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  1. Enlightened movies

    Here's a list: (My favourite movie ever! Especially the rooftop scene) 2001: A Space Odyssey Wings of Desire Jeremiah Johnson
  2. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    For deep, deep grounding and Ba Gua that will take your 'life' to a totally different level: He Jinghan Taipei-Taiwan He has a YT channel with plenty of free material. Certified to teach? Learn Ba Gua deep and you won't care for any of that,..let alone fighting and/or looking like a pretty phoenix. Good luck in your journey...of this was meant to be for you in this lifetime.
  3. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    1. Like anything else in life. How many paths lead to the top of a mountain? A: As many as you like. 2. Evolution. Some are more evolved than others, the latter causing most of the 'trouble.'
  4. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    But again, what do normally people know about Ba Gua? Even most practitioners don't go past the martial and/or forms level? This art will open you up completely if practiced with depth. Foundation work is a must too. And there is the "X" level? What is this? Find out for yourself and you'll see what this means. Ba Gua is: 1. A kind of religion. But it's all about practice. 2. The sum of all religions. 3. Taoist in essence 4. Heavy on understanding the nature of consciousness and what YOU really are. Your true and ultimate nature. 5. The sum of everything
  5. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Everyone has to advertise themselves, my teacher does too; generic stuff too like everybody else. Wait, some don't write anything online except for posting on forums trying to help others. There are others who write nothing. It all depends on the person, doesn't it? But ultimately the student is the one who must put all the effort in. So what was the point of your last post?
  6. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Anyone who writes this: Deserves a lot of respect. No mumbo jumbo, just plain and simple facts derived from PRACTICE. And those who do practice in earnest will reap the benefits. Students need to be better than their teachers at one point! It's a clear sign than the teacher is doing a good job and has chosen worthwhile students.
  7. Kwa

    Why do you ask? You know me already, don't you? I haven't changed the method since I started in Aug. 2008. Ba Gua. Try alternating a *seated and walking meditation routine during those hours plus taking a **herbal medicine decoction prior the start to help flushing the blockage out. It will require several months of daily work. *Sit for 20min then walk 20. Increase slowly in 10min intervals until you can manage 60min seated, 60min walking. **See a TCM practitioner for this. Alternatively you can try a liver flush program: I have done this in spring in the past 3 years in a row and it is good stuff. Many gallstones were released during the flush. Last time I followed this protocol (2017), the TCM doctor told me I looked a completely new person. Better than herbs. Fasting was done prior the flush (1-2 days no solid food) and also after completion (2-3 extra days). Good luck.
  8. Kwa

    "Liver/Wood" issue. You'll have to practice during the times where this network is dominant. It could be a challenge depending on your lifestyle. It could be a while before this whole thing clears up, depending on the method being followed. Tuina and acupuncture may also release the blockage. 1am-5am Good luck!
  9. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    The problem I see is not bad teachers, which is problematic, but unworthy students, which is even worse! Bad mouthing people is plain wrong especially if you haven't met them in real life and have a solid experience in the art they are teaching. About BKF's Beijing-based teacher, Liu Hung Chieh: "While still in his teens, Liu Hung Chieh became the disciple of bagua master, Liu Zhenlin. Liu Hung Chieh furst studied with Liu Zhenlin when Liu was teaching in the school of Cheng Tinghua's son Cheng Youlung and Dong Haichuan's student Liu Dekuan. Liu Zhen Lin was a famous fighter and bodyguard who first studied bagua under Yin Fu's student Liu Yongqing (who was a close friend and training partner of Yin Fu's top student, Ma Gui). The young Liu Zhenlin learned all of his basic bagua from these two masters, but his teachers brought him to bow before and become the disciple of court minister Liang Zhaiwen; in this way, Liu Zhenlin received entry into the third generation of bagua masters, which was the same generation as his foundation teachers. Liang Zhaiwen was a military man who had been the chief guard at the most important fire gate on the Great Wall before becoming a court minister. Due to Liang's position in lthe court, his association with the palace eunuch servant Dong Haichuan was not widely known until after Liang's death. Because he was the top student of Liu Zhenlin, it is same to asume that young Liu Hung Chieh also received training under his teacher's gongfu "uncles," Liu Yongqing and Ma Gui." Source:
  10. Religion as: 1. A tool of an elite to control other humans. Churches, temples, mosques, The Vatican, etc. 2. Divide (as mentioned above) amd argue with others; eg. my religion is better than yours. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are historically well known for promoting hatred, war, worship and fear of an illusory God(s). 3. An entirely human construct. God: 1. As a tool to rely on him as your ultimate saviour hence one becomes lazy, fearful and dependent on an outside force. 2. It is also a complete construct based on ignorance and superstition. Books: 1. A human mechanism to enhance the ego. Some books are useful though as long as they promote a scientific and rational understanding of the inner workings of reality; eg. Huangdi Neijing, I Ching, Seth: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, etc. 2. The less you read the better if you really want to go DEEP in this path and FEEL and UNDERSTAND what you really are and the ultimate nature of reality. *The more you practice and deeper you go the less of a need of books and other people's beliefs you'll need and seek. Hard yakka ----> the path to success.
  11. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Try this:
  12. It actually started last w/end. Have fun
  13. 1. No God 2. No Religion 3. Only inner work and a solid body manipulation method that also includes extensive physical movement. 4. Solitude delivers the goods 5. Practice in or near the natural world 6. Finally, reading books is counterproductive especially for beginners.
  14. Too gentle. Xingyi or Bagua are more aggressive but you'll also need to incorporate foundation exercises (ma bu, pu bu, Asian Squat etc.) in order to break mind-body blockages. Plenty of YouTube vids about it (check He Jing Han's channel, he is a Bagua teacher). Make sure you do hiking/walking from time to time to allow the 'Liver' to flush out gunk from your system. *Edit: in any case you need to start with a good teacher and you need to put a considerable effort. Expect a lifetime of work. Studying/practising alone from the beginning only leads to failure or little gain. You can go on your own later one after studying with an experienced practitioner for several years. Please bear this in mind.
  15. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    Qigong as in the fluffy stuff? Why don't you take up Tai Chi or Bagua. Is he offering any of these two disciplines because he certainly knows both. You'll get involved in something a lot deeper. Good luck!
  16. Enlightened movies

