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  1. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    Oh so many greats! Where to start? I'm often a sucker for physical comedy. From Buster Keaton through Eric Andre.
  2. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I can understand needing to hide one's face on YouTube. Especially if involved in heavy hitting spirit work. You might be vulnerable to witchcraft type attacks aimed at your visage, or any other category of stalker behavior. Of course if intention is pure, nothing to really fear. Some people just shy as hell and need aids to expression. I'd even consider it a form of humility. I agree the designs on Loneman's masks are distracting if not totally scared me off from watching at all for a while. When I viewed him now I most often scroll off or minimize it and just listen to the audio, aha. I wonder if even his accent is fake . All said and done though, the mask type is less relevant, even kind of endearing if you're familiar with Lucha Libre tradition, or possibly a modern take on Noh.
  3. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Some kind of crucifix conga line?
  4. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Are those anything like the "heavenly corridors" described in this post?
  5. What are you listening to?

    A simple message. Profoundly moving. Inspiration exemplified.
  6. Enlightened movies

    I recently picked up a DVD at the Dollar Tree of a completely weird yet magnificent film called "Big Man Japan" Not to be a spoiler, but in the final scene, when they're flying off, and Big-Sato loses his shoe, I couldn't help but think of the legend of Lan Cahie unexpected ascension to the immortal realm.
  7. Open Invitation

    Well. Sorry i’m Late.
  8. This is a must see

    This Lauderdale guy is growin on me. I do admire the country music as long as it's this kind of folk soul to it, and not that "she thinks my tractor's sexy" business. There's even one of his other songs, "Old Time Angels" in traditional Mountain Music style. The "Listen" song has a nice message, and it's a beautifully filmed video. He's definitely got... something. If nothing else is there anyone with enough guts to wear that outfit!
  9. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    It's the latest craze in waidan,
  10. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    Looks like he's using a dang rocket engine as a stove!
  11. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    Stainless steel all the way. WOK FU TOFU -
  12. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    It’s the latest craze in “retention.” Somebody mistranslated “cooking jing in the cauldron”
  13. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    Also if you’ve used something harsh like bleach on your tub and tiles it’s wise to reseal the grout later. I once had some grout corrode and fall out so eventually water built up behind the tiles, making the problem a hundred times worse. Back to pans, i too have had a natural suspicion of nonstick stuff for a long time, and only use one for eggs and on a lower temperature. Never ever cook in a microwave let alone plastic even if only cause the food comes out crappy, lol, but sure there are chemical and um, virile, benefits as well. The nose knows!
  14. Archery meditation

    Speaking of sketchy shuriken,!/v/nintendao/czwog45c - Bum Fu Projectile - Wicked Lugnut (300th post!)