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  1. Haiku Chain

    Life best uncorked How they get the pear in there! Start when small, then wait?
  2. Can't edit or delete own posts, even in PPJ

    Space Smugglers Adventures in Emptiness
  3. Orch OR seems compatible with the Lime Jello effect, as it attributes consciousness to more fine-level processes than the neurons-as-transistors paradigm. While a bowl of jello may exhibit similar electrochemical capacity to a brain, it lacks the complex structures needed to conduct quantum coherence. There's something about the molecular geometry of microtubules that could play a role in guiding probabilistic potentialities into finite reality states. Hence the "Orchestrated Objective Reduction," or Orch OR. This even allows for the idea of brain as merely an interface between the sensory realm and a continuum of consciousness-like events woven into all of spacetime. Neat stuff about the Henry More!
  4. The Penrose-Hameroff Orch OR theory correlates non-local quantum phenomena with the tubulin structures in living cells.
  5. I read his book The Magus Of Seattle. It's pretty neat. Just an honest, almost conversational, account of what it's like training and exploring the weird stuff that can happen when you put in the hard work over a long time. Without a doubt it is authentic gongfu. The only way to really learn it is in person.
  6. Great thread! I guess the answer depends on just how nuanced are we able to get, when it comes to categorizing and describing the actual structures in question. In the most general level, it makes perfect sense that all energy bodies be the same, as much as one could say that all humans' physical bodies are the same. Even all mammals are the same to a certain extents, and so on. On the other hand, take any two people on the planet and you will be able to find at least some level of quantifiable differences in their makeup. Some differences are purely genetic / inherited diversity, but as noted above there are tons of variables that can develop in one direction or the other, depending on what practices we do and for how long. For example it's obvious that someone riding a bike to work every day is more likely to have powerful legs than someone who only takes the bus. Someone who eats a lot of vitamin E might benefit from a healthier skin condition. Furthermore, "everybody poops," but depending on what we eat, there can potentially be quite a range of colors and textures. Usually this is not a big deal, but is certainly of interest in some specialized fields of study and medicine. Likewise, every life creates a subtle body (or vice versa?) but the precise measurement thereof gets to be a bit tricky..
  7. Discussion On Immortals

    I once aced a Comparative Religions course at community college. Does that count?
  8. Haiku Chain

    So much for moonlight Reflected gold on still pool Fleeting unless calm
  9. The tao of Sumer

    Wow three thousand years later and this bop is still pretty relevant. Just replace the slave with a corporate yes-man or similar. Those Sumerians really did have a finger on the pulse of what makes a civilization tick. I wonder if there was a catchy tune to go with it back then.
  10. Keep getting "Banned" messages

    Ban can be associated to the IP address as well. Probably someone in the past had used the same kind of VPN to break the one-account-per-person rule or other mischief.
  11. What Exactly Is Chi?

    Tangential to the actual topic, but in case any want to learn a cool thing about plasma (or possibly a fun party trick for the holidays 😇) Edit: i got to thinking, wait a minute i think i posted this here before.. turns out is was exactly one year ago yesterday. Might as well make it a holiday tradition. Deck the halls and zap the balls! Except I don't own a microwave, and most people don't like when i do this in their kitchen, for some reason.
  12. To be or not to be

    It's like how Tao Teh Ching 48 says, Learning consists in daily accumulating; The practice of Tao consists in daily diminishing. Keep on diminishing and diminishing, Until you reach the state of Non-Ado. (Wu-Wei) One example comes to mind, of how when you first learn to do chi kung, there might be a lot of movements to remember, while conditioning the body, but once unlocked true movement-in-stillness, the more it looks like you're just standing still.
  13. Star of Bethlehem and solstice

    It's a significant milestone as we continue to transition into Age of Aquarius. Here's an optimistic bit of related astrology
  14. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Now wait a minute - I know I'm lying in a field of grass somewhere So it's all in my head -Eric Burdon and War
  15. What Exactly Is Chi?

    I haven't read that one.. might check it out soon. I do remember seeing someone on this site say that at least part of what John Chang could do was legitimately similar to whatever an electric eel does to build up a charge. The light and sparks may very well have been the exact same kind of plasma any of us would have seen when getting zapped by a doorknob on a dry day, albeit with quite a different level of intensity and control. I'd venture to say that such an ability surely involves the use of chi, but not necessarily that chi is the "stuff" being put into the ball itself.