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  1. Yi Jin Jing

    Thank you very much! I've experienced this first hand with my Teacher's Teacher, it's incredible
  2. Yi Jin Jing

    Are you sure about this? In his book Master Peng says the ability to discharge electric Qi was developed after his Small Death. I thought high level YJJ skill was being able to sustain heavy hits to the body without pain and injury and breaking stones with fingers as it works on Wei Qi. Would love to hear more from you about Yi Jin Jing, anything that you can share. Do you practice it? There is a Daoist and Buddhist Yi Jin Jing right? Are there several versions of Daoist YJJ?
  3. Thank you very much! I've been thinking about creating a post to ask some questions about Grace but perhaps I should use the search function first. Isn't Supreme Clarity the name of a Daoist Tradition? Does it refer to the "Ultimate Realization"/Completion, sort of a last level?
  4. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Graziani also translated that way: "When qi is guided, it starts to generate;" He read the character Dao/道 with its verbal sense: "guide";"route". I think that once you have/consider qi ducts you also have Qi being guided, even if it's natural and "not deliberate". Qi flows in the channels naturally.
  5. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    I was thinking about the possibility of When qi is guided not being about deliberate cultivation, in fact not about cultivation at all. If you read Taoist Texts translation below it doesn't hint at any deliberate guiding:
  6. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    I thought whether the "you" is supposed to be just a continuation of talking about the Sage... but it seems to me this is not the generative process to life [from seed] but talking about life itself. Yes, thought and knowledge are about life itself. I was referring only to it is generated possibly being about the process of Life. I read the you as a Human Being with the potential to become a Sage.
  7. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Can this verse be referring to the pre-cultivation status of Human Being? Can the it is generated be the mysterious and miraculous process of Life? From Seed to Human Being? When one gains knowledge one must stop and start cultivation? Next 2 lines: Whenever the forms of the mind have excessive knowledge, You lose your vitality. Yes, omniscience makes sense but I don't know if it relates to that specific verse. Why are you associating 知 with thoughts?
  8. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    That would be great thanks! Is the Neye held in high regard and studied in all Daoist Schools?
  9. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Naturally "opening" Xiao Zhou Tian an Da Zhou Tian comes to mind.
  10. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    I got the translation by Romain Graziani: 精 也 者 Regarding what we name “Essence” 氣 之 精 者 也 It’s the quintessence of qi. 氣 道 乃 生 When qi is guided, it starts to generate; He too didn't choose to read Qi isolated and in his notes says the expression qi dao reminds of another one: qi li. Would there be any difference by replacing transforms to transmutes?
  11. Thank you very much. As in years for the LDT work?
  12. xin heart mind

    Yi is not the Spirit of the Fire Element but it's all connected as we are One.
  13. Thanks. Are you also a Longmen Pai student? So daoist walking, sleeping practice can be learned and practiced fully without the caveat mentioned by freeform?
  14. Do you know if there are any Longmen Pai Teachers teaching for free in China or in the West?
  15. Is this the same text as "Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu" but different translator?