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  1. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    This is the most important principle of existence, reality, Tao, nirvana, gods, demons, ghosts, humans , heavens, hells, whatever dimension, supernatural state or being you may think of; in other words EVERYTHING: Mind creates Reality. It should be our daily mantra. Followed by: Everything is yin & yang And for dessert (behavioural principle), from one of my teachers, but that was a long time ago: Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul. Be gentle to all and stern with yourself. (Saint Teresa of Ávila) The rest are simple garnishings. Toppings if you like, to make things more colorful. With my thoughts I create the world! it is a constant that is always changing indeed. Reality is a projection of our inner selves.
  2. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    ??? Practice with effort and in solitude (it makes a huge difference), and you'll soon see what the Mind really is. All these endless Internet discussions lead to nowhere. I'll do the WALK before I do the TALK. Very cool saying.
  3. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Because those people DO unlike thinking and Internet forum discussions: 1. Too much talk 2. Little attainments Wisdom is gained by the amount of effort you put in (footwork) rather than the amount of talk and reading, which only reinforces the EGO. Work hard and you'll reap the results!
  4. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Tnat's pretty much it. End of discussion. Note: Deep down (at the very end) Taoism and Buddhism will converge at one point. To sum up: Taoism ----> mechanism of Yin & Yang (energy) Buddhism ----> mechanism of the Mind (mind) But ultimately the Mind is the source of everything including the Yin & Yang.
  5. Not mixing

    Pretty much what it has been stated is true. Let me add something please: 1. *Beginners ---> no mixing 2. Intermediate ---> it depends on what is being incorporated 3. Advanced ---> free play. You are on your own. *Stick to your teacher's advice or you will miss entirely the benefits of the system which has been passed on for many generations and as a result it has been truly tested and perfected. Don't let your ego come in the way. This is the hardest part of the journey for beginning students hence the saying: it's hard to find a good teacher but even harder to find a good student. Hope this answer helps.
  6. It is always open or you'll be a dead man. In our school, please read my teacher's uncle view on this, the way I learnt Bagua and Taoism as a natural result of correct practice: with effort, with my FEET and fully immersed in the natural world, the best teacher of all teachers: Internal Intent
  7. Lust and demons?

    Thanks to you! As long as they benefit the community at large is all that it matters.
  8. To be honest and probably not something you'd like to read: "Stop wasting your time with this." Better methods that actually work and will open your 'eyes.' 1. Find a real life teacher whose main motivation is not to promote themselves but to genuinely help fellow human beings. 2. Method: an Internal Martial Art, Bagua or Xingyi preferably. Alternatively Buddhist Vipassana that includes walking meditation. However this last method works better in a retreat environment. The longer the retreat, the better. Good luck!
  9. Lust and demons?

    Natural for those who are to weak to battle sexual desire, one of the major hindrances to open up yourself to the ultimate. Sexual energy is very powerful and it's the best tool to open up channels, cleans organs, make you more energised, meditate deeper, better and longer. Sex is great if you are an ordinary person, a real hindrance if you are on this path full time. Religious dogma is as dangerous as the view that sex is great.
  10. Lust and demons?

    Ways to deal and ultimately overcome sexual desire. 1. Diet. 2. Open leg channels. 'Heavy' physical work is needed, ie. Bagua + foundation work. 3. Meditate throughout the entire day and night. 4. Move around a lot when deep sexual urges start to bother you. It makes sense why some practitioners become wandering monks, after living in a monastery for sons time, and wandering ascetics. Move, move, move, travel long distances in foot. Sitting on a chair the whole day will only make things worse as you won't be able to transform the excessive sexual energy (Jing) into Qi and then into Shen. From gross energy to the most subtle one. Moving a lot is crucial here. *This is not an easy decision to make and few only will succeed! *Note: ultimately you have to become a renunciate to completely remove it from your energetic system (one aspect of the Mind). It's one of the most difficult barriers one must overcome in this path, actually one of the last two. Good luck
  11. Hi friends, Australians and any other people from around the world, please show your support if you possibly can, by visiting the following link: Save Mt Coot-tha: Stop the Mega Ziplines You can sign the petition at the bottom of that page. Thank you
  12. Looking for Acupuncture/TCM course

    Please refer to this wiki which should broadly answer your question: Two weeks, ten days courses are nonsense. No one can possibly learn a highly complex skill like needle work. Even fully qualified and experienced practitioners aren't good acupuncturists after a full 4 year course, what would you expect from someone do with only 2 weeks of learning? It is an art that to the deep level requires being also a spiritual practitioner not simply a TCM medical professional. There is a lot more to that than simply study and official qualifications. Btw, stay away from that Thai "money loving" scheme. Good luck
  13. 1. Better than that: Love for all beings. For everything, the things that you like & dislike and even for people who try or have hurt you in any way. 2. Lifetime of work, daily practice. Eventually you realise that the entire reality is in fact a projection of your own mind. Practice Metta as often as you can.
  14. Are enlightened people impotent?

    Those monks should have quickly changed method rather than focusing on one man's path, the Buddha. What suits him/me is not necessarily good for you. You were smart to know that path isn't good for you. I felt the same. Too static, doesn't acknowledge the Body and ignores any Mind-Body blocks, ignores the deep and complex mechanics of the Yin & Yang. The Bagua path is the one that has done wonders for me and still does, it never ends actually, Whete is the end really when we are endless beings Xingyi + the Sufi is yours isn't it? Remember these wonderful words by Rumi? "There are as many paths to 'God' as there are souls on Earth." It is unfortunate Sufism hardly gets any recognition in this forum.
  15. Karma/Kidney connection

    Open your Heart...and la, la, la, la, la...voila! You'll be free and openly connected to EVERYTHING forever! Love, love, love...didn't The Beatles sang this once. ...and way before them the Sufis, Christian Mystics and Metta practice in Buddhism. Metta is way more powerful for clearing karma than any other mantras. Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul (St. Teresa of Avila) Be gentle to all and stern with yourself (St. Teresa of Avila) Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it (Rumi) And this one quote sums everything up: Love is the bridge between you and everything (Rumi) Smile as often as you can dear friend. Note: I wouldn't worry about the Kidney too much. You are still young and even old if your Heart is fully open who cares about it!