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  1. Xing and Ming cultivation

    This book has arrived a couple weeks ago but looking at the printing it seems to be a copy. Anyone here knows if this is possible? Do they sell copies of original books in China? Hope the text inside is the same as the original. Haven't searched yet for Ming Gong and Xing Gong.
  2. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Well, that settles it then. Although I can't say there's anything wrong with what you are saying here, this is not my understanding at all. I'm quoting it here to see if I'll remember to check it further down the road to see if my perspective has changed. Thank you very much for your posts and for sharing the Teachings of Daoism. Long?
  3. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Freeform has already responded but my understanding is that Daoist Alchemy heals health issues. Daoism says enlightenment is in this lifetime.
  4. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thank you. Can you share what is the role of Xuan Guan Yi Qiao (when/where it 'fits' in relation to the stages: foundation, Jing to Qi, Qi to Shen, Shen to Void) in the system you practice ? This is my understanding as well, Congenital Nature is Xing, Yuan Shen. The objective of Daoist Alchemy seems to be not only the transmutation of consciousness but also transmutation of matter, fusion of Xing and Ming. What is funny is that they are essentially One but seem to be 'separated'. Is Yang Shen the Immortal Body of Light? Do you know if Yang Shen is before or after fusion of Xing and Ming? Thanks. Why do you feel the need to say this? You are placing obstacles on your path.
  5. What is a lay Daoist?

    @SirPalomides Is this what you are asking about?
  6. Qi vs Virus

    Thank you, very inspiring! Do you know at which stage - foundation, Jing to Qi ... - one gains the immunity? Also I assume it's the same for pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mold, right? Are you still in HK? If you are in China you might get a drone asking you to wear a mask
  7. Xing and Ming cultivation

    I think what you're saying here is incorrect. There is nothing that's left partially developed regarding highest stages of True Daoist Cultivation. The LDT is related to Jing. Daoism works with Jing, Qi and Shen, LDT, MDT, UDT. The Dao De Jing was written from Universal Consciousness, being Universal there is no place in which it's not present, so you could say it's the intelligence of the DT. Can you share more about the other 'dantiens'? thanks. That sounds.. horrible? I thought the Dao was soundless haha. What a bummer thanks for sharing.
  8. Hmm, I don't know, an Ice Age seems to be a different beast than present conditions. I'd think they would have migrated South. So the effortlessly annoying is annoyed? This NHK Doc. seems to be interesting, it talks about how oxytocin levels rise when the children look into the dog's eyes. The levels in the dog also increase (12:10). 24:00: When did the special relationship between humans and dogs begin? The oldest evidence of the 2 species living together was found among ruins in the Paleolithic Era (Eynan ruins - 12,000 years ago) that's around the time when humans began farming. 26:00: Wolves and foxes. Quick search: oxytocin-chemistry-between-people-and-dogs-real the-look-of-love-is-in-the-dogs-eyes
  9. 18,000-year-old puppy discovered in Siberia could be missing link between dogs and wolves An 18,000-year-old puppy unearthed in Siberia could prove to be the missing link between dogs and wolves, scientists believe. A 2017 study published in the journal Nature Communications suggested that modern dogs were domesticated from a single wolf population 20,000 to 40,000 years ago but tests on this specimen could offer further clues as to the precise period. "We don't know exactly when dogs were domesticated, but it may have been from about that time. We are interested in whether it is in fact a dog or a wolf, or perhaps it's something halfway between the two," Mr Stanton added. "It seems that dogs were domesticated from a lineage of wolves that went extinct," said Mr Stanton. "So that's why it's such a difficult problem to work on to understand where and when dogs were domesticated." Dogor was discovered in a remote part of north-east Siberia and is so well-preserved because it was found in a tunnel that was dug into the permafrost. He was later sent to Oxford University's Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit for dating, which revealed that the corpse dated back at least 18,000 years, meaning Dogor would have lived during the last Ice Age. Could a dog be living in Siberia during an Ice Age? I didn't know this: "It seems that dogs were domesticated from a lineage of wolves that went extinct,"
  10. Dog pee

    Don't know. It can save your life. Just don't wait until you're dehydrated: No bottle? No problem: Interesting, Daoist Masters drinking urine? Have you ever heard about fecal transplant? It's literally saving people's lives.
  11. Dog pee

    Don't know about dog pee but human urine does seem to have superpowers. Highly prized in China, especially children's urine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_boy_egg "Drinking one's own urine for healing"(same one as above): I guess you could call it Golden Dan. I thought about start drinking it ever since I watched this documentary, but then it must have slipped my mind.
  12. Well I thought it might be implied but I wanted to make sure . It really deserves to be highlighted especially in the context of magic. thanks Don't ask me. What do the Sumerians tell about agriculture, animal domestication? Did someone teach them? I wonder if we would have had the domestication of the wolf without agriculture/animal domestication, that is what came first. It's interesting that the most intelligent dog breed is the border collie, a herding dog.
  13. My favorite meaning is food. What about food? Thank you. It's interesting that the origin of the word seems to be a mystery, giving rise to theories: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7bxqd4 @Taomeow I have the feeling you'll like this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ8dSGSRppw
  14. The etymology of the English word Dog seems to be very interesting. I know nothing about Sumeria, should I start with the Epic of Gilgamesh? Do you know what's A.I. role in the "Narrative"?
  15. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Ming and Xing, Xing and Ming, I remember when I was reading a Daoist Classic every couple of paragraphs I'd thought: wait a min. which one is Xing and Ming again? Isn't Xing related to Yuan Shen? I thought it was rooted in UDT. What is the Chinese word of the spiritual heart you're referring to? I think Ming is also related to Jing. Are you thinking about Yuan Qi when you say Qi? But when you' practicing Qigong you're also working with Xing even if it's indirect work, no? What would you say are the results of Ming Gong? There's the possibility you can "Wu Wei all the way" from start to finish. I think ultimately Xing and Ming might be One.