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Found 4 results

  1. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    I am doing the Spring forest Qigong Active exercises but i am confused about the 6th movement "Harmoney of universal energy". Chunyi Lin says to raise the energy ball up in front and over the head while inhaling, Open your hands and arms wide above your head and bring the energy down with both hands together to cover your head and exhale hands passing the face. But what happens to the energy ball that was raised over the head? Does it stay there or go above to the universe or do we bring it back to LDT? He does not talk about the energy ball. The manual also does not say anything about the energy ball once it goes above the head. Any suggestions?
  2. Buzzing in forehead

    I started Spring Forest Qi Gong last night. I am now getting a buzzing feeling in my forehead (third eye area). It's happening even when I'm not practicing. Although seems to disperse when I'm moving. It doesn't feel dangerous, but I could imagine increased intensity leading to headaches. I'm wondering if this might be alarming if my LDT is not developed? Note, I assume I have (many) blockages in my system. I have fairly bad allergies/skin issues, a janky neck, minor other joint issues, etc. Thank you for your insight!
  3. These days I’m reading Born A Healer by Chunyin Lin and I’m feeling more attracted to his teachings so I’ve tried and old video of his SFQ level 1 that I had and I like it a lot, I find it very similar to Robert Peng’s teachings. I would like to give it a try to the 100 days of qigong challenge that he promotes on his website. The thing is that there are 2 points in his teachings that I can’t quite catch yet: 1) The location of the lower dan tien. Any of the SFQ practitioners here on this forum could explain why Marter Lin locates it below the navel? 2) I find it difficult to understand the mechanics of his qigong breathing (some call it here reverse breathing). Master Chunyin Lin explains: “As you breathe in, draw the lower part of your stomach in a little. As you breathe out let your stomach out” Whenever I try it I tend to expand my upper chest when inhaling, when I think it’s the abdomen which has to get expanded … ? In few breathes I end up breathless so, obviously, as I said, I don’t get it Is there any good soul here willing to help me understand these points?
  4. heart energy bliss

    I was sitting in padmasana a few nights ago. Recently I had been doing a lot of Spring Forest Qigong and I have noticed that I can really feel energy moving along various points along the orbit: not actually orbiting, but when I just observe I can feel energy near the abdomen, solar plexus, heart, throat, back of neck, etc. not in any particular order. Anyways, so a few years back I was only getting sensations in the crown, brow area, and throat. But since I have seriously committed to Qigong I have had numerous sensations in areas of the body along the two channels that I had never felt before, which means the Qigong must be working to open up these channels? So back to padmasana: I was sitting there just observing and after about twenty minutes suddenly I felt this incredible energy collecting near my heart (like in the center of the ribcage), as I focused on it the energy was really building up. (I begin to really feel the energy after the twenty minute mark in full lotus.) So I had to break away from the heart energy because that whole area was getting numb and tingly. Normally, I have had experiences like this at the brow and crown areas, but this heart energy was really interesting. Would that have been dangerous to allow it to accumulate there, or no? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.