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  1. xin heart mind

    Yi is not the Spirit of the Fire Element but it's all connected as we are One.
  2. Thanks. Are you also a Longmen Pai student? So daoist walking, sleeping practice can be learned and practiced fully without the caveat mentioned by freeform?
  3. Do you know if there are any Longmen Pai Teachers teaching for free in China or in the West?
  4. Is this the same text as "Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu" but different translator?
  5. Neiye - Section 1 - Multi-authors

    Can it also be MDT?
  6. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Do you speak the words? Can it also be more subtle like a knowing instead of only words? Did it ever happen without stilling the mind? Thank you.
  7. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Do you have a place/time for it? Very interesting could you please elaborate? (are there any teachings/books about this?) Do you think there's something else regarding suffering, besides sincerely seek its cessation, that connect us to the Divine? There's no contradiction but never mind. Because of the very nature of the practice. To me it seems the same/very similar. The visualization of the mco uses a pathway that's already there, Qi is already circulating through that pathway. Yes, of course. Can you tell when it's introduced? To the beginner or more advanced student?
  8. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Thank you both for your reply. If there is a mental exercise the Qi is stirred and there is circulation of energy, I understand what you're saying about the positive emotions and the need of calm equanimity, but even so I think there might be a possibility for harming the Organs. Freeform, you say this practice "develops a very good memory and a very sharp mind" and "helps to open certain congenital meridians" but can't it be compared to what you're talking about visualization the other day? Shouldn't a very good memory and a very sharp mind come as results of practice without having to engage with memories? Same with opening the meridians? Which meridians are you referring to? Thanks.
  9. How to become less blind

    If it can be picked up by a camera it can also be seen with the naked eye, right? Do the masters you know perform healing miracles or is there a special reason they choose not to?
  10. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Do you know how long will it last and what will come next?
  11. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Can't this practice be harmful to the Organs?
  12. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    I like this sentence, are you describing Wu Wei? Could you please elaborate further regarding what you're talking about here and Wu Xing? Not that a ‘true person’ would need acupuncture treatment but do you know if Wu Xing theory from Classical Chinese Medicine still applies to a Zhen Ren?
  13. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    In your opinion are alchemical immortality or attainment of sainthood "levels" beyond enlightenment? Because there is no death? Do you know or have any theory why is this so? I'm not referring to what causes it (personality, conditioning...) but why is it obscured? So that it can be "discovered"? Hypothetically, could we all have our personalities, conditioning and never ever got our true nature obscured in the first place?
  14. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    Could you please elaborate on this? What about the masters that tell us they "see" their past lives when meditating? Does the sage has the same personality from before being a sage? Can you please give us some quotes? (Daoism and Buddhism)
  15. How to become less blind

    Done. Looking forward to hear you all.