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  1. Eastern Caligraphy

    Here are some of the cinematic scenes that had inspired me through the years, too.
  2. Eastern Caligraphy

    Definitely agree to know what you're writing before eventually develop your expressiveness with the brush and ink. One of my new favorite tube channels to contribute: A whole bunch of Chinese words easy to learn the evolution of pictographs. Includes stroke orders, pronunciation audio and pinyin.
  3. Haiku Chain

    first quarter, two points, hooray! pass the beer and chips. its all just too much.
  4. I Don't Care If You Hate Me ...

    This is actually hugely poetic. Just like how love can raise one's heart rate and all that other fun stuff, surely hate can do things, most times even more forcefully albeit with maybe some different polarities and density whatever-ya-callit. After all, Heavy Metal is a kind of singing, too
  5. Attainment of the Tao

    I'd always thought it was the same as what some might call died and went to heaven, except with having cultivated a robust enough energy body to be able to remain fully conscious through the transition and afterwards. I suspect there are deeper levels to it than that though.
  6. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    First of all: Holy Shit! Ahem. I don't want to derail too much but this totally reminds me of something I read about years ago and can't find now. Anyone heard of an Arab story about a wizard guy that was looking at a big read curtain, like in a palace, and out from behind it comes a green, scaly hand, with long yellow claws? Just like the Piccolo character in DBZ. I don't know what happens after that but i think the hand beckons to him, like it wants to show him what's behind there.
  7. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    I actually believe there's going to be some kind of civil rights movement starting some day, where non-physical entities are going to be recognized as just people too, and like any group should not be discriminated against as a whole because of the bad actions of some. On the side note, a friend of mine used to talk about those wiggly spider things, and ask people if they also seen them crawling on their bed. Most people just thought she was nuts.
  8. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    Ya but the thing is, the whole planet is one big blue ball no matter what you get up to. Just gotta look higher up the tree at the yellow star.
  9. Haiku Chain

    Both boring as hell! Basketball or Soccer ball, First quarter, two points
  10. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Bamboo Lego Master
  11. Hello Everyone, nice to meet you all!!!

    Hi Anthony! You may be able to find some good leads at They're building a new Wu Dang branch in the mountains of Colorado.
  12. The Way

    Flat earth, in my opinion, is a deliberate attempt at shattering a paradigm in favor of establishing faith-based willpower. The geometrical interpretation of spacetime can be bent into lots of different equally valid models. The one that fits into classical physics is of course to admit anything other than spherical bodies is bullshit, and I do believe that Buzz Aldrin is not making stuff up to get paid off. So anyway... welcome to the site!!
  13. If you're taking sleeping pills, please check the ingredients for diphenhydramine, and if present never eat it again.
  14. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Ooh, Sister Miao is doing English subtitles now. Great Chinese cooking show down on the farm. I used to watch Martin Yan on PBS. 🍜