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  1. Hard Light Meditation; Mark Griffin Youtube channel. Hard Light, Mark Griffin. buncha videos of him through the years.
  2. Uploading pics

    @Apech, @steve I have always linked to an externally stored image. Uploading images never worked for me, and I never looked into it further than that. That's how it is for now. - Trunk
  3. Those are good ideas. Appreciated. I'm open to suggestions, as I have time & energy to address. Things are demanding in 'real life' right now, so don't be put off if I don't get back to you for a few days or more. - Trunk
  4. change name request

    No. I'm not comfortable with that. - Trunk
  5. again, THANK YOU to both @liminal_luke and his partner, Jose! And to the community for participating. We adjusted the colors based on your astute comments re: Daoist philosophy. The shared art work was inspiring, and a special shout-out goes to @Eduardo, who shared his own art-creations. happy new year!, Trunk
  6. How does it work?

    **** admin statement **** I banned "Sleepy Bluejay" because he's a ####ing ##### ## ####!!!! - Trunk ************************
  7. Looking for help

    @Needhelp, The other benign (won’t hurt) & beneficial supplement I’d recommend is any one of those “greens blend” powders. When the chemistry was researched here in the community, the plant chemistry is beneficial. .. I think @thelerner is maybe more familiar with that book?, called “Cupid’s Poison Arrow”, was it? The lumbrokinase is strong, won’t hurt, and important. Past those, it gets more nuanced (beyond what I’d feel comfortable giving advice for) and longer term work. Go gradually. Don’t force things. Tune to harmony. A *good* doctor of Chinese medicine *might* help; a bad one’d hurt. Be discerning. good luck, Trunk
  8. Looking for help

    Read up on some of the basic dynamics in links, above. First thing I suggest that you try is Dr. Mercola Lumbrokinase Enzymes This is a supplement that helps to resolve blood stagnation. best of luck to you, Trunk
  9. yup, diggin' it. the one that's going in the banner is simple, in keeping with the style of the banner and the space available ... so don't expect it to be as magnificent as those being shared. Probably the dragon images that will keep coming out through Ch. New Yr will continue to be ... impressive.
  10. TDBs banner has been completed and this thread has transformed into sharing related art.
  11. @Eduardo, The pictures are stunning! Where are they from? Link? - Trunk
  12. change name request

    Let me give it a more serious whirl; could be I was sloppy and mistaken. - Trunk
  13. Wow. Stunningly beautiful pictures. The banner has already been completed, with a green dragon in a style & size that works with the banner... However, the dragon pictures are so so cool; keep sharing! - Trunk
  14. change name request

    No. Doesn't support non-English lettering.