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  1. Very unpopular opinions

    I wanted to say things about karma, but I'll just put this:
  2. Who or what is "satan"?

    Later on when the little dots were added to represent vowels/tones, some have pointed out that probably עָרוּם `aruwm (shrewd) was used in Gen 3:1, versus עָרוֹם `arowm (nude) in Gen 2:25. Vowels can make a big difference, for example a son might sin if their node were nude. The NWT interestingly uses "cautious" for עָרוּם
  3. Nathan Brine

    Only one video comes to mind where I have seen something at least resembling this elusive mouse. Much as i hesitate to post this gem yet again. The few seconds of interest at the moment are at 4:17. Looks more vascular than muscular. It's not traveling around though. Pretty neat.
  4. Mao Shan inquiry

    hi @jeffdengr, check out posts by @ThunderWizardDotcom
  5. Who or what is "satan"?

    the one who refused to kneel.
  6. Haiku Chain

    in Wabi-Sabi i felt wobbly and sobby dance and shake it out
  7. Spirit / Soul

    Within most daoist frameworks, the soul is subdivided into yang and yin aspects of hun魂 and po魄. The hun is sometimes considered as detachable and can visit the heavens. It is one of the first things to become visible with the third eye. At least parts of it anyway. Like how when looking at the aurora borealis, it's not the earth's magnetic field itself that is being seen, but rather energized gases being held in place by it. The po soul is less mobile and can be perceived from deep within yin stage consciousness. Spirit on the other hand is what they call shen神. That is branching into more wholly non-local domains such as of gods.
  8. Other than what? The Daoist Discussion has subforums for philosophical standards like Daodejing, Zhuangzi, Yijing, Huahujing, Wenzi, Neiye, Liezi. There's like a thousand others. Let us know if there's a particular concept or practice you'd like to explore. If you're looking for immortals, you might like Seven Taoist Masters. Though not scriptural it is part fairy tale and part biographical of Wang Chongyang and his disciples.
  9. Commoner: "It's hot in here. I'ma open the window." *gets up and opens window, then sits back down and breathes fresh air. Scholar: "Well, you see, before embarking on the endeavor of opening a window, it's important to be aware of what we are getting ourselves into. First let's begin by taking a look at the origins of the window itself. It is believed that the first windows appeared in structures constructed by the house builders of a certain region, either during the end of one era, or the beginning of the next. While there remains some debate about at what point a wall-hole becomes an actual window, for the purposes of the present exploration, we must assume that the window in question has, as part of its construction, at least some type of covering that can be manipulated at will by the occupant residing in the overall structure. Now, moving on to the process required to fully take hold of the covering and engage it in such a manner so as to transition it from the default configuration into whatever result may then be considered to be more-or-less open, there are of course safety precautions that must be observed. Windows are notorious for being finicky, particularly during climactic conditions that affect them. Thus, the wise window-opener will first adopt a stance of stability and deftness, which can only be established with preparation and, of course, a working knowledge of at least the most rudimentary physics and material composition. Accomplishing this is no trivial feat, lest one.. become.. *uses up all the oxygen in their brain by talking incessantly without taking a breath of fresh air and then passes out, continuing to dream in vivid detail about window-opening adventures.
  10. Welcome back @Ervin So what's your question? I noticed in your last post from a few years ago you also asked about Christianity. Have you seen the site now has an Abrahamic Religions Discussion section? They just added it last November.
  11. At 1:20 into the meditation video he said "I have taught meditation to perhaps a half a million people, personally." I am sorry but that in itself sounds like a BS. He'd have to teach something like 100 different people every single day for ten years straight. Maybe he already had multiple spirit-bodies that teach people in their sub-conscious like Li Hongzhi does . More likely was counting large auditoriums full of people. I guess that counts as in-person. Wonder how much a ticket costed. That's cool though. I'm not hating on the guy. He spread some nice dharma, in a pop star kinda way. R.I.P.
  12. Transgender Q&A

    According to google: "The percentage of people who detransition, discontinue, or regret gender transition is not well known outside of specific study populations. However, some studies suggest that detransition rates can range from less than 1% to up to 25%." Also: "The rate of organ transplant rejection varies by the type of transplant and can range from 5–30% of patients"
  13. Nathan Brine

    Anyone know a source for this term "mouse moving under skin" that Nathan describes here with regards to the pill moving along the orbit? i noticed TT mention something possibly related:
  14. In praise of ideas

    Athletes and artists, when presented with accolades, will often unabashedly attribute a share of the glory to God. Through exemplary dedication to honing one’s own performance, there may also evolve a real sense of becoming a sort of conduit for something greater. Inventors and researchers, upon making a major breakthrough, will occasionally relate an intriguing experience. For example Gordon Gould, who came up with the idea for the laser, described it as a gift that could have been given to anyone; he just happened to have been picked. It’s a different feeling than an “aha moment,” where after much accumulation and scrutinization, things finally start falling into place. It’s more akin to stumbling upon an already perfectly formed treasure, perhaps even in a dreamlike vision. Afterwards a great deal of work may be needed to unpack and codify the details, so it may be shared and developed.
  15. Christianity

    If they're still after you you can join the Jehovah's Witness Protection Program