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  1. About how deep you can go: ENDLESS. There is no beginning, there is no end. You are an infinite being constantly evolving. I stop here as I'm saying too much. It's a personal experience abs journey for all of us. I'll invite you to explore the open possibilities of this amazing art, but make sure you solely focus on silencing the mind while walking and doing many circles holding only ONE PALM at the time for the entire practice session. Quieting the "Mind" is one of the most challenging obstacles of this path. Focus on good stepping and breathing while trying to relax as deeply as you can. Happy practice to all .
  2. Elixirs

    That Metal above Water (2020 Metal Rat) which leads to stagnation is problematic this year especially in winter this year and for those living in the northern hemisphere (colder and longer winters). Follow this advice to the letter plus the dietary advice I mentioned in my last post: Look after yourselves. You'll pick up the start of autumn pretty quickly as I did, if you are sensitive enough. It caught me by surprise this Metal Rat. I had to slow down big time.
  3. I was going to delete the post because to be honest it's irrelevant talk, something that doesn't benefit the community at large which is the most important thing! This is the original thread which sure you could have posted rather than I having to go and find it: About his Bagua being unusual. More gossip. Please refrain from making any comments of this kind until you are proficient enough to do so, thank you. Bagua has many forms not just one but the common thing to all is circle walking. Forms are forms, it's only the surface. Only few go deep enough...wait this is a common occurrence in other schools, arts, styles, religions and philosophies. It's the old story about my Kung Fu being better than yours or my religion is the best and the rest are wrong. In ancient India they called this: Blind men and an elephant See the danger of 'forum talk' and not enough practice. Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off...NO TALK.
  4. And? Intrigued by the gossip, I also did a web search, found the original source and will post a translation of the Chinese article when I get some time, which anyone can do with Google translate anyway .
  5. Elixirs

    From my personal experience, It's better boosting vitality when it's cold with the correct diet, especially meat-based soups with rich broths, slow cooking stews and congee rice recipes as well as ramen with also bone broths. This has to be followed in a daily basis throughout the entire winter season.
  6. Yes the first video is about HJH. Unfortunately I have never posted anything about He Jinbao.
  7. Meditation after physical workouts

    Yes the Metal is in conflict with not only your animal but also your year of birth, Wood. You need a lot of Yang to bring harmony back. Also move more, like hiking or cycling for long distances.
  8. Meditation after physical workouts

    Do the method that works for you best. More Yin or more Yang or better a combo of both. Obviously this Metal Rat year is somehow conflicting with your own animal sign, you are a Fire Snake, right? So you are swaying towards a more Yang approach to balance the stagnating nature of a Metal Rat year. Keep going with the flow of every animal. Next year it will be a different energy buy still Metal in nature, which is good in our modern world and it's excessive mental activity (Wood) since Metal controls this Force. Note: Ultimately we humans are animals on this physical plane, each with their own according to their year of birth (12 animals in total). So adapt your own animal to each year in order to practice good hygiene and avoid misfortune/bad luck. Carrying a charm is very helpful if there is a clash between your own sign and the ruling animal.
  9. The perfect diet

    Yes according to your animal/Yin sign; eg. Metal Snake, Wood Tiger, Fire Rooster... But generally speaking this is what everyone should be taking good note of: Nutrition for every season TCM: Understanding The Role Of The Spleen High and frequent intake of raw, cold and spicy foods can damage the spleen and result in dampness accumulation. If dampness in the spleen is already present, certain foods like dairy products, processed foods, alcohol, sugars and sweeteners are said to exacerbate the situation. This is a no-no in Taoism, common sense and healthy living. Cold foods include drinks too. Also very good advice for Liver supporting diet during the spring, when the new energies of the year start to awaken. Everything is flowing nicely and that can be overwhelming for some: Love Your Liver: Lessons From Chinese Medicine (TCM) Edit: 1. Eating in an agitated state, emotionality unstable, angry, stressed, in a rush and the like is a recipe for disaster. Not only you'll damage the Spleen but also stagnate the Liver. 2. Eating to feeling full. No. 3. Eating at night. No. 4. Start the day with a full, healthy and nourishing meal; in other words, eat breakfast like a king. Yes.
  10. Ox or water buffalo

    Buffalo/Ox in general. It's an animal (one of the 12 of the Taoist zodiac) that symbolises strength, patience and perseverance; the way the Great Wall of China was built over a period of 2,000 years. No idea why the positioning changes in different pictorial representations but I feel isn't relevant. The main thing is the animal's energy which also has a balance/Earth component. The other three Earth animals are the Dog (Earth-Metal), the Dragon (Earth-Wood) and the Goat/Sheep (Earth-Fire). Ox is Earth-Water.
  11. I don't know if o ever mentioned this but the most important aspect of Ba Gua's work is reconnecting with The Mind and establishing a solid relationship with the Internal Organs. This is is deep part of the art...and there is a lot more obviously. Your task is to find out what is really going on, and you will if it was meant to be.
  12. A massage experience

    Just stumbled across your thread and I shall give you my advice on this matter: "The problem is caused by the Wood force disharmony." When Liver Qi is dredged, its natural tendency is to flow upward; when the Gallbladder is purged, its natural tendency is to move downward. GB energy going up, Liver Qi stagnation and Liver Fire are very common health issues today from the Taoist medical perspective. Excessive computer/smartphone use aggravates this problem. Other common reasons: emotional stress, anger, resentment, lack of movement, inadequate diet, etc. Further reading: Hope this all helps!
  13. Many years of work and daily maintenance after that especially for us Westerners who grew up in a culture of thinking, using chairs and couches to eat, sit and the like. Sahara's bedouins and tuaregs, Rajasthan's Gadia Lohars and Chinese villagers and who sit and live on the ground have no problem at all as they think little and are very grounded, hence their pelvic area are loose and wide open. He Jinghan has made available for free online (personal YouTube channel) the most comprehensive training program to train and open that area and the rest of the body's major joints. i also like moving/shifting the body weight from side to side while sitting in the Asian squat; you can also extend the legs adopting the Pu Bu stance to stretch, open and strengthen the pelvis even further.
  14. 2021

    On a side note, many of you won't see this winter until later on this year, make sure you eat lots of warming and Wood containing foods, especially beef. I have cooked some of the following recipes and they are very good: 20 Head-to-Toe Warming Winter Stews and Casseroles Japanese Ramen with rich broths is a welcome addition to your diet. Sake, thick slices of unsalted butter, garlic, ginger, spring onions, red miso, bone broth, etc. are excellent ingredients to build a nutritious and warming Ramen broth. Bon Appétit!
  15. This is part of "Foundation" work you should be doing outside the circle. Start with this one: Pole assisted Squat I used to do it very slowly down stay there in a squat position and time myself until I was able to do it for 1 hour! That's how ungrounded I was after a lifetime of being a modern professional man brought up in school, universities, work and all that jazz. Then into Asian Squat which is done on a daily basis like going to the toilet as done traditionally in Asia (probably Europeans too in a distant past before they started thinking too much!). I used to train a body squat only starting with a kettlebell of 8kg and dropping the weight progressively until I was able to do a full body Asian squat without any extra weight and with bare feet. So 8kg-6-4-2-1. The last weights (2 & 1kg) were small dumbbells as they are cheaper than kettlebells which weren't easy to find either. The Asian squat will enormously help in your Bagua progression (as well as any other IMA); it will ground you nicely.