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  1. NO. You care about yourself first and foremost because in this path no one else will SAVE YOUR ASS! The hard yakka is on your behalf, brother. Each to their own though. Different ways of approaching cultivation. This is the one I follow and has allowed me to go deep: Plus the unified work that Bagua (and Foundation work too) does. It touches all possible levels of reality and BEYOND! Amazing stuff. Big respect to ancient Taoists for merging Shamanic circle walking with Ancient Chinese Medicine. Yeah and for that reason you worry about viruses and wearing masks. Not in the entire Taoist canon (and Buddhist) there is a single mention of bacteria and viruses! The cause of disease is purely YIN & YANG IMBALANCE. This is the first level and then it escalates outwards in a cascading fashion: cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stress, depression, the so-called mental illnesses which are purely excess of phlegm in the Heart/Fire force, eczema, colds and flus, etc., etc., etc. Modern society has just lost its way completely and it's only the beginning. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU THINK. End of story. My last post on this thread. Keep practising deep and with great effort. Good luck!
  2. Knock, knock... WHERE IS THE BUFFALO!
  3. Too much for a TAOIST forum. Football players are not cultivators. You aren't either if you are fearful like the rest of humanity because they are not cultivators EITHER. If you practice DEEPLY: 1. You'll fear NOTHING not even PHYSICAL DEATH, because you have transcended it. Viruses? Please, don't make me laugh. 2. You'll become extremely healthy and strong. You'll eat less and sleep little. You'll connect with your internal organs and meridians of energy in ways that you wouldn't possibly imagine. 3. You'll realise that regulating the SPLEEN/EARTH ELEMENT is the key to good health and longevity. It is also the hardest organ/force to regulate because it's mother force THE HEART/FIRE is also an organ of desire. And desire will destroy you if not kept under control. It will weaken the Spleen and a weak Spleen is the cause of major internal imbalance and the lack of enough Qi to nourish the body. 3. You'll merge with the higher YOU and by that extension with the entire reality because in fact it is a product of your OWN MIND. Why a being that is capable of so much attainment should worry about a flu virus. HUMANITY LIVES IN FEAR. I was told this by Michael Guen (Bagua practitioner of the Gong Baotian lineage) back in 2012 in a discussion on the Empty Flower Internal Martial Arts forum. Spot on! I also came upon this realisation a few years ago. We live in an unconscious state of FEAR (and also WORRY). Theravada Buddhism has a wonderful practice to combat this state: Tudong. Practice by which forest monks wander on foot through the countryside either on pilgrimage or in search of solitary retreat places in nature. During such wanderings, monks sleep wherever is available and eat only what is offered by lay people along the way. Wandering Taoists also engage in this practice...AND FEAR NOTHING!
  4. Indeed. Worry and fear are amongst the worst of the viruses!
  5. Italy was hit hard by this 'virus' right? I went to Italy to eat, and learned an ugly truth about the Italian diet OK if you are a keen observer of human behaviour, you'll quickly notice lifestyle changes which will have a deep and significant effect on health and well-being. Fix your diet, live a balanced life and focus on inner work = only vaccine you'll ever need. Mind creates REALITY.
  6. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    If it were not for the mighty martial art of Bagua Quan (Taoist circle walking + direct connection to ancient Chinese Medical Theory + connection to Spirit (Mind-Body paradigm), I would wear a mask today fearful of coronavirus like many humans are, eating bad food, having succulent dinners, getting drunk every now and then, enjoying casual sex, hating society and being rude...etc. you name it. From a sinner to a saint, this is what my teacher told me once. There is a book that goes deep into this written by another Bagua practitioner, Dr. Michael Guen: Big Thank You to ancient China and the Bagua masters of old (Dong Haichuan the modern founder of this Chinese internal martial art, Yin Fu, Ma Gui, Cheng Tinghua and Liang Zhenpu) and my teachers Geoff Sweeting and He Jinghan. Taoism and the Five Arts: 1. Divination. The art of obtaining answers from Heaven to your queries about the future. Techniques abound, from the prehistoric way of divining the future with the help of oracle bones to numeric exercises, often based on Book of Changes (I-Ching). 2. Destiny. The art of knowing your fate through your horoscope; Ba Zi and Purple Star Astrology are the most typical ways of analyzing and predicting your fate. 3. Physiognomy. Study of forms or appearances. Feng Shui, as well as Palm and Face Reading all fall under this category. 4. Medicine. The art of healing. It includes all forms of traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal prescriptions. 5. Mountain/Warriorship. It is the philosophical art. It is about elevating yourself above the mundane through asceticism, martial arts, meditation and self-healing. ................ I liked the quote from the movie Conan the Barbarian (1982). Conan got strong by doing circle walking too!
  7. Circle walking

