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  1. Buzzing in forehead

    I started Spring Forest Qi Gong last night. I am now getting a buzzing feeling in my forehead (third eye area). It's happening even when I'm not practicing. Although seems to disperse when I'm moving. It doesn't feel dangerous, but I could imagine increased intensity leading to headaches. I'm wondering if this might be alarming if my LDT is not developed? Note, I assume I have (many) blockages in my system. I have fairly bad allergies/skin issues, a janky neck, minor other joint issues, etc. Thank you for your insight!
  2. hello from ATX

    hello, I'm a beginner, fresh from Austin, Texas. read some of the major Taoist texts in college, but have only more recently been drawn to esoteric Taoism and actively trying to develop a practice. i'd occasionally drop into local Buddhist centers but felt myself craving more. my introduction to much of this was through reading the Tao of Craft and speaking with a couple friends. I would like to learn more about the I Ching & start a Qi Gong practice. I see Flying Phoenix Qigong and Spring Forest recommended a lot here, so I may look into that. part of my journey includes health issues that I've been dealing with neck pain as well as allergies/chronic fatigue. outside of that my interests are permaculture, weightlifting, technology futures, etc