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  1. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    Yes thelearner. My Vipassana teacher in Wat Chom Tong (Thailand) told me this: "Don't read anything in retreat, not even talking to others about your meditation experiences or insight. Only report back to me. This is the way it has been done for over Millenia since the time of the Buddha." This is how I learned in Bagua: circle walking, circle walking, circle walking, circle walking, seated meditation, seated meditation, seated meditation, walking meditation, walking meditation, listening to birds' chirping, listening to birds' chirping, listening to the trees sounds, listening to the trees' sounds, listening to my own breathing, listening to my own breathing... Listen, do, reading! To illustrate this again: It doesn't matter whether it is Buddhism, Taoism, Christian Mysticism or some religion of an human of planet X, Lyra constellation; the principle is the same. -Right Effort -Right Concentration -Right Mindfulness -etc. These three are the most relevant ones in our case.
  2. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    If you practice deep enough you won't need any actually don't even think of them at all. This is what really goes on in someone who has reached a high level of insight: 1. I go with the flow 2. I follow my own path. I don't need to know/I honestly don't care what others' experience or write about. That's their experience, not mine. Let me illustrate it with a real life example: One former Bagua student of our teacher who I just run recently, The first thing he mentioned to me was: hey Gerard about the book "Research of Internal Martial Arts" (the title goes along those lines, can't remember the exact name) do you remember I purchased it last time we met, I said ah yes, books, I actually can't read anymore or watch any TV just deep practice won't let me do it. I have zero interest in reading, practice is what this is all about, the slow opening of the Mind and it's body reflected blockages. The rest means little. Make sure to constantly fine tune the Y&Y and the 5E and with circle walking and a good diet is all you'll ever need. Not even a teacher especially after having practised over a decade. I don't think he had the wisdom to understand this stuff because his level of attainment is low. I also remember him as someone who puts more effort in reading than making sure he has 'deep carvings' in the soles of his feet due to the constant rubbing of his shoes on the ground's surface. This student won't need books, the other will buy an entire library!! Love this zen saying: "A donkey carrying a pile of holy books is still a donkey."
  3. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    One big book: It's what you'll ever need. Dont fall into the beginner's trap of thinking that you'll gain insight and wisdom by reading books. Good luck!
  4. I haven't watched it but how about: Exploring the energy centres of Gaia? Because Earth itself is a lot more than the physical shell. It's so vast that would blow people's minds away if they knew. 1. Also where does this 'Earth' come from? 2. How many realities are really 'out there'? 3. What is a 'human' being? 4. What is the 'soul'? 5. Why are we in physical form? Questions that will keep you busy for the rest of this/your lives...for now. Infinite Minds, infinite Tao.
  5. Let's be serious. A very ungrounded and irresponsible advice. A grounded teacher with either a background or deep knowledge of Ancient Chinese Medicine will provide you with correct feedback. Better than what the non-living can offer you. A reliable practice will help you understand the following:'-news/eastern-currents-news/2017/05/01/a-curious-organ---the-gallbladder And this is just the beginning of the journey because the Mind keeps going deeper, deeper and deeper. There is no end to it. But the beginning cannot be skipped; one must put diligent effort in healing, reconnecting and making sure the internal organs are working smoothly. The Qi clock is also a very helpful tool: A good, reliable and grounded practice is scientific and tested for millennia (Taoist Medicine) and it thoroughly connects with internal arts practice (Ba Gua and Xingyi). Good luck finding that caring and knowledgeable teacher!
  6. 1. Then go/travel to where the master is. It has been done countless times (myself included). I don't live in the country where I was born and raised. I left alone with an airfare and luggage 21 years ago. Best decision I did in my entire life. 2. Read the following file very carefully. It will further explain what I stated above. (Bagua, life and the mind). 3. What were you expecting? Automatic healing and in-depth learning over the Internet? The Internet is only a place to connect and find information. And that's about it. So please let's be serious. Good luck.
  7. All these energy stuff is something you should start thinking of: "Stopping it altogether and do the correct practice." Learning a grounded internal art (Xingyi, Ba Gua) from a good, competent & intelligent teacher is all the feedback you'll ever need. Good luck!
  8. Help on healing! :D

    Thanks. You know well through Xingyi practice what is really going on.
  9. Help on healing! :D

    WRONG! If that is a good teacher find another one. For a current civilisation that is clearly mental, too much thinking and 'head' work (computers, TV, smartphones) and lacking of movement and foot work, focusing on the so-called upper dantien is just calling for trouble. It's akin to raising the temperature of an overloaded will eventually blow up. In humans that are involved in the energy and meditative work this is manifested as: 1. Qigong psychosis 2. Mental problems 3. Ungroundedness (talking about chakras, enlightenment, and all those odd/bizarre discussions you can find in the General section of this forum. You and most should focus their practice on: 1. Moving 2. Foundation work. Legs and waist. Heavy feet deeply rooted in the ground. 2. Some seated meditation to even things out. Keep it to a minimum. Breathe and relax. Do not focus on anything in particular, watch and let go. Everything is in a constant of change and evolution. Relax, be a good person and enjoy life!
  10. Help on healing! :D

    Sure: Foundation Work, from someone has has been squatting (toilet on a daily basis) all his life. Start from the very bottom of the video list and have a good feel of what He Jinghan is teaching and his main focus area. Opening the entire body-mind paradigm. This requires is an enormous amount of work and it requires a total dedication but progressively and a bit every day. Things cannot be rushed or one will severely burn out or give up due to finding it too difficult/demanding and indeed is demanding work. You need to learn a proper internal art that focuses entirely in developing you ground up. It means little you can squat the whole day after doing some sort of snake stance training. Either Ba Gua or Xingyi from a teacher that is clearly focused on going deep, cares about his stiudents' progression and development and not forms, fancy suits and a multitude of YouTube videos and books. This is Commercial/Circus Fu not Gong (hard work) Fu. The latter is the one you should be after.
  11. Help on healing! :D

    Forget about the dantien. It's like a virus, same goes with the MCO, feeling the Qi and all this New Age propaganda. Look at children, how they move, think, sit. They naturally do the Asian Squat, without any effort and stay down there as long as they want. Their minds are pure, they do not worry, overthink and stress like adults. Also limit/zero sexual activity which drains your life force and mental clarity. Train your body, open it up so you reach and understand the Mind. While doing that you'll regulate automatically the Yin & Yang and everything else. Check again my last post because I forgot to mention other important aspects of training.
  12. Help on healing! :D

    1. Bagua circle walking 2. Foundation work 3. Hard work 4. Practice in the natural environment as often and long as you possibly can
  13. Help on healing! :D

    Completely irrelevant stuff. Focus on purifying your mind (and regulating the yin-yang of all your 'internal organs'), which will keep you busy for many decades to come.
  14. 2019: Year of the Earth Pig

    Generally speaking best is follow "the pace of the Pig" to avoid any troubles. For example, if you can't really catch a trip or a train, just wait for the next one – it may even be better than the missed ride. Forecast We all can see now a "Brown Pig" frolicking. Nice banner image !
  15. Help on healing! :D

    Ungroundedness due to excessive mental activity. Fix: Spend years doing this exercise (Asian Squat) on a daily basis, as often as you can and as long as you like: They do do it quite well in Poland!! Very nice It should become your second nature. Be careful with processing too much information, one of the biggest problems our modern society is facing. It weakens the entire digestive system (Earth element). The stomach is not only in charge of digesting food but also processing information! Also Liver Yang rising (stress, anger, emotional upset). Further info and how to anchor the Liver: Yang is in the Air Good luck