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  1. how to translate 丹道 into English?

    Kar3n, YFS, Thank you.
  2. Water above Fire

    The function of kidney is to control the water. The function of heart is to provide the fire. Our heart is just like the laser, can focus on something. The kidney is under the heart. The water will flow down. The fire will burn up. The fire must interflow with water, and then our body will be balanced.
  3. Water above Fire

    Water is Chi. Fire is your attention. You put your attention in your body. It will make your body produce the feeling of chi. At first, you might feel hot. If you keep on practicing, the feeling of chi might change into electricity. You can feel weak electricity flow on you skin. If you keep on practicing, the weak electricity flow will change into light. Then change into samadhi.......... It is a long road. The changes of water are based on your fire.
  4. I am trying to write my thoughts about dan dao into a book these years. I have written more than 80,000 words. A student from Singapore tries to help me to translate these articles into English. He asked me how to translate 丹道. I said I usually use "dan dao". But I am not sure if it is right or wrong. Could anybody tell me how to translate 丹道 into English? Thank you.
  5. Why don't you ask my students by yourself? They are in QQ, a Chinese app. Group ID:159754069
  6. The Dao you discribe is not the meaning of dao. 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生萬物。萬物負陰而抱陽,沖氣以爲和。人之所惡,唯孤、寡、不谷,而王公以爲稱。故物或損之而益,或益之而損。人之所教,我亦教之。強梁者不得其死,吾將以爲教父。 There are two meanings of dao道,way and say. 道可道,the way can be talked. 非常道,but the way is not the normal way you know. Therefore, 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生萬物,it means "this way can procuce one, one produce two, two produce three, three produce millions of things." When we follow the dao to practice, we produce 陽 at first. This is 道生一。Then 陽極生陰 yan to the end will produce yin. This is 一生二。Then 陰極生陽yin to the end will produce yan. This is 二生三. Then the second yan is called 一陽生. Because it is produced by the end of yin. 一陽生will produce many insight version. This is 三生萬物. All the dan dao follow this way to achieve 陽神or 谷神 This is a standard procedure. Laozi spread the concept to other things.
  7. Most of people focus on the feeling of body. They like to focus on the feeling of chi. This way will make them not to see light. Because the light and the chi have the same source. If you force yourself to focus on the feeling of chi. This way will make the energy stay in your body. If you want to know what is light in your insight version, you must relax. You should not force your self to focus on the feeling of chi. What you have to do is relax. Let everything happen by itself.
  8. I tried to paint some pictures in my space. You can find them in my space. I have many students. Most of them can see light. It is very easy to see light unless you can't find the right way to practice.
  9. Xing Ming both train, 性命雙修。 A Buddhism might read some sutras everyday. We call them 修性不修命. They don't train their body. Therefore, they can not 借假修真, borrow the fake(means the body) to achieve the true(仙). A chi practicer might train their body everyday. we call them 修命不修性. They don't know how to go to samadhi. They just keep their attention in the feeling of chi. Therefore, they 認假為真. It means they think that the body is true. But the body is Fake in dao training. The body is just a tool to produce a 仙. 仙 is true, the body is fake in dan dao training. So, 性命雙修Xin Ming means we should not make the same mistake with these people. Hun is hidden in liver. Po is hidden in lung. This is very hard to explain. I usually don't explain to a beginner. It is useless for a beginner. Unless you have already find the dao. Then you can have some situations. You don't know why. At that moment, it is the time for you to get ready to know it.
  10. Dao is 道. In Chinese, Dao means "way, road". It is a way to achieve a goal-成仙. God means a religion. But Dao is not a religion. It is a way to change yourself to produce a 仙. In western countries, there is no similar word to describe it, 仙. 仙 is produced by human beings. But God is not. God create human beings. Everyone has a chance to find the way to transfer oneself to produce one's own 仙. This way is called 道.
  11. Ialways see light when I am meditation. For so many years, seeing light is one part of my life. I see light everyday. You are not sure about the situation on seeing light. If you can see light by yourself, you can do experiment to prove your ideas. You can read my space to understand how to see light. If you still have problems, you can ask in my space. My English is not good. IF you don't understand what I said. You can ask. Seeing light is easy. You don't need any method to turn the light. What you have to do is just turn your attention back to you. From your body, your chi, your thoughts, your light......, all these will appear by themselves. You just need to turn your attention back and stay at somewhere.
  12. Chinese efficient methods of learning.

    If you want to practice Chinese, you can talk to me. Because I need to practice English. And I am a native Taiwanese Chinese. Ha, it is very difficult to define where I am from. But I use Chinese every day.
  13. It is very dangerous to challenge the limit of the students. The student might hate or attack the teacher/master if the student is too stupid to understand what the teacher said.
  14. I have read this book many years ago. Of course, I read the Chinese version. Its Chinese name is 太乙金華宗旨. At first, I spent a lot of time reading it and tried to understand it. But I found some mistakes in it. Therefore, I haven't read it for many years. The author of the book is unknown. In this book, people can see a name 呂帝. But he is not the real author of this book. Someone else wrote it. Someone said 王重陽 wrote it. Now I read it again. I found what he wrote about 陽生 is right. 陽生 means Yang start. Actually, 陽生 is the second Yang. 陽極生陰,陰極生陽. It means "When Yang goes to the extreme, Ying starts. When Ying goes to the extreme, Yang starts." In 黃元吉 Huang Yuan Ji's book 樂育堂語錄, we can see there are three kinds of 陽生. To understand what is the real 陽生 is very important for a dan dao 行者 trainer. If one misunderstand what is 陽生, he or she may not be succeed to achieve golden dan all his life. There is no light in the first layer of 陽生. We can see special light in the second layer of 陽生. It looks like mandala, a strange light, many different shapes. The real golden dan starts in the third layer of 陽生. Very few people can achieve here. It needs a lot of 陽生 to stay in the third layer of 陽生. Only if one can stay in the third layer of 陽生, he can achieve golden dan and dharma body 法身.