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  1. Blessing food and water before consumption

    Mandatory practice in Thai Buddhist monasteries (Vipassana retreat). Sacred temples of the Mind where I learnt to eat like an educated human rather than a hungry wolf! It will help you attain mindfulness while eating. Science behind this (Stomach, yang Earth): Refer to Li Dongyuan, A Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach (Piwei Lun), 1249. Add to the paragraph: "If we eat slowly, chewing our food well, in small portions and in happy state of mind, we won't harm the Earth element." Stomach Qi should descend Spleen Qi should ascend This is the natural function of both organs. In reality most people suffer from the opposite: stomach qi is rebellious (goes up, ie. acid reflux) and spleen qi sinks (ie. diarrhoea). A sacred Taoist medical book. Amen!
  2. This person suffers from Liver Yang rising. He need to see a TCM professional to correct their problem plus: 1. Heaps of grounding work 2 A lot of gentle exercise that involves moving in the natural environment 3. Gently work on the Asían Squat (on a daily basis) until they are able to squat down with only their body weight and stay in the lowest position for as long as they can. 5. Think less and exercise more 6. Serious breaks from computers, mobile devices, social media, reading and studying, any sources of stress... To reverse this condition completely it TAKES DECADES OF WORK since modern society suffers from it plus Spleen Qi deficiency. It's a lifestyle disease from which many other health conditions (including viral attacks like the COVID-19, allergies, mental problems, etc.) arise. Good luck to this person
  3. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    Steaming: Yin (water) & Yang (heat). Not Qi related but about balance which is optimal in this case. Yes boiling water too, I forgot. Also Yin & Yang efficient. Once I met a Taiwanese food vendor in Shilin market (Taipei) who kept an ancient tradition of steaming rice. Over 1,000 years old and passed on from family to family. Originally from Ancient China obviously since Taiwan is a young country but more traditional than the mainland nevertheless. Secret technique. She didn't want to share it with me, unfortunately. It is the best rice I have eaten in my life. Steamed rice balls sprinkled with black sesame seeds. It was the year 2004 when I moved to Taiwan to learn Bagua Quan exclusively. I was determined un learn this art. I met He Jinghan. Old school teacher, ancient methodology. Taoist to the core. 2020 and I still think of that rice! The Taiwanese now how to eat!!!
  4. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    What do you think? My opinion on them: "I wouldn't go near one of those devices even by wearing a radioactive suit designed to do decontamination work on Chernobyl." Best cooking method: #Steaming (all year round) Colder months and/or places with high level of humidity: #Baking #Pan frying -Enjoy your lovely meal -Eat slowly and mindfully -Bless Mother Earth first before you eat -Be happy while you eat -Never eat when stressed, upset or doing something else
  5. Chinese Shamanism

    Chinese Shamanism is a view of the world and a way of healing, rather unlike what is know today in most modern forms of health. The Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine is the foundation of an ancient School of healing, However; In addition to the parts commonly know in the west, there are additional Key features little known by the mainstream that are still practiced by Shaman today in remote regions of China. Lecturer. Healer, Joel Signeur reestablishes the Five Element Theory including Medical Astrology, Divination and other parts, restoring the ancient Shamanic practices. He details practical examples of experiences using the complete system with literally thousands of clients over many years. Many healings have been witnessed in this work. Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, healers of all kinds and laymen interested in how life works, have gained valuable insight and clarity that is fundamental to healing and the design of life itself. This teaching holds that: ● A health problem generally comes from just one or two main sources, specific to each person. By finding it's root we can eliminate the illness. ● Timing matters - Strong cycles exist that can make or break healing. ● Natural marks on the face map the present and future. "Face and Fate are linked". ● The internal organs interact with each other in ways beyond their obvious mechanical functions, determining the health of both body and mind.(e.g. "The liver is not just a filter.The heart is not just a pump") Link Note 1: Chinese Shamanism is a very long tradition. The TCM has cut off tremendous amounts of its folkore and Shamanic roots by the Communist basically but before too as the Chinese become more intellectual. Note 2: Anything visible or material exists in an invisible form before. Note 3: Our modern mind is too sophisticated!!!!!! Too detached from Nature and Spirit (due to the influence of the Wood element which in turn controls the Earth.) There was a thread on this topic with the exact link to Joel Signeur's page but it is gone now. Reviving it. I hope it is useful to you ALL.
  6. Virus, what virus? It's a product of the MIND like anything else. The answer of society to take a break and most likely a new start from the madness it has been living for the past 30 years. China the BIG FACTORY OF THE PLANET has started all of this, which is understandable. I guess they had enough of that role, unconsciously. Material/body it's all a projection of the mind. Die, death? You decide when it's time to go, to the next level that is waiting for you. Same goes with life and rebirth (projection on this physical plane that is). You also decide that.
  7. Far from condescending. Maybe a bit pushy but my intentions are good. Just the Fire Horse energy! Unfortunately humans need to awaken by themselves. It's the way it is and has always been. You can't jump from A to Z by skipping the whole alphabet. Every lifetime is a letter. 20 years ago I was also an ignorant, fearful and prone to disease and believed in 'viruses,' 'bacteria' and also terrified of death. We all have the conditions inside to change for the better and succeed; that is attain a full or at least a serious level of realisation!
  8. The dividing nature of Metal

