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  1. Gary Clyman vs Wong Kiew Kit

    Gary Clyman apparently has some story about Wong Kiew Kit. Anyone know what it is?
  2. Maybe we should decide first on who should judge this contest. I propose Lao Tzu himself. But I cant ask him. Not been visited by an immortal yet. But I see we have a quarrel about the nature of evidence and proof in this thread. Does anyone here speak directly to Lao Tzu? Who can also witness this boxing match and at the same time give evidence to Lao Tzu's judgement?
  3. I think you all should each grab a pair of boxing gloves and go punch it out in the astral realm. The winner gets a year supply of Taoist virtue.
  4. BK Frantzis - Taoist Energy Bodies

    Please be preachy! We are all into "spirit" here aren't we I think its just human to want to theorize our experiences. Makes life a bit more interesting. The trick is to both immerse, and be able to stand back from theory. That is the dual nature of experience. I'm practicing my qigong as is, and developing my experience purely from experience (and of course some common sense I've read about. But all with a methodical approach). I find it interesting how people have tried to justify their experiences in terms of theory. Merely from a historical and cultural perspective. Especially those who initially developed these practices. Whether those views are erroneous or not. I think a highly evolved human being would be able to understand (or rather accept?) the things, events, opinions and ideas of this world. And then just carry on with the practice as if nothing ever changed?
  5. BK Frantzis - Taoist Energy Bodies

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm happy with my Spring Forest Qigong practice. So I'm not really interested in views on how to feel qi, but more an intellectual, metaphysical treatise of classical views on these bodies, and how they tie into experience. But I do have some good reading to do from the suggestions here.
  6. Spontaneous horse stance

    About 45min into my Spring Forest Qigong practice, I spontaneously sink into a deep horse stance. Has this ever happened to anybody? The energy would move up my back, yet straighten it, and drag me down instantaneously into horse stance. My upper legs parallel to the ground. I will start out standing with my knees only slightly bent.This is not an event of my own doing. I dont think about it. It just happens. Weird, as if some subconscious inner kung fu master is taking over my body.
  7. BK Frantzis - Taoist Energy Bodies

    Thanks for the weiqi tip-off. Seems like something to read into. And for the Dragon Gate book. Will take me some time to cover all the Thoma Cleary translations.
  8. BK Frantzis - Taoist Energy Bodies

    I tried to google for "weigi field", but nothing came up.
  9. Once again, as in other posts. Dont start with the MCO! Open up blockages through regular standing qigong first!
  10. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    Go read my personal blog. I also started doing the MCO, then stopped doing it. Now I only do the active exercises from Its true that its different strokes for different blokes. But if you put a 100 people through the same system, how many will be successful, and how many will get hurt in the process. Consider that all 100 are trying energy work by themselves, with little guidance but from books, DVD, internet. The slower the better. MCO is an advanced practice! You need to feel qi first, then open blockages, and then practice MCO.
  11. I know that some of the books of BK Frantzis deal with the Taoist view on energy bodies. Are these books any good in dealing with this subject? What other materials or classics out there deal with the same subject?
  12. I guess there are a few factors involved: - if a person had meditated for years before, then started doing the MCO, it could be beneficial - no serious blockages present So its up to you to give it the go ahead or not. Just stay uber conscious of any changes in your emotional state. If you do decide to go ahead, keep us posted.
  13. Read my posts in the Practice Discussion forum. I had exactly the same experience! It felt very cool, almost enlightening at first. Very spiritual, at the boundary of control and submission. But this shit will pin you down man. You aren't ready for it. The head swaying...ever seen a hosepipe with too large a waterforce pumped through it?
  14. Its not about whether MCO is promoted or not. Its about when to introduce it into your practice. Currently I vouch for introducing it into practise after a prolonged period, when the practitioner feels that energetic/emotional/physical blockages have been removed. The nature and milieu of qigong practice and study is different from how Yang, Mantak Chia, Chunyi Lin, etc have studied the arts. People have jobs, children, responsibilities. They cant go through a year of heavy detox and healing crisis, upsetting their daily lives just for the sake of spiritual progress.
  15. Stop doing the MCO/Small Universe! Thats what I did. I now only practise the SFQ active exercises. The MCO will knock you down if you aren't ready for it. You will lose your hunger and drive. I now eat better, I read again, I play music. These things were absent for a month or two. My brain fog and headaches are gone. Read this guy's opinion! 2-3 years he says. I've got a number of physical injuries that I still need to heal. At the current rate, 2-3 years seem like the right mindset/goal, since I've been doing qigong for 6 months already.