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  1. The Bible shows us that when animals behave strangely, we should take into consideration that they may be reacting to something invisible. What do you think of this story? Have you heard or experienced other accounts of animals doing mysterious things, especially to protect their human from something unusual? Even if you don't believe in angels and other such creatures, I have another guess. Was his animal somehow picking up on subconscious cues from Balaam, who in his heart did not really want to go with these people? (The rest of the story is about the king trying to get Balaam to use his magic for military purposes.)
  2. Welcome Post

    Believe it or not WikiHow is getting some decent distillates of the basics. Jump right in, but take it slow and safe ♥
  3. What happens to suicides?

    Mostly because Kar3n said so 😇 I mean I guess we could split hairs and say that if someone was actively harming others, and decided to delete themselves, would net suffering decrease over time? Or if I existed in a hypothetical karmic vacuum, and nobody would know the difference either way. But for the most part, it’s only passing the buck.
  4. What happens to suicides?

    Trust in the value of strangers. No need to google for teachers. There is likely one right down the street. Provided the weather is decent, go ahead and walk over there when you get a break. Also check behind any trees you may pass. Do not be afraid to give a big smile and a wave to the teacher wherever you meet them. Even if it's forced. It need not go any further than that for now. Repeat this process, and the truth you seek will eventually open up. As for hell.. there's obviously no way to say with absoluteness what becomes of an individual mind that undergoes whatever form of death awaits it. But may I remind, that in the case of suicide, continuation and multiplication of suffering are guaranteed. Even if not in the experience of the individual, but by those they'd leave behind..
  5. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    SUPER HUMMAN stunt man keepin it O.G.
  6. Following up again on one of the goals of Taoism - here Master Chen (Yun Xiang Tseng) describes a little about becoming immortal (shenxian). He's got credentials, too, being the lineage master for Wudang daojiao in the U.S. Now I'll be honest, even if a lot of us at some point in our youth became interested in immortality by secretly wanting to become like super saiyan warrior wizards, I do like how this lecture seems to close with the idea of really just being a great person for yourself and the ones you love. By the way for anyone interested, the "Dao House" out in Colorado is still raising support to ultimately build the new temple, as part of Chen's life mission given to him by Grand Master Li Cheng Yu. If you wish to connect your dot to this worthy tradition, please consider donating at
  7. What happens to suicides?

    For now all that comes to mind is a variation on Pascal's Wager. Say you did somehow end up in Hell, things stand to get infinitely worse than they are now. Whereas if you serve out the rest of your time on Earth to search for God, then things stand to get infinitely better. I know which bet I'd take.
  8. Ask not what Taoism can do for you, but what you can do for those suffering?
  9. Haiku Chain

    I just wind them up and watch the clockworks run down fine times we live in
  10. The trees reach for the sky just as flame rises from a log. If viewed as a super duper time lapse a forest might look a lot like a green fire, or a seething foam. Energy progressing to ever finer densities. What will you do as a body of light? Can a fish dream of walking on land? Entry to the mysterious pass is inherently strewn with wonder.
  11. Ever the hopeless romantic, I will imagine Stosh was simply prodding OP to look harder for meanings beyond those tainted by wordiness. After all, the way that can be weighed is not the wei. Imagine if you walked into a room full of engineers and asked "so whats the goal of 'engineering'?" You'd get a dozen different answers, and most if not all of them would have little applicable to actual practice. Furthermore, lets draw attention to what Wandelaar has been exploring. I think the classic downfall of any attempt at explaining "what's this all for," is that by framing it within the confines of a mortal mind automatically begins to disqualify it.
  12. What animal are you?

    I still think I'm a bacterium, or at best a nematode
  13. C'mon dood, I already sent you the book. If you're not willing to pay a master (either corporeal or angelic) to deliver the goods directly, then you're going to have to build your own rocketship, and that is a long and potentially sketchy process. Do you still get your energy primarily from food? Yes? Then get the hell to work. No? Then what are you wasting our time for?