on the skin. Blue stone We are not talking about Xiao Zhoutian, either Arvin What do you mean by Xiao Zhoutian? Blue stone Compared with the big week, the small week is talking about the repeated occurrence Xiao Zhoutian is the phenomenon of yin and yang repetition that has been repeated before the furnace was changed. Great Zhoutian is the repeated phenomenon of Yin and Yang that has been repeated since the furnace was changed My current phenomenon is different from everyone else. It’s another kind of yin and yang repetition, probably since 2016. It’s hard to break through, but there is always a special repetition that is completely different from the previous one. Now everyone’s is Xiao Zhoutian, a recurring phenomenon that hasn’t broken through the Void Profound Aperture. As for Ren Du Xiao Zhou Tian’s feeling of walking in the bones, if it is spontaneous and not induced, it will occur when the late period of Dan Dao Xiao Zhou Tian is about to break through Da Zhou Tian. But if it is induced, it can be induced almost at any time. Unless the physical condition is not good that day, overwork will cause the meridian occlusion, it is difficult to induce In addition, there is a kind of small week, which is also used by the governor, but it is not for the spine. It is also very interesting. It is gone. When the red light comes out, it will surge upward, and when the blue light comes out, it will go downward. Then switch between the two @阿文 How come you suddenly want to ask this? Arvin This idea appeared several times today, so I decided to ask to learn more. Blue stone Why did this idea come up? This is the big and small week that I define myself, because I don’t agree with the big and small week of the transportation method. Definition, I can't accept it at all This group of transporters completely ignores the two different yin and yang recurring phenomena before and after opening the void entrance orifice. It should be said that none of them practiced like this, and none of them practiced the Void Entrance Aperture. But you have to know that if you listen to others talking about big and small weeks, what others are talking about is definitely the place where the feeling of breath moves. Big and small weeks, the outside definition is the direction of the sense of breath, my definition is the repetition of two kinds of Yin and Yang When it’s easier for you to have a life, it’s hard for me to have a life now. There is almost no life, almost all of them live at noon. Every practice starts with relaxation Sometimes, one breath will open the blue sky, sometimes it will take a little longer, it will take longer if it is plugged, and it will be faster if it is not plugged. My black liver has become like an impurity. It’s strange anyway, and it’s been like this every time. It’s been five years. Before, black liver was more like the northern lights. Dao Xin Ordinary black liver is misty and impurity, which looks like stubble or becomes like sand Blue stone Now it’s very similar. Suppose there is a puddle of water on the ground. The puddle of water dries up in the sun. You can turn it quickly. Similar to time-lapse photography, you will see that the water dries out quickly. The piles of fast-drying things resemble the clouds in the sky. Pieces of broken clouds. As soon as the sun is shining, the clouds will evaporate, but there will be a few pieces of fine and broken pieces, and then they will evaporate. Dao Xin That's not quite the same thing/laugh and cry Blue stone Anyway, it’s just a lot of finely shredded pieces of filaments, like water stains, which are weird, and then these impurities are dried out, and a sky exactly like the autumn sky appears. The sky becomes white after practicing. If you continue to make progress, you will become red. If you continue to make progress, things will start to emerge. Anyway, the state of art is very strange, and you can’t find classics. Until recently, I found the red and white bright spots. The red is not the same as the red of the black liver. The red of the black liver is not the kind of red. The red of the black liver is brighter, sometimes very bright orange, sometimes purple, sometimes pure red, but red and white. Bright red, very strange red, a bloody red It doesn’t seem to be very good to talk about this, because you haven’t practiced here yet. If you talk too much, you are worried that it will mislead you.
  6. Wu Wei Dan Dao

    This is an article I wrote in Chinese. I used google translation to convert it to English. My book mentions a lot of special kungfu states. These kungfu states are not due to special training methods. On the contrary, we must avoid some weird practice methods in religions in order to practice gong states. In the process of finding my way, I avoided one pit after another. From Pure Land Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, Nan Chuan, and Transportation, almost all the big hills on the table are pits. Every big hill is filled with All kinds of pits, these pits make the practitioners jump down one by one, soaking in them all their lives, and there are too many people who can't jump out again. Going up to the tall buildings alone and looking at the eight capitals, the dark clouds are still lonely a month later; there are countless people in the vast universe, and a few men are husbands. This is a seven-character poem by the Tang Dynasty alchemy master Lu Yan (Lu Dongbin). It is very well written. Among the many practitioners who jumped into the big pit of the mountain, how many people can really understand what "the moon is still lonely after the black cloud is scattered"?
  7. Breathing doesn't play a significant role in my practice. It just a door, a beginning, in my practice. Maybe after one or several breathing, I would go into another stages.
  8. Wu Wei Dan Dao無為丹道&qid=1608293351&sr=8-1 I am the writer of this book. It's written in Traditional Chinese. This book teaches you how to use Wu Wei to practice Dan Dao.
