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  1. Alien encounters during dream

    It's like that story about a scholar being obsessed by dragons, the dragon king gets to hear about it and decides to honour the scholar by sending a real live dragon to his house. Whereupon the scholar dies of fright after catching a glimpse of it.
  2. Alien encounters during dream

    A UFO researcher I was friends with in the 90s had aliens coming in through the walls when she was actually wide awake. She was so frightened she and her husband hid in a cupboard until they left.
  3. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    Thanks ZYD, your thoughts on this are much appreciated and I look forward to learning more about this subject.
  4. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    I haven't studied Tarot but I recently got a set of cards. I read An Occult Primer by David Conway many years ago, but didn't read further on the subject for a while afterwards. In the 1990s remote viewing became known about, and I remembered that Conway's book referred to astral projection so I revisited the subject and found it really interesting. Somewhere along the way I heard about Bardon, and what appealed to me was that it seems structured, balanced and that there is a progression. It's good to have the context for that tradition however.
  5. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    Thanks Nungali, I've got Israel Regardie's book on the Middle Pillar, as well as the Ciceros' Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition. It's very interesting to hear what influenced Bardon, I never would have guessed that some of his work derives from Crowley, for example.
  6. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    Thanks ZYD! I've gotten copies of Mouni Sadhu's works, and will look through them after you mentioned him. I notice he has a book on the Tarot.
  7. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    Thank you for your reply, I'd be very interested if you can expound further when you have the opportunity.
  8. Is it possible to follow Bardon's training methods but to also use Golden Dawn rituals such as the Middle Pillar and LBRP?
  9. Thanks, that's good to know.
  10. Good recommendation about Lomax. I hope he does another seminar in the UK, the one I attended in London was excellent. I have both the books you mention, the Qigong Empowerment book is especially good, particularly the Emitting and Absorbing Chi section. The exercises to absorb Chi at the start of that section are really interesting. Yang Jwing Ming has a new book out about Grand Circulation of Chi that I mean to read. Another book I've found recently is Boddhisattva Qigong, which is available as an unpublished draft pdf on William Bodri's website
  11. My current practices are Zhan Zhuang (Master Lam Kam Chuen), Stillness Movement meditation (Master Michael Lomax), and Relaxation Qigong (Master John Dolic).
  12. Thanks, the best I can do in that case is to have a clear idea of which systems I'm interested in and check with my teacher about them.
  13. Thank you for your explanation.
  14. Thanks, I'll check with my teacher. You mentioned Fragrant Qigong vs Flying Qigong - are they systems that can't be practised together?