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  1. Skeleton Meditations

    I have tried white skeleton meditation and It was boring as hell. It's more like a type of visualization rather than meditation. Can you point out some resources about this specific type of skeletal meditation that you do i.e. Meditation on bones?
  2. Thanks, Can you kindly mention any Youtube video or video course which teaches this specific shaking technique?
  3. Thanks for suggestions, I can't do abdominal breathing due to extremely stiff abdominal muscles. It hurts a lot. Thats the reason I am more interested in this Qigong shaking mentioned in OP to loosen my body and build immunity but the only issue is the trauma inside my body and I don't want to trigger it. So if it has different effects than TRE ( very adverse effects for me) then it would be really helpful for my immunity without adverse effects. Also OP mentions to shake just like a ping pong ball is moving up and down at a faster rate in belly area. This means shaking at a really faster rate. What's the effective shaking rate in this technique? Can one shake at a slower rate to get the same immunity benefits?
  4. I am a Trauma survivor and have tried TRE 2 times only and it made me so sick for 2 months. It was horrible. I will never try TRE again. So will this type of Qigong shaking mentioned in OP trigger the same effects? I want to be extra cautious this time. On the other hand my immunity is very weak and read in OP that it helps with immunity. Any suggestions for me?
  5. I read somewhere that shaking is dangerous for most people because it can trigger deep traumas stored in body and make one even more sick. Same goes for spontaneous qigong systems. Is this true?
  6. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    Yes the same one. But I do think he is at least level 4 practitioner because he took a live retreat with Master Lin. And said that his 3rd eye fully opened which usually happens at level 4 along with the fasting thing. I think he is not active anymore otherwise he would have replied to my threads on sfq. @Vajra Fist
  7. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    I Read a lot about this system in past few days and i am quite sure now that its a deep spiritual system and needs loyalty to the Grand Master Chunyi Lin and the lineage itself. I am not talking about the home study course. But Once you take any Level with a teacher whether in person or online, you are connected to the lineage. Regarding calling the Masters energy, On their website they say that the Master can be anybody, your father, mother or your pet But i think in reality during live classes the students are encouraged to call on their Qigong Master energy or simply Chunyi Lin energy and its an important part of the system, i would say 50%. Level 1 Class is basically an initiation into the system. In fact during the live class the teacher transfers Yuan shen into his students to help with their energy cultivation and healing. Thats what i read read here by a senior SFQ practitioner. The system totally relies on energy transmissions to get results. Now with home study course, the story is entirely different, you are on your own just like any other Qigong dvd course or books. It can help you with healing from any illness if you practice it for long enough but you do not have the energetic help from teachers or lineage. I think The level 1 movements are deeply healing even if you learn it from home study course. But if someone wants to go beyond health, then the best route is taking all levels in person or online with a certified teacher. And you are right the system does have new agey vibe unlike classical neigong systems. But it does look interesting. Did you take level 1 in person or home study course? @Vajra Fist
  8. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Another thing that i noticed is that Master Lin says in video to imagine energy moving in central column when doing the Moving of Yin yang exercise. How can we coordinate the energy movement with hands? I mean 1 hand is moving up and other one is moving down at the same time so how do you imagine the energy movement? I cant imagine energy moving up and down at the same time while moving 1 hand up and 1 hand down. Do you coordinate it with right hand when it goes up the energy goes up and when it goes down the energy goes down or left hand? I use visulaization extensively because it has really accelerated my results. i was able to feel the energy ball within 3 days when i started visualizing the energy ball. For the time being what i do is that in 1 movement when the right hand is moving up i imagine energy moving up in central channel, i complete the movement and in the next movement when the left hand is moving up i dont do anything but when the left hand is moving down i imagine energy moving down the central channel but i feel this is not the corrent way. One technique is when the right hand is moving up the energy moves up and when it moves down the energy moves down, in next movement when the left hand is moving up the energy moves up and when it moves down the energy moves down. Which one is the correct way? @JohnC @voidisyinyang
  9. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    You are right to not worry about visualization but I am a left brain guy and use logic in every situation in life. To be honest I can't help it that's why I want to do the form and visualization perfectly from the start. So you mean to lift the ball over head and then expand the ball like a balloon followed by contracting it and moving it down? Also I am learning from video, Would it better to take the online class for level 1? I mean does it matter, I read that they do heart to heart transmission during online class, will the transmission help with energy cultivation especially the small universe meditation? I can't do the MCO from audio, I get a headache when I try to focus on moving the energy in MCO. @JohnC
  10. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    Thanks for suggestions, The issue is he does not bring the energy ball down if you watch the video. He lifts the ball over the head, opens the hands and then bring the hands down palms facing the body holding nothing and at chest level hold the hands in prayer position and back to Ldt. You can't hold the ball while the palms are facing the body. I already feel the ball in my hands at LDT but this really confused me because when I lift the ball over the head and do all the movement then I have no clue what to do with the ball? Have you taken a live course with him? What is exact instruction regarding this movement? I would really appreciate it. @JohnC @voidisyinyang
  11. SFQ Harmony Of Universal Energy

