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    Deepak Chopra used to love to tell the story about a woman that started strongly craving to eat chicken nuggets and beer after recovering from a heart transplant. She never really ate that stuff before, and in curiosity contacted the family of the donor and they said that was his favorite food! Now this murderer story, this to me seems not just a cell memory but some really specific detail and emotional content.. i have to wonder: is it encapsulated physically to the organ itself, even encoded in its quasi-material quantum resonance field whatever -or- is the transplant become as a talisman through which the non-local consciousness of the departed girl is communing directly? Perhaps not even the ghost of the girl per se, but by an angel that saw the whole thing transpire. #SpiritLivesMatter #IWantToBelieve
  2. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Altar magic has some quite different mechanisms and goals than does cultivation. Also Hong Kong / Cantonese have it's own traditions not the same as what we're used to learning.
  3. Resources on Waidan.

    Science and Civilisation in China by Joseph Needham Volume 5 - Chemistry and Chemical Technology Part III: Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Historical Survey, From Cinnabar Elixirs to Synthetic Insulin (PDF, 53MB) Part II: Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Magisteries of Gold and Immortality (PDF, 57MB)
  4. Resources on Waidan.

    Here is an excerpt from the book The Daoist Tradition: An Introduction by Louis Komjathy, 2013. it includes the Baopuzi recipe.
  5. Resources on Waidan.

    not waidan) What about pee drinking?
  6. Qing? Sometimes translated as blue/green? Good call! 青(qīng) being actually a cyan or teal color tends to be a toss-up between green and blue in translations. The character itself describes a fresh and verdant growth, and the dragon 青龍 (Qīnglóng) is associated with spring and east.
  7. Well if God is the father, then if Holy Spirit is not female, then clearly God is gay, and Jesus is a test tube baby, so, yeah.
  8. There's a movie called The Shack made a couple years ago that I was fortunate enough to have been roped into seeing by a friend. I think it had kind of bombed with the critics; overly scriptural people thought it was too new agey, and new agey people thought it was too scriptural! The name is not very catchy to boot, and honestly some people just couldn't even get past what happens at the beginning. But let me tell you.. i LOVE it, for a few reasons that i don't want to spoiler, but if you like this thread, and you like movies, totally worth checking out. 💛
  9. SING!! Don't they sometimes use soundwaves to bust up kidney stones? I feel the vibration of certain tones in different parts of my head seems like it could help loosen some sand. Is that like this guy?
  10. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of course being integral to the microcosmic orbit practice, running that pump could surely help rinse some of the crud from the PG?
  11. I bet that seal would like to savor some of Freeform's freshly frozen cod livers. A fun fact from the OP research paper:
  12. Oh yes, fluorine is a different story. That's probably bonding too much calcium and mucking up the overall performance.
  13. The Jewel in the Lotus sounds more romantic than the Rock in the Brain (or.. the Marbles in the Head? ) As for the associated pathology, it does absolutely warrant further investigation. Things like Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia are still drastically misunderstood, and whether an excessively crusty inner eye is really a cause or an after effect in such cases seems inconclusive. The fact that brain sands are present in so many other species, and have been observed as far back as 17th century makes me less afraid of them. Just like anything, they need to be kept in the proper balance and quality.
  14. I personally believe those little rocks are supposed to be in there! Minerals have different electrical properties and denser gravity effect, that maybe part of some subtle sensory mechanism not yet fully understood. The de-calcification trend maybe less about getting rid of it altogether, but about rebuilding a more clear and ordered crystal structure to them, so it acts as a bit of a kaleidoscope effect...
  15. The medical and science types that literally dissected brains, kept finding these actual grains of "brain sand" deposit in the pineal. Nobody really figured out exactly why it's in there, but just assumed to be some sort of contaminant or build-up, not unlike a gall stone, etc. The technical term is corpora arenacea and chemical analysis reveal various calcium minerals. (ref