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  1. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    One should practice everyday but of course this isn't always possible. There's a Chinese saying: skipping a day of practice is like losing the practice/progress of a whole week (something like this).
  2. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Daoism encompasses practice and philosophy. Can we say practice is applied philosophy? Big mistake?
  3. Chi - how does it feel?

    Go to a good acupuncturist.
  4. True Yin and True Yang

    Same Master?
  5. Chi - how does it feel?

    Did you start meditating recently? Eyes open or closed? If you are a beginner like me you might want to consider to start with standing meditation with eyes open - Zhan Zhuang. If you practice indoors it helps to stand facing a window looking outside. Don't worry if you're not "meditating" while you are standing, just relax and stand. After a couple of months you'll notice your mind is a lot more quieter and not only when standing. This is a natural process and there's no need to think about it, just practice. You are in the Netherlands right? I think Peter den Dekker teaches in Amsterdam. He is an inner door student of Master Lam Kam Chuen and a TCM Dr. Master Lam Kam Chuen's books Peter den Dekker book
  6. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    Thank you. I'll check those links.
  7. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    Man follows the earth. Earth follows heaven. Heaven follows the Tao. Tao follows what is natural. I understood Tao follows what is natural as Tao follows Nature. Is this interpretation incorrect?
  8. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    I've just tried this and it can be done with the right hand, it actually seems easier than left. Have you tried it?
  9. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    You might want to check out if there's any anechoic chamber near you that you can visit: You would think that a place so quiet would also be peaceful. But for those who spend any time in there, it is far from the case. Gopal often gives visitors to Microsoft a tour of the audio laboratories, which includes a trip inside the anechoic chamber – and most find the experience very uncomfortable. “Some people want out within a few seconds,” he confides. “They say they just can’t be in there. It unsettles almost everybody. They can hear people breathing on the other side of the room and hear stomachs gurgling. A small number of people feel dizzy.” http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170526-inside-the-quietest-place-on-earth
  10. anti-depression drugs??

    Everyone should stay away from them. Same with the high cholesterol drugs, antibiotic over-prescription. These 3 clearly show us that Western Medicine is sick. You might also want to check out Dr. Kelly Brogan.
  11. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    HA, this has happened to me, sometimes I would look to the second hand (perhaps off center from field of view as you say) and I could swear it stopped, that is a slightly longer second but also physical stop of the hand (tenths or hundredths of a second).
  12. True Yin and True Yang

    Are they hermits?
  13. True Yin and True Yang

    What process? You're saying one can go through the process without getting the light stage? Is there anything else that is not necessarily a part of the process? Seeing lights seems to be easy (and not to be given any attention). What else do you include under stuff? Spontaneous movement, physical/Qi sensations...?
  14. Is this a trick question? I'd say yes you can be right or wrong, there is good or bad. What if that person would go on a rampage and cut and burn all the trees? Would that not fall under right/wrong or good/bad? Perhaps if one starts by looking within it is as being the only person on Earth. It seems that as long one is in the realm of Yin and Yang, operating in the physical world then these dualities are important and not to be discarded, even if one "reaches" Tai Ji. All True Traditions seem to emphasize the importance of strong moral values, good character.
  15. Of course not. It's irrelevant when it was first written.