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  1. Ping Shuai Qigong

    Thanks, I practiced it for 2 days and I feel my body much warmer. It does help with blood circulation.
  2. Standing Qigong pain issue

    Can Feldenkrais method help me with this issue? I have heard some good things about it. Its a very subtle method and does not require intense stretching.
  3. Standing Qigong pain issue

    Thank You all for your awesome suggestions. Whenever i do some stretching after 5 min standing, it really brings some relief but then again when i do the standing it all starts again. The exercise that helps me most with pain is when i bend my knee and bring it closer to my chest with both hands while lying on my back, it really relaxes the aching muscle. I think i have some muscle weakness in that area.
  4. Standing Qigong pain issue

    Thanks, I try my best to relax myself. I do not feel the pain when I stand high but as soon as I bend the knees slightly, the pain begins and the I feel more weight on right foot than the left. The reason I like to bend knees is that I feel the energy moving in my body but due to pain I stop. Without bending the knees I do not feel anything while standing. I have tried the stretching but that did not help. I think I have an alignment issue in hip area but do not know how to correct it.
  5. Standing Qigong pain issue

    I have recently started standing qigong but I am having some pain issues. I do the wuji position with feet hips width apart. As soon as I bend the knees for the position, within 5 mins I develop a boring pain in my right hip extending to the back of thigh. Also with bend knees I feel more weight on right foot than the left. Is this some alignment issue? How can I correct this issue to have equal weight on both feet? That would also solve the right hip pain I think. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Ping Shuai Qigong

    Hi, is any body here practicing ping shuai gong here? Its also called the swinging hands qigong. I have heard some great things about this qigong especially for healing chronic illnesses including cancer, immunity issues, blood circulation issues etc. It also helps with stuck qi and stagnation. Any experiences? Thanks
  7. Vagus nerve or governing channel or something else?

    Thanks,So how do i activate the left side?
  8. Vagus nerve or governing channel or something else?

    Thanks for reply,I think you are talking about ida and pingala channels,Both these channels does not run along the neck and back of head,They run straight from perinium to the 3rd eye on the left and right side of sushumna central channel in the center of the body.What i experience is movement on the outside of spine only on the right side running through the right side of neck,head and face.Governing channel also has the same path but it runs on the center of spine on the outside reaching the mid of forehead.I am really confused...
  9. Hey guys i need some help,Whenever i meditate or do breathing exercises then i experience a painful energy movement late at night around 1:00 am.I feel very hot energy moving on the right side of my spine on the outside reaching right side of neck and head( right hemisphere) and finally right side of face.I dont know which channel is it? I thought it was the governing channel but the governing channel runs on the mid of the spine (outside) not the left or right.Is it the right vagus nerve? or some thing else and why it only runs on the right and not the left side? And how can i activate the left side? And why is this energy so hot,How can i cool it? Anybody experienced the same? Thanks
  10. Extreme Heat symptoms after orgasm

    I have been experiencing some strange symptoms since last week.After orgasm i Feel a strong heat sensation that travels from the base or mid of spine and reaches head.Its so hot that i feel my skin burning.The next day i experience neck and head pain.I have read several books on kundalini and i can confirm that its not kundalini.Because i dont have the classic kundalini symptoms.Like: feeling different, not fitting in - a deep dissatisfaction or a yearning for inner development - inner sensations of light, sound, current, or heat - a heightened inner or outer awareness; increased sensitivity - feelings of energy flowing or vibrating within - special abilities, capacities, and talents - non-ordinary phenomena; altered states - spontaneous bodily movements or breathing patterns - emotional fluctuations; psychological issues coming forward - atypical sensations or sensitivities - an interest in spiritual growth or in metaphysics or the esoteric - compassion and a desire to help others - a sense that something non-ordinary, transformative, or holy is happening within - personal development, and optimally, spiritual transformation and realization I dont have any of the above signs.I am fully conscious during the heat rising and watch my spine and brain on fire.I think i have governing channel disorder.The heat rises not inside the spine but on the outside of the spine.I dont feel any chakras.I dont know what to do?And why it happens after orgasm only?Please help me!
  11. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

    I wanted to start SFQ but just came to know that it also has MCO meditation.But i read several posts about SFQ here and no one has experienced adverse effects from it.Can someone only practice the standing meditation of moving yin yang in SFQ and skip the MCO?
  12. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

    I only do it mentally because i dont know any other method,How do you personally do it? And any book suggestions? Thanks
  13. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

    yes I am right handed.
  14. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

    I have been doing MCO meditation for the past 30 days but since 1 week i am having strange symptoms at night.I feel a tingling sensation starting at the base of the spine on the right side and moving upwards on the right side of spinal column and reaching the back side of the head.I feel a warming sensation on the right side of the face and head.I know its not kundalini which is a very intense sensation with shaking and twisting.But why is the chi moving only on the right side and not the left side?How many governing channels are there on the spine? Is it 1 running in the middle or 2 running on the left and right side of the spine?How do i activate the left side of the spine?Or will it become active with time?Thanks
  15. Sushumna channel

    So that means the sushumna or penetrating channel lies outside the spinal column in the center,That confuses me because i have read in so many yoga books that the sushumna lies inside the spinal column,They say that there are 3 threads inside spinal column wrapped around one another and sushumna is the innermost thread.Also the ida pingala concept confuses me.Because conception channel runs on the front of body while the ida channel runs on the left side of body from left testicle to the 3rd eye while the governing channel runs on the back side of the body and the pingala runs on the right side of the body from the 2nd chakra to the 3rd eye.They are not the same thing.