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  1. What we truly are is indeed MIND BLOWING! It goes beyond the physical as you know. Try to contain, measure or quantify "spirit."
  2. NONE. Taoism has covered this in-depth for millennia. The causes of disease have got nothing to do with microorganisms. BTW: Biologists estimate that 380 trillion viruses are living on and inside your body right now—10 times the number of bacteria.
  3. Books about spiritual masters

    Why don't you become one...I mean unleash the spiritual master within? Rather than reading spiritual-fi books.
  4. Books about nei'gong diets

    Yes. My bad I didn't mention that. Sometimes I forget we are all at different levels. Glad you pointed it out. But my experience is that the more you practice and further progress on this path the less food you need as well as not tolerating food intake after midday let alone after sunset. Anyway each to their own. Eating/adapting one's diet according to "seasonal changes" and "geographical location" is what the OP should really bear in mind.
  5. Books about nei'gong diets

    My comment was directed to the OP who his asking for advice and because yours leads to *disharmony I logically stepped in and provided advice based on my personal experience. Try to have dinner in the Buddhist monasteries in Thailand, for example. GOOD LUCK. (To refrain from eating after midday). *To the OP, what exactly happens is that after midday the Yin starts to rise, the Earth Element which is in charge of digestion is completely inactive so any food intake basically sits in the Stomach and the Liver and during the Yin period that food triggers Fire, your body becomes too Yang. During night time the organ networks that are active (Pericardium, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder from 11pm) should not be agitated with food intake; it only leads to trouble. One generates damp-heat and food stagnation by doing so. Food stagnation causes masses of lump that can be localised in various parts of the body not only in the abdominal region. Further info:
  6. Books about nei'gong diets

    This is when problems start and will damage/mess your energetic system ENTIRELY My advice: First meal first thing in the morning. 6-8am. Eat really well, like a king. Last meal before 12 noon (optional). Proven one is doing inner work for many hours a day & night. What to eat: 1. Primarily soups & stews in the cooler months of the year. Ramen, congees, soups using bone broths, slow cooked stews during the winter months, etc. 2. Cooling foods during the warmer months. Congees should be still consumed during this time in order to protect the Spleen.
  7. Another perennial topic. An enormous amount of effort, dedication and discipline is required to tackle those 'emotions' which are nothing more than blockages you have carried on (will carry on if not resolved) from lifetime to lifetime. Buddhism calls this Vipassana; that is, seeing things as they truly are. *Gurdjieff's method is the same minus the religious content.. It's basically the essence of INNER WORK.
  8. Enlightened movies

    Here's a list: (My favourite movie ever! Especially the rooftop scene) 2001: A Space Odyssey Wings of Desire Jeremiah Johnson
  9. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Hey, Let me strongly recommend you taking up Bagua Quan. Teachers in Germany: The second link is more martial arts focused but you still will learn to walk the circle which is the essence of the art. Bagua DELETES EVERYTHING.
  10. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    It is a VERY SLOW and GRADUAL process. Herbs work better because their action is synergetic (they work together as a whole and each with their specific function). Like an army; herbs are categorised in a formula as emperor, prime minister, minister & envoy. Further info: Healing all the organs and getting rid of damp-heat first expect a 10-year period of not more according how chronic it is. 1. Forget about books this stuff is very complex. 2. It is a 10-year study to become a licensed TCM herbalist. 3. I wish I could help you finding a herbalist in Germany but I can't as I live in Australia at the moment. 4. Try here and hopefully you'll be lucky: Note: Once heat is cleared focus on STRENGTHENING the SPLEEN, which is an organ that loves nourishing foods like soups and stews. Ramen is something the Spleen will LOVE.
  11. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Yes that's one biggie: eating night time meals especially in countries like Italy or Spain where eating late at night is a cultural thing. Check the organ networks that are active during those hours and see the effect that eating + digesting (yang) has on them, kind of an explosion: boooom! The energies generated are DAMP + HEAT; they sit and clog the organs and meridians.
  12. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Good luck with that! You'll never heal yourself by taking tablets. Herbal medicine is extremely sophisticated and complex. Yes she gave you a herb prescribed to drain dampness (long dan cao). You need to obtain fresh herbs and decoct them according to the doctor's instructions. The most common organs that suffer from damp-heat pathology are the Spleen, the Large Intestine, the Urinary Bladder, and the Gall Bladder. Imagine how much power the herbs need to generate to remove damp-heat from those organs. A lot. Pills do nothing. Go find someone else please. Also treat the underlying conditions that cause damp-heat in the first place: diet, lifestyle (including sexual activity) and unresolved emotions. All the best
  13. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Go see a TCM doctor specialised in herbal medicine. It's a lot more than just taking only ONE herb. Lifestyle, diet and emotional factors all need to be addressed to eliminate this condition. It is a very SLOW process. Also one must stop eating night time meals. Further info: Damp Heat syndrome Do you live in Spain?
  14. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Not a good technique to treat this difficult condition as it is persistent since it lingers deep in the organs and meridians. Imagine how much dampness people carry in the large intestine which itself is quite a large organ network. Herbal medicine is a lot better (and quicker). ZZ is like an inflating the balloon type of practice. I'd advice you to start one that involves a lot of movement. If you have a sedentary lifestyle ZZ will aggravate your pre-existing conditions rather that removing them for good. One reason. There are many others. Liver Qi stagnation is one of the main ones (excessive thinking, computer work, emotional issues, stress, not moving enough due to lifestyle).
  15. Keep your practice simple. I can't emphasise this enough. The more complex and showy the forms the less internal and more ego-focused the art becomes.
  16. Of young souls, fear and kidneys

