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  1. How exactly does females drain our Jing

    That's why swallowing the saliva when we sink the qi to the ldt is important.
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    looks like a great way to go for a holiday and socialise and get out there. i love that stuff, especially the yum cha at the end. i doubt it would heal my mopai mixing health problems unless there is testimony that someone has .
  3. Greetings Seniors (asking for guidance)

    Some suggestions to fill the dantien as a level 2 mopai guy. 1. Do mopai level 1. It's great for health. 2. Some master suggested this: sit in the lotus and focus on the dantien. You can achieve enlightenment this way too as legends say. 3. Learn from a master/teacher who has had their dantien filled. - do at least 1600 hours of only that. no qigong. tai chi ok. but no energy manipulation. - microcosmic orbit and diet helps with any dangers of side effects. avoid excess carbs. 100 percent dantien means you are stronger than shaolin iron head, arm and most tai chi perormers and even martial artists.
  4. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    anyone know how wang liping makes them fireballs glow with his alchemy? The story about making hadoukens is in Dragongate taoist gate wizard book. But how do you do it?
  5. I dislike saying mantras. Id rather do breath regulation and visualization with each 9 kuji, 5 ekements and the grid thing for protection.
  6. Oh look, I got covid

    good job
  7. asanas,qi-gong, tibetan rites for youth and longevity

    tried them. makes u look young. got some o at a d powers with them unintentionally. but no good with mopai. can make u sick. -mopai disease cannot be cured unless from someone like dynamo jack. even then it's not guaranteed.
  8. Its Time To End The War On Salt

    salt causes hypertension. but salt taste so good. food wouldnt be good without it.
  9. Horse Stance and qi deviations

    squats should have the same form as squatting with weights.
  10. qigong mixed with neidan?

    Can qigong mix with neidan with ok results? Say for example, 100days building the dantien while also practicing buddhist 18 hands qigong?
  11. Bums I am missing

    The mopai crew
  12. Caduceus - staff of Hermes

    Anatomy of the pineal gland
  13. Caduceus - staff of Hermes

    Same as the medicine symbol and kundalini. Medicine mocking you for giving out money to make your health worse. Also symbol of biblical serpeant. Thats symbol for level 4 mopai. But it does not go up to the head. It first goes along the arms and legs rumour says.
  14. Any interesting Health Hacks to share?

    Go vegan. Calorie deficiet. 2000 cwlorie for adults is a little to much.