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  1. Right on! Qigong with principles is the best exercise that I know of (though IMAs with principles are really good too). Given that all that science has measured from Qigong without principles (or without having dug the channels, as freeform said) are things like: "Qigong is good for balance." "Qigong may improve circulation and lymphatic flow" It seems like you'd almost be better off taking a brisk walk! 😭
  2. Oh. That's too bad! I was becoming fond of the analogy lol. I'm sure (or rather I hope) that freeform will come and bail me out before too long
  3. Hmmm... It could be, if I have your meaning right! In case an analogy might be more helpful, maybe it could be said that the principles create the blank 'canvas' that can then be 'patterned' with Qi through movement to create 'pictures' (effects), depending on which form you are practicing. Each form will paint a different picture, but without the blank canvas the Qi has nothing to 'stick to' and so there's no lasting picture. Edit: so then to answer your question (which I seemed to have forgotten to do 😅) - as far as I know - the Qi is taken care of by maintaining the correct principles while you assume the static posture or go through the movement exercise. If you try to move the Qi directly, it may or may not do so for the duration of the exercise, but this will stop as soon as you stop the exercise. So it's more efficient to just set up the conditions for it to take care of itself, because those results will last beyond your practice session. There's a couple problems with this analogy though, one of which being that through continued practice your canvas changes and then the same forms end up creating entirely different pictures. So doing the forms correctly doesn't mean copying the external movements - it means adopting the correct principles and then following the instructions within the bounds of your current 'canvas'. I might tried too hard to be poetic, here! Does that make sense?
  4. Just wanted to double up on this point. I also thought feeling the Qi would be important right away, but it doesn't seem to be. Based on my own understanding so far, Qi seems to do its thing according to how you've set your mind and body when performing the exercises. A much more useful focus turned out to be (in my case) how to find the ideal mind state (initially one that doesn't interfere with the Qi) and the correct body principles (ones that enhance the conductivity of Qi). Initially when you assume the correct body principles, you'll be so danged focus on keeping those correct that you'll stop worrying about Qi altogether! (Or at least that's what happened to me) And I think that's fine. I wanted to run before I could crawl, when starting these arts. All the shortcuts were just delays Getting the body right and the mind right took a long time, but it probably would've been most efficient to JUST worry about that initially. Then when your Dan Tien wakes up (which you could easily do within a year, and probably earlier), all bets are off! You'll stop worrying about whether Qi is real and start worrying about whether you're going to smack your head into the coffee table from all the ways the Qi is pulling you 😅 (which is just a stage called Zi Fa Gong which helps you clear out a whole bunch of energetic debris then settles) Edit: also, not to create a diversion - but I've heard Buddhism has plenty of energetic practices that just didn't filter into the West
  5. What is lust

    Oops 😅 yeah my phrasing was pretty unclear there. Again, in my opinion, lust in animals is biological. I think the difference is that humans have created a plethora of mental stimuli to artificially 'jumpstart' what was previously just a naturally occuring process. So although your biology wasn't primed to react to the show your dad put on (I used to hate when my parents did that as well 🤮), there were certain mental seeds that were planted and reinforced each time you consumed these sorts of media. Enter hormones a few years later, and kaboom! What was once a naturally occuring physical act had a wealth of emotional and mental processes attached to it, which in my opinion is what separates us from animals here (and not in a good way).
  6. What is lust