    Soul Ages Not a Taoist reading or subject but regardless CONSCIOUSNESS does not differentiate between religions and sciences (Taoism as an esoteric one) and this link offers (pretty much like Jane Roberts did as an Earth incarnation of SETH) very accurate information about SOUL EVOLUTION. We are on a planet dominated by YOUNG SOULS and BABY SOULS; the rest of the categories are all spread out pretty much like statistical data. OLD SOULS are the outliers when reading statistical data. This pandemic is a good example of how the planet is currently evolving. Technology (the young soul's favourite weapon) dictates modern life, which in turn is causing a lot of damage to the Earth itself (Earth phase in the Five Elements theory). Technology is associated with thinking and the ego which are Wood qualities (Wood controls Earth in the Five Elements). Highly recommended reading. Enjoy! *Note: Trying to figure out which article Iinked back then but I'm pretty sure it was related to the Universal Tao website. I couldn't find it. My apologies for deleting it.
  17. What to do then: 1. Find a real life teacher that teaches an ENTIRE SYSTEM passed on by generations of practitioners. Examples are Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Buddhist Vipassana (walking + seated meditation). 2. Practice it with earnest effort and DAILY (take breaks when the Body-Mind tells you to). 3. Enjoy that path. If you don't, then you'll need to find one that suits your personality. 4. Keep chopping wood and carrying water because that's something you'll do for the rest of your life
  18. The ones totally unrelated to it. Anything forced, sought after or attached to only serves to: 1. Block the Qi flow 2. Satisfy the EGO
  19. ...AND move more than you sit. Are you a shepherd or a mountain guide? Sitting will be a relief, you'll enjoy it and get most out of it. Are you a computer person? Sitting will be a nightmare. Moving practices like walking meditation many hours a day or Internal Martial Arts will open you up steadily and nicely and help you attain wisdom. Combining sitting and moving is the key.
  20. Yes as long as you don't go back and do the stuff that caused you trouble. Focus on ground work and when the head is clear again learn to meditate properly. Focus on BREATHING and watching YOUR THOUGHTS and various BODILY SENSATIONS. This is a skill that takes many years of practice. Stay away from energy building stuff. Tips: I favour Buddhist seated meditation methods above any others. Safer for sure.
  21. Thomas Cleary has passed

    From the linked passage: "He wished only to make me see for myself that Buddhists do not have a monopoly of wisdom." Clap, clap, clap. It happens to the very date today. Just go to YT and search for any videos about Buddhism. They want to patronise this ENLIGHTENMENT AND BUDDHA issue as if it was the ONLY & REAL TRUTH. Yes Thomas & John both helped to open the ancient wisdom of the longest lasting civilisation to the rest of the world (and most of it is still unaware of it). George Gurdjieff is another author I came across when I first started on this path and I owe him a lot too!
  22. Thomas Cleary has passed

    Same goes with this other MUST-READ book: My Journey in Mystic China: Old Pu's Travel Diary (2008) by John Blofeld (Author), Daniel Reid (Translator). It will open you eyes to the amazing and longest lasting civilization that China is or should I say was due to the untold and deep damaged caused by Maoists and now fully embracing the Western was. I nearly cried when I finished reading this book! My favourite chapter is the author's encounter with the Taoist 'immortal.' Sorry for the off-topic post.
  23. In which country are you located? Solution: 1. Go to Youtube 2. Type in the search box: Asian Squat (browse and learn from several sources; there are several very helpful videos by experienced practitioners not the typical Asian person who has been doing this since childhood) & Pole assisted Squat (probably start wit this one and progress slowly; it will take you a long time to re-educate your body & mind). 4. Practice the above on a DAILY BASIS. Stay low in the pole assisted squat as long as you like. I used to stay low for up to nearly an hour! It shows how ungrounded we have become with all the thinking, technology, schooling, study, sitting on chairs, driving cars and so on. 5. Perform these (or the plain Asian squat once you are able to do it unassisted) exercises for the rest of your life. 6. Stop any seated meditation practice until the stuck Qi in the head is gone. Good luck! Any questions feel free to ask once you get started. Tips for the Asian Squat: 1. Once you are comfortable with the pole version, get several kettlebells (alternatively dumbbells if you can't find them) of various weight increments; eg. 15-12-10-8-6-4-2Kg and practice starting with the lowest weight you can squat Asian-style comfortably. Once it gets too easy then start with the next weight down on your list; from 15kg to 12kg. 2. Don't take large increments in weight being dropped as you need to give some leeway to your body & mind; that is, make sure the weight drop is smooth; otherwise it will cause unexpected blockages and /or stagnation. Better to go from 15kg to 14kg than 15 to 10. The larger the difference between the two will make the exercise more difficult to perform, which is not what you are after. It took me roughly 2 years of daily training the squat with kettlebells before i could squat down unassisted and stay in the full squat position for some time in order to develop good grounding skills and remove stagnation from the leg and waist channels as well as clearing the lower jiao.
  24. Rat no more, please bring in the strength of the Ox. Thanks