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  1. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    sure. It is taught that silent sitting meditation is beneficial if done for 10-15 minutes for its calming effect etc. but that calming can be reached also with neidan (moving techniques) ...longer is harmful because it is too yin.....but in alchemy you want to increase the yang (yuan jing, yuan chi)....so it is counterproductive. Once you have the elixir ...the silent sitting is not harmful anymore and it is used in higher stages for further refinement. But in one lineage it was not used at all. Keep in mind what i said in my other posts about neidan with full alchemical principle and the much more well known neidan where this principle is not fully used and other things have interwoven ...bringing different results (not lesser, just different).
  2. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    We are not in a discussion here Rara. You asked a question and i gave the answer ...from my point of view....nothing more. Yes, every practice needs the juice of compassion to "wet" it...... If we are triggered by other Persons, statements, events etc. it is a good idea to sit unconditionally with the uncomfortable emotion until it moves on and is digested. If you have a teacher (wudang) that resonates with you then follow that path. they way i was taught was that meditation was not allowed at all or only in very high levels (after the elixir has been created). In the schools i know there is no dantian like in the medical field (the field in the lower abdomen...one usually knows from qi gong etc.). but it itself is a pre-heaven manifestation with a different place and different function and cannot be used like the well known form. All the best!
  3. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Maybe there are some schools who do think this.....but from my expierence that does not make sense. the pre-heaven energies storehouses are ascociated with the certain body parts but are not of the body because they are pre-heaven (before creation). Alchemy is just technique.....and everyone can use them if they know them. And so the pre-heaven jing and chi can be used if you know how. (you do not to be special at all....or developed or whatever.....). Best
  4. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    It is not about "knowing the real thing"......it is more that what we call neidan today is a hybrid of alchemy and other stuff and so the alchemical principle is mostly not fully present. I think both teachers are very good in what they teach. The dao classics are intepreted according to each schools agenda. From my backround lao tzi was using the full alchemical method but as i said, every school has the interpretation that fits its understanding. (and the same goes for schoolars). Yes, my ex-teacher ...but is not public. The ones that do this public are the (here) much hated russians.....they are boasty but the two schools they teach have the full alchemical system (at least that is what my teacher said). best
  5. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    In those modern version which are not fully alchemical but use parts of alchemy there is meditation. In Alchemy systems with the full alchemial method the neidan is a moving form or sitting but with hands moving. No chi is stored in the ldt. If you want to learn these modern forms Wang Liping (or one of his teachers ) and Damo Mitchell are great for that. Or qianfengpai should also be great. best
  6. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    because in alchemy you do not work with sexual energy........jing is that which makes up the whole body not just sexual energy. And alchemy works with pre-heaven forms of energy.....that are not of the body at all
  7. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Jing is the energy that makes up the body, all its liquids etc. (the sexual fluids are only one part of it) Qi is the energy that moves it. the terms you use are alchemical....which means that in alchemy one works only with the pre-heaven chi and jing (which repairs the post-heaven jing and chi). But since not many teach the full alchemical method and all the books that are on the market about neidan are the modern nothern method (which is watered down) you should read some of these. first you need to "lay the foundations" (which means replenishing the yuan stuff in alchemy.....though in modern times it often means just using a little qi gong to balance the body). Look into "daoist internal mastery" from Wang Liping "white moon on the mountain peak" from Damo Mitchell "neidan for everyone" forgot the author all of these books teach only watered down forms of alchemy but better than nothing best
  8. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    Hi! When will this book be out? best Michael
  9. shugden was allowed to be whorshipped til the 70's when the Dalai Lama forbide that (a lot still do). I do not do that and i do not care. I do not care if he broke his vows as i think that is bs all together and has nothing to do with spirituality but with cultural package. His books give great descriptions of the vajrayana techniques and the path that is what i am interested in.....all power to those who break the secrecy of the systems (in any tradition). best
  10. It is called "Great Bliss: Tantric Sex and the path to inner awakening" by John T. Housemann Seems to be the only book which describes the karmamudra stuff....though that is the highest one so nothing for beginners. the book is quite good as it strips tantra of some layers of the almost religous "doings" that has accumulated over the centuries. It starts with prelimaneries and goes on to very high stuff (including self initiation with the deity)....... I would also read the books from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.....very practical and eveything in except the karmamudra stuff. (but has some infos about visualized deity partners). best
  11. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    Hi Dwai! thanks for your clarification! However as i pointed out....to me that is not true (and what i heard of very high level teachers).....sure you can cange the body through alchemical techniques.....but in most tradtions who speak of this phenomena who do not use alchemical stuff they frame the disolution of the physical body as the full karma disolution (even the karmic stains in the elements of the body are purified with changes the elements back to their original state...which later brings the disolution of the body like ramalinga). Buddha taught different vehicles and highest yoga tantra was his highest. As far as i know this phenomena has happened in almost all traditions....though in some more often than in others. David Buckland (and i also think Lorne Hoff) is of the impression that this is a natural process (after awakening) if the embodyment is allowed (which most often is not as this brings all the suppressed traumas to the surface) but maybe cannot complete because naturally it would take a lot of time (because of the density of the body) to complete. (so we would have to get older than we currently do to let that happen). so your quote does not make sense to me.....because if the body disolves that is a deeper karmic purification that just letting it die. (it only makes sense if we come to the light body through techniques, but then we are not awake even though we have the light body). best
  12. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    Hi dwai! I do not aggree with that statement. Highest yoga tantra and dzogchen ...both budhist traditions mention the rainbow body and see it as the highest expression of enlightenment. Even in the yoga sutras i think there is a line like "perfection of the body comes last".....there is also this light body phenomena in sufi sects.....a lot of traditions see the transformation of the body as the hightest form of enlightenment as it is the deepest form of embodying the absolute. Some modern teachers like David Buckland or Lorne Hoff speak also in that direction and say that the transfomration of the body happens naturally if allowed but takes a long time. best
  13. Hi! From my point of view....all this stuff comes to one when the inner intent is right. I have met a neidan master who is earth immortal (meaning physical immortality). i also met an alchemist who made the philosophers stone and gave me a small piece of it (taking it every day will keep one young eternally). Yeah dzogchen does have more rainbow bodies than most other traditions but!!! most achive only the small rainbow body, meaning they die after a normal human life and then the dead body just shrinks. It is a little like Michael Sternbach said....but there is no need to follow these obscure texts....one can get these achievements through different ways...inner intent and then follow the guidance that comes from within and without will do it. there are neidan schools that have a strong alchemical principle that teach....the here on the daobums so hated "russians" are part of 2 chinese schools who teach these stuff (yes they are very boasty but the schools are very legit). If you look into another thread about the "christ oil" you could do that and your inner guidance will be very strong....so you can find the secrets yourself over time. best
  14. Deleted

    HI lifeforce! Really enjoy reading your experriences with that process! As you write it seems to destroy your previous beliefsystems...which is hard but also very freeing. As i have not watched the clips: what is the goal of this process? How long will it take to come to its goal? You wrote about the physical body going through alchemical change...will this result in extreme longevity, rainbow body etc.? thanks for taking time to answer my questions!! All the best on your way :-) Michael
  15. Aurobindo Anyone?

    Immortality after death means that you die consciously and stay conscious during death and thereby eleminating the need for reincarnation. Physcial immortality is a very high state....and can mean just staying young or can even mean unkillable (adamantine body)...for that the elements have to bereversed into their original state...not many achieve that. Pal Pandian from a real Tamil Siddha lineage speaks about some of this in his book..... Interesting theme.....only mediation will not do it... Aurobindo has some interesting insights into that topic but not the means to really complete that work. best!