    IMO it's cause animals don't have porn (& porn adjacent media/social pressures) I might go into 'heat', do something about it and then be calm for a few hours before putting the wrong show on Netflix and artificially restarting the process Edit: original phrasing was pretty jncleaf
  7. FYI to all here, the OP cross-posted this message into several Daoist forums. I imagine he has his answer now, one way or the other. I'll be you one invisible pyrokinetic Yogi that its the other way around Because it seems you came to this forum with good intentions - wanting to learn about Nei Gong, John Chang, etc. (Same reason I joined, a few years back!) From what I can tell you have a background in some school of Western Magick, though I can't tell which (maybe it was self-guided practice?). It seems you're at least familiar with some Daoist concepts, and that you're not a fan of Mantak Chia (cool, neither am I!), but you've got some pretty odd theories about how this stuff works: So I said I was sorry to hear that because: Wrong ideas + a lot of self-assuredness + no teacher to help you = wasted time (speaking from experience). I imagine you'll get over one of these things eventually but you've set some pretty lofty goals so its my hope that it happens sooner rather than later! Still can't tell if you're trolling, sir. But I enjoy your posts, either way
  8. I am genuinely sorry to hear that. Best wishes with your cultivation.
  9. Yup! I checked the text to confirm this. It looks like it covers consolidation of the Yin field of the lower abdomen in detail but the active methods of shaping it are covered in much more detail through the academy (though there is one or two basic exercises for it later in the book) Are you an LMP student? (Western school, started by a guy who was member of this forum, combines Magick and Daoism, name sounds similar to the Daoist LMP school) If not, you'd probably like them. They've got an egregore attached to the material, the boss practices pyrokinesis... Seems to tick a lot of your boxes!
  10. This assumes a personal belief can supersede the function of karma. If this were true, we'd all be better off modeling ourselves after sociopaths rather than saints. Second this. You can get a couple years foundational work out of this course and his core textbook if you'd like a low-cost alternative (though it might feel a bit disjointed learning this way, there's plenty of material there). The first exercise in the MCO course can also help with a lot of the stressful outcomes school can bring.
  11. Lots of the standalone courses have overlap with the weekly material. Dan Tien Gong is already central to the program, alchemy and sound work lectures start to show up early in year 2 etc. I've not yet taken any of the the standalone courses so I can't say for sure, but I imagine they give him an opportunity to go deep into the central components of the Nei Gong process. I'm planning on taking one next month to address a weak point in my development. As far as I can remember, one key difference between his live teaching and online teaching of the Nei Gong process relates to bring a bit more conservative with Dan Tien activation and setting off Zi Fa Gong. Other than that, the platform actually allows for an incredibly amount of detail to be put through, where when you're training with him for a few days there's only so much he can talk about.
  12. Yeah the only method I've heard is through Bodidharma's Xi Sui Jing (Marrow Washing process) and that's too far above my level for me to comment on 😅 Fair enough Teacher says do both, do I do both!
  13. I've got a TCM text that says something similar about Jing-nourishing foods - but I think it's talking about Kidney-nourishment having a knock-off effect on the Jing. Edit: spleen/stomach for postnatal, not Kidneys My understanding was that Jing replenishment is a pretty controversial thing, and that it doesn't really happen until the marrow washing process (consolidation of Jing being a different thing altogether).
  14. What are the types of methods?

    So I've been thinking about this example a lot lately. It seems this particular method became very popular with a group of American Buddhist teachers, then blew up on the internet when one man put out a free ebook outlining a whole lot about the path. This specific book had a section on moving the goalposts, why he moved the goalposts, and became super popular with me and everyone else on the internet who wanted DIY enlightenment (i.e. this good looking guy). The problem is that it's quite evident that SOMETHING significant has happened to the people who worked through this method. It might not be the traditional arahantship (or anything close to it), but from a cursory glance many of them have come to the same 'place' with the method. Has anybody read enough of Mahasi Sayadaw's material to get his take on it? I figure the OG wouldn't conflate a mid-level realization with arahantship. To be honest I'm not sure how or if I plan to reconcile this, I've just been curious about it since I first read the book. Edit: on a quick glance, he says here that the defilements are eliminated at Arahantship. Of course, the book I'm referring to (which I'm trying to keep anonymous as those who are familiar with the method will know who I'm talking about, and I don't want to throw the author under the bus) says this is nonsense, but it does give a sense of the difference betweent the two supposed attainments