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  1. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Agreed. A doctor of Chinese medicine acupuncturist might be of some assistance also
  2. Mark Griffin, 1954-2018

    Thank you for posting. Mark Griffin 28 August 1954 - 24 October 2018 (burial was 10/29)
  3. Favourite qigong system

    Dragon Gate Sanctuary
  4. Curious I was just journaling about something similar, maybe this is the territory that you’re referring to? I’m looking at it in terms of the “forward” path (manifesting: expressing yourself in life, being active, expression of will in the world) and the “reverse” path (unmanifesting: merging into the One medicine, emptiness, surrendering the self to the Self). Once you start merging into emptiness (at least on an occasional basis) and the little self goes *poof!*, what do you do? ... since there is no “you”? I don’t know that I have the answers to all of that, but here are some thoughts... 1. “Knowing the white, keep the black”, Taoist saying (from one of Cleary’s books, I forget which). 2. Just going back to basic humanity, basic tasks, survival, art. 3. Be of service. Be useful. As this gets worse you need something to anchor you into the world and being of use, being of service, is a classic way to keep yourself engaged while cultivating selflessness. 4. Anchor the emptiness states into the deep-centers of the chakras. Often aspirants access emptiness without anchoring it into their esoteric physiology and so there’s this disconnect. Pearl meditations, bindu meditations are relevant. 5. Respect your humanness. There are some things that are just built in. We tend to idealize the emptiness states as the permanent solution and the roadside is littered with tons of students (and teachers) who could access mystical states but neglected / ignored / dismissed their aspects of humanness. 6. “Build a life that works for you”. This was a repeated line from Mark Griffin (a meditation teacher). If you build an exterior life that suits your talents, etc, and engages you appropriately in life ... the whole esoteric process will go easier for you, less wear n’ tear, smoother. Any of that in the right territory? Hope this helps. Thanks for posting, interesting topic. - Keith
  5. Kuan Yin Magnetic Qigong

  6. Wow, what a delightful thread. Breath of fresh air. I’ve read only a few scattered posts, so pardon me if I repeat ground-already-covered. In one of Cleary’s Taoist translations, there is reference to the “human mind” and the “mind of Dao”. Seems to be (maybe?) in the ballpark, here. My interpretation is “human mind” = basically, thinking, cogitating and all the complexities and waves (feelings, psychology, all that sh##) that get caught up in that. Where as “mind of Dao” would be something like “wu qi” (in Daoism) or “luminous emptiness” (in Buddhism), “sky of mind”. Somewhere in that territory. Seems to me that “the quickest way” question has a couple of dubious premises: 1. That a certain path (method/s, school, tradition) is the quickest. There’s 10,000 paths, and much value in many of them - and often different paths are appropriate for different people. It seems to me that good orientation to *whatever* path REALLY helps a LOT. Often makes the difference of really making the most of a path vs getting really f###ed up by that same path. Here’s my attempt at a brief simplified generic overview. There’s nothing new in it, probably nothing you don’t already know, and *certainly* not of the detailed depth you’d find in any well developed authentic path. ... but I think it offers some utilitarian overview. 2. Second dubious premise: That you *want* the quickest path, lol. Yeah, there are times when you wanna hit the gas, and have a lightning bolt teacher who propels you ... but there are also times when you want to slow down, or prepare the ground, etc, not just speed. A friend of mine used the phrase the “school of harmony” and it denotes, *whatever* path you’re on, to value harmony as a sign of deep and skillful integration, and that produces a foundation for growth. Contrast that to finding the fastest car, then driving it as fast as you can as long as you can until the engine catches on fire, melts down, and you have to spend the next few decades in repair.
  7. What role does faith play in the taoist perspective?

    “ discernment “ is a good word to throw into the mix . also “ working theory based on experience so far “, like science always leaves room for uncertainty and evolving understanding not fixed beliefs. do the practice get the results , much like push-ups ... belief is secondary if not irrelevant . stilling the mind is much more fundamental, than what to think . my two cents
  8. I have posted this link earlier in this thread but think it is worthwhile re-posting. this has been an active topic in the community for decades and we have learned a few things .
  10. Kuan Yin Magnetic Qigong

    3 fundamental points: 1. There is a sensation of magnetic interaction between the P8's (LaoGong) of the left & right hands. Sustain that. Never put the hands so far apart that you lose that feeling between P8s. 2. Make small circles with the hands in relation to each other. Sifu Matsuo, I think, demos that in the video promo clip. There was deliberately left in that promo clip enough parts that someone could start to do the most basic part of the practice, start to experiment and feel and work with. 3. Alternately expand ~ concentrate the two hands' sphere. Hands can be one above the other (either way) or side by side. Each produces somewhat different effects, all good. Sifu Matsuo goes into more detail and variation on movements in the full KYMQ but that is enough to establish some fundamental familiarity. - Trunk
  11. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection
  12. I Ching and Music

    what a wonderful idea!
  13. Merging and guruyoga

    Wow. I am inspired. Many excellent posts, good communication, refined topic. *whew* thanks, I needed that, lol.
  14. My orientation is the internal path, "can I return to stillness, light, in the deep-center of which-ever-chakra-here?". If I can do that, and to the degree that I can do that, then: 1. it helps refine whatever I've got goin' on 2. It's incentive towards virtue. It *feels* right and balanced to be centered and to connect with the universal ... when I'm expressing poorly it tends to throw me off of that. I value that inner connection and so I re-seat myself into the center.
  15. ~edit~ Oops! Post meant for an entirely different thread, lol!