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  1. Insomnia

    Try some TRE. Always provides me with a rested and sleepful state after a practice. Would recommend connecting with a provider in your area but here is the walk through
  2. Another +1 to support Amma. I'd been to the Ashram in India some years before but didn't really get her or it or whatever was being offered. However, when I saw her in London a few weeks ago I went with an open mind and an intention just to enjoy whatever happened. I went on both Friday and Saturday nights and underwent some profound shifts both during the weekend and since then. She has a special and unique healing energy and after my first hug on Friday I sat behind her and went into an easy and deep meditation. Since then my reiki, qigong and clarity of vision for life has really shot up. Friends I went with are experiencing similar shifts. I met someone who explained that when you meet such 'high level' people it opens you up for greater healing, it's why they're so infectious and can command large followings, such as Amma.
  3. Many of Lam Kuen Cheun's disciples will offer skype lessons if you can't make it to London or any of their classes. I train with a disciple of Lam's and can't recommend training with someone who has lived and breathed the practice highly enough. Drop me a PM if you want to know more.
  4. Neck pain and Zhan Zhuang

    Hi bums, Thanks for your replies, your advice is humbling! The pain is mainly centred around my neck and shoulders and I'm sure is down to the arch in my lower back and the resulting tension working its way up my body. The main advice I've had for the posture is "imagine you're sitting on a ball" and have the main intent of relaxing throughout the session. I have also read the Mark Cohen book on ZZ and his main piece advice on getting into the stance was "set and forget". I thought after practicing diligently and daily for over a year tension would have decreased but it has actually increased in the neck and shoulders. I'm of thr current thinking that I should just 'stand it out' and have ZZ correct the posture over time...
  5. tao and relationships

    Maybe add a loving kindness/metta bhavana meditation to bring back feelings of connection and empathy.
  6. Hi all, I have been practising ZZ daily for over a year and have recently begun to develop neck pain after each session. I have recently changed my posture to sit more deeply into the posture and the creases of the kua (as per teachers advice) and have a slightly lordotic (arched) lower back. I was generally fine before but with this new adjustment the neck pain has increased. I also suffer from a 'clicky' jaw (TMJ issues) and was wondering is this a postural issue or should I just sit it out and wait for the chi to clear the blockages? Thanks
  7. Thank you Earl Grey, thelearner and Old Saint for your sage replies. Presently, I do find both of them complimentary and they're helping me in different ways. I'll continue until they fail to serve my goals. Spotless, yes, I am aware of the wider concepts of Yoga having travelled throughout India and stayed in Ashrams when there etc. I currently find that I want to use the asanas as a way to improve posture (which it's doing) and add equal muscle tone to my body and I'm perfectly fine with that. I studied the Alexander Technique for many years and have adopted the beneficial way of breathing from the discipline to my asana practice. I was reading some of the old threads on here on the criticism of contemporary yoga being viewed as a merely as a tool for physical improvement. Whilst this may be true for many, I'm sure if one stays on the yoga asana path long enough the more spiritual and meditative dimensions will become more apparent and attractive to the practitioner. Whilst some may see a bastardisation of the traditional yoga practices as a negative, I see the widespread use of Yoga across the world as a positive step for humankind as it brings the ideals of decency, goodness, calmness and positivity to a people who would otherwise never have a true path to these qualities.
  8. Hi everyone, I came across this site searching for information and philosophical ideas on energy practices and cultivation. I have a daily practice for just over a year of Zhan Zhuang and Tai Chi (Lam style) and a hatha yoga practice of three to four times per week. ZZ and TC are a way to health and understanding something deeper about the mystic energies in life and the yoga practice is currently a way to sort my posture and body out and to add some tone and muscle to my thin frame. When taking both to a deep level are they compatible or is it advisable to stick to one true spiritual path/discipline in search of stillness and enlightenment?