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  1. What are you listening to?

    Another Ida Maria tune. This whole album is full of only covers of 1959 recordings of negro spirituals. Her other stuff is indie rock.
  2. C.G.Jung’s “The Red Book”

    Just barely getting oriented, myself, busy with other stuff. I guess that’s an advantage: participate as much/little as you like. I’ve read at least one of the assignments (there’s absolutely no obligation to do nor to share)... they are substantial if you take them all the way. And the exercises with the imagery that you produce... they have instructions that ... go deep - is my impression. List of steps, last step (if you dare), then, “That’s how Jung did it”. It’s fucking interesting and not fluff. There’s opportunity to download the documents, assignments, instructions ... So I’m gonna download them all (as they are posted) and I can review and dig as I like as long as I like. People are posting their stories along with their art. A lot of people, a lot of art. All of the art is deeply connected to their process. I’ve been hungry for some community along this line... I’ve joined some other art therapy groups on facebook, but this is 1. At a much more consistent serious level, partly due to method and understanding, I think. I don’t have my head around it yet. 2. The number of people posting. Good exposure: similar to here, it can be helpful to see others processing similar method etc. It’s not a “small group feel”, though. - Trunk
  3. C.G.Jung’s “The Red Book” I am registering right now - and finding out that "$19 pm" means "$19 per month" ... for the 6 month course. 6 x 19 = $114 total over 6 months. Once I paid via paypal, it redirected me to join the facebook group. The Red Book isn't required for the course, but I got it yesterday from Amazon. Only $10 to get same day shipping on it, f### yeah. ... should be interesting. amazon book description:
  4. I’ll write more later, but wanted to drop this link here now. A six month, inexpensive, online course around Jung’s “The Red Book”. That includes producing one’s own artwork. This would be especially interesting to those who are interested in using art to facilitate their inner work. Here’s a video introduction into The Red Book
  5. What are you listening to?

    Oh my GOD Say three “Hail Mary”’s and a “Hare Krsna” ...
  6. Effectiveness of Mudras

    Cool how that uses a mirror to simultaneously show the angles. I started a kuji-in photo project with the intent to not only make artful pictures but ones by which a newbie could get into the hand position. That’s a tough shoot! Some of them are complex that you need step by step photos of how to get into it, then the finished mudra from front & back. Yikes, ugh. Not the fun personal art project that I’d signed up for, lol.
  7. Effectiveness of Mudras

    As I've written about at (shameless plug), my experience is that the qi sphere (the hands' sphere resonant with energetics/sphere/s along the central channel) goes together with finger-knitting mudras (any of 'em, but especially the kuji-in) ... ... like peas n' carrots. The finger-knitting feels like it courses the channels on a level closer to the physical. The qi sphere ... working the qi sphere slowly up & down the core with resonant assistance of the hands-qi-sphere-refinery, addresses more subtley. Lots of practices end up complementing each other, working on the same ol' classic aspects from different angles... opening the channels, deeply-centering, integrating vertically (yeee-ouch!, an*other* shameless plug!) ... cheers, Trunk
  8. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Super important meditation, imhe. There are different layers to develop, experience, from most physical to most subtle. I tend to experience this meditation as very physical. (Obviously the other results of deeply subtle and energetics, very cool, and I applaud.) ... The focus of attention (yi) goes from hui yin up the center to the level of the umbilicus and back down. Repeat over and over. For me, this triggers a physical pulsing between my navel ~ ming men (along the line that I figure the umbilicle cord was in the womb, and the kidneys pulse into ming men). Similarly the genitals, urogenital diaphragm pulses with the sacrum. Those two physical pairs, all pulsing. Goes to deep physical, prenatal jing, could be I think? There are some more detailed variations that I work with that have to do with either going more slowly, or emphasizing the luminous & empty quality of the pearl. But the basic is just up & down, developing the center-line resonant connection between hui yin and umbilicus level. As always, I appreciate hearing about varieties of methods & results, learning from/with each other. cheers, Trunk
  9. Effectiveness of Mudras

    p.s. ... and, for those serious internal arts nerds here's a pdf document that a friend gave to me some years back: just lots and lots of finger-knitting mudras pdf. I feel like I have plenty with kuji-in and several other mudras, but maybe some of you are hungry to chip away at the linked extensive doc. Have fun. - Trunk
  10. Effectiveness of Mudras

    I’ve played a little with teaching friends finger-knitting mudras... at a very casual level, with friends who are *not* serious internal arts nerds. The nine mudras of kuji-in are *WAY* too much. I can walk someone through them, with good energetic results ... but it is just too complex, often leaves them intellectually overwhelmed. Obvious solution: just one mudra, lol. The “vitality mudra” is a good choice and today I was walking a friend through it. We ended up nicknaming it the “start-with-peace mudra” because putting both hands into the peace sign is a great setup for getting into the mudra. video courtesy of Sifu Matsuo
  11. Available through Three Pines Press, $59.
  12. Trump talk

    Gutting science from the dept of agriculture ... Makes sense. Pesky scientists.
  13. Trump talk

    Wow. I think I’ve found a post where I actually *partly* agree with you! I think that most of your assessments of the Dems are off, but we do share some overlapping criticisms of the left. I do think *some* of the Dems are going too far left with some of their approaches to health care and student debt reduction. Not politically viable in this country and only weakens their cause, easy to mischaracterize, is political suicide. I think that the Dems want sensible immigration reform, that doesn’t fit into a simple chant (“build the wall”). I think that the “open border” is a false criticism of Dems. I do think that the Dems should focus more on the economy (Obama did *very* well in rescuing the economy) and campaign finance reform (and some other areas of concern re: cleaning up politics, such as gerrymandering, etc). The earth’s ecosystems are being destroyed from every angle and means. We’re headed towards global environmental dystopia for all foreseeable future generations. The GOP uniformly ignores the problems and speeds the destruction. Dems respect science and want to do many things about it. Unfortunately, the current GOP has followed their leader into an asylum. It’s not the GOP anymore; it’s just a cult, plain and simple. Turns out that a lot of people respond at the level of the National Enquirer, and that’s where djt lives. ... and so it goes. And the masses have not sufficiently learned from history maybe the most elementary lesson: avoid having an egomaniac with violent tendencies run a powerful country. P.s. And what we REALLY need are two (or more) healthy functional parties that can agree on basic facts, communicate and compromise for the better of the whole. We are FAR from a healthy democracy, both in terms of politicians and the national populace.
  14. Trump talk

    I’m not sure which way to read your post. (?). (And people are so divided in this thread, it could be either... ) Those “who believes in common decency and some level of morality”... Are you saying there are none in the GOP?, or none in the Democratic party? ... or something more complex that I’ve not guessed?