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  1. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    Is Qi movement or is movement "within" Qi? Are you sure about this? This seems to make more sense to me: No Qi = No Movement
  2. Can We Know Truth?

    Opium? Come on, Humans have a very good imagination. Death and forgetting is a blessing? Please tell me another truth, I'm not liking this one. If you ask a child why there is death he/she might answer because there is birth.
  3. Are you sure about that? I've read about interesting and extraordinary things such as lungs that stop breathing and it seems that hearts can stop pumping too. This would make taming the mind to be without thoughts look like child's play.
  4. I saw a documentary that seemed to come to the conclusion that myopia is caused by too much close work and lack of sunlight. Don't remember if they talked about astigmatism. Do you know if the Bates Method works to heal myopia and astigmatism? If we're talking about Neidan, the Classics seem to say that the physical body is not the Real Body so I'd say eye problems don't matter much, though I could be wrong.
  5. Myopia and astigmatism included?
  6. Thanks for this thread. I was told there are 3 layers of Samadhi. I think meaning a progression? Would you agree with is and also could there be many types within these 3 layers?
  7. Knitting is a form of meditation. Quick google: https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/01/25/the-health-benefits-of-knitting/ In case you haven't yet try to introduce her to standing with open eyes meditation - Zhan Zhuang. Standing is easier than sitting. Check out The Way of Energy or The Way of Healing. Starting with 3-5 min daily, simple pose - hands on LDT, preferably looking out through a window. Master Lam Kam Chuen says it's ok to watch TV in the beginning. Her mind will become more silent, guaranteed.
  8. Location of Heaven and Earth When Horizontal

    Could you please tell me what do you mean to look for Heaven & Earth? Is this related to visualization? Off topic: Are you talking about a Central Channel connecting Baihui and Huiyin? I think I remember reading a thread here where the consensus was that this channel is not one of the Qi Jing Ba Mai? Yes, I've learned this in Kung Fu theory. There's also Heaven, Earth, Man in CCM.
  9. I would love to see that, did you ever make it public? (please, please say yes )
  10. Source of qi

    It's said Qi is the fundamental substance constituting the Universe. Sometimes translated as Vital Energy. Qi is in you and all around you. What is its source? I think that no one would be able to answer that, that's one of the Great Mysteries.
  11. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    I've come across his books on amazon, do you know who was his teacher(s)?
  12. Considering Yin and Yang to be the Tao

    Harmony, Balance / Disharmony, Unbalance, is it the same as United/Not United? Yes, Yin in Yang and Yang in Yin and what about Yin in Yang in Yin in Yang... and Yang in Yin in Yang in Yin... also if we look at Tai Ji Tu and Wu Xing aren't the old teachings telling us Yin/Yang are united?
  13. Considering Yin and Yang to be the Tao

    Camera focus works with aperture - foreground and background shown at the same time. Focus/Aperture; Distance/Focal Length; Yin/Yang When are Yin/Yang not united?
  14. Shan Ren Dao

    It's a very powerful system. I have only read Twelve Characters, I have Discourse on Transforming Inner Nature to read as well. Check out Dr. Heiner Fruehauf youtube videos. Also Sabine Wilms (Twelve Characters translator) site: https://www.happygoatproductions.com/onlinestore/twelve-characters-a-transmission-of-wang-fengyis-teachings https://www.happygoatproductions.com/wang-fengyi-and-five-element-healing/
  15. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    It's the same with the MCO right? It's said "opening the MCO" but perhaps starting to feel the MCO would be more accurate? Incredible that you can see them, do they all have different colors as they are usually depicted?