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  1. Taoist Celestial Eye - Dzogchen Thogal

    Hi! Sorry but this daoist technique, as far as i understand has nothing in common with thöghal. Spirit light, seen through the celestial eye is something different than thöghal. Thöghal is a meditation technique done with open eyes. It uses natural phenomena (looking below the Sun, sky Meditation or dark retreat)to trigger certain energetic changes.....basically a kind of open eyed samadhi. Where one progresses through the so called thöghal visions, which are manifestations of the structure of reality (how the 5 elements work together to form this reality). Hope that helps. All the best! Michael
  2. Skeleton Meditations

    Hi! Well maybe a short overview over different forms of this Meditation. What are the most powerful forms. Maybe some links etc. Thanks in advance! :-) Michael
  3. Skeleton Meditations

    Could you share some more ?
  4. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Hi! I will define full method first. Schools that have the methods to replenish considerably amounts of yuan jing/chi. (there are schools that think this is impossible and some that have weakened forms of this, meaning they can replenish some but it is extremely time consuming or has a high chance of producing problems etc.) because if you have the knowledge of these methods it shapes how one approaches the rest of the practice. Three i know: the 2 schools that the russians represent (yuxian pai and wuliu pai.....interesting here is that there are branches of wuliu who do not have a full ming method; these 2 schools have extremly strong ming methods)...and a private (mountain) longmen lineage where i have trained in. There are some other more private lineages in china that still have that (i have heard that Zhang Boduans lineage is still alive and has very powerful ming methods). I would guess that Wang Lipings system has some of that (Nathan Brine will put out a series of books beginning in Feburary 2020 so we can see this system) quianfengpai has some of that (the lineage from which the famous "taoist yoga" book comes...which is just a part of an manual of that school). another guess would be that Li Shifu from 5 immortals temple knows some of that too. best
  5. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Hi! Problem with this understanding is that it reflects modern daoist understanding. In neidan schools with full method it makes no sense. So i will write from that view.(not many daoists schools still have real ming methods today). Qi gong is not a ming method. Ming is yuan jing/yuan chi the life battery and it can only be replenished with alchemical methods. Because these are pre-heaven energies (another name for pre-heaven would be pre-creational) and they cannot be accessed with qi gong. the qi /life force is post heaven (or within creation). MIng is not in the ldt but somehow ascociated (as these energies are before creation) with it and the kidneys. Xing is yuan shen in neidan. It is ascociated with the Upper dantien. what is in the heart is the xin (not xing) the heart nature. Xing will express itself through the heart though. There can not be a real xing first in neidan......but ming must always come first because of how the neidan process works (it is one process only but with very different approaches from one school/lineage to another). In neidan xing cannot be realised until ming is replenished and flowing. It is said some schools do xing first, but that is usually more a xin first (clearing the heart mind) before doing ming and then xing. You cannot realise the xing fully (as it is understood in orthodox neidan lineages) without ming...just not possible. In fact there are neidan lineages which are constant ming gong (which automatically leads to xing realisation and achievement of dao)....this means that is a system of constant doing and when one is done....there is automatic wuwei. True alchemy works with mechanisms that are not used in other spiritual tradtions and because of that cannot be compared to them. In orthodox neidan lineages there is usually nothing like sitting meditation. There maybe sitting exercises but they usually involve hand movements etc.....just silent sitting is used in neidan forms that usually do not have the full method or it is used in very high stages (after the elixir is achieved). hope that helps! All the best! Michael
  6. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    I was initiated into XYP in 2016.......never lost conncection with the FFS......but they changed as i requested to be trained differently than the common XYP road. I have heard some have seemed to have lost the connection to the ffs but no nothing in more detail. But to me it makes sense that xians do not train all people forever....so when they are not ripe enough they may turn away from them after a certain time. I wanted to learn real alchemy and XYP is not that.....it works basically like Effie says.....but that is not real alchemy. (real alchemy is very rare!) And i am not saying that XYP is bad or anything like that...but not real alchemy. I am hestitant to talk about real alchemy here though i have from time to time because i do not want to be put into the same corner as the russians (who have real alchemy schools)....though i try not to be so boasty as them. (i have no connection to them). But they were right in regards to neidan with full alchemical principle.....and since no book today shows this full principle it is hard to discuss this subject. Also no teacher i am aware of teaches this full alchemical method beside a hidden longmen lineage, the 2 schools which the russians have a branch of and maybe a teacher in Belgium. There is in my understanding no shen alone approach.......one could say that systems like Transcendental Meditation is but they try to reach samadhi which is all encompassing......shen only would mean you just sit and do nothing do reach deeper states of mediation. One could say that vajrayana is shen mostly in the beginning with its lots of visualizations...but they also use body techniques....and later of course tummo (inner fire, which works with chi and jing...here they call the jing drops). Maybe some Zen schools are mostly what could be called shen ...but they also want to reach samadhi like states (which is beyond shen)......but they do not look at the body .....so this could be what you mean. Basic buddhist meditations could be described as shen (vipassana) only........but even there samadhi is goal. What is described here as jing, qi, shen is post heaven approach in chinese systems (in indian system you start with chi, the body is often incoorperated but no work with the jing directly)...aka nei gong. Body work alone is not jing.....it has a healthy effect on body and the jing....but it is not jing work. For this we need the nei gong work that Dammo describes so beautifully. In alchemy the body is prepared but jing, qi, shen in alchemy partains to the yuan forms of these energies which are pre-heaven (before creation) so alchemy it is not about body, chi, mind, as one works with energies which are already beyond the mind but are ascociated with the body. best
  7. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Really like that! .......that is a high level teaching!
  8. Difference between jing and qi ?

