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  1. Haiku Chain

    contrition and hope, are the names of my daughters. foraging new ground
  2. What are you listening to?

    summer laziness... a great opportunity just be quiet
  3. The Lost Word

    "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth."
  4. Hot dogs kick ass. I like to get the $1 per pound at wallmart. They are an efficient and advanced form of protein, if you think about it. Not everyone can afford fillet mignon. Ironically, I have seen organ meats go for even more of a premium. Unless you are worried about preservatives. Surely you have heard about advanced cultivators ingesting poison and not being harmed by it. So what are you afraid of? I suppose vegetarianism would be ideal. Either way, as Jesus said (Mat 15:11-20):
  5. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    The best kind of spontaneous move, is when you automatically go to help someone. Like before you even have a chance to talk yourself out of it, you extend a hand to help an elderly person step up, if you notice them walking with a cane for instance. This way of growing your de, can shine in your heart even more.
  6. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    Have you done that? Can you explain in clear and simple terms what it means to conceive such a fetus?
  7. From what I've heard, Wuwei Dandao is a jhana (ē¦Ŗ) practice. You only have to answer yourself one question: Do you see the Light? If yes, keep looking at it. If no, keep looking for it. Of course, there are different kinds of light, and finding out what that means at first can take patience. There used to be practitioners that would seal up in a completely dark room for days or even weeks, until eventually they are able to see and touch their food and other things, the same as if using their third eye. Where did the light come from? You have your own sun and moon! If needed, there are plenty of qigong that will grow your qi and get it to start enlightening. They are easy to learn, we just have to be disciplined to stick with them. Once that is the case, there is no need to memorize formulae. ā˜µ 坎 kan is that which collects, like a pool of water in a dip in the ground. The rabbit marrow stands still, reflecting the moon. ā˜² 離 li depicts a crow raising its wings to depart, dispersing like the sun's fiery corona.
  8. Instead of neigong vs neidan, should i say internal strengthening vs internal transformation? A little more clear, yet still open to virtually limitless interpretations of what they actually entail. The first time I read the terms rabbit marrow and black liver, i too was hopelessly resigned to musing upon some ancient wizard concocting with eye of newt and toe of frog, light years from relevance to my own practice, whether symbolic or not. Wugan and Tusui (a.k.a. black liver and rabbit marrow.) There was a post someone explained the symbolism with these two terms. Like how in English we have animals like the blue bird of spring, or the bull and bear on wall street, it's familiar so we don't register how weird it might actually sound. Then in Chinese the crow is associated with the sun for a reason, and the word for crow talks about black feathers, so that is the word wu that google translated as black, when really it's referring to a solar-like phenomenon. Gan is a word for the specific organ of liver, but is used commonly for many inner strength similar to the word guts in english. As for the rabbit, this one even I remember something from the fable about Chang'e and a jade rabbit living on the moon. So tu is to lunar as wu is to solar. Sui is called marrow, but it's also sometimes getting translated as pith, meaning a root or core of the matter. Wugan seems to be a way of directly experiencing yang qi, but not as a physical movement or electricity, like is used in martial arts and medicine. It is when the qi is already becoming more purified into light. I think the tusui may be related to the silver cord, a connection point to non-local dimensions of consciousness. It is the yin side of practice where at first it's easier to find oneself drift of into dreams. Wugan relates to the liver, same as the hun, the cloud soul. Tusui was at rest in the middle dantien, as the po, the white soul, resides in the lungs. These are shen, not qi. I do not claim to be in any way authoritative in saying this. It is a collection of notes and experiences recently enjoyed. Discussions on the Way.
  9. what are you arguing about? Have you not researched enough on you own? Rabbit Marrow is Moon Core. Black River is the Solar Guts. The Crow.
  10. Haiku Chain

    and rains setting in La NiƱa is strong this year battery backup
  11. Haiku Chain

    the gentle soul, there flickers but not extinguished candle in the wind
  12. Haiku Chain

    Is the slide back down Opposite equal action Harmonic motion
  13. simplify

  14. simplify