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  1. Fasting or The Art Of Training Without Training

    Thanks for these insights. What If someone has chronic constipation and can't empty bowels on 2nd day, would it effect the fast? Also how many days you fast in one go e.g. 3 day fast or 7 day fast etc. And how many times per month the same fasting procedure? Also what is your diet routine pre and post fast? How many glasses of water do you drink during the fast?
  2. Seven Steps to Deep Meditation

    What specific Buddhist tradition or sect these days do you think is closest to the original Buddha's teachings? Any authentic books or authors you can recommend which are closest to the true teachings of Buddha on jhannic states, samadhi, nirvana etc?
  3. You said the best time to practice is around 11 PM but most people have a hard time sleeping after doing intensive physical exercise i.e squats etc. What's the best day time to practice? I think morning 5 am to 7 am is also good. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for this amazing info. Just wanted to ask does walking meditation also come under grounding exercises category? I have read in several books that you have to combine walking meditation with traditional sitting meditation to avoid burnout or more chi in head. Basically the instruction is 50% sitting meditation plus 50% walking meditation to balance the energies. I think If someone is already ungrounded then he should do only walking meditation and squatting. What are your thoughts?
  5. What is spontaneous gong? Is it both sitting and standing exercises?
  6. 脈輪開啟的層次The layers of chakra opening

    How to practice true emptiness?
  7. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    Dear Rudi, I have sent you an email 2 days ago regarding the level 1 workshop held on coming 9-10 April. I would really appreciate if you can read my email. I used the email ID on your website for sending the email. Thanks
  8. Do you teach full Neigong system? Can you teach online? And what lineage do you teach? Thanks,
  9. So which one is Authentic Buddhism, There are also others like Theravada, Hinayana, Mahayana, esoteric Buddhism etc. Any Teachers recommendations from both west and east that teach the authentic practice would be really appreciated.
  10. Skeleton Meditations

    I have tried white skeleton meditation and It was boring as hell. It's more like a type of visualization rather than meditation. Can you point out some resources about this specific type of skeletal meditation that you do i.e. Meditation on bones?
  11. Thanks, Can you kindly mention any Youtube video or video course which teaches this specific shaking technique?
  12. Thanks for suggestions, I can't do abdominal breathing due to extremely stiff abdominal muscles. It hurts a lot. Thats the reason I am more interested in this Qigong shaking mentioned in OP to loosen my body and build immunity but the only issue is the trauma inside my body and I don't want to trigger it. So if it has different effects than TRE ( very adverse effects for me) then it would be really helpful for my immunity without adverse effects. Also OP mentions to shake just like a ping pong ball is moving up and down at a faster rate in belly area. This means shaking at a really faster rate. What's the effective shaking rate in this technique? Can one shake at a slower rate to get the same immunity benefits?
  13. I am a Trauma survivor and have tried TRE 2 times only and it made me so sick for 2 months. It was horrible. I will never try TRE again. So will this type of Qigong shaking mentioned in OP trigger the same effects? I want to be extra cautious this time. On the other hand my immunity is very weak and read in OP that it helps with immunity. Any suggestions for me?
  14. I read somewhere that shaking is dangerous for most people because it can trigger deep traumas stored in body and make one even more sick. Same goes for spontaneous qigong systems. Is this true?
  15. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    Yes the same one. But I do think he is at least level 4 practitioner because he took a live retreat with Master Lin. And said that his 3rd eye fully opened which usually happens at level 4 along with the fasting thing. I think he is not active anymore otherwise he would have replied to my threads on sfq. @Vajra Fist