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  1. new here, firing process

    先把乾坤为鼎器,次将乌兔药来烹。 既驱二物归黄道,争得金丹不解生。 悟真篇#一 First you need cauldron and tripod, like this: 鼎 Then you apply the fire, which is your awareness. Don't have to make it do anything; just be present. You know it's cooking. Can you see the steam rise all around, and then condense in the center? Keep doing that. Even if you are awake or asleep, stay vigilant. When you can maintain that slow fire, the next steps will become more apparent. The body falls asleep but the awareness stays lit. Instead of flying off into random dreamlands, you can pick up and work with internal vibrations directly. I don't know the alchemy formula to mix them into. That is where you need the master. There are at least ten thousand other tips and tricks to help with staying focused, or increasing energy levels, if needed.
  2. Haiku Chain

    just spit out the words tweet it loud like birds, to all who have ears to hear
  3. DDJ 40

    I wondered about that! I checked in my hardcopy of Wu's version from Shambala Dragon Edition, and it is capitalized there. The other occurrences of 反 are not. Interestingly the capitalized Return is also in chapter 16, except there translated from 復. Archangelis transliterated 反 as "cross-over" and 復 as "renewal"
  4. DDJ 40

    I like John C.H. Wu translation: Contemporary nerd interpretation: Matter made of atoms is corporeal; can be interacted with five senses. Atoms are made of quantum field fluctuations; completely imperceptible (without the use of high tech machines, or subjectively via sixth sense) Returning nature of movement is illustrated by the arrow of entropy. High energy particles produced in large hadron collisions have been observed to "blink out of existence," as their energy is dissipated back into the vacuum, or transferred to surrounding particles. The use of the Tao consists in softness... In order for my own awareness to interact directly with the subspace communication network, both mind and body must first be conducted in a very subtle manner. That is why todays quantum computers have to be cooled to near absolute zero. The slightest of "noise" can influence the quark-spins we are attempting to measure and manipulate.
  5. Haiku Chain

    endless more to go from one moment to the next riding upon waves
  6. Anyone here practise Chinese classical martial-arts?

    Lol yeah! could be a dodge, in case the opponent sweeps low while ducking the high spear? Maybe as Galen noted, a deliberately exaggerated way of training the back leg to support one's weight during that position. It's true a lot of what is in classical forms doesn't translate directly to practical maneuvers, but rather over time to sculpt and strengthen certain angles and edges.
  7. Anyone here practise Chinese classical martial-arts?

    Hi @galen_burnett, I learned some pretty good kung fu a decade or two ago. I don't do the forms anymore but still find myself applying the principles daily. Later when I learned nei kung, it was from a tai chi school, so was able to advance a little faster. For instance already having a trained horse stance and rudimentary "sinew changing"
  8. Haiku Chain

    lost all my Kitkats break me off a piece of that sweeter than gold bars
  9. Haiku Chain

    on the Milky Way Three Musketeers set sail in Cadbury Creme Eggs
  10. In memoriam

    It's true! I was just imagining some fun activities for ascended bums to try out. I think they could make a good team.
  11. In memoriam

    now MarbleHead has a Dragon to ride
  12. Decrease sexual energy
  13. StarGazers

    See the green comet near Mars in the night sky this week | Space Livestream starting this afternoon Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. EST (2100 GMT) The Virtual Telescope Project - YouTube
  14. Vegetarianism

    how could you tell?
  15. Tien Shan Qigong

    I think i recall @thelerner mentioning that it was one of the best/safest of Mantak Chia material. Singing and chanting in general are wonderful practices to have. Sound is literally vibration, can give a gentle almost massage. It doesn't even have to be mysterious. Try making any different tones and pitches and paying attention to what location in the body is engaged. Promotes good breathing too.