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  1. Acupuncture

    Hello, Rather than focusing on the branch (effect) why don't you work on the root (cause). What is that you are doing on your daily basis that is causing you to have those blockages in the first place? Work on them and the problem will be gone for good.
  2. Treat the root rather than the branch. This is one of TCM'a main principles which many practitioners often forget. In your particular case, what are you doing in your normal life that is causing you to tense your upper torso? Fix that and over time the problem will fade away.
  3. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    Oh no! I never said that. In that case let me suggest you this: "Grounding is a better goal." My friend, the amount of leg & hip work you got to do is colossal. It should become your second nature. Yin & yang are within you. With the correct method you'll figure it out progressively. Yes stay away from this forum (and others) and books for a long time.
  4. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    Best is SELF-REALISATION through personal practice. The knowledge you'll gain is: 1. Invaluable 2. Eternal 3. No one and nothing will take that away from you You'll gain so much wisdom. Good luck!
  5. Metal and qi; Wuxing system - 5 phases

    Everything is within you. There is no separate reality outside your perception. What "taomeow" reflected in the pictures included are the 5 qualities of yin & yang and their corresponding LAWS. It is a constant and eternal process that occurs within YOU and US ALL.
  6. What you need is not a healer but self-control! It's useless having the best teacher in the world if you can't control your eating habits. Why don't you attend a Vipassana retreat in Burma? It will be very hard work but you'll lose a ton of weight, your health will improve dramatically and you'll learn something invaluable in the meantime. This is a good monastery: A 40-day retreat in the natural world will fix you up. Good luck!
  7. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Good to read you found a method that resonates with you. Deep methods focus on healing and opening. Martial methods focus on fighting/self-defence. Each to their own. With Ba Gua you can do both so it's a matter of personal preference a d the teacher's main goal anyway. Good luck
  8. On walking

    A few only? A hundred even better. Yes meditation is always great after spending the whole day walking or cycling. Btw: State of nature: how modern humans lived as nomads for 99 per cent of our history
  9. Liver Yang rising. Cause: Excessive mental ability, reading, studying. How to fix this problem? The mechanical is probably better than herbs as Qi is accumulating in the head rather than the legs. Fix: Asian Squat on a daily basis, multiple times. Exercise more, read, study and think less. Lots of walking.
  10. I ching website

    Let me suggest you starting here: The rest is about going with the flow and not holding onto stuff. Whatever the oracle says take it and move on. You can't force or manipulate change. Good luck!
  11. healing gall bladder stones ?

    Easy. I did follow this method in the past and released EVERYTHING I had after three passes. Your dad might need more (or less). He will be OK. Any Qs ask and will provide any extra help if required.
  12. Not really, people spending more time here than in the park/mountain doing their energetic practices or meditating facing the ocean This is for you: โ€œPeople living deeply have no fear of death.โ€โ€” Anais Nin To the rest: โ€œOf all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.โ€โ€” Rudyard Kipling โ€œWho sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear.โ€โ€” Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture
  13. Love this stuff. Don't know whether to laugh or give you a medal. You obviously haven't been to Vietnam, have you? Btw, talking about coordination and efficiency (none of them existent in India since this country operates with a totally different level and it's one of the countries with the filthiest/worst sanitation/cleanliness levels in the world: How does India, a country of 1.3 billion people, have around 1,000 coronavirus deaths? Most Indians have never heard of this thing, lol. Enough they have with surviving on a daily basis. Same goes with VIETNAM and their efficiency with ZERO DEATHS. And so goes with many of the African countries with their incredibly high poverty levels and low level of sanitation let alone their EFFICIENCY (enough they got with surviving in life): Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases? This 'virus' wolf would have had devastating effects in these poor countries but it isn't the case, how come? A: They don't watch TV and are aware of media, Govs & WHO scare tactics. My advice: go outside, breathe, chill, carry on with your life and stay away from TV and the News! The bad wolf/virus won't get hold of you, brother.
  14. And millions die from other causes and Govs. don't put entire countries under lockdowns: The weak will always believe and die from 'viruses' like this current propaganda. Nietzsche and Morality: The Higher Man and The Herd
  15. Indeed a real joke when heart disease kills 17 million people a year and no Govs. are confining everybody (keep the sheep in the pen) and asking you to self-isolate? Hahahahaha. You got more chances of dying from a bee sting than this dumb virus propaganda. First video: "What the shepherd is saying that the best way of keeping a thousand sheep docile and obedient is to manipulate fear and their sense of security. Fore example if I say: Watch out! There is a wolf (fear); then they all run to the pen (sense of security). The flock happily stay in the pen together safely without ever thinking of the wolf. And while they focus on their fear of the wolf, I as a shepherd can do whatever I want with my sheep: 1. Vaccinate them 2. Castrate the rebellious sheep and inject them with medication 3. Shear them When finished they are aware they have been sheared but also happy to have escaped from the terrible wolf. Then I ask them to watch the news so they can happily see that they have escaped from the bad wolf (but in the process they have been sheared too). Some sheep, the black ones, the rebellious type, while being aware that it was all the shepherd's trick, try to convince the rest that it is true that the wolf will eat 2 or 3 sheep but the shepherd himself is way more dangerous because eventually the whole flock will end up butchered and served as meat. So I need to show the black sheep, the free spirited ones, who is boss there. I either use my cane or command my dog to bite them. But in truth is better sacrifice the black sheep in front of the flock because in this case I have a thousand of terrified yet happy sheep in order to prevent a rebellion. Many politicians come and see me for advice as a shepherd because they are aware of the similarities between human and sheep behaviour. With the coronavirus we achieved to confine millions of humans and on top of that deshumanised humans as well as shutting down the big bosses who accepted confinement as well. The only way of getting out of this Machiavellian plan is a collective awakening. I have also realised that I try to explain this whole strategy to a DUMB sheep is useless, I will be wasting my time because they are so dumb that won't be able to understand anything." Second video: "It is easy to see that while the folder was green and the student that was different than the rest saw it in its true colour (green) due to peer pressure agreed with the rest and said: It is red (but he believed it was green). Then the teacher explained it was a green folder and the student argued but then the teacher interrupted him stating that according to Nietzsche our world is divided between two types of people: 1. Those who follow their own will. 2. Those who follow the desire of others. -The first are strong and are not controlled by anyone. -The second are weak and just do what others say. Most humans are very submissive and end up accepting the ideas of the majority, even in Germany the Nazi propaganda was capable of subduing and entire country. Kant once stated: "The human being is an animal which, when it lives among others of its species, has need of a master." ................................................. Climate Change action by the Young European movement? USA-China trade war? Hold on. Let's create a virus to see who really is in control and to make the whole story more believable (media brainwashing, worried WHO officials using scare tactics and even asking the UK PM to get sick. Interesting it wasn't Putin or the President of China or Mexico.) The United States of America. End of story. Happy sheep in a pen now. Don't forget to wear your mask and sanitise your hands. Hahahahaha. CORONABULLSHIT.