  9. The key point is not [100% fully content with the peresent moment accepting whatever is]. The key point is [If].
  10. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    Preheaven energies shows by some special lights, like moon, mandala. Yes, sometimes if I train myself very very hard.
  11. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    I have been training spontaneous qigong for more than 15 years. It makes my meditation much progress. Not just moving, I can see more different lights inside. For example, star, moon, sun and mandala. I can feel heat, electric, and drumbeats in my body. I can feel my body sleep but inside is awake. Before I training spontaneous qigong, I have seen purple light for many years and I have a lot of feeling in my body. But not progress so much like spontaneous qigong in my meditation.
  12. Why don't you just try to be barefoot? I train qi in barefoot for many years. It is very good. And I can feel my qi is more clear when I am barefoot.
  13. I have read that Nāgārjuna had said the second dhyana has light. 修二禪下思生少光天。修二禪中思得生無量光天。修二禪上思得生妙光天。 The follow is my article in QQ space. 藍石 18:30:14 大佛頂如來密因修證了義諸菩薩萬行首楞嚴經卷第九[*](一名中印度那蘭陀大道場經,於灌頂部錄出別行) [*]唐天竺沙門般剌蜜[*]帝[*]譯 「阿難!世間一切所修心人,不假禪那無有智慧,但能執身不行婬[2]慾,若行若坐想念俱無,愛染不生無留欲界,是人應念身為梵侶,如是一類名梵眾天;欲習既除離欲心現,於諸律儀愛樂隨順,是人應時能行梵德,如是一類名梵輔天;身心妙圓威儀不缺,清淨禁戒加以明悟,是人應時能統梵眾為大梵王,如是一類名大梵天。阿難!此三勝流,一切苦惱所不能逼,雖非正修真三摩地,清淨心中諸漏不動,名為初禪。 「阿難!其次梵天統攝梵人圓滿梵行,澄心不動寂湛生光,如是一類名少光天;光光相然照耀無盡,映十方界遍成瑠璃,如是一類名無量光天;吸持圓光成就教體,發化清淨應用無盡,如是一類名光音天。阿難!此三勝流,一切憂[3]愁所不能逼,雖非正修真三摩地,清淨心中麁漏已伏,名為二禪。 藍石 18:30:41 重點:澄心不動寂湛生光,光光相然照耀無盡,映十方界遍成瑠璃 藍石 18:32:44 二禪還有一個特徵,無覺無觀,你在光出現之後,如果你動用覺觀,有尋有俟,光很快就會消失 藍石 18:33:30 二禪還有一個特徵,一心,光出現的霎那,很快能夠收攝雜念,進入一心狀態 藍石 18:37:38 再找一段,龍樹寫的 藍石 18:37:40 十住毘婆沙論卷第十四 聖者龍樹造 後秦龜茲國三藏鳩摩羅什譯 藍石 18:38:01 先行清淨十善道離欲。修初禪下思得生梵眾天。修初禪中思生梵輔天。修初禪上思故得生大梵天。修二禪下思生少光天。修二禪中思得生無量光天。修二禪上思得生妙光天。修三禪下思得生小淨天。修三禪中思故得生無量淨天。修三禪上思得生遍淨天。修四禪下思故生阿那婆伽天。修四禪中思故生福生天。修四禪上思故生廣果天修無想定中思得生無想天。以無漏熏修四禪下思故生不廣天。以無漏熏修四禪勝思故生不熱天。以無漏熏修四禪勝思故生喜見天。以無漏熏修四禪勝思故生妙見天。以無漏熏修四禪最上思故生阿迦膩吒天。修虛空處定相應思得生空處天。修識處定相應思得生識處天。修無所有處定相應思得生無所有處天。修非有想非無想處定相應思得生非有想非無想處天。是名生死世間眾生往來之處。[ 藍石 18:38:32 重點:修二禪下思生少光天。修二禪中思得生無量光天。修二禪上思得生妙光天。 藍石 18:40:55 再找到一段 藍石 18:40:57 彌勒菩薩所問經論[12]卷第七 [*]後魏天竺三藏菩提流支譯 藍石 18:41:17 「復有餘修多羅中佛告比丘:『過去世時有外道師名善眼世尊。彼外道師善眼世尊獲得神通離欲界煩惱。諸比丘!彼外道師善眼世尊多有無量聲聞弟子,有無量百、有無量千、有無量萬、有無量百千萬。諸比丘!