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  1. Question on the dantiansไธน็”ฐ-dantian-till-a-field-and-dig-a-well/้‡‘ไธน็ฅžไป™-jindan-shenxian-golden-elixir-of-immortality/
  2. Question on the dantians

    I heard that some people have a bowl made of hands. I have hands, but I don't know if I have a bowl. I will easily put my hands together into a bowl shape, like as if to scoop up some water. I now have a bowl. I can fill this bowl with dry tea leaves. I can dump the leaves onto my head. It feels neat, but something's missing. I will add water to the bowl. The water keeps leaking out, but through continued perseverance I develop some particular dexterity to close all the gaps and hold the bowl level. It will likely take an even longer time, to keep adding a little bit hotter and hotter of water, before I build up enough to where I can actually brew some decent tea in there. Only then will I have formed the true bowl.
  3. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    Not related to Tin Yat at all, but on the subject of eccentric altar-oriented practitioners, @Lord Josh Allen comes to mind! Several of his youtubes have cool historical reference as well as extensive personal anecdotes.
  4. Reading Zhuang zi

    What's great is we often have no way of even knowing whether the author was explicitly transmitting something in particular, or we are simply resonating a source wisdom already innate, as with @silent thunder's tuning forks. I saw an interview with Paul McCartney on one of those late nite talk shows. He said sometimes fans would come up to him to talk about how a certain song really opened up for them. They might say, "wow, so by this-or-that lyric in such-and-such song, did you really mean so-and-so? You are so wise!" Paul sheepishly admitted to the host that, at the time, he was just trying to write something catchy that would make money . Instead of answering the fan directly he just praises their insight and maybe thanks them with a hug
  5. Reading Zhuang zi

    Even though it comes out to the exact same thing, nobody wants to exert patience having to wait for the better part. This seems more like your standard aphorism to help put things in perspective. Reaching for a hint of internal or at least longevity practice, i'd say as many people would rather burn up early, conserving youth for a later ripening is also good. But then again, what have you really gained overall? Maybe better to make sure and savor every acorn no matter when. Well now i'm just rambling
  6. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    I found this thread with some good dialog from an insider. Over the years since then they seem to have gotten even more structured, and purged some of the nasty forces that may have latched on earlier in the development. I remember one of the youtube episodes, he goes in depth about why a lot of people end up going mad when they start practicing meditation a lot. People tend to want to open themselves up to any and all experiences, not realizing that there's plenty of stuff they really do not want getting into their system. Just like we need skin to protect our organs from bacteria, and firewalls to keep servers from being hacked. ..wonder how he learned that!
  7. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    Lately my favorite is the "Scholar Sage Podcast" and associated Q&A from I feel like i'm trying to be a spokesperson for this channel, I refer to it so much . There's just a lot of really solid information in an easy to understand and approachable format. New material. It's the same teacher that Welcomer mentioned is offering a free course.
  8. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    Hey welcome @Sanity Check. I like the Tin Yat TV Show. It's fun and informative. You can tell he enjoys the subject a lot. Just beware that he definitely does things his own way, and might not always line up with more established taoism teachings and practice. Beyond that I will not comment on his lineage because I don't look into it much. He used to be a member here over ten years ago, and there seemed to be some bad blood. A few people say that he has been a great help. Others consider him to be a deluded scammer, corrupt and dangerous to get involved with.|
  9. Calligraphy as Cultivation

    There was a long time where reading and writing in any capacity would have been considered relatively elite. Being able to fuse such a tech with spiritual pursuit is highly accomplished. Imagine a practice so refined, that with a few simple materials, in a moment of pure focus, to create an object that many generations then receive multiple levels of meaning from, just by looking at.
  10. Jade Writing (Yellow Court Classic) by Imios Archangelis edit: i think they used the simplified chars, though.
  11. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    This story of the ninja in the cornfield is tragic, but I LMAO every time.
  12. Reading Zhuang zi

    Something interesting considering texts that mention cardinal directions: Didn't ancient Chinese maps / compass have the South at the top? ๐Ÿ™ƒ