    Hi! Jing is what makes the body........chi is what moves it. Like a candle......jing is the wax....and chi is the flame. There are also pre-heaven forms of jing and chi (which are only worked with in alchemy) .......and post-heaven forms (which are worked with in qi gong, nei-gong, all energy based work etc.). Not ejaculating at all is going against the functions of the body and is harmful to the spirit in the longer run. If you have problems with sex (by either wanting to masturbate/ejaculate constantly ..or totally feeling repelled by it) you should release the blockages that cause such unbalanced behaviour. Changing jing to chi...is actually a term from alchemy...but here it is used in the post heaven realm. There are ways to bring the jing energy back to the kidneys....but as i said ...better to heal the unbalanced aspects of our sexuality. best
  9. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    They were active here on the forum from roughly 2012 to 2017. They have a school in Russia with several branches there and also Australia. they teach the only 2 Schools with full alchemical principle outside of china.....which are yuxian pai and a branch of wuliu pai. One cannot learn Wuliu if not a russian and living near their school....but one can be taught yuxian pai through skype and retreats in russia. Some of them were more active others less. One of them was very active here ..with the name of opendao (a teacher in the yuxian school). Because they had the knowledge of schools with full alchemical principle they were not shy to "expose" the schools and thoughts wich do not have this knowledge (which is basically every modern school and book about neidan on the market). They just labeled their teaching neidan and stated that all the others are not real neidan. Which from a certain point of view is right but misses the point (see my other posts for this). As you can guess this resulted in lots of heated discussions and they were not liked much here. They have stopped posting here a while ago but you can find these threads through the search function (just type in opendao for ex.). You can contact them through: forum.daode.ru it is a russian speaking forum with an english section. All the best
  10. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    sure. It is taught that silent sitting meditation is beneficial if done for 10-15 minutes for its calming effect etc. but that calming can be reached also with neidan (moving techniques) ...longer is harmful because it is too yin.....but in alchemy you want to increase the yang (yuan jing, yuan chi)....so it is counterproductive. Once you have the elixir ...the silent sitting is not harmful anymore and it is used in higher stages for further refinement. But in one lineage it was not used at all. Keep in mind what i said in my other posts about neidan with full alchemical principle and the much more well known neidan where this principle is not fully used and other things have interwoven ...bringing different results (not lesser, just different).
  11. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    We are not in a discussion here Rara. You asked a question and i gave the answer ...from my point of view....nothing more. Yes, every practice needs the juice of compassion to "wet" it...... If we are triggered by other Persons, statements, events etc. it is a good idea to sit unconditionally with the uncomfortable emotion until it moves on and is digested. If you have a teacher (wudang) that resonates with you then follow that path. they way i was taught was that meditation was not allowed at all or only in very high levels (after the elixir has been created). In the schools i know there is no dantian like in the medical field (the field in the lower abdomen...one usually knows from qi gong etc.). but it itself is a pre-heaven manifestation with a different place and different function and cannot be used like the well known form. All the best!
  12. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Maybe there are some schools who do think this.....but from my expierence that does not make sense. the pre-heaven energies storehouses are ascociated with the certain body parts but are not of the body because they are pre-heaven (before creation). Alchemy is just technique.....and everyone can use them if they know them. And so the pre-heaven jing and chi can be used if you know how. (you do not to be special at all....or developed or whatever.....). Best
  13. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    It is not about "knowing the real thing"......it is more that what we call neidan today is a hybrid of alchemy and other stuff and so the alchemical principle is mostly not fully present. I think both teachers are very good in what they teach. The dao classics are intepreted according to each schools agenda. From my backround lao tzi was using the full alchemical method but as i said, every school has the interpretation that fits its understanding. (and the same goes for schoolars). Yes, my ex-teacher ...but is not public. The ones that do this public are the (here) much hated russians.....they are boasty but the two schools they teach have the full alchemical system (at least that is what my teacher said). best
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    In those modern version which are not fully alchemical but use parts of alchemy there is meditation. In Alchemy systems with the full alchemial method the neidan is a moving form or sitting but with hands moving. No chi is stored in the ldt. If you want to learn these modern forms Wang Liping (or one of his teachers ) and Damo Mitchell are great for that. Or qianfengpai should also be great. best
  15. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    because in alchemy you do not work with sexual energy........jing is that which makes up the whole body not just sexual energy. And alchemy works with pre-heaven forms of energy.....that are not of the body at all