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  1. Haha if the PRC-sponsored wiki says so then it's gotta be true right? That's an interesting point! I don't know why mine is seems to be in my chest when standing straight, but when I exaggerate it by leaning on one leg it's quite palpable. Yes, by percentage of weight there's clearly more in the lower half.
  2. I'm pretty sure center of mass = center of gravity. So it will change if you're in a low stance, high stance, sitting down or lying down. Standing straight up, where is the center of gravity? It was easier for me to feel by standing on one leg to emphasize it a bit, but it seems to be in the chest, lowering and raising as my stance does.
  3. I'm about halfway through this book. So far it is a plain-language breakdown of principles for practitioners of Daoist arts that could also be enjoyed by an interested non-practitioner. It started with a chapter on comprehensive definitions of all the pinyin terms you see most commonly on boards like these, then moved to principles of aligning the body and regulating the breath and mind. It's called comprehensive because those four chapters took up over 200 pages! Right now I'm on the chapter about the nature of jing, and the later chapters seem to be talking about the middle and later stages of Nei Gong. I am enjoying the book very much.
  4. What are you listening to?

    https://m.soundcloud.com/user-931790889/this-daoist-life-1 This Daoist Life Podcast.
  5. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    I had just posted this video in the off-topic youtube thread, but it might've been much more useful here: I started it from the point where building reserves of jing from things other than energetic practices is discussed. If you need a bit more context, skip back 10 minutes and he goes over the conceptual model (among other things). For those who won't watch the video I'll throw down a couple points for discussion, but they're about as common sense as common sense comes Regulating your jing through healthy living principles -Correct levels of rest (7-8 hours) -Regulate your diet -Limit alcohol and smoking -Calm the mind and lower stress levels Groundbreaking, eh?
  6. What are you watching on Youtube?

    -What is jing, really? -How do we regulate it (Yang Shen Fa) -What is jing's relationship to the mingmen and lower dan tien (basics)
  7. Daniel Ingram

    I remember this one. On the retreat that inspired his Fire Kasina website (I think), he fixed his concentration on a candle to the point where he could control it's movements (among other things). He made it sound like pure concentration as opposed to a siddhi (unless I'm remembering it wrong, or concentration to that degree IS a siddhi). In any event, way cool guy.
  8. karmic implications of occult/magick

    Same reason anyone does, I suppose. Was looking for an answer to a question and wasn't willing to dig deep enough to find out for myself at the time. To be honest I might've associated an intellectual curiosity (karma and the occult) to my problem (being uncertain about what felt right at the time I was writing that post). In any event, the good bums on this site seemed to know better than indulge in unproductive intellectual speculation, and I got over the problem the old-fashioned way.
  9. karmic implications of occult/magick

    Well, that about settles it. I'm comfortable with my intentions here, so I'm going forward with it. Not sure where the second guessing came from a couple days ago, but I don't feel it now. Thank you for indulging me with your responses.
  10. Hello, I had come across, and thoroughly enjoyed, an interview with Alan Chapman who had talked about using magick/occult practices not only as a path to enlightenment, but as a potential complement to other paths. I have purchased his book 'Advanced Magick for beginners' and by chapter 3 he is introducing a simple sigil exercise to manifest a desire. My intention at the moment is to use the tools found here purely for my own spiritual development, for example my first attempt may be something like 'I will become aware of an impediment to my spiritual growth and the means of its removal' Before going any further with this I had done some looking into the implications of using the occult and found several references from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (as I do have some level of trust in him previously) and although I can give detailed sources if requested one quote which stands out from him is "Of all kinds of karma, using occult forces for one's own benefit or to the harm of others has the worst consequences for oneself". Yet there exists entire traditions which use these forces, such as the author of the previously mentioned book, who supposedly used occult methods right up to achieving enlightenment (or as he calls it, the 'great work' of magick). Elsewhere, Sadhguru talks about how karma is created by intent, not content of an action - so I am having a difficult time reconciling these two ideas. Am I being foolish for using such tools for my own development? Is the greatest danger coming from my overthinking the matter? I just want to use every method at my disposal to progress spiritually, and this is the first time I have become so conflicted over whether or not to go forward with a tool. I am thankful for the opportunity to post this question to a group that contains such a diverse group of practitioners. Thank you for any assistance you are able to offer in this matter, Wilhelm
  11. 2016 us election

    I can't believe I just got inspired by Trump... Video editing is the new voodoo. And on the other side of the fence (political not physical), boy do the southern democrats favour Hillary! I wonder if any of those states go blue in 2016 (like TX or OK).
  12. Enlightened movies

    So awesome - thanks! What I want to see next. My pick; Dhamma brothers (documentary): Vipassana is introduced into Donaldson maximum security prison in Alabama, and the ~1 hour doc looks at the inmates' experiences and a bit about how they ended up in prison.
  13. Mastering the Yijing

    Hmmm, I read something about this in Bruce Frantzis's 2016 new years letter (source). I'll see if I can find something more detailed.
  14. Like a small engine is turning over in first gear in my belly (jerky). Like a mild geyser is shooting up the back of my torso and putting me off balance in different directions. Like my legs are live wires that would conduct more if they weren't so tense. The experience changes with my intention, but that's the best I can describe what my standing practice is like (i don't feel the energy body so much otherwise) As you might have guessed, I'm rather new to the process.
  15. Woah, dat youtube video! I had it on during lunch break and suddenly its like 'Oh I guess I'm supposed to stare at this symbol for a while'. I don't know the first thing about Dzogchen or Bon, but that was a particularly 'interesting' symbol to concentrate on. Without asking for anything more than a basic answer, is it useful/acceptable for a non-Dzogchen practitioner to use the 'Ah' syllable (what he called it) as a means of practicing concentration? Meaning, if I were to print this out and stare at it, following the instructions given in the video for longer periods of time, would this be unsafe or an unproductive use of concentration practice? (If it is I can continue to use candles, which are great, but not always accessible ) The other video... I couldn't figure out how it relates to the Zhine practice but that's probably just my inexperience/ignorance