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  1. First i would say ... why not ask people who claim that and have stabalized there? Next is...there are some hints to that unfolding in scriptures, i was shown but forgot where because i am really bad with scriptures. It is also not my experience at all that stages are a modern concept. All the old traditions i know have describtion of stages of awakening. Next, from the experience here ... i am not stabalized there but was there for a while...because for me it felt like falling out of consciousness and had no reference for it i began searching and found some who where there. It was very different from breathless samadhi and the awakened "experience " so i needed a frame for it. And normal awake teachers gave the same answers you write here. Well you describe excactly what it is ...it is the abscence of knowing....for me it was like a blankness.... and only the contrast to consciousness got it some recognition. However those that are there say that changes with time . I have met several of these individuals and they agree on this unfolding... some have been awake for decades and then moved beyond consciousness... but it is seldom. If you know everything better maybe write these people that they are deluded and post the response here? As my understanding is ridiculed by you.
  2. open question...

    Do you know these stages of unfolding? Because you are so sure. And if you know these why is the real/unreal any question as it comes much before? In your analogy we could say salt being the individual and water being the pure unbounded awareness. With regards to further unfolding....that would be beyond water.
  3. open question...

    Well the actual reality is that for several people it feels like falling out of the Self....some need months of adjustment...at first it is just a blankness. ๐Ÿ˜Š But to me more important in this context is the real vs. unreal dichotomy.....very basic... is just a perception of reality from a certain stage of awakening.
  4. open question...

    Hi! As with everything that an awakened being or scripture says it is important where in the divine unfolding that being was (stages of awakening....though i do not like the word stages so much) With the first big shift there is a change of self experience from being a mind/body to pure still unbounded consciousness. At this point the world appears often like a dream or unreal....like it is covering the real. (Stage of that prayer) If you desire (here it means you are open to) further unfolding...at a certain point a unification happens...like pure awareness recognizes itself as form....the real regocnizes itself also as the "unreal " and that duality collapses leading to deep changes in the psyche and body also. Ramanas teaching comes from here "the world is not real only Brahman is real, the world is Brahman. Once this unity process completes one moves beyond consciousness....which is rather dramatic at first because it feels like falling out of source (pure awareness) like loosing ones awakening....because what is when there is no basis at all? After a while pure unbounded consciousness is seen as another layer over the pure source ... but that is beyond this response. Important is that there are different perspectives in the awakening unfolding...and they have quite distinct realities.
  5. It is not what....but from "where" the action comes. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. Human beings are not capable of wholesome virtuous behaviour. Only after a good amount of spiritual practices and inner transformation is there a slight dawning of such conduct. Before, there is only behaviour based on trauma, karma, social conditioning etc.
  7. Hi ! Are people who have attained (in the way you spoke about ) the 4th Jhannas or higher in the public? All the best Michael
  8. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    They teach 4 methods. Yuxian pai Wuliu pai northern method and southern method Method of the first emperors (only for a few select teachers)
  9. Looking for names of Healers

    Dorothy Rowe of distanceenergywork.com Kristin Kirk of Kristinkirk.com
  10. Best way to stay warm in winter?

    That is oral tradition! .... you are not allowed to write that down. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. Yin and Yang

    The Tamil siddhas have ida and pingala (which is sun and moon) and also the fire and water channel (which is what daoists call the mco) ... both Yin and Yang systems must be worked on. ๐Ÿ˜Š Preheaven/alchemical mco is different.
  12. 72 hours in samadhi!!???? Wow !! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ My deepest respect! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Just being in samadhi or "doing" some alchemical work there? Any idea what instructions you are getting after that? (Just in general)
  13. Is Waidan necessary for advanced Neidan?

    Classically these external elixirs were often used by yogis to prolong life and thereby having more time to practice, to ward of disease and to deepen transformation. If you use chi it is also external and you bring it into your body through certain practices. While one can do a lot of alchemical stuff the original external elixir (wai dan aka philosophers stone) is made from mercury (cinnabar). It can be detoxed and made into something divine. The metals are not charged (but can be) they are brought through the alchemical process and so they become the golden elixir (aka philosophers stone). From my experience it very much supports cultivation greatly....gives a strong boost but one should be very careful. There are safe ways to use it ... like wearing the white stone around your neck or putting it into water and drinking that water.
  14. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    Do you still practice it?