    Your Name (2016). Highly recommended. Review.
  17. You need to MOVE LOTS. An historical example to illustrate this: "Bodhidharma, in true Maha or “great” spirit, was moved to pity when he saw the terrible physical condition of the monks of the Shaolin Temple. It seemed to him that they were unable to fully grasp the enormous mental and abstract discipline necessary to achieve Nirvana, or the ultimate release destination derived from meditation. The monks had practiced long-term meditation retreats, which made them spiritually stronger, but physically weak and unable to finish their meditative journeys. He also noted that this meditation method caused sleepiness among the monks. Therefore Dharma informed the monks that he would teach their bodies and subsequently their minds the Buddha’s dharma, or “duty” through a two-part program of meditation accompanied by excruciatingly difficult physical training. Hence, his appellation of “Bodhidharma”." Hipe this helps.
  18. Hello, It is taught in the UK: Good luck
  19. Problems most might not understand!

    Hello, If you could state where you live it would be a lot easier for us to help you out. Asia is huge and there are many teachers scattered around. If you live in Sri Lanka is going to be tough to find a teacher, in Thailand not a big deal as believe it or not you can find competent IMA teachers living in that country! I have attached a PDF file to the official Bagua thread (located under the Systems and Teachers of subforum) which will give you a good insight of what this is all about. It's called "Bagua, Life & the Mind." Hope you find it useful. *My personal advice: Learning from books or any other self-help material in our modern age will only give you a very limited progress in the arduous and highly complex path you have ahead of you.
  20. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    To answer the OP, as simple as this: The rest is and has always been the same ----> soul evolution.
  21. What happens to suicides?

    What would happen if you go ahead: 1. You'll come back again. Earth most likely. We are not in a very good shape at the moment. There is a chance you'll experience an even a greater suffering! 2. Continue from where you left as in resolve all the unresolved issues. Rebirth in exactly the same position is a risk I personally wouldn't play with. Just imagine starting all over again from baby to adult. It's just too much hard work! Good luck
  22. The ego and the heart in Chinese medicine

    There is no ego! Ultimately is a mind constructed mechanism to give you a sense of placement on this level of consciousness. If you manage to realise what you really are the EGO will dissolve, booom, just like that. It actually happens like that and you'll know it but like anything else it's a gradual process. What is me? Who am I? That's why I said: -Go with the flow of your own existence as you never really know when smaller or bigger awakenings will take place. -Nothing is certain so go with the flow of life.
  23. The ego and the heart in Chinese medicine

    The question is: What are we really? Pheeeew!! To answer that it will be akin to fi finding the value of ∞. Shi Chang Pu is mere drop in the ocean. Don't worry too much with that herb. Some personal advice: 1. Go with the flow of life and your own existence 2. Adapt to seasonal changes (Yin-Yang) 3. Eat good food cooked with love and enjoy what you eat! 4. Be calm and gentle 5. Practice your daily meditations without getting carried away. Like a routine thing 6, Next lifetime you'll be a different being and like that forever. No beginning no end. We are the Tao. Enjoy the ride!
  24. Living in the wrong direction is a recipe for disaster. Check this out: