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  1. Taoist master John Chang has passed away. 5 Feb 2020 My condolences. Some say he fell off his bed. Others say some rival master defeated him. But who? who knows. Let us, and those mopai practicitioners, if you are bow with sincere respect.
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    starjumper. do you have iron shirt or greater?
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    Mopai isn't dangerous as some make out it to be. The level 1 is very healthy chi kung. even level 3/2b exercises even though it requires a lot of breath retention is fairly safe. Whoever telling you its dangerous are tryin to f u up.
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    What can you do Steve Gray in terms of wizardry power?
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Great. How and where do I start?
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    At least Loneman Pai can do things that others such as mo pai level 4 fusion achievers cannot. Ie. hitting an object with chi to move it... Why does Level 4 need sorcery? The MOJ shows a bit on sorcery too.
  7. You can say the same thing about God. Genesis 1:26 "Let us make mankind in our image'' Who's ''us''? oops
  8. Looks like a blimp. Scientific Method 101. Doesn't even pass the first stage. Cannot assume it is alien.
  9. Tridaya Inner Power Website

    If level 1 aka combination breathing fulfulls moving chi to from the ldt to the middle dt and vice versa and also helps opening the channels of the arms what are the purpose of jurus?
  10. but they are not level 74. more like level 1. as you don't need vast amounts energy to be enlightened