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  1. Your opinion on Damos neigong?

    The problem is not the material. It is the temptation to read the material, and believe you've achieved or absorbed it merely by reading it. Damo gives several warnings and makes clear the time frames involved for laying foundations, advises that you should find a credible teacher, advises that you should not practice if taking substances or mentally ill, but this will not stop people from skipping steps and laying a bad foundation. Better to read Damo's material in an academic sense, or as a reference point; take seriously his forewarnings, use the basic exercises like sung breathing ; and then spend your limited time and energy to find a good teacher. Practice, forget the material, and remember when it becomes relevant again through experience in your practice.
  2. 简而言之,我会说是的,我是你的支持者,我很感谢你在这里发帖。 我之前说的是针对其他海报的。 也许寻求真道的人不需要我的解释,但对于那些没有头绪的人,我想给出一个。 目前我正在“退识”让元神出现,我觉得你的贴子有助于避免一些陷阱。 我的老师很少引用经典文本,我也不会说中文,所以你的引用也很有帮助。 再次感谢并感谢您。 To keep it short, I will say yes I am your supporter, and I am grateful for your postings here. What I said before is for the other posters. Maybe someone seeking the true ways will not need my explanation, but for those without a clue, I wanted to give one. At present I am "retreating consciousness" to make the primordial spirit appear, and I find your postings helpful for avoiding some trappings. My teacher does not cite the classic texts much and I am not a Chinese speaker, so your quotes of those are helpful also. Thank you again and appreciate you.
  3. I am new to this forum, but came across awaken's posts from Google search through a hanzi term my lineage teacher shared. I felt compelled to cosign this person awaken, because what he speaks of is the real deal. Even if you do not choose to learn from them directly, at least heed their advice - - if they say something is rubbish on this forum , believe them - - if they give specific advice, take it as leading to the right path. For the uninitiated, how to make heads or tails of anything, especially in the internet age when everyone has an opinion? (Including me, some random first time poster?) Once you have walked the path to a certain extent, you will really know, almost by instinct. Like a native speaker of a language overhearing a conversation, just by the tones and rough grammar, you'll know if someone is fluent or not. Even with the language barrier, and the esoteric terminology, what awaken is talking about is correct. Studying the classic texts are fumbling with the locks without the key. With this awaken person, they really are trying to share the key. I wish you all luck on your journey. But just another note - - if you are looking to Golden Elixir path for health, power, or to cure mental illness, you are better off seeking help through conventional means first (follow your doctors advice, be a decent person, clean up your addictions, go to therapy if you're depressed or anxious.) It is better to "clean up your act" with conventional methods, and then seek the Elixir, than the other way around. You can go in circles forever, or worse.
  4. New to Taoist Cultivation

    Hi all, Im relatively new to the whole esoteric Taoism + neidan cultivation practices but I've always had an interesting in philisophical Taoism ever since I read the Tao Te Ching in high school. I've always self-identified as a Taoist philisophically but until now I've not explored what it means to live life according to those principles in a conscious way. Some background on me -- - I practice westernized Vinyasa Yoga 5 days a week, and have been for about 2.5 years. - My introduction to esoteric Taoism/neidan cultivation started with Mantak Chia's book "The Multi Orgasmic Man". I also have his book "Awakening Healing Energy Through the Tao". I don't follow the practices to the letter but rather just take the parts that work for me, like the microcosmic orbit and inner smile meditation. Why I'm here -- - I've reached a point in my neidan cultivation where I don't think books and videos will cut it anymore. I want to meet other practitioners and ultimately a master/sifu who can guide me in my practice so I don't hurt myself or needlessly waste my efforts. - Yesterday I experienced what I believe to be a "kundalini awakening". At the point where the energy reached the crown of my head I began to experience a disintegration of my ego into a larger consciousness, but I pulled back from it by bringing the energy back down the functional/front channel of the microcosmic orbit. I feel normal again today but im left wondering what path I should continue to take in this journey of spiritual development. Thanks all and I hope to become a contributing part of your community.