    Yes one of the Rat'a traits: "Rat is a very alert, coward, quick, sly, ambitious and smart animal." Metal makes it even more coward since it is solid, descending element. People born in the day hours are the opposite though. They are more adventurous and braver. That's my observation when dealing with people born under this animal sign. This 'virus' thing is a clear sign of the Metal Rat about to kick in fully. FEAR! KIDNEY YANG (11pm-1am, GB organ) hour of the Rat.
  9. This 'virus' or whatever you want to call it is human created, like anything else for that matter. You humans thought you could go on this long without seeing the consequences of your own actions: 1. Sitting the whole day in front of a computer without moving. 2. Not respecting the sacred act of eating. 3. Being glued to your mobile/cell phones 24/7. 4. Excessive sexual activity. 5. Consumerism/materialism. Change the modern way of living and your 'virus' will be gone. -Yin-yang -Mind, the architect of reality and this world of ours. We are all creating and shaping Earth right now. That's all there is to it. Humanity lives in fear. Third Law of Existence.
  10. I forgot to add: Liver Qi stagnation. To sum everything up: A deep state of imbalance Lack of grounding Poor diet Lifestyle factors Interesting the fact that China started all of this. Ironic bearing in mind that it gave birth to Taoism, the world's oldest science and one of the pillars of wisdom. Time for them to reflect, slow down and look at their roots. Communism and materialism are not the answer. Good luck all.
  11. Are you aware that we have millions of viruses and bacteria living in our bodies? It's not a virus problem the current one but these are the main underlying factors: 1. Liver Yang rising 2. Spleen Qi deficiency 3. Excessive dampness in the Spleen *4. Rebellious Stomach Qi & Overactive Stomach 5. Lung Qi not descending 6. Phlegm blocking Heart's orifices & Heart Fire *We are processing huge amounts of information. Never in our history we encountered this problem before. Fix the above and this current 'pandemic' will be gone in a split second. Buddhists will tell you a thing or two about the Mind (and the modern one has just gone too far!).
  12. Virus, what virus? Society itself is the real virus. The Coronavirus and the Collective Unconscious We, humanity, desperately need to slow down. Obviously. And this is only the start because the balloon is only going to explode unless modern humans decide to change the current economic and social model. It's just a matter of time.
  13. Regulate your Spleen, the Earth and you'll live a long and healthy life free of 'disease.' Healing also involves the rest of the internal organs as everything is interconnected. Back to wisdom and less scaremongering as discussed here: Coronavirus researcher accused of scaremongering for calling it 'most frightening disease I've ever encountered' “Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.” - Nan Lu This is the truth about this and any other viruses and 'diseases.' Corona what!? A real Taoist never gets sick let alone gets carried away by society's deeply imbalanced status quo. This on the other hand is what society should be really worried about:
  14. Calling All Metal Rats

    *Rats get on really well. 9/10 Rat-Monkey 10/10 Rat-Dragon 10/10 Rat-Ox/Buffalo 9/10 When you are born in a specific year you'll be clearly emerging out of that energy to the point that your face will be manifesting the characteristics of that animal. Same goes with your Yang-cosmic sign (Libra, balanced, holes in the cheeks are quite common and called in Astrology the holes of Libra; Leo and their hair like the lion's man; Aries facial features resembling that of a ram; Scorpio's strong magnetism (eyes); etc.) If your third eye/upper tantien is fully open you'll be able to see this stuff on people's faces, as clearly as a starry night in the Sahara. Ancient Taoists came across this by minute observation like anything else. They also saw the animal physical influences (facial) on everyone. Earth sign (Yin) is your animal one. Western/Sumerian Astrology is your evolutionary one (Yang-Heaven). <b>Health</b> is something Rats should watch out for this year (diet mainly), anything else will be good for them. Good luck and prosperity, generally speaking. Certain animals suffer the negative influence of their same energy. I myself had trouble in 2014 Year of the Wood Horse; my sister told me I aged noticeably when I sent her a photo. I was aware of that anyway as I struggled that year due to living in a "non-ideal" location: SouthEast. Horse-horse is just too Yang! Not good especially if a Fire Horse encounters an Earth, Wood or another Fire Horse. Conflict. Monkey-Monkey is another example of an excellent pairing and they do well in their ruling years. Dragon-dragon I see conflict as this is a highly dominant and egotistic animal. They don't do well in their ruling year. Sheep-sheep. Good. Mutual support and understanding. Rooster-rooster. Not good. They quarrel too much since it is also a very egotistic and industrious animal but to themselves like the Dragon. They tend to do well independently. Rabbit-rabbit. Good. No dramas. Not sure about the rest. These are my personal observations based on what I have seen during human interaction. You also have the monthly and hourly animals. *Rats display very different traits depending on the hour they were born. I'll post another day some info I have about this.
  15. The dividing nature of Metal

    1. Nothing to do with Metal, which is actually good for the excessive movement of Wood our world has been facing since who knows when. Maybe after the last Great War? Metal controls Wood. 2. More to do with this: The Blind Men, the Elephant, and Knowledge MORAL So, oft in theologic wars The disputants, I ween, Rail on in utter ignorance Of what each other mean; And prate about an Elephant Not one of them has seen! Love this stuff!!! 3. Phenomenon observed here and other forums from day one not just recently. Edited: I forgot, the Metal Rat started officially on Jan. 25 but energetically won't fully kick in after two more months approx. It's a transition period first and then in the final month the Earth Pig will become dominant again before finally giving in to the Rat's cycle. This is also observed in the movement of Qi along all the networks it circulates in its 24-h journey (organ networks); eg. 11am-1pm is ruled by the Heart but from 1-2pm Heart energy becomes suddenly very active (it actually peaks) before the Small Intestine is 'dominant' again. Yearly it is 2 months but in the daily movement of Qi it is 1 h only since the period it moves along the network is shorter.