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  1. Hi, Has anybody read Bruce Frantzis's new book? It's "Heaven and Earth Qigong Volume One: Heal Your Body and Awaken Your Chi". It only seems to be available as a Kindle book on so far.
  2. Qigong for tendinitis

    Thank you Dawei, I'd appreciate it if you can check my sciatic nerve.
  3. Qigong for tendinitis

    Thanks Dawei, I'm seeing a doctor in a few days who may refer me to a specialist. The problem is pain on sitting on hard surfaces - I thought it was ischial bursitis, but a physiotherapist examined me today and concluded that I have tight hamstrings and high hamstring tendinitis (probably brought on by overdoing the cross-trainer at the gym), and he's advised me on some exercises. I may end up needing a steroid injection though.
  4. Qigong for tendinitis

    Thanks, both of you!
  5. Qigong for tendinitis

    Thanks Desmonddf, I'll have a look at Lian Gong. I'm thinking along the lines of qi permeating practices for tendons.
  6. Qigong for tendinitis

    I was wondering, is there any medical qigong that has been developed for alleviating or treating tendinitis and such things - e.g. iliotibial band syndrome, or similar?
  7. Zhan Zhuang questions

    "Yiquan Beginners' Guide: Basic Skills" by Joseph P. Lau is good as well.
  8. Being a modern Viking and the Dao

    Kongming, Do you have anything to do with this?
  9. Glutamine to rebuild the gut

    SirYuri, what sort of breath control do you use? Do you use bone broth at all?
  10. Glutamine to rebuild the gut

    Bill Bodri's just released his book on detox. It should be interesting, I'm sure he'll cover the use of glutamine in it:
  11. Glutamine to rebuild the gut

    I've been reading some of William Bodri's books (e.g. "How To Clean Your Arteries", and "Look Younger, Live Longer"), and he goes into detail about what supplements can be used for nutrition, and to detox. He makes the point that for proper digestion of nutrients, the gut has to be healthy and with no leakage, and he advocates supplementation with glutamine to do this. I was wondering if the people on this group had tried this or had any opinions on it? Another thing I'd like to know is this - if you're taking probiotics, does taking garlic and e.g. oil of oregano - in order to get rid of potential candida overgrowth - cause a die-off to occur in the gut's healthy bacteria?
  12. Full Lotus Training

    Becoming The Lotus by Martin Faulks is avaliable for kindle on Amazon.
  13. Hello I am new here and need a little help

    Hello, abdahorn, I recall reading The Way of Qigong by Ken Cohen, and he mentions a person whose hair turns back to black from grey. There's a reference here, unfortunately it doesn't mention any specific practices, just that he practiced qigong intensively:
  14. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Here's some history from 11 years ago. Jim makes his first post on page 14. The response from a Mo Pai member appears on page 17: