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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Norm MacDonald passed away recently, RIP. He battled cancer for 9 years and no one knew, badass. His Netflix series “Norm MacDonald Has a Show” (a series of interviews) is absolutely charming. So I’ve been watching compilations of his comedy that are surfacing on youtube. Enjoy.
  2. Iron Ring training

    I The movie clips are dramatized fantasy. The rings are used primarily for training (not weaponry). It’s always seemed an interesting idea to add a little bit of weight to qigong training, but holding onto light dumbbells while doing qigong is kinda klunky. Here’s a non-fantasy video. P.s. My curiosity is especially how they’d affect the results of sinew-changing types of methods, movements. ... but I’ve no direct experience with these, so I’m quite open to whatever someone says who has a bit of direct experience.
  3. Iron Ring training

    I’m kinda thinking with the release of “Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings” that interest will peak again re: iron ring training, which I’ve never done. ... but it might be interesting w/ vibrating & whipping palms some day ( @zerostao, @spiraltao ?). Anyone have any experience training with iron rings? Some yrs back, “Kung Fu Hustle”
  4. @liminal_luke has decided to take time away from moderating, and so I just adjusted his security settings to "regular member". Three cheers for all the help and discerning empathetic presence his staff-time has provided to the moderation team and to the community. - Trunk
  5. Ok. The new banner has been posted. A number of people helped move this along, each of which were essential in getting this from unstuck to moving forward and done: - Thanks to the community for prompting this issue, and for all images suggested. Especially to @Gerard and @Bhathen. - Thanks to @steve for helping to resolve a technical issue. - Thanks to @liminal_luke and especially to his partner, Jose Muro, whose digital art skills helped integrate the chosen graphic on top of the cleaned-up banner. His contribution is greatly appreciated. Jose's instagram art page: "As hard as we try, nothing gets done alone". - Trunk
  6. @Bhathen Thank you for your contribution! We've got a couple of people who've stepped up now (both with more digital graphic arts skills than I) and I will be choosing from the produced variations sometime soon.
  7. Done. Thank you to @steve for your assistance. And to community for prompts.
  8. I am looking into this issue further.
  9. @Earl Grey and everyone, Re: supporting the growth of alternative-to-TDBs discussion forums: TDBs is over burdened. I've thought this for a long time. I think it'd be *really* healthier if there were several other Daoist discussion sites that grew to be big n' healthy, and that TDBs became somewhat smaller. I'm quite happy and supportive when a member makes a go of it... discussion sites are super easy to start, but harder to build a sustainable base. I'm glad to provide the thread that I mentioned earlier, in support. You are not breaking any rules here by starting a site! And if some members here migrate to that site, either exclusively or back n' forth, more power to you! That means you're providing something valuable. TDBs can't be everything to everyone. cheers, Trunk
  10. @Cleansox TDB's doesn't allow blank posts, so, yeah, having to leave a period is normal. @Earl Grey Better now?
  11. I tried a small tweek, unsure if I fixed anything: please check and get back to me. Also, on a separate issue: I want to make sure that you've seen this thread (especially the 2nd post):
  12. Thanks for the 'heads up'. I will take a look at this later today.
  13. Art & the Internal Arts

    Part of a writing project, I've gathered some quotes from Robert Henri's book, "The Art Spirit".
  14. OK! This will be a locked, 2-post thread! This 2nd post attempts to list, exclusively, the internal arts discussion sites started by TheDaoBums' members! Woohooo! Congratulations to any member who starts up a site: TDBs is in support. If you're a member, or know of one, who has an internal arts discussion site: please contact a staff member with that information and we'll edit this post to include it. (Also, if you have a site that's listed here and you'd rather not have it listed here: let us know and we'll remove it). @SonOfTheGods The Immortal Path @virtue @Earl Grey Alchemical Garden Forum @effilang Xiao Yao Pai - Spiritual Taoism @Aetherous Original Dao @dwai The Dao's Net @Nathan Brine Cinnabar (paid site)