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  1. simplify

    Pirates? 👀
  2. TDB as an organism

    Oof, so you were fortunate enough to have witnessed the Ron Jeremy era first hand, eh? I still think about him every single time i end up wanting to drink my own urine 🤷
  3. simplify

  4. What do you see? (This is a test)

    1. I've seen way too many busted LCD screens in my career as professional geek and tinkerer. 2. I've seen way so many versions of Alice in Wonderland. a. I've spoken with many caterpillars and dwarven egg folk.
  5. What do you see? (This is a test)

    To me it looks like a busted LCD screen. The more I look at it i see the hippie caterpillar butterfly talking to a bemused humpty dumpty garden gnome! 👍
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    🦄🦧🎷 Saxsquatch!
  7. You might be a Daaoist, if...

    You might be a Daoist if you live at Tabby Abbey, the cat monastery.
  8. You might be a Daaoist, if...

    I wondered at the time, whether some feng shui faux pas was being implied. It could have been any direction, that just happened to be where it was, and wanted to sound extra meaningful. As so the daoist cat herder, in this age of relative comfort, still is imbuing a sense of ceremony and tact to even menial routines. Chop wood, carry water, scoop clumps, vacuum litter.
  9. You might be a Daaoist, if...

    So that's where all those extra turds have been coming from!
  10. Haiku Chain

    changing is constant backstage at a broadway show. wardrobe malfunction?
  11. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    @natural why the sad response to Nunchuck Bear? I did at first think maybe it was stuck or something. The more I watch it though I think that bear is genuinely having fun whipping that thing around. Maybe just the idea of animals in captivity? That they would be reduced to such boredom. Given the other recent posts this seems serendipitous. I agree with @virtue! We must be mindful of objectifying these beings for our own amusement.
  12. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Yo I have noticed some weird behavior trying to embed Twitters on here. Maybe FB better luck. LOL!
  13. Blue aura people

    I'm not even kidding I once met a guy at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses that I swore looked and acted extremely like Steve Martin. Reading through your other descriptions, all i keep thinking of is several other people i also met there. Sparkly eyes and contagious exuberance, reserved wisdom yet consistently entertaining, even the odd Disney devotee, to name a few.
  14. Is speed reading possible?