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  1. Coronavirus - Chris Kresser with Dr. Ramzi Asfour

    Elderberry is antiviral and great for the cold & flu but I think I remember @Taomeow saying it might not be recommended against this virus. Chris Kresser is recommending it. I have Sambucol and Elderberry juice. I've been drinking the juice although not everyday, I open a bottle drink it in a few days and after a while open another one. I do this to strengthen the immune system, I think it helps. I'm saving the Sambucol for symptoms, it can also be used as prevention but it has sugar and the bottle doesn't last long... See if you can get some. If not it's probably best to make your own, it's not the same but better than nothing...
  2. Coronavirus - Chris Kresser with Dr. Ramzi Asfour

    You're welcome. Don't forget to wear a mask. An update: RHR: Updates on COVID-19 and Answers to Your Questions I have since come across research suggesting that propolis and mega doses of A and D may not be a good idea, because at least in theory, they could increase the expression of ACE-2 [angiotensin converting enzyme 2] receptors. Propolis is my go to
  3. How have you arrived at this conclusion?
  4. RHR: Everything You Need to Know about Coronavirus, with Dr. Ramzi Asfour HERBAL TREATMENT FOR CORONAVIRUS INFECTIONS Stephen Harrod Buhner
  5. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thanks, you're talking about Yuan Qi, right? Thank you very much for sharing this! This was my gut feeling I believe it's not about negating emotions and not about not feeling. My understanding is that it's part of the process: you have to deal not only with your emotions but also with the unresolved issues of your family ancestry and past lives. The emotions are in the 'realm' of Wu Xing and we live in duality, Yin Yang - this is the level of reincarnation. Once you 'reach' Tai Ji you transcend duality but that duality is within Tai Ji, your perspective is no longer the same, so why would one want to still be attached to duality/emotions? You're not paying attention! There is no me
  6. Xing and Ming cultivation

    There's definitely a change and there are changes along the path. I believe that True Yoga Teachings also have Ming Gong and Freeform has also shared here about his Buddhist Tradition.
  7. It was not about a literal jump in the video. The jump was from "using our own jin for it" to the "energy that pervades everything."
  8. How/why does qigong work?

    I believe there are at least two explanations: Revelations and practices created by Enlightened Masters.
  9. Do you know how one makes that jump? Is it a question of more practice, reaching higher levels or is it related to Yi?
  10. Xing and Ming cultivation

    This seems to be a contradiction? Also may I ask you why are you mixing both traditions, if they both have complete teachings? Anyone in the last century?
  11. Xing and Ming cultivation

    This book has arrived a couple weeks ago but looking at the printing it seems to be a copy. Anyone here knows if this is possible? Do they sell copies of original books in China? Hope the text inside is the same as the original. Haven't searched yet for Ming Gong and Xing Gong.
  12. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Well, that settles it then. Although I can't say there's anything wrong with what you are saying here, this is not my understanding at all. I'm quoting it here to see if I'll remember to check it further down the road to see if my perspective has changed. Thank you very much for your posts and for sharing the Teachings of Daoism. Long?
  13. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Freeform has already responded but my understanding is that Daoist Alchemy heals health issues. Daoism says enlightenment is in this lifetime.
  14. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thank you. Can you share what is the role of Xuan Guan Yi Qiao (when/where it 'fits' in relation to the stages: foundation, Jing to Qi, Qi to Shen, Shen to Void) in the system you practice ? This is my understanding as well, Congenital Nature is Xing, Yuan Shen. The objective of Daoist Alchemy seems to be not only the transmutation of consciousness but also transmutation of matter, fusion of Xing and Ming. What is funny is that they are essentially One but seem to be 'separated'. Is Yang Shen the Immortal Body of Light? Do you know if Yang Shen is before or after fusion of Xing and Ming? Thanks. Why do you feel the need to say this? You are placing obstacles on your path.
  15. What is a lay Daoist?

    @SirPalomides Is this what you are asking about?