    He'll be like a hawk! That's how my teacher, Geoff Sweeting, taught me and that's how he learnt from his uncle and also his Beijing-based Bagua & Xingyi teacher, Wang Tong, taught him. I remember early in my training years one fellow arriving in one f our park lessons enquiring about our Bagua lessons. My teacher asked him to perform circle walking. He only walked the circle a couple of rounds and I remember him saying: What are you doing exactly? Thats how bad his form was. i was only a beginner back then but I knew his form was terrible, completely disconnected, no 'spirit' in the way he was moving, uncoordinated, lacking in root. Interestingly he left upset, offended abs he thought my teacher was rude. The thing is he learnt circle walking from a really bad clueless teacher...or maybe he learned it online, from watching YT videos. We'll never know. We never saw him again, also unfortunately as he could have learnt a life changing internal art.
  8. Try my teacher's teacher (also his uncle): Also one of He Jinghan's senior students who is near your country: Slovakia
  9. Enlightened movies

    Pleasantly surprised by the film Sound of Metal (2019). A highly recommended watch. Note: About the film director, Darius Marder: "Marder grew up in Conway, Massachusetts with his parents and four siblings. His parents, Lauri and Efrem Marder, both artists from New York, lived according to the teachings of the Russian philosopher and mystic George Gurdjieff."
  10. Circle walking

    More about Foundation work is provided by the Bagua specialist He Jinghan: Plus his YouTube channel. Assisted Ma Bu using a tree or a light pole and similar is a great exercise to open the kua, stretch groin tendons, open meridians that run in the area and for grounding purposes; eg. we have been conditioned since childhood to sit in chairs many hours a day and use seated toilets instead of squatting down the floor as they still do in many Asian countries. You can find plenty of videos on YT about how to train the Asian squat.
  11. Circle walking

    1. Both. 2. Both + a lot more 3. Make sure you find a teacher who knows the mechanics of the art in depth. 4. You need to put a lot of effort to reap the real benefits. 5. Foundation work is a must. For example:
  12. So interesting that you need to nourish both Spleen and Kidneys like a newborn child. This textbook is one of the most important ones of the entire Taoist scientific catalogue: Treatise on the Spleen & Stomach: A Translation of the Pi Wei Lun Diet & emotions indeed as the two most important factors but also Lifestyle as per the Yellow Emperor's medical book. There are also other reasons like sexual activity, materialism...they will age you fast.
  13. Seeking a teacher

    Try these: (Baguazhang) (Xingyiquan)
  14. Seeking a teacher

    Indeed! But that forum will enable you to contact teachers in your area/country/etc. I'm not an advocate of online learning.
  15. Seeking a teacher

    1. You need to strengthen yourself. Like a solid pillar of an ancient Egyptian temple which stands the true test of time. Ask for teachers on this other forum: For fighting take up Yoga lessons, to heal yourself take up a martial art. 2. You need to eat breakfast like a king, the most important meal of the day and also when the digestive system peaks (7am to midday). Lunch before midday and eat frugally. No dinner i'm afraid. It messes up the whole organ-meridian system. The Year of the Buffalo is great for this advice I'm giving you. Good luck