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  1. If you hadn't seen it yet, one of the fellas you mentioned did a talk in Bhutan comparing the two Yes his method is obviously more involved than sustained attention on the lower abdominal space. The talk spoke specifically about the alchemical process, but his method involves doing quite a bit of foundation work in the area before attempting to 'ignite the fire' in that area. On a podcast of his, a varajyana practitioner guest gave a criticism of the way tummo is commonly taught that ignited a debate on the forum. I'll look for the link. Edit: Here it is
  2. Somehow "I know a guy who knows a guy" and "bad man in the family" are on the more thoughtful end of criticisms I've seen re: Adam on TDB 😂🤦
  3. Location of the middle dantian

    Good point, I forgot to distinguish between mixing systems and compartmentalizing systems (of thought and practice). I don't think the former is a good idea, but is very common due to the common human tendency to add their own spin onto what they're taught
  4. Location of the middle dantian

    On the lower Dan Tien: I was taught in some systems Hui Yin is considered the LDT because it's where Jing is consolidated and later 'fired'. Other systems put it somewhere in the abdomen, as that's where Qi tends to gather (even TCM recognizes ren4 as the sea of Qi). On the middle Dan Tien: Im practicing master Feng's qigong system (not the Taiji - too complex for me haha) and I was taught to consider the middle Dan Tien as the yellow court region/solar plexus, and you were taught it's somewhere in the heart - so I'm not sure if different students took the material different directions... To add to the confusion, I also studied with another line that traced their lineage up to Hu Yaozhen as well but put the lower dan mmtien in the lower abdomen, so I'm not sure which he actually taught - more important is what your teacher wants you to do imo. As Taoist Texts said, these are all just models - if they work according to your teachers instructions, who cares if other teachers use different models?
  5. The Basics

    I'd try going through their YouTube channels to find videos that stick out to you. I've only tried Nathan's foundations course but found it to be very in line with his first book. Damo's book was broader in scope, as is his course, but it might be useful to listen to their theoretical lectures to see who's more in line with what you're looking for.
  6. Yeah according to the only tradition I know a tiny bit about there's a direct effect (this diagram looks like a mess but notice the moons in their various phases directly outside his body)
  7. While I enjoy the work of Damo Mitchell, that seems a bit dismissive!
  8. That came up in the forum as a lategame stage beyond what anyone here posting has reached (to my knowledge). So I wouldn't worry about it - By the time you get there, you'll be too old to be worried about your balls anyways
  9. Ah shit we've been agreeing this whole time! Don't you hate when that happens Nah just an old timey American actor.
  10. Yeah I understand you fine. Wouldn't have known it wasn't your first language if it wasn't brought up. Tbh I can't even remember what I had said but I think I was trying to agree to disagree, and adding a contentious but unconstructive point as to why I preferred my point of view. More important was the bit I do remember: I don't understand the Dao De Jing. I can appreciate an interpretation towards simple living, and even if I don't understand why verses like 1, 4, 14 etc. might be interpreted through that lens it doesn't matter cause I'd be arguing from ignorance anyways.
  11. Edit: nvm. 2 people talking at you at once
  12. Yeah that's fair enough. I had never gone too far into philosophical readings of the DDJ, but I appreciate that it's the most popular approach in the West (and probably China as well, for all I know)
  13. Interesting. Have you read any of the alchemical classics like the Cantong Qi or Wuzhen Pai? Or is this approach mainly how you see the DDJ/Zhuangzi/etc.? Just asking because the former don't really allow for an interpretation at face value
  14. I can't believe this guy took 81 chapters to tell people to live simply. What a blabbermouth! Luckily modern people can skip these old books and just watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. It's a lot more of a practical look at simple living. Who wants to waste time (mis)interpreting a bunch of vague two thousand year old verses when you could just throw out all the shit you don't like? Edit: Yup. Looks like the Dao De Jing didn't even make the top 20 in the simple living category. Meanwhile, Marie Kondo is sitting pretty at #9.
  15. If this is even a tiny bit accurate I'd be super impressed. Very clever word association algorithm, if nothing else