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  1. Learning from The Way

    Hi. I’m a parent, artist (commercial), student of philosophy, seeker, and an amateur in spiritual, meditative practices. Each point in the trifecta of my personal enthusiasms (art, philosophy, spirit) has at one time or another jostled for a position of dominance. Typing this now, I see the obvious parallel with one of my favorite books, Kierkegaard’s “Either/Or.” After college, I started to learn. First with illness, then learning to live in health. I started a correspondence with the writer that initially inspired me to study philosophy, the great rogue philosopher and fantasy artist, Kenneth Smith, who became a mentor to me. I was astounded to see am embodiment of aristos, wise, loving, and living with utmost integrity. His writings, lectures, and voluminous book recommendations were illuminating, but the greater lesson was erudition is worthless without intuition and the deepest personal honesty. Currently I’m lucky to have a wonderful Master. I’m learning to listen and see the course of love. Who am I? Finding the answer to that question is one of the reasons why I’m joining a spiritual forum. ;-)