彼外道師善眼世尊所有聲聞,具足持戒,彼外道人修四梵行離欲界煩惱,修四梵行生梵世間。諸比丘!彼外道師善眼世尊所有弟子,不能具足修四梵行,彼弟子中或生他化自在天者,乃至人中如是等。爾時,外道師善眼世尊生如是心:「我今不是,云何乃與弟子一處去一處生?」作是思惟:「我依慈心修第二禪生少光天。」諸比丘!彼時外道師善眼世尊修上大慈入第二禪生第[2]二禪。』如是等。」 藍石 18:41:26 重點:我依慈心修第二禪生少光天 藍石 19:02:00 初禪天名梵者梵是淨義。初離欲故故得淨名。第二禪名光者。初離尋伺故得光名。第三禪得淨名者。以得勝樂故。勝樂名淨也。第四禪凡聖共居三天。初無雲得名。餘隨福增為名。五[7]耶含天名云云。解無色界中。云隨行天眾同分中者。無色界天無別受報處。隨行三品即受此報。故言隨行天。然住所作有其差別者。謂住三品所作之業有其別也。今此文相還同婆沙。初定四空修三品業。受無別果。後三靜慮隨修三品業。受有別異果。第六明離欲者。相中有十三相。可引智論辨同或異也。 藍石 19:02:11 瑜伽論記卷第八(之上)(論本第三十三至三十四) 釋遁倫集撰 論本卷第三十三 第四瑜伽處 藍石 19:02:24 重點:第二禪名光者。初離尋伺故得光名 名山 19:02:57 性光是什么啊 藍石 19:03:14 " 名山 19:02:57 性光是什么啊 " 就是剛開始出現的光 藍石 19:03:30 你打坐的時候,難道沒有出現光? 名山 19:04:23 没有吧,偶尔有些乱七八糟的画面,没有光 藍石 19:04:25 如果沒有,那就是你的覺觀放太重,該放掉沒放掉,所以無法產生『離』有尋有伺 藍石 19:05:16 覺觀就是你的注意力是移動的,注意力可以放在身體不同的地方,放在呼吸,姿勢,心念,動作,覺受等等 名山 19:05:38 不是说,不是所有人都有光吗? 藍石 19:05:41 你練到某個程度,這種覺觀要放掉 藍石 19:05:58 " 名山 19:05:38 不是说,不是所有人都有光吗? " 所有的人都有?有嗎?你的定義是? 上善若水 19:06:03 [表情] 名山 19:06:37 书上看到的,有人有光,有人没有 藍石 19:07:03 光就是練的時候,眼前會出現光,顏色不一定,就個人而言,顏色也是會變色 藍石 19:07:17 形狀也是會變 名山 19:07:36 那个没什么用吧, 名山 19:07:46 我都不理的, 藍石 19:07:57 " 名山 19:07:36 那个没什么用吧, " 看你要做什麼用 藍石 19:08:04 如果你只想練氣功,那當然沒用 藍石 19:08:19 如果你想實修,入定,那二禪一定要經歷 名山 19:08:27 禅修 藍石 19:08:46 那你就是練到後面,注意力要鬆開 名山 19:08:54 不炼气,不炼丹 藍石 19:08:55 注意力鬆開,光自然就冒出來了 藍石 19:09:08 就是注意力沒鬆開,光才會冒不出來 藍石 19:09:28 所以才說二禪『無覺無觀』 名山 19:09:34 冒出来之后干嘛用 藍石 19:09:52 沒幹嘛,就是繼續放鬆,繼續練,越練越深,自然演化 名山 19:10:32 哦,那就没事, 藍石 19:10:51 [表情] 藍石 19:12:07 你每次練四十分鐘,就有問題 藍石 19:12:41 從氣感出來,到轉換成光感,再到入陰恍惚,每場起碼兩小時跑不掉 名山 19:12:44 大师兄说我需要4年才能入定,才两年,还要两年 藍石 19:12:47 四十分鐘真的太短 君子袖携风 19:13:03 其实状态好的话,坐久不累的 君子袖携风 19:13:16 整个人有一种挺拔绷直的感觉 君子袖携风 19:13:30 不会松松垮垮的腰酸背疼 藍石 19:13:42 四十分鐘只夠練氣,後面的時間不夠,就出不來 名山 19:13:47 没事,不急,慢慢来就会变好 藍石 19:14:07 與其練六場四十分鐘的,不如練兩場兩小時的 藍石 19:14:52 就像煮飯一樣,每次都從頭開始煮,每次都沒煮熟 藍石 19:15:05 與其每次都沒煮熟,不如好好煮一次,徹底煮熟 名山 19:15:12 我按我们寺院那边禅修的频率去做的 藍石 19:15:37 我是建議你試試看而已,反正沒損失什麼 名山 19:15:38 这事也急不来的 藍石 19:15:58 也不用急,也沒建議你急 名山 19:16:04 说的也是 藍石 19:16:12 是給兩個建議,一個是時間拉長,一個是注意力後面要放掉
  14. If you can find a beautiful grass, it's better to be barefoot. When we practice qigong, being barefoot can make our bad qi flow into the ground more than wearing shoes.
  15. Religious Confucianism

    Confucianism is not a religion. Temples are used to show respect of the teacher. But recently, Taiwan government doesn't show respect of the teacher. They try to attack teachers for some political purposes.