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  1. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    @Goku76 I didn't watch the video that you posted, but only saw the title. The pop-Tao knowledge that has been widely popularized in the west since the '80's is *loaded* with dangerous half truths. Authentic Taoism is quite different. I suggest that you read everything in the below link and, again, go study Damo's material thoroughly. I won't be responding to further inquiries along this line. No offense meant (and not meaning to shut down your expressiveness in general - I used to post here a lot and it can be a healthy outlet when you're in that phase, others might want to continue discussing); right now my focus is simply elsewhere and I've already provided plenty of quality material for you to study up on... which, if you read, will save you countless years of running around doing practices that either do nothing or, if done avidly, are injurious (typically gradually over years, then the resulting damage very stubborn to resolve both intellectually and physically). That's my 2 cents. cheers, Trunk
  2. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    @Goku76 Apparently this HuiYin <~> navel meditation (and, for me, it's focus is entirely "yi" focus-of-attention based, not deliberate muscular this-n'-that) ... but apparently it is included as part of Damo Mitchell's extensive (and more authoratative than I) presentation of the microcosmic orbit. I might write some few notes re: my thoughts of it later, but might not. I'm pretty busy otherwise these days. Limited time/energy for here... and like I said, the above. ... here I go anyway ... I just focus on a 'pearl' of attention and move it, slowly, from huiyin up the center to the level of the navel, then back down again, repeatedly. The way I've done it, everything else (energetic, musculature etc) takes care of itself and is triggered by the simple what I just described.
  3. My personal preference is Sifu Matsuo's variation, Kwan Yin Magnetic Qigong. Ordering information in the youtube description.
  4. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Interesting that a senior brother strongly recommended Damo Mitchell's free online course on the microcosmic orbit and that this technique was one in a series of his presentation. I look fwd to watching the series when I have the focus available for a serious pass through.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I'm pretty busy and this won't get much focused attention until weekend. - Trunk
  6. Alright, here's a summary/outline of lower dan tien breathing, from my pt of view.
  7. I recently contacted my local dr of Chinese medicine, and her reply included this link. Really interesting and makes sense: this started in China, so they’ve been aggressively researching and treating with Chinese herbs. I seriously encourage people to establish communication with your local (and hopefully competent; it’s a varied field) doctor of Chinese medicine. During normal times, *If* you are healthy, experimenting with Chinese herbs can be fun/helpful, maybe only mildly dangerous. When you get sick, it becomes a VERY different situation and getting the RIGHT formula (NOT the wrong one) becomes critical. This link is especially interesting: Her reply in full:
  8. What are you listening to?

    Wanna help me build an American Indian (influenced or authentic) playlist for bagua practice? I don’t know of many, but am inspired to circle dance when I hear that kind of music. Any good recordings posted, that’d be coool. @zerostao , @spiraltao
  9. Just psychologically, lol, not physically... that some writing might relieve.
  10. I get that, from a western medical perspective, it’s just getting oxygen / CO2 past the lung/blood barrier. In qigong (and other forms of internal arts) it varies a *lot* more, descriptions based on how it feels (that might not line up with western physiology hardly at all). Experiment, if you have the opportunity & interest: several hatha yoga classes.
  11. @dawei Good questions. I’ve recently felt a bit ‘pregnant’ with re-capping (concisely outline) my whole learning curve re: LDT breathing, including major mistakes. Journaling therapy, perhaps therapeutic for me only, lol. When I have time/energy for this, I will... maybe with some squiggly quick drawings, lol. I can’t tell from this thread so far whether we’re referring to the same/very similar breathing method/s or not.
  12. I continue to get surprisingly effective results from LDT breathing while in plank, and basic plank variations (fwd, reverse, each side, lifting one arm/leg up, slowly rotating that arm/leg - all while LDT breathing). It's super fast efficient, no equipment. Really pleased with this line of exploration. Journaling notes on process, results. I find that DGS teacups complements LDT-breathing-in-plank (how about, "PlankLDT") really well. Loosens around the spine. Also a super concise fast efficient exercise. These two work wonderfully, individually and especially together, and take almost no time to do, no equipment. Really pleased with current ventures.
  13. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Jox, Oh, hey, I was gonna answer later... here I am. Just an old lazy ass dilettante these days, never know when I'm gonna get to it... I think you asked about the vibrating/whipping palms video. The one that I'm familiar with - which I think is the foundational one in the DGS system(?, but I'm pretty sure) is this, video promo below: Description (copied from the youtube description): It is sold as one video, but has two distinct parts (1. vibrating, 2. whipping) within it. I've forgotten, what was your other question? - Keith