    I am doing the Spring forest Qigong Active exercises but i am confused about the 6th movement "Harmoney of universal energy". Chunyi Lin says to raise the energy ball up in front and over the head while inhaling, Open your hands and arms wide above your head and bring the energy down with both hands together to cover your head and exhale hands passing the face. But what happens to the energy ball that was raised over the head? Does it stay there or go above to the universe or do we bring it back to LDT? He does not talk about the energy ball. The manual also does not say anything about the energy ball once it goes above the head. Any suggestions?
  12. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    Thanks for replies, I just thought that during the spring forest transmission they assign a spirit guide to each practitioner. The spirit then helps the practitioner with healing and energy cultivation. When you call the master energy, you are actually requesting the assigned spirit for help. Thats what I thought about this system. I am still confused. There are some Qigong systems which assign spirits to practitioner to help with energy cultivation but I am not sure whether that's the case with sfq. Falun gong and a few others do this. In Reiki when you get attunement, you also get a spirit guide. Most people don't know about it and they practice reiki but there is a spirit guide with them since attunement. Some reiki practitioners who have good awareness skills actually interact with these spirit guides and get help from them. But I find it unethical because people get these reiki attunements and they are not told about spirit guides. Most people are not comfortable with these things. I will try to contact SFQ and let's see whats their response.
  13. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    Does Spring forest qigong involve working with spirit guides or entities ? I am asking this because chunyi lin uses the word Masters energy very frequently. I think its a transmission based system and you cant master this qigong system from a video or book unless you take a class with a teacher whether live or online. Also they practice MCO in level 1 while in other systems MCO is a very advanced meditation. In MCO chunyi Lin uses Masters energy to open the pathways. Thats the reason it is practiced at such a beginning level without side effects. It uses some type of external energy like that of Reiki etc. I do not know much about this system though but have heard only good things about it. Is it okay for people with religious background? As far as i know nearly all monotheistic religions warn against working or seeking help from spirits or these so called spritual entities. Any thoughts? some months ago i read a story by Guy who was deep into some type of transmission based Qigong system and later it led to spirit possesion. Is there any truth to this?
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I have read here that Damo's Heavenly Streams material is actually dangerous and it can lead to major issues in deep channels. Is this true? This is a reply from a user after trying it:
  15. Paida Lajin help

    I recently started paida Lajin practice in which you slap on your body vigorously. A lot of Sha appeared on my inner elbows. You first slap on both outer and inner elbows, then on both sides of palms, fingers then on outer and inner knees followed by slapping the soles of feet and on the outer side of feet. The instruction also says to slap the head in all directions along with face i.e. front, back, left, right and top of head. I am ok with slapping the sides of head and face but is it safe to slap the top of head because I read somewhere that you should not slap the top of head because so much meridians go through it? The slapping duration is from 5-15 mins per point. It also says to slap the governing channel and mingmen and the whole body at the end. Which points are not safe to slap? Any suggestions by senior practitioners? I have been sick for quite some time and this technique is somehow working on me. But I do want to follow the precautions. Thanks @soaring crane