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  1. Haiku Chain

    ways of dividing like hexagon bee hive cells protect the larva
  2. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Wow I recognize all of these moves from my own research into Alcoholic Intelligence:
  3. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    Nice! What might be happening is you're moving awareness more than anything else. Have you read any of what @freeform has been sharing on the topic? It seems at first, the actual energy is still staying more in the head, and being used to perceive in greater detail the different flows of blood, metabolites, and electricity that is pulsing around in the hand at all times already.
  4. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    @Earl Grey that sounds cool asf. Especially the part about the qi fills the empty cavities. It reminds me of something Lao Tzu said about the Tao being like an empty vessel, whose use is inexhaustible. What all that means in practice is of course no more transmittable here than if you could literally reach through the screen and punch me. It’s really that big a difference I think. Just imagine that! It doesn’t even make sense. I mean, I can totally picture it happening, but if it actually happened I might freak out. So now back to @Scholar - I hope your question is hypothetical. I can understand curiosity of what all’s out there. Or is it something you actually hope to try? (even though it’s already been made clear why you probably shouldn’t) In either case, are you able to elaborate a little on what it means to “direct my energy to my hand”?
  5. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    So what’s the real answer here then? Short of belittling the question, and the purely physical approach, and giving examples of things that aren’t it, is there known to be some specific sort of temporary “structural integrity field” siddhi? I mean I guess we can go ahead and call this one a “no” even if it has to be wrapped in a “that’s not even how any of this works” or “such knowledge is not meant for you” but it can be neat to think about sometimes.
  6. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    Wow, Beefmaster Fistybricks there got a few thought provoking responses! Here's a follow-up. The impression I get is still less about violence or even ego than of sheer pride and respect for an obscure form of training that gave his ancestors an edge on the battlefield. Who knows what else is he a cultivator or just want a gimmick to intimidate or impress or score a few bucks on talent shows. What if it's a truly rough neighborhood and having a weapon built into one's body still has practical benefits? Or they could be just plain nuts for no reason other than they can Google Translate on the vid title: 70岁农村大叔苦练铁砂掌30年,一只手拿出来都能吓坏西洋鬼子! The 70-year-old rural uncle worked hard for iron sand palms for 30 years, and one hand can scare Western devils! 30 years of slapping a training bag. Energy over time! It's so simple, but easily overlooked. Totally agree that too many people just seek the end result for the wrong reasons, and without even understanding what it is. This is all of course only one indisputable example to making "bones stronger and less prone to breaking," as stated in OP. What's maybe worse is the guys doing this exact same kind of thing, but wearing silk robes and going through some mystical looking energy summoning routine before doing the break..
  7. The perfect weapon

    Whatever the case may be, smiling more really could increase your chances of survival.
  8. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    Human body is definitely capable of amazing transformations. Not always as romantic as we might think though. Sometimes "directing energy" into something really is only going to take a lot of hard work over a long period of time? ( dont try this at home!)
  9. The perfect weapon

    Aren't there only a few thousand deaths reported world wide from this? And of those it's often the elderly or with some preexisting immune compromise. It's terribly sad, yes, but why is this such a thing? Just as many are killed all the time by the run-of-the-mill flu virus that doesn't have a trendy name and alarmist media coverage. This virus has some novel abilities for quick spreading, but seems far from weaponized. It's tempting to see something corrupt at play, but a lot of fake news is just sensationalist number crunching. And the inevitable followups of "Look how smart and heroic the establishment is in containing and treating this threat! Without us you might die!"
  10. What are you listening to?

    Reciting The Beidoujing at Wudang Mountain Zixiao Palace
  11. Inner Awareness Training, a modern composition

    "Hark! What wind through yonder buttocks breaks?"
  12. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Welcome back! I see your last posts before this week was on July 2019, around the exact time that the "No more right-wing bullshit" proclamation, and removal of moderation committee. I was afraid you might've left along with the other members who didn't jive with all that, but glad to hear it was just a coincidence. I guess you could say there's been a bit of resettling and evolution, but seems the community is strong. Let's leave this thread as an example, as the OP indicates. I look forward to hearing some of your new stories!
  13. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    @Earl Grey is even more passionate about supporting worthy causes than dismantling deluded ones! Hey @Seatle185 I like seeing you liking so many posts. You’re definitely paying attention. It’s encouraging that relatively quiet members can also participate.